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Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs

Author: littlerose2888

Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...

Rating: PG-13 to R

Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?

AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment
( Chapter One )( Chapter Two )( Chapter Three )( Chapter Four )( Chapter Five )( Chapter Six )( Chapter Seven )( Chapter Eight)


Sungmin was cursing up quite the storm when he arrived back at the base. All of the lesser known members steered clear of the martial master, especially when he was in this sort of mood. None of them knew what it was that had riled up the normally friendly man, nor did they want to find out. Lest he decides to vent his anger out on them. So Sungmin had no problem getting back to his room without anyone stopping him. Walking in he slammed the door loudly.

"Fucking brat!" He screamed in anger. He turned and kicked the door as hard as he could before stopping to his bed and flopping down on it. He grumbled into the air as he glared. Turning his head he saw his full length mirror on his closet door. Jumping to his feet he went to the mirror to stare at his reflection. Putting his hands on his face he began patting his cheeks and tugging on his ears. He even went as far as squinting his eyes in frustration.

As he stared at the mirror there was a hesitant knock at his door. Knowing that all the lower members were currently frightened of him at the moment, the knocker would have to be one of the inner members. He turned to the door and called the person to enter. His partner, Shindong poked his head inside.

"Min? You okay? I heard your scaring the members again." He questioned in concern.

" I look like a bunny?" He asked with a pout on his face.

"What?!" The bewildered man asked as he stepped into the room and closed the door. This was probably a conversation that should leave the room.

"You know how Leeteuk-hyung sent me to deliver the ammo and supplies to the M member?"

"Yes, I remember. Did something happen?"

"Well it was their computer hacker Cho Kyuhyun. And he was getting on my nerves because apparently their leader took an interest in Eunhyuk."

"I heard about that too." Shindong interrupted. "At the meeting both Donghae-shi and Junsu-shi from TVXQ took an interest in our residential monkey."

"You know he gets upset when we call him that. But after he shut up about that we went through the exchange just fine. And as he was leaving he called me a bunny! Why?!"

"You don’t like being called a bunny?"

"No! Bunnies are cute and fluffy and makes you want to cuddle them and protect them." He complained with a pout.

Shindong didn’t have the heart to tell him that with the way Sungmin acted at times, that’s how all the members felt. He decided to take a different route.

"What animal do you prefer then?"

"A fox!" He declared with a grin. "They are sharp and cunning and agile. I think it fits me perfectly."

"It goes." Shindong agreed. "But what does it matter what the kid said?"

"Because I want to be feared by all their members. That Ryeowook kid who gets their food is terrified of me and Kyuhyun is younger. He should be afraid as well. And there is nothing scary about bunnies."

"Well I guess next time you will just have to try harder then. But for now, your little performance made its way to Leeteuk-hyung and he wants to see you now."

Sungmin gulped and looked around the room nervously. He forgot that the leader knows everything that happens in the gang. And he would find out quickly that one of his members were in a bad move. Sighing, the young man decided to accept his fate now. Besides, he still had to give his report about the exchange.

"All right. I'll go see him. Where is he?"

"In the library. He was reading when he was told."

" Kangin-hyung with him?"

"Duh, when is Kangin-hyung not with him?"

Sungmin sighed a second time before nodding to his partner. The two of them left Sungmin's room and headed to the library. The library was a special room as only the inner members were allowed inside. Leeteuk was a collector of classic books and took very good care of them. When he wasn’t doing something related to the gang, he was always in the library. When they got to the door Sungmin knocked.

"Leader-shi." He called out respectfully. "I am back."

"Come in Sungmin-ah. Shindong, you are excused." The leader called from the inside of the room.

Shindong patted his partner on the shoulder before leaving. Sungmin entered the room and saw Leetuek sitting at his desk. Behind him against the wall stood Kangin, and Eunhyuk was sitting in one of the chairs. When the young man saw him he broke into a huge smile.

"Sungmin-hyung! Welcome back!" He said with a gummy smile.

"Thanks Eunhyuk. Its good to be back." He replied with a small smile. "Leeteuk-hyung I'm back from the exchange."

"I would ask how it went but word as it you came back here in quite the mood." Leeteuk said with a smirk.

"Ah...yes...sorry about that…." Sungmin replied sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I apologize for being rather, unprofessional there."

"You know it doesn't bother me Sungmin. But I do want to know what caused you to come in here so riled up."

Sungmin was about to answer but he wasn't sure if he wanted Eunhyuk to know just yet about Donghae's apparent interest in him. Nor did he think Leeteuk would be happy to know either, but the other was the leader and had the right to know. He subtly shifted his eyes to the oblivious man and back to Leeteuk. The leader caught on immediately and nodded. He turned to dismiss the younger when said man's phone suddenly rang.

Everyone in the room turned to Eunhyuk as he frantically went dug into his pocket to find his phone. He had a worried look on his face. When he pulled it out he quickly answered it.

"Hello? Yah, Junsu! I did answer it in less than five rings." He yelled into the phone. Everyone had surprised looks on their faces at the name. Apparently Eunhyuk's new friendship with the TVXQ member has grown quickly.

"It's not my fault your are an impatient dolphin…. Yes you still sound like one…. Would you rather I tell you your voice is like a squeaky toy that my dog chews on… No I don’t have a dog, your missing the point Junsu! Ugh, annoying dolphin butt! Give me a minute, I'm in a meeting and need to get to my computer. Yeah, yeah I'm on it!"

Eunhyuk hung up his phone with a huff before sending Leeteuk an apologetic look.

"Um...I'm really sorry Leader-shi but I need to go now." He explained as he stood up.

"Of course." Leeteuk dismissed him with a smile. "Junsu is an impatient fellow is he not?"

"The worst." Eunhyuk complained. But even as he said so, there was a smile on his face. It was obvious he was growing rather attached to the other man. "Sungmin-hyung, Kangin-hyung! I'll see you later."

With that, Eunhyuk bowed to the leader and took off running from the room. When he was gone the leader look to Sungmin again.

"What happened at the exchange?" He questioned.

"Donghae is interested in Eunhyuk, according to Kyuhyun." Sungmin said in one breath.


"Apparently after the meeting between you, he as been constantly talking about Eunhyuk. I don’t know why, but that is what was said. It, bothered me I guess. That the leader of M was interested in our little Eunhyuk…"

Leeteuk had a pensive look to his face as well. He clasped his hands ontop on the desk and stared down at them.

"I am not sure why Donghae, or Junsu has taken such an interest in him. It doesn’t worry me as much about Junsu, the TVXQ man seems rather harmless about it. I think he is more amused by Eunhyuk than anything. But Donghae worries me. Why is a leader of a gang so into him? I don’t want to offend him and cause a fight because he act against it, but at the same time…. I don’t want Eunhyuk getting involved in a scheme that could hurt him. He's not ready…"

Sungmin nodded as well. Eunhyuk is a soft member in heart. He cared about the members like a family and got easily upset when others were fighting. So this was a new situation for everyone. Leeteuk looked back at Kangin. The two of them had an entire conversation with their eyes. He finally nodded to the number two and turned back to Sungmin.

"Don’t tell Eunhyuk about this just yet. We will see what come of it at the moment and take it from there."

Sungmin nodded again and bowed slightly towards the leader. He was about to take his leave, thinking they were done, when the other raised a hand to stop him.

"Something else happened at the meeting. What?" He asked curiously.

Sungmin looked away in annoyance.

"Before he left, Kyuhyun said he found me interesting as well. And then called me a bunny."

Leeteuk chuckled at this. The pout on Sungmin's face was precious to the leader.

"Min-min, you are a bunny though. A cute little bunny that I love."

"Hyung!" He whined. "I'm so much stronger than that."

"Oh of course you are Min. But being cute is not an insult."

"It's not when you say it. But when he did…"

Leeteuk laughed again. Sungmin never got flustered before. Something about the M computer hacker really had an effect to the other. He decided to not worry about it just yet. He waved Sungmin off, telling him not to worry about the other, and the young man left the room. Once the man left Leeteuk sighed softly.

"Kangin. We have a lot to do now." He told the other softly.

"Whatever you need Leeteuk, I'll be here for you." Kangin replied softly from behind.
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