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Fixation Ch2: In Which Hangeng Comes Out Of The Closet (Literally)

Title: Fixation Ch2: In Which Hangeng Comes Out Of The Closet (Literally)
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Super Junior, featuring SHINee, SNSD, and various other Kpop artists
Pairings: Main focus on Siwon/Heechul and Heechul/Hangeng, with numerous side pairings.
Genre: Action, drama, some angst. OrganizedCrime!AU.
Notes & Warnings: AU, violence, foul language, prostitution, explicit sex. This chapter: NON-CONSENSUAL SEX, bondage, domination. VERY NC-17.

Summary: Three weeks later, the Dragons still have no way of finding their attackers. Then Hangeng practically drops into Heechul’s lap, and things spin wildly out of control.

This is a sequel to Initiation. You can read this without reading that first, but you might be awfully confused.

This was just another scene, and Hankyung was just another dangerous customer who had to be tamed. He could handle this.

(Link goes to my AsianFanfics.com account.)
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: heechul/siwon

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