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Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?
AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment


Cho Kyuhyun grumbled as he sat in the back of the car. As usual both Donghae and Leeteuk put on the big man act while in a meeting with Yunho from TVXQ but as soon as the man leaves the two contact each other in order to made amends for one of the M members being killed by a T member. It was the same act each time. Donghae knew that Heechul, the Silver Gunman, was responsible for the killing; and Leeteuk knew that Donghae knew. But Leeteuk would never give up the man no matter what. Why the T leader was so protective of the man was beyond Kyuhyun. As far as the computer hacker could tell, Heechul was a ticking time bomb waiting to happen and when he did finally blow the one who would be the most responsible was Leeteuk.
But it wasn’t his gang so it wasn’t his problem. He had enough keeping up with all the shit that Donghae wanted him to do. So he tended not to worry about what the other gangs were up to, unless they involved his job. Which in a way this one did.
In order to keep peace, Leeteuk has agreed to give some food and ammo to Donghae's gang. In return, Donghae promises not to go on a hunting spree for Heechul's head. Not that Donghae really wanted to. Chung-su was a useless man and his death has no repercussions to the gang in any manner or form. In fact, Kyuhyun couldn’t even remember what the man even did while he was in the gang, besides taking up space and supplies. So the young man didn’t care that the man was even dead. But it was all just politics between the two. So Kyuhyun was now on his way to Shinee Café in order to meet with one of Leeteuk's inner members to make the exchange of supplies. Why it was him out of all people was beyond the computer hacker's mind. He always thought this was something best suited for Siwon or Zhou Mi. Those two were more comfortable in these situations and handled them with a grace and professionalism that Kyuhyun did not possess. Not that the computer genius needed to, he was best suited behind his laptop hacking into the tightest systems of security and causing problems with his sarcastic tongue. Not being errand boy in Donghae's latest plans.
Sighing Kyuhyun slouched in his seat. He was not looking forward in this meeting. He didn’t even know what to say to his contact when he met him. All he knew was the man's name and information that he downloaded off his system.
Lee Sungmin, Age: 25, leading martial artist of the T gang. That was all really Kyuhyun was able to pull on the man as well as a picture he was able to find. Kyuhyun pulled out the picture of the deadly man and looked at his sharp eyes and light features. He looked more like a bunny than a threat to their gang. But he was warned not to cross the man, because despite looking soft he was as fierce with his fighting as they said and Kyuhyun has no previous self defense training. And Kyuhyun rather not die today if he could help it.
"Sir," The driver said at that moment. "We are here."
"Its about time. I was getting bored." Kyuhyun replied back in an annoyed tone. He looked out the window at the brightly colored café. "Well lets get this over with. Lets hope this Sungmin fellow is as punctual on his time as we are, I'd rather not wait."
With this Kyuhyun got out of the car. Casually touching the inside of his pocket, he made sure that his gun was still there, he made his way into the café. He was use to the café and the staff that worked there. He didn’t visit it as frequently as some of the other members did but he did know the staff well. He even had a good insider within them. Walking into the café he let his face shape into the arrogant brat he was known for being. It wasn’t too difficult to do, he was after very much the arrogant brat.
"Kyuhyun-shi, welcome." A tall man said from behind the counter. He had a smirk on his face.
"Minho-shi." He greeted back with his own smirk.
"What brings you out of the computer world and to our lovely little café."
"Business." Kyuhyun merely answered before glancing around the café. "Have you seen any T members in here lately."
"No not yet. But if you are waiting on one they will be here soon." Minho told him.
Kyuhyun nodded to this but something caught the corner of his eye. Turning his head a evil smirk crossed his face as he recognized the man sitting at the table sipping a coffee. Despite this being the first time he's seen the man in person, Kyuhyun knew all about detective Kim Jongwoon. The man had a contemplative look on his face as he stared out the window. It was obvious his thoughts were far away from his current mind and he was completely oblivious to his surroundings. Kyuhyun made his way over to the man and stood next to him. When he realized the detective didn’t notice him he cleared his throat.
"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" He asked in a evil voice.
He watched in pleasure as the detective turned to him with a surprised look on his face. He was obviously not expecting to see the computer hacker at that moment.
"Yes, me." Kyuhyun replied with sarcasm.
It took a moment for the detective to get his bearings on the fact that yes this was Cho Kyuhyun standing in front of him and yes he still was at the Shinee Café. Kyuhyun could see the wheels in the detective mind finally turning as this all clicked in his head.
"What are you doing here?" Jongwoon asked finally as he glanced at the younger curiously.
"Just your usual trade off of things if you must know detective." Kyuhyun told him. He was not concern in revealing what his purpose was. Based off the detective's distant look earlier, the man was merely there to have a break and not gain anything from the café. So he knew there were no back up or other pesky police officers around the place. Although he was surprise and suspicious when he didn’t see the other detective sniffing around.
"Where's your new lap dog?" Kyuhyun asked as he glanced around. "Already broke his chain from you."
"More like me trying to break his chain." Jongwoon muttered under his breath. "That doesn’t concern you though Cho."
"We are rather snippy today detective." Kyuhyun said as a way to rile the man up. "I'm just making conversation with you. No need to bite my head off."
"And why are you doing that? Aren't I your gang's enemy since I'm the cop trying to catch you?"
"I'm merely wasting time as I wait for the person who I'm meeting here is all."
"You mean the person who's been here for almost ten minutes watching you two chat?" A new voice asked in amusement.
The two of them jerked their heads to the side where they saw Lee Sungmin standing nearby with his arms crossed and an amused smirk on his face. He looked completely at ease standing there but Kyuhyun could see his fox like eyes were sharp and focus on his surroundings.
"Sungmin-shi, didn't realize you were here." Kyuhyun said coolly.
"I'm not surprised. You were having too much fun 'chatting' over here." The other replied casually. "Shall we get this done. Unlike you, I rather not waste time here."
Kyuhyun smirked and nodded to the other. He easily found the older to be an interesting fellow. He still looked like a bunny to his eyes though. Without even speaking to the detective he walked away and went towards the T member.
"Did you bring my gift?" He asked casually.
"I'm pretty sure its your leaders gift and not yours." Sungmin replied but gestured the man to follow him.
"Nah, if it was a gift for Donghae it would have been that new member he met at the meeting the other day. The one called Eunhyuk."
Sungmin had suddenly stopped at this and spun around to shoot a suspicious look at the younger. Kyuhyun realized he hit a nerve with bringing up the man's fellow member. It made him curious.
"Why would your leader want anything to do with Eunhyuk?" He questioned with narrow eyes.
"Who knows, but he did seem pretty interested in him after the meeting. Its all he has been talking about since then. I was actually hoping the other would have come for the drop off so I could see what made him so special about him. He must be perfect in order for Donghae to not shut up about him."
Before he could act, there was the familiar feeling of a gun pressed against his forehead. Everyone in the café froze in their spots and the Shinee members were slowly reaching for their own weapons. Across the café, Jongwoon was on his feet with his own gun out and aimed at the two. He wouldn't fire it without cause so Kyuhyun wasn't worried about him. Nor was he actually worried about the gun against his head. He knew that Sungmin was a loyal member to Leeteuk and would not do anything that could jeopardies the mans gang.
"You make any more comments about Eunhyuk and I'll fucking blow your head off brat. And I know you are more of a computer nerd and not trained at all in protecting yourself. It would be a fast kill." Sungmin growled under his breath.
"I'm sorry. I didn’t mean to make you jealous to be always talking about your member." Kyuhyun replied with a smirk. "I promise to pay more attention to you now."
"What! I don’t care if you pay attention to me! I just want you to stop talking about Eunhyuk!"
"Oh? Is he your lover or anything?"
"No! But he is going to be my new leader so I would shut your fucking mouth."
Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow at this. So apparently the T members were aware of Leeteuk's plans to transfer his power over to someone else. At least the inner circle members were aware of it. He had no idea what the gang all knew. Nor that he cared…
"Very well, lets continue with his trade off."
Sungmin dropped the gun and everyone in the café released the breath they were holding. Jongwoon lowered his gun as well but did not put it away. He watched the duo continue to another table were a simple box was sitting. There were two T members at the table but they backed off when Sungmin approached. Kyuhyun shot them a smirk before turning to Sungmin. The man had checked the contents in the box before turning to the M member.
"Here is what we agreed on. Tell your leader this is a mark of apology for us killing one of his members. We will try to have better control over our members."
"I will let him know." Kyuhyun replied before checking the contents as well. Pleased with the sight he gestured to the driver who brought him. The man picked up the box and turned to leave the café. Kyuhyun turned to follow him but then turned back to the T member.
"You know, I wasn’t kidding too much when I said I wanted to meet that successor leader of yours. Donghae seems really curious about him. But…"
"But what?"
"But I'm more interested in knowing you more than him. Maybe we will see each other again Sungmin."
"Don’t hold your breath." Sungmin replied  in a disdain. But a small smile twitched on his lip. "But who knows, if there is another situation where a trade off needs to happen perhaps we will see each other again."
Kyuhyun smirked at this. They both knew that a meeting like that was farfetched, especially with TVXQ's order for the two gangs to cut back on the killings, but there were other opportunities. And Kyuhyun just needed to find them so he could exploit them.
"Well till next time Bunny." He said as he walked away.
He could hear Sungmin cursing at him for the new nickname but he was not worried. Sungmin would not act now that the trade off happened. He would have to hold his retaliation until another time. And when that time came, Kyuhyun would be ready.
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