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100 fic challenge [#080.] Crackle, Eunhyuk/Siwon
Title: In the night when it's dark
Length: 681 words
Author: shieldkitten
Rating: R (non-consensual sex)
Summary: Eunhyuk dreads the nightly visits from Siwon.
Author's Note: This is really just gratuitous smex to sate my bastard!Siwon urges.

It started just after they debuted. Eunhyuk jolted awake to find a hand clamped against his mouth and another in his pants. He sucked in his breath, eyes darting wildly about until they settled on Siwon, his intense gaze fixed on Eunhyuk's face.

What, Eunhyuk wanted to ask, but then Siwon slipped his hand around Eunhyuk's cock, and Eunhyuk exhaled sharply, instinctively raising his arms to push Siwon off. He struggled, kicking out, but Siwon was stronger, had always been stronger, and if it hadn't been for the hand over his mouth Eunhyuk would have cried out as Siwon brought him to a climax, Donghae fast asleep on the next bed.

Siwon left without a word, leaving Eunhyuk with his chest heaving, cum pooling on his abdomen, his head full of questions and revulsion.

He entered the kitchen the next morning with some trepidation, expecting Siwon to apologise, explain, but Siwon sat primly at the counter as he always had, sipping coffee and reading the papers, acting as if nothing had happened. Eunhyuk bit his lip, confused, and didn't say anything, unsure that anyone would believe him even if he did.

It happened again that night, and the night after that, until Eunhyuk learnt to stop struggling against the hands that held him down, and he gave in to the firm strokes, the hard pumping of Siwon's fist, and he learnt to act normal too, because it was just too crazy, just too inconceivable that Choi Siwon, professional gentleman, would do such a thing, not when he smiled so brightly in the daylight.

It escalated when they moved to the new dorm across the river, and Eunhyuk got a room all to himself. He thought at first that it was over - Siwon had moved back to live with his parents, after all. For the first time in years he let himself relax, and started looking forward to going to bed again.

But then Siwon started sleeping over, laying a spare mattress on the living room floor and saying that it was more convenient to sleep there if they had schedules together first thing in the morning. Eunhyuk had expected it, the creak of his bedroom door, the hand sliding over his cheek, but he hadn't expected that it would be more than just hands - it was lips, and his legs spread apart, fingers teasing him open with slick, deft movements. Eunhyuk whimpered against Siwon's hand as Siwon fucked him, roughly, violently, never saying a word.

Eunhyuk was happy when Siwon went to China. Relieved.

"Get a different room from Siwon," he told Donghae.

"Why?" Donghae asked, confused.

"Just do it."

Eunhyuk went to bed early the night they left, curling up under the sheets and thanking God for small respites.

His phone rang three minutes after midnight. Eunhyuk answered it before his brain could register the name on the screen. Choi Siwon.

"Hello?" he answered, groggy with sleep.

Nothing, no answer, just breathing. Eunhyuk gripped the phone tightly, wanting to scream. Instead he hung up and turned off his phone.

The next night, Eunhyuk stared at his phone, at the lights dancing on the keypad. It rang eleven times before it stopped. Eunhyuk's sigh of relief caught in his throat when it began to ring again.

"Hello?" he answered shakily. Still no response. Still just the heavy inhale and exhale under the crackle of static. "Please, Siwon, just leave me alone."

He hung up and chucked his phone in the fridge between the butter box and a tupperware full of kimchi.

On the third night, he answered and didn't say a word. He clutched the phone to his ear and slipped his free hand under the waistband of his shorts, running his finger over the tip, already hard. He panted as he moved his hand up and down the length of his cock, hunched over, eyes tightly shut. He pressed his lips against his knees, short whimpers squeezing past his skin as he increased his pace, and he came, shuddering, gasping, tears streaming down his face.

Siwon hung up.
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/siwon
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