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fic: Ensnared

Title: Ensnared
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior, EXO
Genre/Pairing: PWP / Zhou Mi x Tao x Kyuhyun (Tao tops and bottoms) + a little bit WonKyu
Word Count: 3,818
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Notes: I’ve had this idea for a long time, but only had the guts and time (and mood) to write it now

“Whatever you’re thinking, don’t.”

Tao snapped his head around to Jumyeon, blushing slightly for getting caught staring at a certain someone who was enjoying his lunch alone with earphones plugged in. “I-I didn’t—,” he stuttered with his broken Korean. “I just admire him, that’s all.”

“Well, keep it that way,” Jumyeon returned his attention to the lyric sheet they were supposed to memorize before lunch break ended. “Kyuhyun-hyung is bad news.”

Tao looked down, the Korean words on the papers before him not registering in his mind. “…I thought you’re one of his friends.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t warn people who are interested in him. Especially those who are about to debut with me in my group.”

“But why?”

Jumyeon sighed and looked at him again. “Believe me, ok?”


But it was really impossible to ignore Kyuhyun.

Tao didn’t lie to Jumyeon, though. He really did admire Kyuhyun. What he didn’t say was maybe he got a bit of a fixation, not quite a crush but more than your everyday appreciation towards gorgeous people. He couldn’t stop stealing glances at the older man, getting attracted to all the fine details of his being, even when Kyuhyun looked sleepy, unkempt and/or without any make up on. The full lips, the tiny mole under his eye, the long eyelashes. Kyuhyun was just too attractive.

He didn’t understand why Jumyeon thought that way about Kyuhyun. An ugly thought about Jumyeon wanting to monopolize Kyuhyun came across his mind, but Tao quickly dismissed it, knowing that Jumyeon was too good of a person to do that. Besides, Jumyeon was one that you would call ‘asexual’, showing no interest in any gender whatsoever.

Currently, the subject of his interest was with his little circle of close friends at the far end of the hall. Tao himself was waiting for his turn in the photo shoot, right around the corner on the other end, while watching Kyuhyun laughing alongside Shim Changmin and Choi Minho from behind the window.

He dreamily wondered what he would do if he ever got a chance to talk to Kyuhyun…

…and right at that moment, Kyuhyun’s eyes met his.

Tao flushed, but unable to look away as the curious expression on Kyuhyun’s face turned into a knowing look as a devious smirk grew.

“Huang Zi Tao, your turn!” The cordi called him and Tao almost stumbled as he stood up and went into the studio.


“I don’t think you look like me.”

Tao jumped and nearly fell over the bench if not for the man holding his arm. He quickly bowed when he saw that it was Zhou Mi who popped up before him, muttered a thank you in Korean, then repeated it in Mandarin because Zhou Mi just spoke to him in that language.

“You’re cute, though,” Zhou Mi chuckled and sat next to him. “No wonder Kui Xian— Kyuhyun noticed you.”

Numerous things ran through his mind, including Jumyeon’s warning, something along the lines of: don’t get involved with Kyuhyun, just don’t, especially when one of these people is also involved – Changmin, Minho, and Zhou Mi – especially Zhou Mi. But at the moment all he could focus on was ‘no wonder Kui Xian noticed you.’

“Huh?” He asked dumbly.

“Well, to be exact, he noticed you noticing him and then he asked me to talk to you.”


“Don’t deny that you’ve been staring at him, though. It’s fairly noticeable. Even I noticed before he told me,” Zhou Mi grinned and Tao bit his lip.

“Sorry,” the young boy whispered. “It’s probably inappropriate. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“What? Staring at him is inappropriate? More than half the men in this company do that. Anyway, he figured since we’re both Chinese, it’ll be easier for me to talk to you. But I also happen to be very good at reading people, and,” Zhou Mi looked at him from head to toe then locked eyes with him, “I don’t think you need any convincing at all.”

“…Convincing me about what?”

“To come to his dorm room.” Zhou Mi slipped something into his breast pocket and patted it. “Address and spare key. Come alone tomorrow at 8 PM.”


Wondering whether he had made the right decision of not telling anyone about coming here, he stood in front of the dorm door for probably five minutes. Jumyeon’s warning was just a small voice in the back of his head, gradually fading into silence as he imagined what will happen when he step into the dorm.

Will Kyuhyun try to get to know him better? Adding him into his little group? Oh, how could Tao dare to even think about that… They had never even spoken to each other. Which made him even more curious as to why Kyuhyun asked Zhou Mi to invite him…

He pressed the doorbell and waited.

No one came out, so he pressed it again. A few seconds later, a text came into his cell phone from an unknown number. It was in Mandarin and read: If that’s you outside, come on in with your spare key. We’re in the room with the closed door.

No one was in the living room area. Only one room had its door closed, so he moved closer but then stopped in his tracks.

There was no mistaking the sounds that came out from behind the door. Even with his limited Korean, he could make out the words.

“Mi… there… ah… right there…”

Kyuhyun’s voice. No doubt about it.

“Tao,” Zhou Mi suddenly called out to him, “we’ve been waiting.”

There was no turning back, was there?

And he didn’t even want to.

Slowly, he opened the door and froze at the sight before him, although he had expected it.

Zhou Mi was fucking Kyuhyun senseless into the mattress, his hands gripping the man’s hips tightly as he rammed his hips back and forth. Kyuhyun himself had his ass raised high as he whimpered, breath caught with every thrust, his pale and naked body gleaming with sweat, and he looked so, so alluring in Tao’s eyes.

“It’s sure good to be young,” Zhou Mi leered at him. “Seems like you enjoy the show already, judging by what’s between your legs.”

Tao looked down and gasped, only then noticing that he had an obvious erection, forming a tent on the front of his pants.

“Ugh! Getting tighter, huh…” Zhou Mi growled and slapped Kyuhyun’s ass three times. “You pervert!”

“Mi… please… harder…!” Kyuhyun whined and begged even as his glazed eyes were fixed on Tao’s increasingly lustful ones.

“Of course you would want it harder, of course, you little slut!” Zhou Mi plunged even harder while Kyuhyun screamed out Korean profanities Tao had yet to learn. He watched as Kyuhyun trembled and came without being touched, sticky liquid making a mess on his stomach and the sheet underneath. Zhou Mi let the lithe figure fell flat on his stomach and turned his pace into fast thrusts until he came inside Kyuhyun. He bit onto Kyuhyun’s shoulder and buried his length all the way before rolling his hips and riding his orgasm slowly.

Tao had never felt so turned on before.

He wasn’t a virgin, no. But he had never tried it with a man. He didn’t even know that he was interested in men until… until now.

“Say hi to Tao,” Zhou Mi pulled out quickly, seemingly didn’t care about the small whine that came out of Kyuhyun, and sat on the chair next to the bed as he wiped himself up with a nearby towel.

Breathing slowly calming down, Kyuhyun smiled sweetly at Tao and said, “Nice to finally meet you, Tao.”

“H-hi,” Tao said with difficulty, his brain wasn’t really working at the time.

“Will you be a dear and help me clean myself up a bit?” Kyuhyun wriggled his ass, showing how much of a mess Zhou Mi made. Tao glanced at Zhou Mi who nodded encouragingly at him and offered the towel. It reeked of semen —Zhou Mi’s— but Tao couldn’t bother less, not when he was standing before Kyuhyun’s flawless backside.

He allowed himself to ogle at the view blatantly, after all, it was offered to him. He could catch a glimpse of Kyuhyun’s balls from this direction, along with the sperm trickling down from his abused hole. So debauched.

So tempting.

“Come on, Tao~,” Kyuhyun whispered and Tao folded the towel with one hand, using the clean side to slowly wipe the traces of sperm on the older man’s ass. He was finding it hard to focus, even more so as Kyuhyun suddenly turned around, sat up and spread his legs, showing further mess that needed to be cleaned.

Tao was shaking, mind clouded with desire.

The clear sight of Kyuhyun’s sensual body, soft pubic hair and half-erect penis was almost too much for him, but he obeyed and proceeded to clean it with the towel. The shameless moan from Kyuhyun encouraged him to rub a bit faster, until somehow the towel slipped and his hand came into direct contact with the limb and made Kyuhyun hiss eagerly.

That was when a pair of hands slipped into the hem of his shirt from behind. “You’re wearing too much,” Zhou Mi whispered as he pulled the cloth upwards and off him, forcing him to let go of Kyuhyun, who licked his lips as he stared at Tao’s topless body appreciatively.

“Nice…” Kyuhyun trailed his fingers along his chest and abdomen. “Do you work out?”

“I-I do wushu…”

“I’ve never met anyone who does wushu,” Kyuhyun giggled. “I love men who do martial arts.”
“You love men with muscles,” Zhou Mi stated matter-of-factly, his hands casually moving to squeeze Tao’s chest, rubbing the twin nubs with the tips of his fingers. The boy let out a suppressed moan, confused of why the ministration felt so good although he was a man. His gaze wandered down to Kyuhyun’s nipples, wondering if he would feel good too, and without thinking it over he reached out and repeated Zhou Mi’s actions on Kyuhyun. Rub. Flick. Pinch. Rougher. Tao whimpered at the sensation and gaped when Kyuhyun arched his body up to meet his touches.

Kyuhyun wasn’t gonna do nothing either. His deft hands worked on Tao’s pants and pulled it down, squealing when he saw that the boy wore nothing underneath. Tao was experienced enough with sex to not feel embarrassed naked, but he got flustered nonetheless when he saw Kyuhyun rubbing his face on his crotch like a cat, tongue licking all the way from the base to the tip.

But Kyuhyun wasn’t patient enough to give him a blowjob first.

He circled his arms around Tao’s neck and quickly pulled him over to lay under him. Kyuhyun grabbed both of his wrists and held them on the sides of his head, an endearing coy smile plastered on his face. “You’ve never been with a man before, have you?”

“…I haven’t…”

“Ah, what should I do, Zhou Mi… I’m corrupting him,” Kyuhyun looked behind his shoulder, earning him rolled eyes from the Chinese man. Kyuhyun giggled and returned his attention to Tao, leaning down and beginning to kiss him.

Kyuhyun’s lips were as soft as it looked, and his tongue was both aggressive and inviting. Tao kissed back with passion, hungrily devouring the sweet taste of his obsession for the past few weeks. He sighed in disappointment when Kyuhyun stopped the kisses, but fluttered his eyes closed as Kyuhyun worked his mouth along his jaws, neck and collarbones.

He groaned and snapped his eyes back open when he felt Kyuhyun rubbing the crack of his ass on his rock-hard length, already leaking due to prolonged stimulation, both directly and indirectly. “Do you want to put it in me?” Kyuhyun bit Tao’s lips teasingly. “Do you want to fuck me like Zhou Mi did?”

Tao’s mouth went dry and he croaked out, “Yes…”

“Say it like you mean it.”

“Yes! Yes, I want to fuck you!”

“There you go,” Kyuhyun gripped Tao’s member roughly and directed it towards his own raised hips and—.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Tao cursed in Mandarin when he witnessed his erection gradually disappeared into Kyuhyun’s ass. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Kyuhyun felt so tight, so hot inside, and the walls were pulsing around him. The man on top of him moaned loudly before cracking a content smile at him. Then he began to move.

At first Kyuhyun was just rolling his hips, slowly as if testing the water. Then Tao took the initiative to thrust up and something inside Kyuhyun was unleashed.

He bounced up and down in a frantic pace, his sweaty thighs slapping against Tao’s sides. “Tao… ah! Tao!” Kyuhyun cried out his name almost hysterically as he rode him, his pale figure moved erotically and out of control.

Then, again, Zhou Mi surprised him.

This time the pair of hands was exploring the insides of his thighs for a brief moment before a finger slipped into his ass.

Tao jerked up, but Kyuhyun held him firmly. For a frail-looking man, he was pretty strong, but it was the reassuring look and the delicious lips that really pinned him down. “Ssh…” Kyuhyun hushed him in between the kisses. Another finger joined in, thrusting inside and out.

Oddly it wasn’t painful. Just strange, and uncomfortable. Besides, Kyuhyun’s nonstop movement was quite distracting.

In fact, Tao didn’t even realize Zhou Mi spreading his legs further until the older Chinese raised his thighs, sending Kyuhyun fumbling forward and as taken aback as he did. Then Zhou Mi thrust into him all the way in one go.

Tao screamed. It was excruciatingly painful, as if he was ripped open. But at the same time it felt so—unbelievably—.

His whole body shook as he came long and hard inside Kyuhyun.

 “I knew it,” Zhou Mi sneered, enjoying the tightness of Tao’s previously unexplored hole until the Chinese boy came down from his orgasm. He then pulled out nonchalantly despite his own erection. “You’re just like Kyuhyun. A bottom after all.”
Kyuhyun gasped at being filled up, writhing at the sensation, but then he turned around and shouted angrily, “MI!”

“Sorry, Kui Xian, I couldn’t help it.”

“Now what!?” Kyuhyun whined. “I’m still hard!”

“I would gladly fuck you again, but Tao isn’t quite finished with you.”

“What are you—,” Kyuhyun’s words were cut off as this time it was Tao’s turn to roll them around. He hovered above the older man, lust-filled gaze promising Kyuhyun more to come. Positioning one of Kyuhyun’s thighs above his shoulder and the other spread as wide as possible, he pressed his crotch against Kyuhyun’s ass.

Kyuhyun just realized that Tao was still quite hard.
“You’re so pretty… hyung,” Tao began to rock his hips. “I’ve never seen someone like you.”

Kyuhyun writhed when Tao latched his mouth onto his neck, biting and sucking until a huge, red mark appeared.

“You’re just—,” Tao now plunged ruthlessly, “you’re just too gorgeous.”

Kyuhyun reached downwards to touch himself, but Tao slapped his hand away and took the matter into his hands, literally. He stroke Kyuhyun eagerly, wanting to bring only pleasure to the beautiful man under him. When Kyuhyun ordered him to move faster, he obeyed, watching as a myriad of enchanting expressions ran through Kyuhyun’s face. And the sounds Kyuhyun made… he just wanted to hear more.

Tao instinctively changed the angle of his thrusts and stopped moving when Kyuhyun abruptly clenched around him while screaming out his name, his pretty head trashed to the sides. Yet he didn’t come, only dripping some of his juice onto his own abdomen. Again, he watched entranced, wondering what had just happened.

“You hit his spot,” Zhou Mi whispered, suddenly behind him once more. “And I bet you’d like it if I hit yours.”

Tao shivered, knowing that he wanted it. Kyuhyun looked like he enjoyed it very much, and he actually couldn’t wait to experience such pleasure. Zhou Mi didn’t need him to say anything to know his answer.

The Chinese boy let out a long, wavering moan when Zhou Mi entered him again slowly. Zhou Mi was huge, he already saw it, and now he could really felt it. The sensitive points on his body were tingling, from his perked up nipples to rim of his hole. It was too much for him, being inside the beautiful body of Kyuhyun and at the same time being filled up by another man.

“Is Kyuhyun tight enough for you, Tao?” Zhou Mi asked while he kissed Tao’s nape and moved his hips.

“Y-yes…”  Tao moved his hips along, and in turn resuming moving inside Kyuhyun, who just laid messily there on the bed, looking spent but aroused to the point of no return.

“Well you’re tight enough for me too,” Zhou Mi’s thrusts turned almost random, experimenting with different angles. It wasn’t long until he hit the bundle of nerves inside Tao and caused the boy to tremble wildly, funneling the immense pleasure he felt into the thrusts he pummeled Kyuhyun with.

“Yes, oh yes, more!!” Kyuhyun was very vocal in sex, Tao knew that much already. But neither Tao nor Zhou Mi minded. In fact, it aroused them more.

Their melded bodies moved madly, chasing their peaks while trying to help the others reaching it as well. Kyuhyun desperately clawed at Tao’s back as he raised his hips to receive the combined pounding of the two men above him, Tao bit onto Kyuhyun’s thigh to hold back his voice as he tried not to get overloaded by the intense sensations at the front and the back, Zhou Mi focused on making Tao’s first time unforgettable while he watch his gorgeous best friend begging for more, more, more.

Zhou Mi took the lead and thrust even harder while grabbing Kyuhyun’s leaking member and stroke it swiftly, bringing him closer to his orgasm. Not a minute later, Kyuhyun finally spurted all over Zhou Mi’s hand, mouth opening in a silent scream as he stilled his body. Tao’s movement turned more frenzied when he felt Kyuhyun tightening around him, but he didn’t come until after Zhou Mi reached his orgasm first and granted Tao the experience of being filled with another man’s semen.

He slumped on top of Kyuhyun, basking in the afterglow of the best sex in his life. The panting Kyuhyun was so attractive that he had to steal a set of sloppy kisses.

“Enough making Kyuhyun’s ego grow bigger. He’s gorgeous, he knows that,” Zhou Mi ignored Kyuhyun who lazily flipped him off and pulled out of Tao who unconsciously whined, causing the man to chuckle and patted his still tingling ass. “Well, well, Tao, I suggest you go home and find a man who can… satisfy you good.”

Tao rolled over to lie on Kyuhyun’s side, not thinking about anything, just wanted to imprint the memory of what just happened into his mind. Jumyeon would be furious if he found out, but Tao would just ask Kyuhyun to keep it a secret…

“There’s someone outside,” Zhou Mi muttered. “I thought no one would be here until 11.”

They could hear someone rummaging around outside. Judging by the clinking sounds, that person was in the kitchen.

“You want me to go out?” Zhou Mi asked Kyuhyun who was nearly dozing off and answered with a mumble, “Hmm. Make them go away, I don’t care whoever that is. I don’t wanna be disturbed.”

Zhou Mi put on his shirt and boxers, then walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. The person in the kitchen appeared to be unpacking a takeaway food and putting them on a plate. “Siwon?” He called out.

The other man turned around, surprised when he saw Zhou Mi, “Eh… you’re here.”

Zhou Mi poured himself a glass of water. “Why are you here? What are you doing with the food?”

“…I heard that Kyuhyun is alone at the dorm, so I dropped by—.” Siwon turned silent as he noticed Zhou Mi’s disheveled look and quickly putting the pieces together.

Zhou Mi smiled inwardly. How adorable, bringing food especially for Kyuhyun because Siwon knew he would neglect eating proper dinner if he was feeling lazy, which meant most of the time. And how amusing, looking at Siwon’s expression turning sour and disappointed. Oh, these two.

“…He’s in his room?”

“Yup. He’s very tired, though. He just asked not to be disturbed. Unless you have an urgent matter or—.”

“No,” Siwon turned away and grabbed his bag. “Eat the food if you want then. Or throw it away. I don’t think it’ll last until tomorrow morning.”

“Are you leaving?”

“Yeah. I should— I should go home.”

Zhou Mi waved at him, although the man didn’t seem to notice him as he walked past. He chuckled and went back inside the room. Kyuhyun was still awake, but yawning widely as he cleaned himself. It was Tao who asked, “Who was it?”

“Oh,” Zhou Mi inwardly counted to three, “just Siwon.”

He nearly couldn’t hold his smile when Kyuhyun bulged his eyes out at him. “S-Siwon hyung? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought you didn’t want to be disturbed.”

“I—,” Kyuhyun flinched as he sat up, but he continued on to snatch his clothes and putting them back on hurriedly. “It’s Siwon-hyung, there must be something important or he wouldn’t have come—.”

“He just heard that you’re by yourself in here so he dropped by with some food. But don’t worry, he quickly left when he saw that you’re not alone after all.”

Kyuhyun gaped and went speechless for a moment. Then he stood up and pointed at Zhou Mi, knowing very well that Zhou Mi knew everything even though he had never told him a thing. “Fuck you.”

“No, thanks. I’ve had enough fucking for tonight,” Zhou Mi shrugged and Kyuhyun threw a random book within his reach at the Chinese man, who could no longer hold his laughter as his best friend stormed outside in an attempt to go after Siwon, or in Zhou Mi’s dictionary: Kyuhyun’s ultimate crush who also had a crush on Kyuhyun for years yet for no particular reason things were progressing at snail’s pace.

“Erm,” Tao blinked. “Are they…?”

“No, not yet at least. They will come around,” Zhou Mi ruffled the boy’s hair. “I hate to say this, but you should go home before anyone sees you here.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure.” Tao slowly rose, the pain on his bottom now growing stronger.

“You’ll get used to it,” Zhou Mi winked and enjoyed the flustered look on Tao’s face, wondering which lucky man will get a chance to explore his body further. “You’re doing very well already.”

The end~

Ensnared: a wonkyu sequel
Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun, pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun, with: exo

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