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Super Junior Gangs

Title: Super Junior Gangs
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, KyuMin, others as story continues...
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?
AN: A new story, a little dark but give it time. Please comment
Lee Hyukjae, also known as Eunhyuk, squirmed in his seat next to Leeteuk. For some reason the leader decided that he wanted the other to sit in on the meeting with the M gang as well as TVXQ. It made the younger man extremely confused and nervous. Out of all the current members of Leeteuk's inner circle, why was he chosen to sit in on the meeting? Sungmin would have been a better choice for the matter. Even Shindong, who was a more casual member of the gang would be better for the spot. Hyukjae was not comfortable with the whole arrangement, but its was Leader-shi wanted. So he had to oblige.
"Hyukjae." Leeteuk said from his seat next to the younger.
"Yes Leader-shi?"
"Why are you so nervous? You haven't stopped fidgeting since we left."
"I'm sorry Leader-shi. But I'm still not sure about this." Hyukjae admitted to the older man.
"Yah brat!" Heechul called from the front seat. "If Leeteuk says you are ready, than you are ready. Aishi, brats these days."
"Heechul, be nice. This was suddenly sprung upon him. But he is right Hyukjae, you will be fine. I have faith in you. And you wont have to do anything. The talks will be between me, Donghae, and Yunho. You are there to observe is all."
It was true. Earlier that day Leeteuk had walked into the kitchen where Hyukjae was eating lunch with Shindong and Sungmin and announced that the former was going with them to the meeting. He barely gave the younger the chance to respond as he left to head to the car. Hyukjae stumbled in his haste to follow and now sat inside Leeteuk's car with Heechul and Kangin in front driving. He knew that Leeteuk had plans for him to take over. The whispers were true in that sense and everyone in the car was aware of that. Leeteuk has spent the last few months showing things to Hyukjae that the others did not know about. And sitting in on the meeting was another important step in his plan for a smooth transition.  And got his face in front of the other gangs so they knew who he was and what he looked like. Hyukjae knew this was important which is why he was so nervous. He did not want to mess this up. Leeteuk build this gang from the moment he took over and Hyukjae was worried he would be the one to cause it to come crashing down.
"We're here." Kangin's voice cut his thoughts and the car stopped.
"Very good, lets get this meeting started then." Leeteuk said with a confident air as he turned to the other three. "Now remember, this is an important meeting. So no problem causing. I'm looking at you Heechul.  Just stay quiet and we will be fine. Eunhyuk, lets go."
"Yes Leader-shi." Hyukjae, now Eunhyuk, said with a nod.
The four of them exited the car and went towards Shinee Café. The place was shut down for business since it was a meeting. Already there were a couple of other cars showing that TVXQ and M were already inside.  When they approached the café they saw two of Yunho's gang members standing outside the door. When they saw the approaching pair they nodded.
"Leeteuk-shi. We were expecting you." One said softly.
"I'm sorry if we were late Yoochun-shi. We got here as fast as we could." Leeteuk replied.
The other man was staring at Eunhyuk with a curious expression on his face. He leaned real close to the other which caused Eunhyuk to lean back. There was a thing called personal space and apparently this man did not know what that was.
"I don’t recognize you. Are you new?" He asked in a high pitch voice.
"This is Eunhyuk, he is one of my main members. But yes, this is his first meeting. Normally I take Sungmin." Leeteuk explained.
"Right the Bunny Boy. Well I guess Monkey here is an improvement."
"Monkey?! At least I don’t sound like a Dolphin!" Eunhyuk snapped before he could catch himself.
The group all got suddenly silent as they stared at the panic look that crossed Eunhyuk's face. He half expected the other to kill him on the spot. After all he just insulted a TVXQ main member. That was normally signing one's death wish to the devil himself. But to everyone's surprise the other just burst out laughing.
"I like him." He cried with a high pitch laugh sounding very much like the dolphin Eunhyuk insulted him as. "Name's Junsu, if you need anything I'll help out."
"I'm Eunhyuk." The other replied with a small smile. He offered a hand to the other who took it and shook it hard.
"Well Eunhyuk you better get inside. Yunho and that Donghae dude are waiting for you." Junsu said with a grin of his own.
The four of them nodded and entered the café. They waited until they were just out of ear shot before Leeteuk patted him on the shoulder.
"See nothing to worry about. You were able to get the approval of one of Yunho's inner circle members. That takes talent. Junsu has a lot of pull in TVXQ."
"Way to go with the insults." Heechul also added with a smirk. "Glad to know that spending time with me has finally given you a backbone kid."
"For better or for worse." Leeteuk muttered before pulling away from them. "Now remember, behave."
The three of them nodded seriously at this. Eunhyuk felt nervous again but he schooled his face into one of indifference as they entered the back room where the meeting was being held. Inside the room was a handful of people. Sitting at the table were two men, each with a composed if strained expression on their face. Behind them stood their own gang members. Eunhyuk knew which one was Yunho since Leeteuk had shown him a picture once. He was good looking and always had a serious look on his face. Behind him was Jaejoong and Changmin. Jaejoong was Yunho's number two and a high class assassin. Changmin was his computer hacker and one of the best in Asia if not the world. Add them with Yoochun and Junsu outside and you have the deadliest team out there. TVXQ gained their respect in the mob world through these five men. And they were the best out there.
The other man must be Donghae, Eunhyuk concluded. He was even more good looking to the man than Yunho was. His dark hair was styled nicely and his eyes had a caramel look to them. Eunhyuk found himself staring for a minute. Donghae seemed to sense the stare because he looked up from the table and saw them standing there. A smirk appeared on his face when he saw Eunhyuk. The other didn't know why, but that smirk made his face flush just a bit. The other two leaders stood up at Leeteuk's arrival.
"Leeteuk-shi, late I see. Not normal for you." Donghae said calmly.
"My apologies, we ran into some traffic." Leeteuk replied back.
"You are here, that is all that matters." Yunho said with a nod. "I sent the Shinee staff away so we have plenty of time. Have a seat."
"Wait, aren't you going to introduce you new friend first? I don’t recognize this one." Donghae said with a smirk as he shifted his gaze to Eunhyuk again.
"This is Eunhyuk, he is actually someone I'm planning on handing everything over to someday. But don’t get your hopes up yet Donghae-shi, I plan to still be here for a long time."
Donghae nodded at this and looked at the fidgeting man. But before anyone could say more to the matter he turned to Yunho.
"Lets begin, I have stuff to get back to."
"You're shipment at the harbor can wait." Yunho said which caused them all to look at him in surprise. "What? You think I wouldn’t know about your side mission? I even know what your shipment entitles of, not bad by the way. Changmin found out about it already and told me. Remember, I run Seoul more than either of you two."
Eunhyuk was surprised at this. Based off of Donghae's expression, as well as the three men behind him, Yunho's claim was correct. The leader of TVXQ was a dangerous man after all. He realized why he was in charge as well as he was.
"Let's begin." Yunho began. "This is mainly about the new detective that Seoul's police department has hired."
He nodded to Changmin who handed over two folders. He passed them out to the leaders.
"His name is Kim Kibum, and he recently graduated from the academy. According to his records he's good, very good. In fact, he was personally asked to join your on going case because he was the best in the class. Add that with Jongwoon who has been sniffing around closer than usual and you have a dangerous pair. I don’t know how much they know right now and how hard they will try but stay on your toes. Jongwoon knows how the game works, but this kid is hot headed. I've already heard from Onew that he freaked out when he heard this place was neutral territory. Reactions like that lead to actions, and we need to find out if we should just nip this kid at the bub."
Donghae had a distant look on his face as if he was thinking about something. He looked over his shoulder at the three other men he brought with. Eunhyuk realized that it was Hankyung, his number two, Siwon and Zhou Mi. Leeteuk always said that they were the three that came to the meetings. Eunhyuk also realized that Siwon was staring at him with an odd look to his face. It made Eunhyuk squirm slightly.
"Donghae-shi, is something the matter?" Leeteuk asked, bring everyone back to the meeting.
"Sorry, just something on my mind. Personally I think we need to watch Kibum closely. He is going to be bothersome  very quickly, I can tell."
"I agree." Leeteuk added with a nod. "The police are getting sharper and having someone like him is going to be even more difficult."
"I have to ask, who did kill Chung-su?" Donghae asked with a hard voice.
"You know I wont tell." Leeteuk said hauntingly. "And I can guarantee the cops wont figure it out either."
Heechul smirked at this. Leeteuk never gave any of his gang members away, even when they were on neutral territory. He was protective of all of them. But from the look on Donghae's face, the other already knew who the killer was. He was more asking as a courtesy than curiosity.
"That leads us to the other part of this meeting. You two have been pushing it with the territory thing. This is not the first time someone got killed while on other territory." Yunho said with a sigh. "You need to realize just because someone is on your territory does not mean they are trying to take over or anything like that."
The two nodded at this slowly.
"I wish you would work on your kill first ask questions later policy." He finished.
Eunhyuk snuck a glance at Heechul. That was the Silver Gunman's motto and he did not look pleased at being told to change it. But he wisely kept his mouth shut.
"I wouldn’t mind following that if Leeteuk-shi kept his members under control." Donghae said.
"Excuse me, you are always killing first than asking questions." Leeteuk countered in anger.
"Just following your actions."
The two started to get heated in their argument. Next to him, Kangin and Heechul began fidgeting with their guns. Across the table he could see the M members starting to do the same. Eunhyuk began to get nervous for a whole other reason. But when the two leaders shifted in their chairs as if to stand up they were faced by two blood red guns. Eunhyuk blinked as he saw Jaejoong aiming his gun at Leeteuk's face and Changmin doing the same to Donghae. The sight of the guns caused everyone to stiffen into a tense silence. Yunho didn’t even move as he stared at them.
"Children," He said in a condescending tone. "I hope you two will calm down now. Jaejoong hasn’t killed lately and I can tell he's just itching to do so tonight. So I suggest you both shut the fuck up and sit properly in your seats. I realize you bringing Eunhyuk here was a process for a leadership transition but I highly doubt you want that to happen tonight Leeteuk. And Donghae I realize you are normally hotheaded but I rather not have to blow your head either."
The two slowly relaxed into their chairs. Changmin lowered his gun and took a step back behind Yunho again but Jaejoong had not moved yet. Yunho glanced over at his assassin and tapped him on the arm.
"Jaejoong, back down." He said softly.
"Why? He's already got a successor in line. Let me speed up the process." Jaejoong said in a soft voice.
"I said step down!" Yunho hardened his voice. It caused Changmin to flinch and Jaejoong sighed as he did as he was told. He lowered his gun and also stepped behind Yunho.
"You better let me kill after this." He muttered under his breath.
"Behave and I will." Yunho replied back before turning to the leaders. "Now that you are calm, lets continue. We will be going to Japan for a month to catch up on some things over there. I wont be here but I expect you two to behave during the time I am away. If I catch wind that either of you start acting up I will personally send Jaejoong back to kill both of you."
Jaejoong looked thrilled by this. This was a promise that Yunho would have no problem keeping. Eunhyuk knew he needed to watch his step for now on.
"Now that we are clear on the matter, I have nothing else to say. Do either of you want to add anything?"
Both Donghae and Leeteuk shook their heads at this. They did not want to anger the TVXQ leader any more than they have. He would not hesitate to kill them both if he wanted to. They have seen it before. Yunho nodded to them and got to his feet.
"I take my leave then." He said as he nodded to the two of them. They stood up and bowed in return.
As Yunho began to leave the room with Changmin and Jaejoong, Junsu came bursting in. His training was the only thing preventing him from crashing into the leader as he nimbly spun around the man. Yoochun came in at a much calmer pace and sighed when he saw the ridiculous pose his partner had to prevent himself from falling over. Yunho looked as if he was use to these antics. Based off the light grin on Changmin's face and the eye roll Jaejoong had, it probably was.
"Is the meeting done yet?" Junsu asked impatiently.
"We just finished Junsu, why?" Yunho replied with a raised eyebrow.
"Because I wanted to talk to the Monkey again!" He yelled as he turned to look around the room.
"Monkey?" Changmin asked in a low voice as he stared at Yoochun.
"He means Leeteuk-shi's member. He said he looks like a monkey and was called a dolphin in return so now he likes the kid." Yoochun explained.
"Monkey!" Junsu called as he ran to where Eunhyuk was staring at him with wide eyes. "I want your number!"
"Why?" Eunhyuk asked bewildered.
"Because I'm going to be stuck in Japan for a month for stupid business and I want to text you my annoyances." Junsu replied with a grin. "And you better do it or I'll have Jaejoong hunt you until you do."
Jaejoong did not look amused by this. He muttered something about not being Junsu's pet but the hyperactive man ignored him. Eunhyuk decided it was probably a good idea to do what the other requested though.
"Give me your phone." He said softly.
Junsu handed it over with a grin and Eunhyuk quickly put his number in and saved it. Junsu took the phone back and entered a name in before sending a message to Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk felt his phone buzz indicating a new message.
"Now you have mine, so no excuse for not answering to me."
"Fine, guess I'll reply, but if you start texting or calling in the middle of the night I will ignore you."
Junsu laughed again and patted Eunhyuk on the head. He really seemed to like the other man and everyone in the room was impressed and curious how such a quiet person is able to make such an interesting ally in one day. Junsu waved goodbye before following the other members of TVXQ out of the room. Once the five left a relieved sigh seemed to escape the room. Donghae was the first to move as he left the table. Instead of heading towards the other M members like he normally does he made a beeline to Eunhyuk.
"It seems you are rather popular for your first day." He said with a smirk.
"I-I suppose." Eunhyuk stuttered.
"Lee Donghae, leader of M." The man introduced himself with a hand stuck out.
"Eunhyuk." The other replied softly as he took the strong but soft hand. He felt something tingle inside at the other man's touch but before he could wonder about it Donghae was pulled away from a glaring Heechul.
"Back off Fish Face." He snarled.
Donghae had an amused look to his face. He was released from Heechul's grasp by Hankyung who also stepped in. Heechul sent another glare to the Chinese Man before grabbing Eunhyuk and pulling him behind him.
"I don’t know what you are playing but you stay away from him. Eunhyuk is ours." The effeminate man said darkly.
"I was just introducing myself. You take my intentions the wrong way."
"Bull shit."
"Perhaps you should be the one backing off." Hankyung said in an accented voice.
"No one asked you China Man!"
"Calm down princess." The other replied with a small smirk.
He was faced with Heechul's famous silver gun but did not back down. Heechul's eyes raged as he contemplated killing the man in front of him. Before he could Leeteuk stepped in again.
"Heechul, you heard Yunho no acting out while he's away. I'd rather not have Jaejoong kill me because of you."
"Technically he's still in Seoul so I'm acting out while he is still here." Heechul replied but lowered the gun anyways.
Donghae-shi, I think its time we took our leave." Leeteuk said as he offered a hand to the other leader.
"Till next time Leeteuk-shi." The other agreed with a shake of his hand.
Leeteuk nodded and signaled his members to follow him. They did but not before Eunhyuk sent another look to Donghae. The leader sent him a small grin, it was the most friendly of all the ones he saw that day. Eunhyuk found himself sending a small one back before he also left the room.
The walk to the car was silent as they all were left to their thoughts. As they got to the car Leeteuk reached over and smacked Heechul in the back of the head. The other cried out but did not comment. He knew why the leader was upset. Leeteuk did not comment to any of them as he got in the car. The others quickly followed and no sooner than a couple of minutes Kangin had pulled away from the café and back to their headquarters. Leeteuk had his arms crossed and a from on his face before it softened and he turned to Hyukjae.
"Well that could have gone worse. But you survived your first encounter with M and TVXQ. And, for some reason, gained some interesting fans."
"I'm not sure what I did that made Junsu or Donghae want to approach me." Hyukjae admitted softly.
"Well whatever it is, keep it up. Not so sure about Donghae, but the fact Junsu seems impressed by you is extremely positive. It takes a lot of work for anyone to be accepted by Yunho and his circle." Leeteuk said with a small smile. "Now you better check your phone for messages from him."
Eunhyuk remembered that he had a text message from the other man. Pulling his phone out he saw the blinking icon for a text. Opening it up he gaped in surprise at what he read.
To: My Servant
From: Your Master
Monkey, this better be your correct number or I will be very upset. Reply now so I know not to send Jaejoong out to kill you.
Perhaps befriending the TVXQ man was not the best thing...
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