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Alison Rhiannon Connor

[fic] Kawaii chapter 8 - HeeChul/Kanata

Title: Kawaii
Chapter: 8/?
Fandom: Super Junior, Hongo Kanata
Pairing: HeeChul/Kanata
Rating: PG13
Summary: HeeChul has a cute new costar (I think we've established that I suck at summaries, yes?)
WARNINGS: maybe a couple swears? *shrug*
Notes: Yeah, late again. Sorry! *bows*
About the nickname thing... for anyone who doesn't know, "kirei" means "pretty". I personally think EeTeuk hyung is very pretty, so that's the nickname Kanata gave him ^^; *lame* (it was either that or "Dimple Man" XD because that was srsly what I called EeTeuk for like two months before I finally learned his name)

( More drama this way ^^; )

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Tags: pairing: heechul/other, with: hongo kanata
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