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Tittle: Crimson Mark
Author: Mikudaisuki
Suju Pairing: Shiwon / Heechul
Genre: Boys love

               The sunlight filters through the window bathing two figures with a golden sheen. One of them stirred from under the blanket which covered their bodies.
              Rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he sat up groggily. His head throbbed violently from the sudden movement. He moaned and let his head hung loose. His hurting everywhere and felt a bit strange. Looking up, he took in his surrounding. This is not his room, this is not his bed but before he came to a conclusion the mattress shifted. Shiwon was sleeping soundly by his side and something which seems impossible clicked in his head. Slowly he took a peek under the blanket covering him.
" WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!!!! " Screamed Heechul as he kicked Shiwon out of bed.
              Startled to find himself on the floor he looked up and saw Heechul wrapped in his blanket standing on his bed with an incensed look on his face.
" Hyung? What are you doing here? "
This seems to make Heechul angrier. He stormed around the room furiously picking up his clothes strewn all over the floor. Without a word Heechul slammed the door shut behind him. Shiwon got up from the floor and realized that he was naked. His eyebrows creased into a frown. There's a stain on his bedsheet. Touching the stain gingerly with his fingertips he thought that it looked like blood. While still fingering the stain he noticed some other stains. These felt sticky to the touch. He stared at the stains, the fog in his brain quickly evaporated as comprehension dawned  on him.  " OH  SHIT!!!!!! "

             Heechul went back to his apartment that he shared with Hankyung and Kibum.  It's empty now since both of them had their own schedule. He downed a glass of water in the kitchen and slowly walked to his room. It's a rare off day for him and he wanted to do something fun but to discover something like that on the start of a supposedly fun and relaxing day is really not thrilling. He plopped on his bed and shut his eyes. He remembered that he went drinking at Shiwon's apartment since he too had a day off for today. Shiwon had bought a lot of soju and beer. He must have gotten so wasted that he can't remember a thing beyond drinking with Shiwon. Tired of coaxing his brain to remember he got off from bed and took a shower.
              Heechul somehow managed to  avoid  Shiwon for a few days. But today is inevitable because he have a photo shoot and a shooting for X MAN game show with Shiwon.
" Come on Chulie! focus! " He ordered himself but his footsteps falters when he saw Shiwon leaning casually against the company's car talking to the make up artist noona.
" HEECHUL HURRY UP! " Their manager called out to him which caught Shiwon's attention, a small smile played on his lips. Heechul looked away and took a seat in front. He was silent all the way to the photo shoot location. Occasionally he caught a glimpse of Shiwon staring at him from the rearview mirror.
              When they finally arrived on location, Shiwon tried to talked to Heechul but he was quickly brushed off. In the makeshift dressing room Heechul sat as far away from him as he possibly could. He sighed to himself and thought that he should gave him more time to cool down.
              They went through the photo shoot professionally like they should do and Shiwon was grateful for that. He doesn't want Heechul's performance to be affected because of him. They took off their shirt for a fanservice shot which was requested by the magazine. Heechul was instructed to turn his back to the camera and to look sideways from that position. Like on reflex Shiwon pulled Heechul closer to him. He felt Heechul's body stiffened a bit. He gazed down softly at Heechul and whispered for him to relax.
" Stop! can you please touch up the bug bite on Heechuls's back! " Called out the photographer to the make up artist.
" How am i suppose to do that when his body's been oiled! "
  Shiwon turned Heechul around and looked down his back. Sure enough there was a crimson mark on his pale back but it wasn't a bug bite.
" I made that. " He said softly as he pulled Heechul against him. He struggled but that only made Shiwon's embrace tighter.
            In the end the photographer decided to touch up the flaw digitally so that he can wrap up the shoot.
            " This is all your fault! " Heechul lashed out at Shiwon once they reach the makeshift dressing room.
            " So you finally want to talk. "
            Heechul sat on a table and glared at the younger man.
            " Hyung, I'm sorry..."
            The younger man drew closer to him.
            " Are you still mad at me? "
             Heechul said nothing but kept on staring at the younger man. His facial expression soften. He could never stay mad at Shiwon for long because he really like this kid. He had always watched him and without realizing it he had followed him with his eyes where ever he goes. Shiwon had gotten closer without him noticing until he felt Shiwon's arms prisoning him as he placed his hands on the table, leaning so close towards him looking directly into his eyes.
            " Are you still mad? "
            Shiwon whispered softly. It was so hard for Heechul to think with his face so close. He only managed a shake of his head.
            " Is leaving my mark on you really that bad? "
            Heechul's throat suddenly went dry. He can hardly breathe. Their lips inches apart. " No " he breathed as Shiwon's lips closed in on his.
                                                               *                         *                           *
               " Shiwon ah... why did you buy so many beers" Sungmin asked curiously.
               " Nothing "
               " Are you sure..." Teased Sungmin.
                Shiwon just smiled a secret smile but Sungmin knows that Shiwon has a thing for Heechul.
               " I won't be back tonight, I'll be at Kyuhun's. "
               " Hyung you don't want to join us? " Shiwon asked innocently
               "No thanks" He looked at Shiwon. " A word of advice, don't force yourself on him, let nature take it's own course. " He smiled and pat Shiwon's shoulder.                   
Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon
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