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Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs
Author: littlerose2888
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?
AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment

Tokyo, Japan
"...and then to get me back, Jaejoong-hyung filled my plate with ghost peppers. I really cant handle spicy things." The man finished his story to the other on the screen.
The other couldn't help it and burst out into laughter. Normally the man would be upset and kill anyone that laughed at him. But he couldn't find himself to be angry. After all, Eunhyuk was just anybody.
"Sorry Su, but I have to get going. Leader-shi wants me to go with Heechul-hyung and find out why some people are not paying their dues to us." Eunhyuk said with an apologetic smile.
"That’s all right, Yunho is taking us to meet one of his Japanese contacts soon as well. But we are almost done in Japan so we should be back in Seoul soon."
"Sounds good. You can let your leader know that we both have been behaving here as well."
"Too bad, Jaejoong would have loved to kill someone...Take care Monkey Brains."
"You too Dolphin Butt."
Kim Junsu laughed as he ended the connection between him and Eunhyuk. He still found the other man to be quite interesting. Closing the lid to his laptop he leaned back into his chair and stretched his arms back. It was a bummer to him that he didn’t get to meet Eunhyuk until now, but it wasn’t like there was any opportunity to do so before hand. Leeteuk was smart enough to keep the kid well under wraps until the right time it seemed. But that is what made Leeteuk a good leader, he was smart and calculated all his moves very well. At least that’s what he heard from Yunho. His leader had a lot of respect towards the T leader, even if in a gang fight TVXQ would easily win. He was curious though to know what Leeteuk had planned for the young member.
A knock at his door broke Junsu's thoughts. Leaning back into the chair he called out to the person.
"Come in."
Yoochun poked his head into his room. Junsu smiled at the sight of his partner. The man was quiet compared to Junsu, but they have done a ton of missions together and the former would trust the man with his life.
"Junsu, Yunho-shi says its time." Yoochun said quietly.
"Okay! I'm coming."
The man jumped to his feet and grabbed his precious red handgun off the table. Slipping it in his holster he followed the other out of the room towards where the other three were waiting.
Although TVXQ was the strongest gang in all of Asia, they were surprising also the smallest. Jung Yunho was a fierce man but he only had a handful of people he considered for his inner circle. Kim Jaejoong, an assassin who once tried to take his life but failed. Because he was spared, he dedicated his life to serving Yunho. Although deadly, he was also a good person too. He cared for his members in a way that was vastly different from people outside the gang saw. Kim Yoochun was found in the street as a pick-pocketer.  He tried to steal from Yunho and was caught. But instead of killing him, he brought him into the gang. The man, spared of his life worked hard to move up the ranks and took a place at Yunho's side. Shin Changmin was personally sought out by Yunho.  The computer genius was the best out there and Yunho wanted the best for his team.  So he gave an offer to the youngest that couldn’t be refused. What the offer was, Junsu never found out. But the youngest was loyal, if a snarky evil genius. And it didn’t help anyone that Jaejoong favored him best, so Changmin never got in trouble.
Junsu on the other had has always been in the gang. He was a childhood friend of Yunho and followed him where ever he went. So when their last leader, Kangta handed the gang over to Yunho so he could retire in peace, Junsu was the first person he took with. He was, for awhile, Yunho's number two. But that changed when Jaejoong came into the gang. Junsu never had a problem with the other taking over as Number 2, after all Jaejoong was a better choice to stand next to Yunho since he would protect him the best. And so Junsu was made partners with Yoochun and the two were the leading gunman and fighter of the gang.
"Junsu, Yoochun, are you ready?" Yunho asked when they approached.
"Yes, lets get going." Junsu replied with a smile.
"How are things in Korea going?" He asked, knowing the fighter was talking with a member of T often.
"They are behaving themselves it would seem. There are both occupied with keeping an eye on the detectives at the moment and are staying away from each other."
"Very good, then lets finish our job here so we can head back."
"Agreed." Changmin added from his spot against the wall. "I'm getting bored with Japan already."
"You're just bored that there is no one here with the same skills as you." Jaejoong countered with a grin. He turned to Yunho. "I am ready too, lets get this meeting done already."
"Okay." Yunho agreed before gesturing the group out.
The five of them left their temporary base and went to the cars provided. They separated into two cars, with Yunho and Jaejoong in the first and the other three in the second. The drive to the meeting place was uneventful and quick and soon the entourage pulled up into a popular night club. The place was already lively with business and a line of patient people stood outside in a line hoping for a chance to get in. When they exited the car they calmly walked past the line of people and walked into the club, a polite nod shot towards the bouncer standing there. A few people outside cried out in anger, not knowing who they were but they were ignored.
The club was low lit with a strobe lights flying all over the place. The music was loud and had a strong beat to it that had people clamoring over the dance floor in order to follow. The bar had no open seats and the tables around the club were filled as well. Yunho barely spared anything a glance as he led his members through the club and up the stairs to the VIP area. One of the doors in the end of the hallway was guarded by two bouncers. When they saw the approaching group they straightened up.
"We are here to see her." Yunho said as a form of greeting.
The two men nodded to the man.
"We have been expecting you Jung Yunho. She is waiting inside."
They opened the door and the five of them entered.
The new room was a different feel from the rest of the club. The room was well lit and decorated in a classy fashion. There was only one person in the room, a beautiful woman. She sat elegantly stretched out on one of the couches, dressed in a classy red dress. Her make up was well done up and she wore fancy expensive jewelry. In her hand was a simple white wine glass which she took a small sip from. When she saw Yunho her face broke into a soft smile.
"Yunho, you have finally made it." She said in a soft voice.
"BoA." Yunho replied with a smile of his own. "I hope you haven't been waiting long."
BoA set the glass on the table and stood up. Walking gracefully over to the group she held out a hand for Yunho to take.
"Not at all, I know you are always on time. Now, let us skip the pleasantries you and I both know we are well past that point."
"Of course." Yunho agreed before gesturing her to the chairs. The two of them sat down at the table while the other four of them dispersed to different areas of the room.
Kwon BoA was not affiliated with any gangs or Yazuka's in either Japan or Korea. Her business was supplies and rumors and she had a large number of spies in all parts of Asia to gather information for her. Her and Yunho were good friends with one another, when Yunho protected her one time from someone attempting to take her life. So she repays him as often as possible with information and supplies when ever they were in Japan. Despite being Korean herself, BoA was more comfortable in the other country and spent all her time there.
"So what have you heard about the rise in this Kat-Tun group?" Yunho asked once everyone was comfortable.
"They are growing in power and talent, but even they are wise enough not to go against TVXQ. I have already met with their leader and they would rather form an alliance with you than cause problems." BoA explained.
"That is comforting to know. I have my hands filled keeping T and M from killing each other in Korea, I don’t need to have to worry about anyone here." Yunho replied with a sigh.
BoA chuckled lightly.
"They still growl angrily at each other when they are together it would seem. I feel bad for you, as smart as Leeteuk and Donghae are, they are so territorial as well."
"Like dogs." Yunho agreed with a grin. "But they actually mean no harm I think. It could be so much worse."
BoA reached over and placed a friendly hand on Yunho's knee. She could only keep it there for a second before everyone could hear Jaejoong growls from the corner of the room. The assassin had his hand on his gun and was glaring at the woman. BoA softly rolled her eyes but removed her hand.
"Down Jaejoong, I am not trying to steal Yunho away from you." She assured the man with a grin. "Speaking of people being territorial…"
Yunho chuckled at this. He shot his number two a reassuring smile. Jaejoong was very possessive of Yunho, and didn't like anyone touching the man. Yunho allowed it to happen because, according to what he told Junsu one time, he found possessive Jaejoong adorable. Junsu found him scary as hell, but had no plans to tell the leader that.
"Rumor has it," BoA went on to say, "that T has named a successor in their gang. You have met with him I assume."
"More or less. He was at the last meeting but Leeteuk didn’t let him talk. His name is Eunhyuk and he seemed a little too soft for me. But he has befriended one of my own already and Donghae seems to take a shine to him."
BoA glanced over to Junsu, as if she already knew that he was the one Yunho was talking about. She probably did too… She turned back to the other with a grin.
"So Leeteuk is wanting to retire now."
"It would seem. But his choice surprise me. I expected him to pick Sungmin or Heechul to take over, not this boy."
"We both know Sungmin follows Leeteuk for revenge and wants to not take over. And if Heechul did there would be a lot of destruction. So perhaps this is the best choice for Leeteuk to take. Although, I am curious what the boy will bring to the group."
"He loyal." Junsu said from his corner. "He follows Leeteuk with no hesitation. It would seem like it was a dangerous thing but Leeteuk has not steered him wrong. He will do exactly what Leeteuk would want for the gang. I don’t think he will pose as a threat, perhaps the T will die down with the change."
"Or change in another way." Changmin added.
"What do you mean?" Yunho asked.
"It will depend actually. On what the other one does with the new leader…" Changmin replied calmly.
"Other one…? Do you mean Donghae?"
"We all know he took a shine to the boy at the meeting. Depending on what he does afterwards will determine what happens next."
"Then I guess all we can do is wait." Yunho replied softly before looking to BoA. "What can you tell me about Kim Kibum, the new detective partnered with Jongwoon?"
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