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20 July 2013 @ 04:33 am
Spirit Wars: ch 8  
Name: Spirit Wars
Chapter: 8/?
Fandom: SS501, Super Junior, TVXQ, EXO, U-KISS, others
Pairings: onesided!HyungJoon/KyuJong, KyuHyun/SungMin, YooChun/JunSu, more to come
Rating: PG-16
Warnings: Angst, violence
Genre: Modern fantasy
Summary: KyuJong was little the first time he saw a spirit battle. Years later, he transfers to a university in Seoul and finds himself right in the middle of Korea's largest gathering of spirit beasts and their human Keepers. Intrigued by the battles only he could see, he is drawn into growing conflict as Keepers and Hunters pour into the city in the hopes of challenging their Spirit King and claiming the title of Asia's strongest Keeper. But this year is different...the stakes have changed, and there is far more to be lost than just a title. The Spirit Wars have begun.
A/N: I'm writing again, guys! :D This is gonna be a fun story. Hope you enjoy reading, cause I'm enjoying writing it \o/ I shouldn't be allowed to come up with fic names when sleep-deprived, but idec right now. It nearly ended up being called Let Out The Beast or Beast Mode, so anything's an improvement.

Super Junior members this chapter: DongHae, SungMin, KyuHyun(mentioned)

You are the weak one dragging you both down.