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fic: Through Their Eyes

Title: Through Their Eyes
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: Angst / Siwon x Kyuhyun
Word Count: 6,280
Rating: R
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine.
Summary: Those group of fanboys aren’t as harmless as they appear.
Warning: Slight noncon. If you can’t handle it, don’t read it.

Note: It's... not quite what you (and I) expected, I'm sure, but you have to settle with this, Jus. Now give me the new gangbang fic.

Siwon hadn’t noticed how many male fans Kyuhyun had until their band stepped beyond Asian countries.

Sure, he knew that Kyuhyun had some admirers among Korean celebrities and he remembered noticing occasional fanboys following Kyuhyun around. Heck, even Siwon was a fanboy himself. He used to put Kyuhyun’s songs on repeat and collected his photos from various fansites, recklessly saved in a folder without password protection in his laptop, but thanks to that, his status rocketed from fanboy to lover.

In Korea and the rest of Asia, male fans were mostly blurred in the background, voices and faces drowned among the many screaming female fans that surrounded them. As they visit more countries, it became more apparent that western countries were a different case. They made themselves known by standing in the front line and they weren’t afraid to scream their hearts out. All of the members had a fair share of fanboys, but Kyuhyun, his Kyuhyun was staggeringly, blatantly popular. The managers have had a hard time keeping the fanboys in a safe distance, and Siwon had frowned upon how many lenses were aimed indiscreetly at Kyuhyun’s more private body parts.

So when they return to Korea, Siwon couldn’t help but begin to notice less of his own fans and more of Kyuhyun’s.


“Are you now jealous of my fans?” Kyuhyun looked at him, half-amused and half-skeptical.

“It’s not jealousy, it’s concern. Worry.”

“So you say,” Kyuhyun mumbled as he returned to the book he was reading.

“Look, I know when something’s not right, okay?”

“And you know this just from seeing a couple of familiar faces popping up now and then?”

“More than a couple— did you even listen to me?”

“Hyung,” Kyuhyun lazily dragged his eyes away from the book towards Siwon, as if Siwon’s concern wasn’t worth his attention that much, “I thought this whole… fanboy thing was over when we came back from South America. No more bold fans. No more,” Kyuhyun made the air quote gesture, “taking inappropriate photos or videos.”

“Kyuhyun, please, I’m serious.” Siwon snatched the book off his hands and shifted closer. “I’m not forbidding you from going anywhere. I’m just asking you to be careful, and if possible, to never go out alone. Those boys—.”

“Are different, yeah, I heard you the first time.” Kyuhyun smiled and pecked the side of his mouth. No matter what, Siwon was being the sweet, caring lover he was. He just hoped that the worry wouldn’t get to his head too much. “Hyung, we can’t do anything against fans like that. They will just continue to follow us around, but nothing that the usual tricks can’t shake off. Here I am again at your place, am I not? I checked numerous times and I didn’t see anyone following me. Sure sometimes they might get forceful when they wanted to shake hands or get an autograph, but they won’t hurt us on purpose, so what are you afraid of?”

He couldn’t be more wrong, but at that moment he didn’t know, so he decided to distract Siwon with small kisses that quickly grew intense and ended up being carried to the bedroom with shirt thrown off somewhere and pants undone.


“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!” The tall boy sent the receiver swinging across the car to crash against the side window. His labored breathing and fisted hands were proof enough that he was enraged. The rest of the boys in the car had varied reaction, but all of them felt the same way.

Angry, betrayed, hurt and heartbroken.

The indecent sounds Kyuhyun made still rang through their minds. The sounds they didn’t know Kyuhyun could make until know. They were careful and resourceful since the beginning, but they had never felt the need to install an audio bug until they began to notice how unnecessarily often their angel made late night visits to Choi Siwon’s apartment that lasted until mornings, sometimes for several days. Apparently that was where everything happened, not at the dorm, not at the hotels, nowhere else. Kyuhyun and Siwon were cautious and they all had been fooled until now.

They went home in dejection. One of them couldn’t bear the pain and proceeded to rip all of Kyuhyun’s posters, trashed all of his goods and delete everything about Kyuhyun from his computer, already wanted to forget and started anew with a fresh face, a new obsession. The rest didn’t, couldn’t move on just like that. The boy with the blonde hair had a dream where they hunted Siwon down and saved Kyuhyun from the monster’s grasp. The one with a small scar under his right eye drank some sleeping pills to a nearly-fatal dose. Their youngest ‘member’ with the thick glasses had a wet dream starred by Kyuhyun for the umpteenth time, but this dream was more intense, more real and more debauched than ever, while their self-declared leader jerked off but cried afterwards. And that was when he decided they needed to do something about it.

They will get Kyuhyun.


He woke up with a start.

For a while, he was disoriented and didn’t know where he was, but then he realized he had fallen asleep on his couch and he cursed because he had meant to stay awake. In his haze, he finally realized that laying a hand’s throw away from him was his ringing phone.

Out of nowhere, terror washed over him and he just knew that it would be bad news waiting on the other side of the line. After all, his supposedly unreasonable ominous feeling had brewed since last night, when he didn’t want Kyuhyun to go back to the dorm. He would’ve taken him back in his car, but Kyuhyun forbid him, saying that his car would’ve attracted too much attention. Both of them had schedules in the morning and Kyuhyun had said that he could just walk, Siwon didn’t have to worry about him, he would be fine. Siwon was supposed to be waiting for a while then he would call Kyuhyun to check instead of dozing off and now the manager was calling him—.

Beep. “Yes?”

“Siwon,” The manager sounded annoyed, and somehow Siwon could guess, dreadfully, what he was going to say next, “I thought I’ve made it clear that Kyuhyun has a schedule in the morning. I need him to be here ten minutes ago. Tell him to come to the dorm now.”


The hierarchy of order among them wasn’t based on their age, but on how long had they became a fan of Cho Kyuhyun. The glasses boy was the latest to embrace his love towards Kyuhyun, charmed by his television appearances in which he was the MC. Not long after Kyuhyun’s first accident and witnessing how strong the beautiful boy was, the blonde boy vowed that he would protect him no matter what. The boy with the scar proudly told the story about how he got the honorable mark from an accident when he was stalking Kyuhyun. Their leader, the tall boy, had fallen in love at the first sight since the very beginning when Kyuhyun was introduced into Super Junior. He was among the very few that supported the thirteenth member of the band instead of bashing him like the rest. He knew there was something special about Kyuhyun, because he always had these conflicting images of weak and strong, beautiful and handsome, awkward and sexy.

They showed him some sort of a shrine, filled with official merchandise and candid photos taken at many places from the airport to Kyuhyun’s apartment, photos that weren’t in any fansites and photos that Kyuhyun didn’t even know anyone could take. There were even photos of him wearing fewer clothes which made him nauseous. The tall boy proceeded to tell the story of how they met and how they became part of this restricted fanclub of their own, but by then Kyuhyun had fully regained his consciousness and fear overcame him.

He finally remembered walking back from Siwon’s apartment when someone— some people grabbed him and pressed a towel that smelled weird onto his face, silencing him and sending him to sleep. Now he woke up in a dark room, probably an underground warehouse somewhere. There was no lamp in the room, but there were candles surrounding his ‘shrine’. He tried to move but thick rope bound his wrists and ankles to the bed he was on.

It was obvious that they weren’t asking for any kind of ransom.

They wanted to keep him.

Kyuhyun was so mad, so disgusted by the pathetic boys— because even extreme fans wouldn’t do this. They wouldn’t kidnap him and bound him like this. These boys were desperate, didn’t care about anything else and they just wanted Kyuhyun. He began to shout and demanded to be released as he trashed around even though the ropes were hurting him. They looked at him, as if surprised to see his reaction, and one of them, the tall boy sent the others to get the towel, the towel.

As it came to him, he screamed louder despite being muffled by the fabric and overwhelmed with the dizzying scent.


He slowly came to a hand stroking his cheek. For a moment he hummed, thinking that it was his lover. But then his eyes snapped open and he flinched away.

“Hi, Kyuhyun.” It was the tall boy, smiling fondly at him and forcing his hand back to his cheek. “Are you feeling better?”

Kyuhyun stayed silent, only staring at boy hovering over him and the others standing by. They looked like normal people. Were they the boys Siwon told him about? If Siwon had pointed at them and told him to be careful, he would ignore him, really. Siwon… He wondered what Siwon was doing right now. There was nothing to indicate night and day in this place. He could have been gone for a day or two or maybe even more. Had anyone noticed him missing?

“Where’s my phone?” he asked.

The tall boy’s expression hardened as he answered. “Why, we can’t have you hold onto that, can we? People had been calling you and we would’ve turn it off… but then we saw, dear Kyuhyun, we saw what you put as your wallpaper and that’s just unforgivable, so we had to destroy your phone.”

Siwon. Siwon was his wallpaper. Siwon. He wanted to see Siwon so much right now. “That won’t stop him from looking for me.”

“SHUT UP!!!” The tall boy shouted and gripped Kyuhyun’s jaws ruthlessly. “WHY ARE YOU HURTING US, KYUHYUN!? WHY!?”

Fear returned to him as he saw the wild glints in the tall boy’s eyes. Just then he realized they must’ve found out about him and Siwon. That must’ve been the reason why they went out of their way to abduct him.

“You were our angel… so beautiful, so perfect… We love you the most. We never look at anyone else. All the gifts you wanted, we sent it to you. How could you betray us and let him touch you like that?”

These people were sick. Kyuhyun trashed his head around and managed to get his jaws free. When the tall boy tried to reach for his face again, he turned and bit his hand… earning him a yell and a harsh slap. Pain rang through his head and he could taste blood on his lips.

“Look at what you made me do to you…” The cruel hand that delivered the slap now turned chillingly tender, tracing the hint of a bruise that would soon form. “We never wanted to hurt you, Kyuhyun, so don’t hurt us again, okay…?”

His whole body shook as he tried to hold his tears back. He didn’t want to cry— he would break down if he started to cry. He wondered about his parents. He wondered about the other members. But on top of it all, he missed Siwon so much and he was so scared that he would never see him again so he ended up sobbing quietly when they finally left him alone in the dark room.


“…How many times do I have to tell you!!? Fuck, I’ve described them so many times already—!! No, I didn’t see them that night but that’s not the point! You don’t even have a fucking clue where he is, so why can’t you just start looking for them already!? FUCK!!”

He ended the call and threw his phone to the side, cursing the useless cops. Of course they hadn’t believed his suspicion about the male fans that had been following Kyuhyun. There was no proof, it was just the boyfriend’s paranoid and desperate imagination.

Honking from the car behind told him that the traffic light had turned green. He shifted the gear and drove his car in yet another seemingly endless search for Kyuhyun. It had only been three days but it felt like eternity. Three days Kyuhyun had been missing and three days he had only gone back home to check, in case, just in case Kyuhyun returned on his own. A thin hope but one he wasn’t willing to let go. He would hold onto any kind of hope.

As each second passed, he continued to blame himself for not following his hunch to at least take Kyuhyun back to the dorm that night. He couldn’t cry, not even if he wanted to. How could he cry when Kyuhyun was the one missing, most likely kidnapped, probably hurt—.

God, he tried so hard not to follow that train of thought. He was a religious person, but he hadn’t prayed this hard for a long time now.

“Kyuhyun…” His lover’s name escaped his lips because he needed to call him out. Who knows, maybe Kyuhyun will answer out of nowhere. He missed him, he wanted to see Kyuhyun so bad. All of this could be a horrible nightmare and he just needed to wake up by calling out his name. His Kyuhyun would hear him talking in his sleep and he would wake him up with a laugh and a slap to the arm, saying how silly Siwon was…

Except of course none of this was a dream.

He wasn’t laying on his bed and Kyuhyun wasn’t next to him.

His phone was ringing again and a glance at it told him the manager was calling. Talking to anyone from the management was the least of his wish. Refusing to release the news about Kyuhyun missing and insisting that the rest of them carried on with their schedule were outrageous.

“We don’t want to cause a panic.”

Of course they would say that, and of course they say they would do anything to find Kyuhyun. But they can go fuck themselves for all he cared. At least he knew the other members were searching but he would thank them later when Kyuhyun was found.

He would be found, Siwon knew it, he had to be found—.


“Why are you doing this to me?”

The blonde boy turned in surprise, especially since Kyuhyun had kept silent since yesterday.

“A-are you talking to me?” He blushed, his heart began to beat faster. They all took turn taking care of Kyuhyun, despite their angel refused anything given to him including water and food. At night, they would all gather and talk to Kyuhyun about their day along with how they had been worshipping Kyuhyun in the past and of course… how gorgeous Kyuhyun looked that day. It was sometime in the morning now, and the others had left him to be in the company of their angel.

“Why?” Kyuhyun asked again, dull and hopeless eyes staring at him, but the blonde boy didn’t seem to notice it. He was just elated when he realized that Kyuhyun was indeed talking to him.

“We wanted to save you, of course,” he said softly as he sat next to Kyuhyun on the bed.

“From who?”

“From that man. The one who corrupted you.”

It only took him a second to realize who the blonde boy was talking about. “…Siwon-hyung?”

“Please don’t say his name,” the blonde boy said quickly. “He didn’t deserve such honor.”

‘He’s my lover,’ Kyuhyun almost said, but he knew it would do him no good. Siwon’s name was taboo in this room, despite that was the only name he wanted to call out.

“You don’t have to worry now,” the blonde boy smiled and pecked his cheek, an act that made Kyuhyun bit his lip until it almost bled. “We will protect you from him. He will never find you again…”


A cup of hot coffee was placed in front of him and he took it before drinking it slowly.

“How are you feeling?” Hyukjae asked as he sat down next to him. Siwon came to the dorm five minutes ago to check and found only Hyukjae, who then forced him to take a rest even just for a while.

“How do you think I’m feeling?” Siwon snapped before he could help it. “My boyfriend is nowhere to be found and the management couldn’t care less and the police thought I was making stories up until they really hit the wall and started listening just now.”

The other man didn’t respond to that, just took in his best friend’s frustration without any remorse. Siwon was a mess. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair unkempt and he barely took care of himself since Kyuhyun went missing. Hyukjae imagined if he was in Siwon’s position, his lover gone, probably kidnapped, and he found himself overwhelmed by anxiety. He didn’t know how Siwon handled it—
Hyukjae would’ve gone crazy. He believed in Siwon’s story, other members did as well. After all they knew how logically observant Siwon was, no matter how clouded his judgment could be when it came to Kyuhyun.

“You need to eat,” Hyukjae finally said.

“Don’t have time,” Siwon muttered. Kyuhyun’s waiting to be found, his expression said.

“We’ll find him,” Hyukjae said assuringly. “We’ll find him for sure.”

Siwon glanced at Hyukjae, and in that flash of moment, Hyukjae saw the fear and guilt. Of course Siwon would blame himself. Of course he would feel scared. He tried to suppress it, because right now his priority was to find Kyuhyun, but he was on the brink of breaking down.

And that was why Hyukjae told the manager to scratch him off the schedule before he came with Siwon in his search for their youngest member.


“How is he?”

“He’s getting worse…”

He was burning. His head felt like it would split open at any minute and he was drifting in and out of consciousness.

“Have you given him the medicine?”

“He refuses to eat, we can’t give him the medicine if he doesn’t eat.”

“Force him.”

“I did, then he threw up.”

He was sweating profusely. The cold air hit his drenched clothes and made him shivered. The blanket didn’t help.

“We need to change his clothes…”

“Okay,” one of them, the one with the glasses, said too quickly. “We can’t let him stay in those clothes anyway.”

When the first set of hands reached him, he jolted weakly, detesting the unfamiliar touches. One of them hushed him and the other caressed his forehead. He tried to free himself from the invasive contacts but his body wasn’t cooperating at this state. Someone untied him from the bed posts and he instinctively moaned in relief as his hands were finally free from bounds, but the feeling was short-lived because that same person then placed unwanted kisses on his sore wrists and ankles, skin raw from the constant friction against the rope.

“Kyuhyun…” the voice he hazily recognized as the tall boy’s whispered through his ear, so close that Kyuhyun could feel his breath. But not until he felt cold fingers against his skin that he realized they were undressing him.

“No… no!” He forced his body to fight back although he knew he had no chance against the four boys. He didn’t want them to see him. The small scars left behind by the past accident on his lower back. The birthmark on his side. The mole in the middle of his chest Siwon had always kissed. He didn’t want them to see any of those.

“We’re not gonna hurt you, Kyuhyun…” With that, a hand yanked his shirt open while someone else took his pants off. A moment later, his underwear was pulled down, sickeningly slowly this time, as if the people stripping him were enjoying the view. Kyuhyun was helpless, pinned down by determined hands and he shut his eyes, didn’t want to see them looking at him.

Silence. No one moved for a while, but he could still feel their gazes. Worshipping stares. Lusting.

A hand traced its way from his ankle all the way to his thigh, then rested on his chest, rubbing slowly before going back down across his abdomen towards his—.

“Stop,” the blonde boy said with a shaky voice.

“What? I’m just wiping his sweat…” the glasses boy mumbled. But they all knew it was a lie.

“You’re making him cry.”

Indeed he was crying. He had no strength left to do anything else, just inwardly screaming and praying at the same time that they would stop. And for now, it seemed they wouldn’t do anything. Yet.

“Put the clean clothes on,” the tall boy ordered and Kyuhyun slipped into unconsciousness as they did so.


He woke up in tears. It wasn’t a dreamless sleep.

In the dream, Siwon gave up on him. He didn’t know why, or how did he find out, he just knew that Siwon simply stopped looking for him.

The nightmare was so vivid that he almost believed it even when he opened his eyes and he knew there was no way he could know that, even if it was true. The tears blurred his sight and he raised his hand to wipe his tears… then he gasped. They had yet to tie him up again.

He rose to a sitting position, a movement that resulted with a blast of dizziness since he had been lying down for a few days now. At least he didn’t feel so faint anymore, although his clothes —no, not his clothes, it’s someone else’s, he noted groggily— were wet again due to him sweating. His throat hurts and thirst urged him to drink from one of the bottles of water scattered on the floor, but then he stopped himself because who knew if they had put anything inside?

There was no one in the room. He focused on his hearing if there was any sound other than his own breathing, but there was none. They had left him alone, probably thinking that it would be okay since he was ill, heck, he couldn’t even fight them earlier. Or maybe they left him for good— no. No time for false hope.

Carefully, he got off the bed and stood up, his bare feet not making any sound on the concrete floor. After pressing his ear to the door and making sure again that he was really left alone, he slowly turned the handle and swallowed when it opened with a soft ‘click’. Eyes peeking and wildly searching for any signs of them, he opened the door wider and slipped out when he found none.

He was in a basement, storeroom of some sort. There was a single lamp in the middle of the room that allowed him to see a small set of stairs going up to another door. He didn’t think twice before he rushed there to open it… but of course it was locked. Tears welled up in his eyes, frustration multiplied because there was hope just now. There was hope that he could walk out and go back home just like that. Now the hope was crushed and he bit his tongue to stop himself from screaming out his anguish. He closed his eyes, counted to three to calm himself, and turned around to look at his surroundings.

There was a small window high up on the wall near the corner of the basement.

It was barred by pieces of wood, the reason why he didn’t notice it earlier. He wouldn’t fit through it, nonetheless, he picked up a chair and put it below the window to serve as a footing. His obstructed view was further limited by the window’s position on the same level with the ground, and at first all he could see was an expanse of overgrown lawn and tall iron fences but at least he could see the world outside, the world he knew—.

His heart seemed to stop when he realized that it was indeed the world he knew.

He recognized that street in the distance.

He knew that old signage, he knew that shop that recently went out of business, right across the street from the window. Which means the house he was in... was that small, run down house he had glanced upon sometimes. In fact, he had wondered whether someone lived in it. Oh God, he was pretty sure he knew that’s where he was. He knew the house he was in.

If only he could get out of here.

He tried to pry the pieces of wood, but the lack of strength told him that his fever was returning. The momentum as his hands slipped sent him tumbling onto the floor and for a moment he couldn’t stand back up as a horrible wave of nausea hit him, but then he forced himself to focus.

Maybe there was something else he could use… Please, God…

As if answering his prayer, he heard a buzzing sound.

From a vibrating cell phone placed on one of the shelves.

He dashed and grabbed it, hands shaking so badly with tension. Here was his ticket to freedom. One of them had left it and he saw the name of the blonde boy on the screen, most likely helping the owner of this phone to find it. Sooner or later they would return, but he could only wait it out or else they would get suspicious if he rejected the call.

The second the call ended, he punched in the numbers he knew like the back of his hand. It was ringing once, twice… “Please, please, please pick up…” he chanted inaudibly as he gripped the phone until his knuckles turned white.

“Hello? Who’s this?”

His heart felt like it leapt out of his chest and he burst out in tears. “H-hyung…!”

There was silence from the other side of the line, then a choked, “Kyu? Kyuhyun? Is that you?”

He sobbed and cried like a baby. Oh how he missed him. Only hearing his voice washed him with relief and joy and love. “Siwon-hyung…”

“Oh Kyuhyun, thank God…! How did you— Are you alright?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. Please come and get me, hyung… they locked the door, I can’t get out…”

“Where are you!? I’ll be there, okay? Tell me where you are and I’ll come to you now. Kyuhyun— Hey, shhh… I’ll pick you up, do you hear me? You’ll get out of there soon. Can you see… anything? Anything that can tell you—.”

“I’m in a basement. Hyung, I know where I am. Remember that pastry shop, hyung? The one with the tacky signage but with great cinnamon roll that you love? The one that just went bankrupt?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Siwon said hurriedly. “I remember. Is that where you are?” There was a skidding sound and Siwon seemed to be swerved his car around, going to the right direction to get to the place Kyuhyun just mentioned.

“Remember the house right across of it? The one standing by itself along that side of the road? I’m in the basement—.”

Kyuhyun could hear voices. His eyes widened in alarm and he started to tremble. “Hyung, they’re here. They’re back,” he whispered in terror. “Please come soon—.”

The door on top of the stairs opened and he dropped the phone.

The four boys stood there, taking in the scene, and put two and two together.

They screamed and lunged at him. One of them picked up the phone and another recognized the number as Siwon’s. The blonde boy grabbed him at once, yelling at him, asking why would he call that monster—.

But his eyes were fixed on the open door.

He shoved the blonde boy and tried to make his way to the stairs, but instantly hands were on him, pushing him down onto the floor and pinning him there.

The face he saw the first was the tall boy’s. Furious would be an understatement of how he looked then.

“How could you?” he asked, breath rugged and eyes radiating disappointment, as if what Kyuhyun had done was completely cruel and heartless. “How could you betray us like that?”

“Let me go!!”

“But we’re keeping you here to protect you. There are many bad people, Kyuhyun. So many men out there will hurt you, so many monsters like that Siwon. Why did you call him?”

“YOU’RE FUCKING SICK!!” He yelled, and received a slap instantly.

“Don’t yell! Don’t curse like that! That’s not our Kyuhyun!”

“You don’t know anything about me!!”

“Of course we know! You’re our angel!”

“I am not a fucking angel!!” He hissed, accentuating each word.

The tall boy slapped him again. “STOP IT!!”

“He’s right.” Suddenly, the glasses boy growled. The ominous glimmer in his eyes incited new alarm within Kyuhyun. “He’s not an angel.”

All the attention went to him. The youngest one with the darkest ideas. “What…”

“You all heard it. You all heard what he did with that monster. He was screaming like a slut.”

“Don’t say that about Kyuhyun,” the blonde boy said sharply.

“Remember when we undressed him? He was shivering in anticipation, you know. He liked it. He wanted me— He wanted us to touch him.”

“FUCK YOU!!” Kyuhyun yelled and the glasses boy smirked with a growing confidence.

“Oh yes, you would love that, wouldn’t you? You would love us to fuck you.” To prove his point, he gripped Kyuhyun’s crotch ruthlessly and emitted a scream from him. “I always knew that you’re a dirty slut.”

“Get your hands off me!!” He struggled, knowing that the glasses boy meant it.

“What?” The glasses boy glared mockingly at the others, challenging them. “You all want it. Him. Here, you can touch,” he grabbed the tall boy’s hand and pressed it onto the front of Kyuhyun’s pants. He grinned when he saw the growing lust in his friend’s face. The power had shifted now, so easily that it must’ve been riding the hidden, deepest urge inside all of them. The tall boy, their previous leader, was glancing at Kyuhyun and the glasses boy back and forth. “And you,” he pointed to the boy with the scar who was licking his lips, “take off his clothes. He wouldn’t need it.”

“Wait, what are you doing?” The blonde boy, the one who had always cherished Kyuhyun’s innocent charm the most, finally raised his protest. “Stop, you’re no different with that monster—.” With no warning, the glasses boy silenced him with one strong blow to the face, sending him skidding across the floor into unconsciousness.

“Well,” the glasses boy rubbed his knuckles and nodded to his now entranced friends. “Carry on.”

“NO!!” Kyuhyun jerked away when his shirt was raised up. “Don’t touch me! Fuck off! STOP!!”

“Shut him up!”

“Why do you fight so much, huh?” the glasses boy said as he took off Kyuhyun’s pants in one swift move. “We heard how much you enjoyed it. We heard you begged for more. You would beg for more soon.”

His screams were muffled by the shirt shoved onto his mouth. His struggles were futile, and he had never been so ashamed to be naked. The hands touching him were eager to taint him, poison him. They placed kisses where Siwon would place and touched places where Siwon would touch, but it couldn’t feel more different.

“So beautiful…”

“Your skin is so soft…”

“Dirty slut.”

They spread his legs and feasted with their eyes while he fought uselessly to cover himself. Their pants were tight, their breathing uneven and there were no stopping them.

An eager hand sneaked behind and squeezed his rear while rubbing the crack between his globes. It was the boy with the scar, mumbling praises and declaring love while he kissed the inside of Kyuhyun’s trembling thigh.

The tall boy’s greedy mouth chose to work its way around Kyuhyun’s neck and chest, biting and licking. His unoccupied hand fondled and tugged at his nipple until it was red and sore before he switched his attention to the other nipple.

Their current leader, the glasses boy hastily unfastened his own pants and jerked off near his face while he touched him there, groping him, stroking him excitedly despite the lack of reaction from him. He turned his face away, unable to bear the repulsion and shame.


Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.

Why can’t they just kill him—.


He snapped his eyes open at the familiar voice, but his eyes were blurry with tears and he had to blink a couple of times to confirm that it was indeed Siwon. Their eyes met and Siwon shouted profanities as he launched to attack Kyuhyun’s captors.

There were shouts and a lot of noises. He himself felt numb, the fever getting worse and worse from all the strain and confrontation. He could hear Siwon’s grunts as he beat the crap out of one of them. He reached out, trying to call Siwon, but suddenly someone scooped him up into their hold.

“Hey, hey, it’s me. Hyukjae,” the man whispered when he resisted. Hyukjae covered his naked body with a jacket and whispered soothing words to him. “Ssh… you’re alright. We found you. We’re gonna take you home now.”

His eyes caught movements from his far side and he saw two boys, the tall one and the one with the scar, being restrained by the cops. He turned his head to the other side and saw that another police officer was trying to hold Siwon back. The glasses boy lay motionless on the floor, glasses broken, face bloody and gruesomely unrecognizable.

But Siwon wasn’t ready to stop, he didn’t want to stop. He wanted to— he had to kill this worthless piece of shit—.


He turned and saw the frail figure of his lover raising his hand to him. His Kyuhyun. His precious Kyuhyun. He was almost too late, wasn’t he? He made it in time but it was almost too late—. He rushed to Kyuhyun, gently but swiftly taking him from Hyukjae’s arms and kissed him long and deep.

“I’m so sorry…” he wept, all traces of murderous intent gone. He was back to the Siwon burdened with guilt, the Siwon that just wanted to hold Kyuhyun again but unsure if he still had the right to do so after allowing Kyuhyun being taken away from him. “I’m sorry, Kyuhyun… Please forgive me…”

“I miss you…” Kyuhyun croaked out and buried his face in the crook of Siwon’s neck, inhaling the familiar scent that calmed him down significantly.

“I miss you too, Kyu, I swear.” He placed kisses all over Kyuhyun’s face, arms holding Kyuhyun so tight as if he would disappear again. “I’m so sorry…”

“Home…” he murmured with his last piece of strength. “I wanna go home…”


The case was never made public.

The trials were carried out in secret to protect Kyuhyun and the captors were all sentenced to jail for abduction and torture.

Kyuhyun had nightmares. A lot of nightmares. The ghosts of his fears would always be there, but overtime he learned to live with them and saw past them. Siwon didn’t leave his side for a long time even after he felt safe enough to go outside the apartment again.

Siwon had his own nightmares, of course, nightmares where he was too late, where they had taken Kyuhyun away from him forever. But he woke up and saw Kyuhyun, and he held him close to feel his warmth.

Five days.

He was kidnapped and held against his will for five days, but it felt like years for all of them.

It took him quite a while until he could tell Siwon everything that had happened, even longer time until Siwon could forgive himself for faults that weren’t his.

But they learned to heal.

Kyuhyun would never stop being uncomfortable under people’s stares, but he learned to control his fears.

Siwon would never let Kyuhyun alone, ever again, but he learned to trust others to watch over Kyuhyun in his place at times he wouldn’t be able to be there.

They were broken, but they weren’t broken. In fact, it brought them much closer. Kyuhyun never missed his chance to tell Siwon how much he loved him every day. Siwon had bought a ring and had his mind set to propose, but keeping it for now because he wouldn’t want Kyuhyun to mistook it as a sign of pity or responsibility. He simply loved Kyuhyun, couldn’t live without him, and decided on forever with Kyuhyun.

The time will come, Siwon believed when he saw Kyuhyun’s true smile slowly returning, each day more sincere than the previous. Their time will come soon.


The end~
Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun
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