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38. "I want you to stay forever"

Really exciting news in the 100 Suju fic world! This is my tenth posted story. That means I'm 1/10 of the way there. Okay, excitement over. 
Brief Summary: Eeteuk searches for his successor. Kibum is amazing at life. Fluffy cuteness with a dash of angst. Enjoy.


            Eeteuk knew that he’d be one of the first to leave. Whether it was because he had to go into the army, because they would find someone better than him, or perhaps just because he was too old he knew he’d be among the first. He also knew that they’d want to keep Super Junior going except with different members so he started training a replacement. It took him a long time to decide who it would be.


            It couldn’t be Heechul, Yesung or Hankyung because they would be cycled out soon as well. He spent a lot of time thinking about Kangin but eventually decided that Kangin was better as leader support. The tough guy shell was good and it was nice to have intimidation but Kangin was quick tempered and sometimes caused more trouble than help. So he was ruled out. Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Eunhyuk were out because they were young and still fragile in Eeteuk’s mind. They might be able to do it a few years after Eeteuk was gone but not now. Kyuhyun was too young, too inexperienced, and still recovering from the accident. Shindong was funny, caring, and was great at cheering people up but it was hard to take him seriously. He was out. That only left him with Donghae and Kibum.


            It took him about five minutes to stop laughing about the thought of Donghae as the leader of Super Junior. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Donghae, quite the opposite, he adored the boy. It was just that Donghae was not leader material. He shuddered at the disorganization and chaos that would ensue if Donghae were to be given control.


            Which meant that Kibum was the only one left on the list. Eeteuk thought about it. A lot. And he came to the conclusion that Kibum would be a very good leader. He was one of the quieter ones, yes, but asserted himself when he saw it necessary. He rarely got involved in the Kangin instigated fights and even if he didn’t want to he often indulged Donghae by his playing games. He was always taking care of the members despite being one of the younger ones.


            More importantly he had the appearance of a leader. He was calm, collected, and always stood confidently. Looking at him, with his hands in his pockets, his face unreadable he was what everyone wanted. A strong person who could handle anything. And Eeteuk had no doubt that Kibum could do it. He just had to convince Kibum that he could do it.


              He found Kibum in his room with a drama script. Eeteuk added dedicated and hardworking to his list of why Kibum should be the next leader. With a work ethic like Kibum’s the members would shape up, be even better than they were now. Kibum’s lips moved as he read his lines, so absorbed in his work that he didn’t realize Eeteuk had entered.


            Eeteuk sat down on Donghae’s bed and waited for Kibum to finish. Or at least notice that Eeteuk was there. It didn’t take very long. A few more minutes of silent reading and Kibum looked up, ready to try reciting without looking. When he looked up, however, Eeteuk was watching him.


            “Is something wrong?” Kibum asked, putting his script aside.


            Perceptive, Eeteuk added.


            “I would like to talk to you,” Eeteuk said. “About something very important.”


            Kibum nodded. “Anything, hyung.”


            “You know that I’m 26.”


            Another nod.


            “I will be gone at the latest in four years. It’s an unavoidable fact at this point. But Super Junior is too profitable for SM to disband. They’re going to start cycling newer members in and removing the older ones. I may not be the first to go but it will happen. Kibum, I want you to be my successor.”


            Kibum was shaking his head as the information processed. “You can’t leave, hyung. You’re Teukkie, you’re our leader. Without you we aren’t Super Junior.”


            Eeteuk gave him a sad smile. “Thank you, but I know I’m replaceable.”


            “I won’t be your replacement,” Kibum protested stubbornly. “We need you.”


            “No, not me. Just someone like me.”


            Kibum got up from his bed and began pacing, wringing his hands as he thought. “I’ll quit,” he decided. “If they rotate you out, I will quit Super Junior. I don’t really need it, I can focus on acting.”


            “No,” Eeteuk told him. “You won’t because there will be twelve members all looking to you for direction, for support. You can’t leave them.”


            “But you are,” Kibum said, frustrated.


            “No, I’m being taken away,” Eeteuk corrected. “There is a difference. You never give up on people who trust you.”


            “What if I’m not a good leader, though? They’re all going to remember you. Want you. I can’t be you, Eeteuk.”


            “Of course not, you’re Kibum. But you can be a leader. You know Yunho, right?”


            Kibum nodded.


            “Yunho and I aren’t the same person. But we’re both leaders and we both have members looking up to us. We both do it well. You can too.”


            “But I’ll be younger than most of them.”


            “You have a maturity that they don’t,” Eeteuk told them. “More importantly they look up to you already. Haven’t you noticed that you’re the one people go to for help with the dances? They know that you’ll have it down by the second rehearsal and not only will you know your part but everyone else’s as well. You’ll be good at it, Kibum. I promise.”


            Eeteuk could tell when Kibum gave in. His shoulders fell slightly, he dropped his head hiding brimming eyes. He sat back down on his bed and buried his face in his hands. Eeteuk walked over to him and put an arm around shaking shoulders.


            “I don’t want you to leave,” Kibum said, voice trembling. “I want you to stay forever.”


            Eeteuk pulled him closer and placed a kiss on Kibum’s forehead. In a couple of years Kibum would take over for him but right now Eeteuk was still the leader of Super Junior and he had a dongsaeng to take care of.

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