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Book, Cupcakes & lyrics (3/4)

Title: Books, Cupcakes & Lyrics
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: eventual!Kangmin
Major Side Characters: Yesung, Kyuhyun
Minor Side characters: Ryeowook, Henry, Heechul, Siwon, Jungmo, Leeteuk, Hangeng, Seoyeon (OC), Haneul (OC)
Warnings: College AU and this is fiction of course.
Word count: 7.422
Summary: Sungmin is a guitarist, composer and lyrist for his rock band, Youngwoon is a barista and patisserie who dreams to be a musical actor, Jongwoon is Korea's dearest balladeer 'Yesung' whose hobby is to help talents reach their dreams, Kyuhyun is a college student working part time in a very unusual place, who happens to have eagle eyes to certain things. Books & Cupcakes is the place where all of them met and were tangled in lyrics that talked about loyalty, friendship and love.
A/N: i was going to delay this update cause i almost finished the 4th chapter this weekend but then i didn't so i'm posting this today for the cliffhanger it gives lol though you may not feel it like a cliffhanger XD and guys Seoyoen isn't just the cutest thing ever? plus i managed a banner for this fic though it's a little meh lol lives at the roullete table is acatually a fic of mine if you want to read it let me know it's pairing ryeowook/ girlOC ^^

Chapter 03: Lyrics part 01
Tags: pairing: kangin/sungmin
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