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Title: hope
Length: sequel to lies
Author: Ally
Rating: pg
Pairing: hankyung/donghae, siwon/heechul, past siwon/hankyung
Disclaimer: don't own them
Beta- the wonderful </a></font></b></a>crazylilazngirl 

Siwon and Heechul were lying on Heechul's bed together. They were talking about how wonderful things were going

 to be. And how it was going to be so much better. Now that truth was out. That yes Siwon did cheated on Hankyung 

with Heechul. But the truth was finally out. And now Heechul and Siwon could the perfect couple of Super Junior. So 

they wouldn't need to try and hide things from Hankyung anymore. Life was going great for them. But of course 

things can change in the blink of an eye, because there was a knock on the door. And the door slammed open, and 

there was Donghae standing in the doorway.

I fucking can't believe you two," yelled Donghae as he glared at the pair.

Please calm down Donghae. Just take a deep breath and relax," said Heechul.

No, I just can't believe that you two would be that mean," yell Donghae.

Stop yelling at us," screamed Siwon as he starts to get mad.

I can damn well yell if I want to," answered Donghae.

Please Donghae, tell us what is wrong,” asked Heechul.

Why would you do that to Hannie," asked Donghae.

What do you mean by that," asked Siwon.

I know that you can stupid sometime. But please tell me that. You are really not asking what I mean?" answered Donghae as he rubbed his temples.

I have no fucking clue. What the hell is going on?" reply Siwon.

I heard the talk between Heechul and Hannie," answered Donghae.

So you know about the whole thing," asked Heechul.

Yes, I know about the whole thing. How you two were going behind Hannie’s back," yell Donghae.

We didn't mean to hurt him," said Heechul.

but, ohh, you did hurt him, he hurt him like there was no tomorrow," answered Donghae.

But I didn't mean to. He is very important to me. I love him so much like a brother,” said Heechul.

You did hurt him and in the worst way. And what about you Siwon, You should probably have something to say about the whole thing," said Donghae.

Why do you care so much? This has nothing to do with you," answered Siwon.

You hurt Hannie, he is important to me so it has everything to do with me," yelled Donghae.

I am really sorry. I am going to work on making it up to him," said Heechul.

Have you gone to talk with him, Siwon? Did you say sorry for breaking his heart," asked Donghae.

Stop it Donghae. I feel badly enough without you yell at me. You think that I like the fact that I am asshole. Or the fact that I really hurt Hannie, at the moment I hate myself," answered Siwon.

No Siwon, it is my entire fault. And Donghae stop yelling at Siwon. The whole mess is because of me," yelled Heechul.

No, Heechul stop it. None of this is your fault," said Siwon as he pulled Heechul closer for a hug.

Just so you know I don't hate you two. But why did you have to hurt him so much. I can understand if someone fell out of love. But to cheat on someone who you should feel something for. That is what I am having the problem with,” said Donghae as he look at the pair with disgust and anger.

"I will make it up to him," said Siwon.

We will work on making it up to him,” added Heechul.

All I had to say is that you better think of something good. But I will see you, guys in a month,” said Donghae.

What do you mean that you will see us in a month?" yelled both Siwon and Heechul.

I am going with Hannie to China," answered Donghae.

Hannie is going to China?" asked Heechul in disbelief.

Yes, and I am going with him. So I can take good care of him," reply Donghae.

Why did he not tell us," asked Siwon.

I am not sure to be honest. But my guess is that he knew you two were going behind his back. So he decided not to tell you two about the trip. So that he could finally get the truth from you guys. And if it was to turn out bad, then he would be able to hide in China for a month," answered Donghae.

So he is leaving for a whole month?" asked Heechul.

Yes, but I need to go check on him,” answered Donghae.

Tell him that we will be calling really soon. But I know that we should give him some time," said Siwon.

I’ll tell him that but bye for now," said Donghae before he left the room.

Donghae left Siwon and Heechul talking quietly. As he walked towards Hankyung's room, He could hear Hankyung crying and it broke his heart. So he quietly opened the door walk towards Hankyung. Who was curl into a small ball? The closer Donghae got to Hankyung. The louder the crying was. Hankyung was so upset. That he didn't notice that Donghae was in the room.

Hannie everything is going to be okay," said Donghae as he sat down besides Hankyung.

No, things are never going to be okay. Why was I not good enough," asked Hankyung.

Hannie you are perfect," answered Donghae.

If I was perfect Donghae, Then why did Siwon cheated on me with Heechul. You know what I wish that. I never would have to come back," said Hankyung.

What do you mean by that," asked Donghae.

Donghae, I am going to China tomorrow. So I wish that I could just stay in China. So then I would never have to see Siwon or Heechul again," answered Hankyung.

But then I would never see you," replied Donghae.

"Well you could come and see me in China," answered Hankyung.

But then I would have to come back. So I can just go to China for a month and no longer," said Donghae.

But I would have to see Heechul and Siwon. I would be around them. When they are acting like a couple. I would have to see Siwon kiss Heechul and stuff like that," argued Hankyung.

Well every time that Siwon kiss Heechul. Then I will kiss you," replied Donghae.

You would kiss me?" asked Hankyung.

Yes, I would kiss you until you forgot about them," answered Donghae.

But why would you kiss me?" asked Hankyung.

Because Hankyung while you busy being in love with Siwon, You didn't notices that I was in love with you. Hannie, I had always felt something special for you. But when I realize that I was in love with you. It was too late because by then. You have already fallen in love with Siwon. But I decided to sit and wait, I want to be by your side to make sure that if Siwon never do anything to hurt you. I want be by your side to help you," answered Donghae.

But I am leaving for China tomorrow," said Hankyung.

And that is why I am coming with you. But Hannie I love you with all of my heart. I know that you don't love me. But I am okay with waiting. I am going to show you how much I love you. I want to prove to you, that my love is real. Then hopeful one day, you will love me back. However I can wait for that day, And I will be right besides you," answered Donghae.

You are coming with me," said Hankyung who was in shock at the moment.

Yes and I am going to help you get thought this," answered Donghae.

Donghae, I am not going to lie because I know that I still feel love for Siwon," said Hankyung.

Hannie, no matter what happens. You are always going to have some special feeling for Siwon. But I am hope your love will turn into a brotherly love," said Donghae.

Please, let me finish Donghae. I am not going to lie. But there is something about you. That is helping me to feel a little bit better. But it still hurts that Heechul and Siwon did this to me. To be honest I could see the love between them. So I was trying to let go of Siwon. But it is just so damn hard. I wish that he would break up with me before. Then he could go to Heechul, But to have cheated on me but still come back to me. And pretend that he love me. Then the reasons when I would catch them. Once they told me they were practice fan service. So that is what hurt me. I thought that Siwon was my lover. Heechul was like a brother to me," said Hankyung.

Time will heal everything. I am not say what they did was right, because it was wrong and they have no right to hurt you. But there is nothing we can do, Except for the fact that I am gong to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you. And doing everything in my power to make you smile because your smile is like magic to me. When I see that beautiful smile of yours, it just makes all my troubles go away," whispered Donghae.

Donghae, I hope that you can save me. But tonight will you sleep with me? Because I feel so cold, I just want someone to hold me. So I can feel like someone truly loves me," asked Hankyung.

Hannie I love you so much. There are no words I could say to tell you. But of course I will stay with you tonight. Just remember tonight is going to be the first step to towards you smiling again," answered Donghae as he lay down beside Hankyung.

Thank you," said Hankyung as he move closer to Donghae.

Anything for you Hannie," answered Donghae as he pulled Hankyung into a hug. Then a few seconds later he fell asleep.

For the few minutes Hankyung just watch Donghae sleep. Even though his heart was hurting, he felt being in 

Donghae arms, it was like Donghae was protecting him. So before Hankyung joined Donghae in land of dreams. 

Hankyung kiss Donghae on the cheek. Then he whispered, “I am sure that I am already fall in love with you".

Then Hankyung was asleep a few seconds later.

The End

Tags: pairing: hangeng/donghae, pairing: hangeng/siwon, pairing: heechul/siwon
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