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fic: The Grandparents

Title: The Grandparents
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg, random fluff / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Minho, Suho
Word Count: 4,216
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: "Mommy, where are Grandpa and Grandma?"
Notes: Plot ideas courtesy of Joanna

Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy?, HIMYM, 24/7, Hey, Mommy, Turbulence, Boyfriend, Happy Birthday Mommy, Auntie, Superman and Hummer, Me and My Family, Uncle, & Baby Tales

When Minho came home with a curious look on his face, Kyuhyun knew it would be one of those days when Minho would ask him a lot of questions about something he had heard at school or something else that had attracted his attention along the way to or from school. The mother glanced at the clock and saw that it wouldn’t be long until Siwon, who can always handle all the questions better, return from the office. For the moment, Kyuhyun sighed, wiping the rice stuck to Suho's cheek and turned to Minho again. "Yes?" he asked before Minho even said anything.

"Mommy, where are Grandpa and Grandma?"

Kyuhyun froze, his hands gripped Suho's bowl hard. The toddler whined, wanting more food, but Kyuhyun wasn't paying attention.

"Why do we never go their house, Mommy? My friend said he went to his grandfather and grandmother’s house every month. My other friend said her grandmother lived with her. Even Taeminie said he got a lot of presents from them in his birthday and Christmas and New Year. His grandma taught his mother how to cook. How about my grandmother, Mommy?"

How to explain it to his son? He really didn’t know what to say and he couldn’t even look at Minho. The boy, on the other hand, was determined as usual. He latched onto Kyuhyun’s hand and tugged on it. “Mommy, Mommy, why aren’t you answering me?”

“Well,” Kyuhyun threaded slowly, “my mother and father are in heaven already. Since a very long time ago.”

The boy fell silent for a while, feeling sad in the innocent way that kids feel about people that had passed away, even though they never get to know them. Kyuhyun let himself hope that he had satisfied Minho with his answer, but apparently there was no such luck. “…Then what about Daddy’s parents?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Kyuhyun quickly answered, voice slightly hitched. He couldn’t—wouldn’t lie because Minho deserved the truth.

But how to tell your son that his grandparents had cut their family off their life? He had to rephrase it in one way or another, but nothing came to mind.

“Why later? Why not now?” Minho continued to ask, unknowingly pushing Kyuhyun to his limit.

Luckily, right then the sound of Siwon’s car could be heard entering their driveway. Minho ran outside to welcome his father while Kyuhyun tried to calm down by pouring all his attention to Suho, picking him up and swinging him gently. It worked for a while, Suho’s adorable chuckles and toddler chatters successfully distracting him, until his ears caught the conversation between the father and son coming in from the front door.


“…Yep, we’ll meet your grandparents in the summer break.”

Kyuhyun stiffened, an array of feelings barged through him in that split second— betrayal, anger, fear and suffocating anxiety. He put Suho down and ignored the baby’s confused whine which grew into upset sobbing as he stormed off to the bedroom.


Choi Siwon had always been a model son and led an easy life.

Until he met Cho Kyuhyun.

Suddenly nothing else mattered. His life as the heir of the huge corporation. The girl his parents were planning to introduce to him. His father’s outrage. Nothing mattered but the wonderful man he had fallen in love with at first sight.

He had never regretted the day he met Cho Kyuhyun, not even once. The man had always been the source of his happiness and had blessed him with never-ending love, two wonderful sons and a home. The only thing he regretted was the rejection from his side of the family, the complete opposite to the warm welcome from Kyuhyun’s family and friends.

The first time Siwon brought Kyuhyun home, Choi Kiho didn’t say anything and shut himself inside the study. Kyuhyun wasn’t even allowed to step inside the family’s house the next time he came over. The ultimatum came after the couple’s first anniversary— leave Kyuhyun or leave home. It wasn’t a choice he was willing to make, but he had no doubt about which one to leave behind. By then, he was already climbing his own career while Kyuhyun had always been a popular illustrator, so there was no problem in building their life together.

Unwilling to lose her only son, his mother Choi Shinyoung gradually gave in and kept in touch, even telling him to say hello to Kyuhyun after a while. Siwon exchanged some formal, stiff greetings with his father, but the last time they met was a disaster. It almost ruined their relationship forever, when his father obnoxiously still tried to set him up with a girl. It was his mother who again saved the straining bond between Siwon and his father, endlessly apologizing to Siwon and trying to convince his father, bit by bit, that Kyuhyun was a part of their family.

So when his mother called a few days after Suho was born and said that his father asked about how they were doing, Siwon knew there was hope.


“When were you planning to tell me?”

Siwon sighed, knowing that his spouse was upset and had the right to feel that way. He shut the door behind him and sat on the bed next to Kyuhyun. Suho’s crying had ceased and Minho said he would watch after his brother, so now it was his turn to tend to Kyuhyun. “Look, I’m sorry… I knew you wouldn’t—.”

“You’re an ass, you know that? You were using Minho.”

The accusation cut straight through. After all, it was the truth. If he told Kyuhyun first, he would’ve said no immediately and forbid Siwon to say anything to their kids. If Minho was the first to know, in turn the boy would persuade Kyuhyun. At least he swore he wasn’t involved in Minho’s curiosity about his grandparents. That was truly courtesy of his school, which he was thankful for. “…He just wants to see his grandparents.”

“And since when his grandparents want to see him?”

“My mother said—.”


“…Two weeks ago,” Siwon admitted, knowing that he deserved the glare for keeping it from Kyuhyun.

“What did she say? That your father wants us to come visit him?” The younger man asked mockingly.

“Yes,” Siwon said, letting the single word sunk into the bewildered Kyuhyun who certainly didn’t expect that answer to his sarcastic question. “He told my mother to invite us to our summer villa.”

Kyuhyun shook his head, not surprised at all that Siwon’s father said it through his mother instead of telling them himself. “He told your mother…”

“At least he’s trying, okay?” Siwon said a bit too quickly. He noticed the flash in Kyuhyun’s eyes and pulled him into his embrace, knowing very well what went through his mind in that split of second. That guilt that always dwelt within Kyuhyun— the guilt of separating Siwon from his parents. “Stop it. Don’t even think about that again. I chose you, you didn’t make me choose you.”

The tension in Kyuhyun dissipated a little and he finally returned the embrace. “…But how do you know if he’s ready for us or not?”

“I don’t care. I just… I want them to see how happy I am with you and the kids. But if you don’t want to go…”

Kyuhyun stared up at Siwon, hesitation filled him to the brim. Of course his husband would never say ‘please do it for me’ because Siwon, his selfless Siwon, did everything only for his little family. If Kyuhyun said he didn’t want to go, then Siwon would no doubt refuse the invitation and find a way to explain to the excited Minho why they would not go to see his grandparents. How could Kyuhyun have the heart to burn the little chance for Siwon to make peace with his parents?

And yet…

“Well… if your father wants to see the kids…”

“My mom said he had been asking about them, yes.”

“Maybe, maybe you can go with them…” Kyuhyun voice grew smaller as Siwon’s eyebrows furrowed.

“There are four members of my family,” the older man stated gently yet firmly. “If one of us couldn’t go, then we won’t go. I’ll call my mom now to tell her that we can’t go...”


He remembered how Siwon’s mother used to look at him like he carried a disease. He couldn’t forget how Siwon’s father used to give him the cold shoulder all the time. Instead of yelling and making a commotion, they were the type who threatened you and made you feel uncomfortable. Kyuhyun didn’t usually care about what other people think of him, but when he was continuously treated as unworthy of someone he loved the most, it just got under his skin regardless of Siwon’s constant support and reassurance.

That was why his hands wouldn’t stop trembling when the beautiful villa finally came into view.

Siwon, who had been stealing glances at him through the overhead mirror, turned around and gave him an encouraging smile. Next to him on the front seat, Minho was babbling excitedly, but Kyuhyun just couldn’t share the enthusiasm. He opted to busy himself with unbuckling his youngest son and taking him into his arms.

“Is that my grandma?”

Yes she was. The elderly woman who welcomed them in the courtyard as they stepped off the car was the one and only Choi Shinyoung. She didn’t change much, save for some wrinkles and gray hair. She still dressed up prim and proper, an elegant upbringing that couldn’t be mistaken for someone else’s. The difference was, unlike back then when she used to stare down at Kyuhyun, now there was fondness in her eyes.

“Mother,” Siwon gave her a long, tight hug. She couldn’t stop stroking his hair the way a mother would to her son. Phone calls could never replace meeting in person. The man then stepped aside and beckoned Minho to come closer. “This is Minho.”

“Good evening,” Minho bowed politely and beamed up at his grandmother who squatted down to hug the boy, but she got more than she expected. She earned a peck on the cheek, and that was more than enough to make her fall in love with her oldest grandson.

“What a handsome and sweet boy,” her voice was shaking and Siwon couldn’t be more proud of Minho.

“And this is Suho. Suho, say hello to Grandma.” Siwon wrapped an arm around Kyuhyun, supporting him silently. Shinyoung was enchanted by the toddler instantly, but looked a bit disappointed when Suho shied away from her touch and buried his head on the crook of Kyuhyun’s neck.

“Sorry, he’s always a bit shy around new people, but it wouldn’t last long…” Kyuhyun found himself saying before he could stop himself. But the awkward silence he expected didn’t come. Instead, Shinyoung smiled warmly at him and said, “Is that so… You look good, Kyuhyun.”

“…You look good as well.”

“I’m glad all of you can come,” she continued as she squeezed Kyuhyun’s arm. Kyuhyun stared at her and returned the smile with a timid one. After years of rejection, Kyuhyun almost felt that it was too good to be true. But Siwon’s mother looked so sincere, so willing to start anew, that Kyuhyun wanted to welcome her with open arms.

Yet it was too soon to feel relieved, because when Siwon asked “Where’s father?” and her smile faltered, Kyuhyun knew that what he feared might not be too far from the truth.


The dinner only proved his fear.

Shinyoung was the liveliest of the bunch, trying hard to warm the atmosphere. Siwon had small talks with his father, and Kiho was talking to Minho as well, seemingly began to grow fond of his grandson. Only Kyuhyun was invisible to him. Kyuhyun of course knew better than to speak up unless spoken to, but despite Siwon’s best effort to involve Kyuhyun in the conversation, his father just went silent or changed the subject.

Kyuhyun didn’t say anything about it when they went to bed, partly because he didn’t want their children to hear it. The other reason was Siwon didn’t seem like he was ready to give up just yet. “It’s gonna get better,” he kissed Kyuhyun shortly after Minho and Suho fell asleep cuddled to each other next to him. They all still have two more days in this place and Siwon swore that they would come home as one family, not two.

What could he do but nod and kept his frustration to himself?


The next day, Minho begged his parents animatedly when Shinyoung pointed out that there was a strawberry field on the hill behind the villa. Minho was rushing ahead with Siwon in tow. Not far from them, Kyuhyun held Suho’s hands as he was suddenly in the mood to walk and refused to be carried although his wobbly toddler legs had yet to allow him to walk on his own. A few steps behind, the elderly couple followed.

Kyuhyun could almost feel the scrutinizing eyes of his father-in-law, watching his every move and probably looking for an excuse to— he stopped his train of thought. No, he wouldn’t go that way. He had to stay away from that kind of prejudice. Siwon wanted them to work and Kyuhyun would do anything to fulfill his husband’s wish.

“Careful, Suho…” The toddler nearly stumbled and would fall over if Kyuhyun wasn’t quick to pick him up in his arms.

“Look, Suho!” The big brother returned with a huge grin with a handful of strawberries. “Strawberries!”

Suho’s eyes sparkled and one of his hands reached out to Minho, who quickly handed him a piece while teaching him the name of the fruit. “Strawberry! Straw-berry!”

Squeezing the fruit with his tiny hands, he blinked at Minho then showed the strawberry to Kyuhyun. “Mommy, sawbubbieee…”

“Yes, strawberry, Suho…” Kyuhyun corrected and Siwon’s mother chuckled.

“You can eat them right away,” Shinyoung said as she plucked one for herself and began to eat it. Minho saw it and hurried to eat one, squealing at the sweet and sour taste. He then took the basket filled with strawberries from his father’s hand and rushed over to his grandmother to offer her some more. He also offered his grandfather, who looked a bit surprised but took it with a ‘thank you’.

“Minho, sawbubbieee…” Suho whined. Knowing that he wanted more strawberries, Minho filled the toddler’s hands with the fruit. But apparently he didn’t want it for himself— he called out his mother, father and brother and feed each of them a piece.

“Can Grandma have one too?” Siwon’s mother raised his open palm, but Suho just blinked at Kyuhyun.

“Suho, give your Grandma a strawberry…” Kyuhyun encouraged him, and finally the toddler bashfully handed a piece to her. She took it with her mouth and beamed, “Thank you, Suho.”

After that, Suho warmed up to her pretty quickly. He even allowed her to carry him and made her look like the happiest grandmother on earth. When she was introducing her stiff husband to the toddler, Siwon wrapped an arm around Kyuhyun’s waist and whispered, “Our kids are miracles.”

Kyuhyun hummed in the comfort, feeling the warmth of the sun and of his husband pressed to his side. “They love the kids.”

“My mom loves you too now. And my father will. Soon. Like in the count of ten. Maybe less.”

The younger man chuckled and Siwon was almost blinded by the beautiful view in front of him. The sound was music to his ears and Kyuhyun looked the best when he smiled. Before he could stop himself, Siwon leaned closer and kissed his spouse square on the lips…

…bringing the happy morning to an end.

The soft thud and rustling sound told them something had fallen before they broke the kiss in confusion. The strawberries Siwon had gathered in the basket were now all over the grass. His father had dropped it when he saw the kiss. The look on the elderly man’s face was unreadable, but there was not a hint of approval in it. He turned around and walked away without a word.


“Are we going anywhere?”

“You and the kids can stay. I’m going home.”

“If you’re going home, then the whole family goes. My family is a band of four, remember?”

Kyuhyun stopped folding his clothes and rubbed his temple. “Please, Siwon.”

“No, please, Kyuhyun.”

“Enough!” The younger man raised his arms. “Listen, I’m glad that they love the kids, I swear I am. I’m glad that you get to reunite with your parents. And if I can’t be a part of that, so be it! Sure, I can lend you and the kids to them in some weekends so you guys can bond further. Everyone’s happy. No problem at all! Now, can you stop holding me back?”

“I can’t be happy if you’re not in the picture, you know that. Kyuhyun, Kyu, please, we can try again—.”

“We tried! It didn’t fucking work!” Unable to hold back anymore, Kyuhyun burst out in tears. “How could you not see that it will never work!? We’ve been trying to make it work for more than ten years and I’m fucking tired of it!” The man’s eyes began to moisten and his face was red. “I’m sorry, but you just have to come in terms with the fact that in your father’s eyes, your family is a band of three!”

Siwon pulled Kyuhyun into his embrace and hugged him tightly, unrelenting to Kyuhyun’s struggle to free himself. He knew it, of course he knew how frustrated Kyuhyun was. Siwon couldn’t even imagine how he would feel if Ahra and Zhou Mi treated him like that. Perhaps he was too selfish and greedy. He was happy and he wanted more… and he had hurt Kyuhyun.

After a while, the resistance faded and Kyuhyun just leaned to Siwon, looking for support in more ways than one. They stayed like that for quite some time until Siwon whispered, “Let’s take a walk outside. Get some fresh air. Just the two of us. Afterwards, if you still wanna go home, we will all go home. Hm?”

Kyuhyun nodded slowly. Siwon wiped his tear-streaked cheeks and pecked him before holding his hand as he led them both downstairs.

“Honey…” Shinyoung was waiting by the foot of the stairs.

“We’re just gonna take a stroll. Can you take care of the kids for a bit? They need to have lunch… Also please put Suho inside his playpen so he wouldn’t crawl around too far.” Siwon smiled at his mother who just looked at Kyuhyun in concern. The younger man was hanging his head low, but the swollen eyes were still visible from between his bangs.

“I’m sorry, Kyuhyun—,” Shinyoung said but Kyuhyun shook his head although he still didn’t look up.

“It’s not your fault.”


“I appreciate it.” He really did. He was even beginning to like Shinyoung. Too bad things hadn’t worked out so far. “Thank you,” Kyuhyun continued and then Siwon just took him outside, leaving the elderly woman to take care of her husband and the kids.


“Come on, Minho, your father said you have to eat your lunch…”

The boy shook his head sadly. “Where are my Mommy and Daddy? Are they fighting?”

“No, no, don’t worry. They need some time alone, okay? Soon, they will be back.”

“…I’m gonna wait for them outside,” Minho dashed off without giving her a chance to prevent him.

She sighed and turned to her husband, who was sitting on the armchair nestled in the corner of the living room. The unreadable expression on his face remained and for once she was tempted to shake him and tell him to just stop being so stubborn, intolerant and always in dire need to control. She didn’t want to lose her son and she definitely didn’t want to lose the small family Siwon had formed.

But in the end all she said was, “Watch over Suho for a while, will you?” She would wait until Siwon and Kyuhyun return.

Kiho said nothing but he did watch over the toddler’s every movement. For a while it seemed Suho was busy playing with the colorful rubber blocks scattered in front of him, but then he got bored and began to crawl around, eyes scanning the room for anything that might interest him. His eyes fell onto his grandfather and flashed him a toothy grin.

Staring attentively at Suho for the first time, Kiho was stunned by how much he looked like his parents, and in turn with a faint but noticeable hint of his own features on the toddler. He remembered Siwon when he was a child as if it was yesterday, his chest brimming with delight and love. He remembered Siwon growing up and making him proud each day.

Then he remembered the first day Siwon brought Kyuhyun home and introduced him as his lover.

A wail tore him out from the lane of memories. He was surprised to see Suho’s face scrunched in pain as the toddler screamed and cried. Apparently he was attempting to climb out of the playpen but stumbled back inside in the process. “Hey, hey, it’s okay…” Kiho helped Suho to sit up and rubbed the area around the bump on the back of his head. “You’re a boy, so don’t cry… Grandpa’s here…”

Surprisingly, the crying died down almost immediately. Suho looked up to him with glazed eyes and reached out. “Grappa…”


“Mommy! Mommy!!” Minho ran to him and hugged his leg tightly. “Where were you!? Why did you leave me? Are you okay? Did you have a fight with Daddy? Did Daddy do something bad?”

“Hey!” Siwon pouted. “Why am I always at fault?”

Kyuhyun ruffled his son’s hair. “No, we didn’t fight. I just wasn’t feeling well, but I’m all better now.”

“Really?” Minho stared at his mother’s face. True enough, his mother looked way better than earlier when he ran into the bedroom, followed by his father. In fact, his mother was smiling now. He felt relieved and beamed, now eager to tell the good thing that happened when his parents were away. “Mommy, Suho’s got a surprise for you and Daddy.”

“Eh? What is it?”

“Come!” Minho dragged his parents into the living room. What they saw was a very lovely scene.

Suho was standing on his own, taking small steps towards his grandmother while he squealed, “Gramma!”

The grandmother caught him gleefully, eyes wet and overwhelmed with her grandson’s innocent affection. But the toddler wasn’t done with his tiny feet. He now turned to his grandfather and called out, “Grappa! Grappa!”

Kyuhyun and Siwon watched in amazement as the grandfather caught the charging Suho and smiled widely before looking up at the two. “Look Suho,” he pointed at Kyuhyun and Siwon. “Mommy and Daddy are here.”

Now it was their turn to be the destination of Suho’s big adventure. Kyuhyun squatted down and caught Suho right on time, just when the toddler’s unsteady feet failed him. “Smart boy. Who’s the smart boy? Suho’s a smart boy…” Kyuhyun hugged him tightly and kissed him all over his face. Siwon whined and Kyuhyun handed their son over to him, rolling his eyes at the childish plea to get his turn to smother Suho.

“You have wonderful sons.”

A voice startled him. Siwon’s father was standing right next to him and Kyuhyun slowly stood up. He didn’t know where did he find his courage, but he was feeling better after that walk with Siwon and had convinced his husband that he didn’t want to return home yet. He now had a newfound resolution, sharing Siwon’s wish to reunite with the elderly Choi. “They’re your grandsons.”

They stared at each other for a while. Then Kiho spoke with a tone Shinyoung hadn’t heard for a long time. A gentle tone he used to his beloved son a long time ago. “Is it too late to be their grandfather?”

“Well… Suho had called you ‘Grappa’ already,” Kyuhyun said softly.

“How about you?” he asked slowly, as if scared of rejection. After all, Kyuhyun had all the right to do so. “Can you forgive me?”

There were no words that could describe Kyuhyun’s feelings. He was relieved, thankful, elated and thoroughly lenient. There was no hint of remorse in him, and he surprised even himself. Speechless and believing that there were no further words needed anyway, he lunged forward and wrapped his arms around his father-in-law.

Kiho was stunned as well, didn’t expect such easy and quick acceptance. He didn’t deserve it, with how he had been treating Kyuhyun until just an hour ago. He didn’t deserve it, after years of rejection and unjust judgment towards a man who had given his son so much happiness and had presented Kiho with two endearing angels.

Yet here he was, hugging him and telling him silently that none of that mattered anymore. They were a family if Kiho wanted to, and Kiho now wanted nothing else. He swore would make it up to them. His hands slowly returned the hug as he whispered, “Thank you.”


The end~
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