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Title: Super Junior Gangs
Author: littlerose2888
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?
AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment

( Chapter One )( Chapter Two )( Chapter Three )( Chapter Four )( Chapter Five )( Chapter Six )( Chapter Seven )( Chapter Eight)( Chapter Nine )( Chapter Ten )

It was a typical quiet night. The streets bare of any people and the only company to the ones out was the moon and stars. It was Donghae's favorite time to be out. As the leader of the M's he has very little time for himself, so when he does get a few hours where he can slip away its usually in the darkness of the night. Not that the leader minded so much, the night life spoke well for him. It was eerily quiet and had an unusual calming effect for the man.

His usual routine on such nights was to head down to the Han river and sit along the riverbank. With no one out, it was the perfect place for the man to relax and let his thoughts wander. He never felt threatened while he was there so he tended to head there with no bodyguards or any of his inner circle members, something Hankyung greatly disagreed with. But the man decided that if a person was gutsy enough to attack him while he was alone, then they had all the right to do so. Not many who attack Lee Donghae live to tell about it.

On that particular night, the young man was heading down to his favorite spot with his head already deep in thought. Dressed correctly for the cool weather, he wore a pair of dark pants and a dark overcoat. His hands were tucked deep into the pockets and he had a black cap covering his hair. It has been almost one month since the meeting with Leeteuk and Yunho and for some reason Donghae could not get his mind away from the one they called Eunhyuk.

He didn’t know what it was about the man that struck him so. It may have to do with his one lid eyes, or his sharp chin line. How his skin seem milky white and soft to the touch, or it could have been the way his lips were plump and kissable. Or perhaps it was his aura all together. Whatever the case, the man left an lasting impression to the M leader and he barely spoke the entire time. It was odd, because there has never been a person who could affect the man as such. He has had his fair share of lovers, a man in his position has needs and has spent many nights rolling in the sheets with both men and women. Most of them being prostitutes or daughters of powerful business men who want Donghae's protection and believe sex is the best for of bribery. Not that Donghae minded though, sex was sex and he was up for any person who would spread their legs for him.

But Eunhyuk left an impression that none of his previous lovers or conquests have. He made Donghae want to find him again and spend time with him. Either a roll in the bed or something more innocent in style. It was intriguing, and worrisome at the same time. Because, no matter how beautiful Eunhyuk was or how his face filled Donghae's thoughts and dreams, he was still a member of T and Leeteuk's successor none the less. The boy was off limits. And with Heechul already bristling like a territorial cat when he had approached him at the meeting, it was obvious that Eunhyuk was important to their gang. Like their own jewel. Which was fitting for his name.

Donghae chuckled under his breath. After the meeting he spent the entire car ride talking about the boys beauty. It was if everything else didn’t matter except for the boy named Eunhyuk. He even forgot about the shipment that the others were picking up until Hankyunk reminded him so. The other three men in the car were probably annoyed of Donghae's raving of the T successor by the time they pulled into base, but he didn’t care. He just wish he could met the boy again.

But he knew it was difficult. Kyuhyun had reported after their tradeoff that Sungmin nearly blew his head off when he heard the computer hacker going on about Eunhyuk. That and Heechul, plus Leeteuk subtle message at the meeting that Eunhyuk was off limits was enough to deter the man. Well for now anyways.

When Donghae arrived at the riverbank he was surprised to see that he wasn't alone. There sitting at the same bench he normally occupied during his visits was another man. The man was also dressed in a similar fashion and had his head down in thought. Donghae reached into his coat pocket to grab the handle to his gun. Casually walking up he was about to call out to the man sitting in his spot when said man tilted his head back suddenly to stare at the sky. And once Donghae caught sight of the man's face, all other thoughts escaped his mind.

For sitting at the bench was none other than Eunhyuk, the very man he was having difficulties getting his thoughts away from. The man looked beautiful in the moonlit sky. It was almost as if he belonged with the moon. The man turned his head as though he knew he was being observed towards Donghae. When he realized it was the M leader standing by him he quickly jumped to his feet. His hands flew inside his own pocket and a moment later Donghae was staring at the man who had his gun pointing out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Donghae called out as he pulled his hands from his pocket and held them out as a form of surrender. "I didn’t mean to surprise you. This was all by chance I swear. I come in peace."

Eunhyuk had a suspicious look on his face as he stared at the M member. He didn’t lower his gun as he spoke.

"What are you doing here?" He called out questioning.

"I normally come here to think. Its my favorite spot." Donghae told him honestly.

Eunhyuk seemed surprise at this and slowly lowered his gun. Donghae took it as a good sign to slowly approach.

"I also come here to think at times." Eunhyuk admitted to the leader. "I'm surprised we have not crossed paths before tonight."

"Perhaps its fate we meet tonight then." Donghae said with a sincere grin. He gestured to the bench the other was at. "Can I sit with you?"

Eunhyuk seemed to contemplate this for a moment before nodding his head. Slipping his gun back into his coat he sat down at the bench. Donghae calmly lowered himself down as well. For a few minutes the pair sat in an oddly peaceful silence as they both stared at the river flowing past them. Donghae ventured a glance at the other and decided that the night was the perfect backdrop for his beauty. Eunhyuk really did glow in the moon's beams.

"Do you come here often" Eunhyuk asked, breaking their silence.

"Only when I can get away. It doesn't happen often enough for me. You?"

"More night than you I suspect. But only if I don’t have prior engagements I have to take care of first."

"I'm surprised you arent followed by any of the others. I thought you were Leeteuk's successor?" Donghae half teased the other. He was curious to know how the other could slip out without protection.

"I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I don’t need protection." Eunhyuk replied with a pout on his face. "They all treat me like I'm a child or something."

Donghae chuckled at this. He could see why the younger was almost babied in the gang. He had a personality that was rather innocent. He wondered if this kid was capable in taking over the gang from Leeteuk, or what the other was really planning with him. But Donghae found this young man rather endearing.

"So Eunhyuk, what are your thoughts in taking over Leeteuk's place?" Donghae asked.

Eunhyuk looked at him with a contemplative look. He seemed to decide how much he should be telling the other.

"Leader-shi has a lot of trust in me. And I have never broken his trust. So he knows I will be best at what I do." Eunhyuk replied.

"Leader-shi? Don’t you call him by name?"

"I don’t casually throw names of important people around. You would do well to show some respect for him." Eunhyuk replied hauntingly.

Donghae quickly realized the kid had a lot of loyalty towards Leeteuk and was very dedicated to the gang. Insulting the leader would be a bad call on his part. He decided to steer the conversation clear of the leader for now.

"How old are you Eunhyuk?"

"26 as of April."

"Really? I am turning 26 in October. I cant believe we are the same age."

"Donghae-shi? Why did you approach me tonight? Is it because I am the successor to the T's?"

"Drop the shi. As the same age we don’t need the honors. But to answer your question, you intrigue me."

"Why?" Eunhyuk asked with a slight color to his face.

"I don’t know." The other replied honestly. He rather liked the colored cheeks the other displayed. "Ever since the day we met you seem to be in my head a lot. That’s why I think it was fate that led us to meet here."

"I don't know what I think of you." Eunhyuk replied as he stared at the river. "Heechul-hyung tells me to steer clear of you. And Leader-shi has shown concern. I don’t blame either, you are a member of M. But I have thought of you as well...since that day."

Donghae felt a smile crossed his lips. He was rather happy to hear that. He was about to say something to that when a deep dark chuckle started behind them.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here." The voice said sarcastically. "Why it’s the leader of M himself. What is a scum like you doing in these parts Lee Donghae."

The two of them stood up from the bench and turned around. They found themselves facing five different people. Each one of them had a green scarf tied to their bodies somehow. Donghae groaned under his breath. He was so involved with talking with Eunhyuk that he dropped his guard. And now the two were surrounded by members of a lesser known gang called MBLAQ. He glanced over at Eunhyuk to see the other had a rather calm look in his eyes.

"What do you want?" Donghas asked the five.

"Not much." The middle man replied. "Just that Seungho-shi wants you dead."

"Fuck off," Eunhyuk spat angrily. "You guys are stinking up the place."

"Quiet you. This has nothing to do with you." The man replied.

Donghae realized that no one knew who Eunhyuk was. Leeteuk must have really kept the kid under wraps for that to be the case. He slipped his hand in his coat pocket to touch his gun.

"But you know…" The man continued as he looked closely at Eunhyuk. "You are a pretty thing. I bet we can gave some fun after I kill Donghae."

He began to reach towards Eunhyuk and Donghae would have reacted if it wasn’t for the startled scream from the man. In a flash there was a gleam of light from Eunhyuk's pocket and a moment later the man was crying out as he clutched his bloody arm close to his body. His had laid severed on the ground before them, blood flowing from the chopped off wrist. Eunhyuk brought his own arm back to his body and Donghae saw a beautifully, if deadly curved, silver blade in his hands. The handle was silvered and jeweled, like the familiar silver gun Heechul used and the blade was stained in red. The look in Eunhyuk's eyes was frightfully cold.

"Don’t you dare touch me you piece of shit." He growled darkly.

"Why you!" The others cried as they pulled out their guns.

There were five loud bangs and five bodies hitting the ground. Eunhyuk's other hand held a small silver gun in front of him. The muzzle smoked softly from the recently fired shots that killed all five men. The whole event only took a few minutes but it made it very clear that there was a reason Leeteuk picked this man to be his successor. He was deadly.

And frightfully beautiful as well.

Donghae didn't know what to do. He wanted to say something but he didn’t know if Eunhyuk would turn is gun on the leader. He was just saved by the T member, but for how long. Before he could take a breath, Eunhyuk's head whipped towards him. His eyes were still frighteningly cold and he pointed the gun straight at Donghae's head. There was a sharp in take of breath just as the gun was fired. But surprisingly enough, Donghae was not dead. A groan from behind broke his frozen state and he turned his head to see a sixth man dead behind him.

"Keep you guard up, they could still kill you." Eunhyuk had replied as he slipped the gun back into his pocket.

"You...saved me?" Donghae asked in surprise. "Why?"

Eunhyuk refused to meet the other's eyes as he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket. He cleaned the blade of his dagger from blood before slipping that into his pocket as well. Pocketing the cloth as well, he approached the dead men. Ignoring Donghae's stare he began the process of removing the bullets from each of the dead men's heads and slipping the remains into a third pocket.

"Eunhyuk, why did you save me?" Donghae asked again.

"I don’t know." The other replied softly. "I just felt the need to do so."

Donghae didn’t comment to that as he watched the other move silently and efficiently. Soon all evidence of the killing being linked to the T gang was cleaned up. It was obvious he was a pro at this. When he was done, Eunhyuk rose to his feet to meet Donghae's eyes.

"I don’t know why I saved you, nor do I regret it. But this is a one time thing. I am a member of T, you are the leader of M. This, whatever it is, will not work. I will not betray my leader. Good day."

Eunhyuk bowed his head and began to walk away. He only got a few steps before Donghae caught his wrist.

"I don’t care." He whispered to Eunhyuk's back. "I don’t care you are a T. I really think I like you Eunhyuk, and I don’t want this to be a one night thing. I know we just met, and barely have spoken but don’t push me away."

"I know nothing about you."

Donghae pulled the other so they were face to face.

"My name is Lee Donghae, I am 25, almost 26 years old. I was born in Mokpo to a fisherman's family. I have lived in Seoul for most of my life though. I like dancing and music. And I really like you. What else do you want to know, I will tell you anything…"

Eunhyuk looked at him with a soft look in his eyes. Donghae did not know exactly what the look meant until Eunhyuk pulled his hand away. Disheartened Donghae was about to say something when the other spoke.

"I come here once a month around the full moon." Eunhyuk revealed softly. "If you are here in one month, and you don’t have any members following you as well, then I will consider this to not be a one time thing."

"I understand."

Eunhyuk smiled softly at this and bowed his head. He took off from Donghae in a brisk walk. The leader of T stood by the riverbank, and the six dead bodies with a silly grin on his face. He's not exactly sure what happened that night, but he was planning on being at this spot in a month. No matter what. Whistling a cheerful tune, the leader turned on his heels and walked a different direction from the other, back to his own base.

The dead bodies were the only thing remaining of their short visit.
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