mysapphiresky (mysapphiresky) wrote in miracle______,

028. Full Power

Pairing(s): KyuMin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst/Romance
Summary: Sungmin doesn't allow anyone to touch him, ever, so when Kyuhyun finds himself in bed together with him, he knows he's more than a little screwed.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.
A/N: Fic plot adapted from a manga (which I cannot remember... again).

( Ever since he’d known the man, Sungmin had never ever let another man touch him, and in the two years he’d been working as the Biology professor’s assistant for his Honours program, things hadn’t changed. )
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, subject: eeteuk, subject: kyuhyun, subject: sungmin, subject: super junior

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