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Don't Crash Into Me (1/?)

Title: Don't Crash Into Me
Pairing: Siwook & Qmi
Rating: PG this chapter
Genre: Romance
Length: Around 4,700 words this chapter
Summary: Ryeowook is met with a job offer he can't refuse, and Siwon is met with a man that could potentially destroy his life.  How anyone found love along the way is beyond them. AU.

Ryeowook had grown up always doing as he was told. He was an obedient child, to say the least,  and his obedience even followed him into his young adult years.

Maybe it was how he was raised. His parents argued often, and he often had the notion they were really mad at him. If they ever yelled at him directly, he would never be able to take it.

So came along his attempt to make sure this never happened, the young boy always did as he was told perfectly without an argument. His chores were always done promptly, his homework always turned in, and he was always just a second away when his parents needed something.

It did bring along some bad points, such as being made fun of for being a teacher's pet and being an easy person to take advantage of, but Ryeowook ignored the insults thrown at him and was never very social with his peers who had noticed his habits. It wasn’t until high school that he made any true friends, and, even then, it was only one. However, to his classmates parents, he was an angel. He never got bad grades, never got in fights, and was always respective to his elders. The perfect kid in most adults’ eyes.

Everyone thought that he would eventually grow out of this stage, but he never did. The way he acted helped him get jobs, helped him get good grades, and so many other things, so Ryeowook, just like those around him,  didn't see it as a bad thing at all.

Ryeowook began working in retail as a college student. He had moved out of his parent’s home after he realized that no matter how great of a kid he was, they would still be having a heated argument every night, and by the end of high school, Ryeowook had had enough.

His best, and only, friend from high school became his roommate, and the two worked simple jobs during the day while attending their classes at night. Both got little sleep or free time, but they both agreed it would be worth it when they had the career of their dreams.

Despite the devotion to their dreams, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook’s friend and roommate, probably spent more time on his computer than he did working or studying, but Ryeowook didn't pester him about it. For the most part, Kyuhyun was quiet and didn't do much to annoy Ryeowook when he had his computer, and living with him was close to living alone -- with the added benefit of having someone to talk to, share food with, and make the apartment feel just a bit more secure and safe.

They had a routine they would follow every day and life was going nicely for Ryeowook. Everything was plain, simple, and flowing perfectly. That was, until an offering that seemed too good to refuse was brought up while he was working.

On any normal day, he would have been on the register, but a new employee was getting training, and so he was put to work around the store. The fairly short man was doing as he was told, folding clothes and helping customers, when an older lady, dressed in a clean cut, perfectly stitched dress and a large name-brand coat came over to him. In her hands was a list, and on her face, slightly wrinkled from stress and age,  was a cold look. At first Ryeowook found it odd, people don't normally bring lists to stores like these. When he saw how many bags she was holding he didn't find it quite so odd anymore. The woman was obviously rich, and seemed as if she wasn’t used to being the one doing her own errands.

"Excuse me, boy," she called him out, "Do you work here?"

Ryeowook nodded with a polite smile and put down the shirt he was folding.

"Good," she stated sharply, "I need you to find these things for me. I have the exact brands of the products, so it should be no problem for you. I'll be waiting here for you to finish."

Ryeowook stared at her. This was the first time a customer had ever made a request like this, but, while he felt weird doing what she asked, he would never disappoint a customer, and he set to work.

The task took him an astonishing short amount of time and he returned to the lady with an accomplished smile overtaking his dainty features. He handed the merchandise to the lady for her to check and, by her request, took them back to carry to the register.

Ryeowook was glad to see the lady seemed quite impressed by his timing and work ethic.

"How long have you been working here?" she asked him when they were almost halfway to the register.

"Almost two years now," he told her.

"Do you enjoy working here?" she questioned, one of her carefully plucked eyebrows raising as she asked him.

The sideways glances she kept giving him from under her thick-framed glasses as they walked made him slightly uncomfortable, but Ryeowook answered her nonetheless, "It's not for the long term, I'm currently studying at a university. I just work here to pay my living costs."

The lady nodded and continued to talk to him, her voice a little more serious now, "Do you think you would be interested in a new job?"

Ryeowook looked up at her, confused now. Was she offering him a job? What type of job could this woman possibly think he'd be good for knowing such small information about him.

"It depends on what it is," he finally answered when they're almost to the register.

"I'm looking for a temporary assistant while mine is on vacation," she told him, "if your work performance just now is anything to go by, then you would be perfect for the job. And, if you do well, I'll find you a new job when my old assistant returns." she handed him a business card when he put her merchandise on the counter.

Ryeowook took it from her with a small expression of thanks before he got back to work.

"So," he thought aloud, "personal assistant? For an editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine?" He sighed. The job he had now wasn't the best, and it hardly paid enough for him to take care of part of the rent. This job would probably pay quite a bit more. On the other hand, he had seen enough tv shows and movies to have the idea in his head that a fashionable, rich older lady was nothing but a snobby, pretentious hag.

He spent the rest of his shift thinking about the offer and it still lingered on his mind as attended each of his classes.

When he got home it was still on his mind. He resorted to ranting to Kyuhyun. His roommate was on his computer, and he was almost certain he didn't listen to a single thing he said, but it felt good to let it all out.

He spent a good thirty minutes ranting to the other man about his thoughts of that day's event, and the thirty minutes after his rant consisted of him hugging a pillow while laying on the floor and thinking about it some more.

As Ryeowook was about to get up and study, Kyuhyun finally spoke. It turned out he had been listening to what his roommate was saying and had thought about it some as well.

"I think you should go for it," he told him, "I just got a raise at work, so if it's too much for you, I can take care of your payments for a bit while you look for a new job. But, honestly, Wookie," he continued, "You've been stepped on and taken advantage of since the beginning of secondary school. If she really does act like a bitch you'll hardly even notice it. It could be one of the best decisions of your life to accept this job."

Ryeowook thought for a bit about what his friend said. It was true he had never noticed others being mean to him wasn't offended easily at all. Kyuhyun was right. This could be the best thing that was ever to happen to him, but he still had a gnawing feeling that it could also be the worst.

The next morning, Ryeowook called the number the lady listed. His hands shook slightly as he held the phone to tell her that yes, he accepted her job offer and then almost felt like dying when he heard the lady's voice reply that he would start immediately and should call the shop to tell them he quit. Ryeowook wasn't one to be good with change, and the call to the shop was even harder; he couldn't believe he was actually doing this. The whole thing was surreal, and Ryeowook still wondered if he was dreaming.
In just an hour there was an expensive black car to pick him up. By Kyu's request, he had spent the rest of his night researching the lady who had given him the card. Her name was Park MinJung, and she was editor-in-chief of one of the most well thought of Korean fashion magazines in the nation. Nothing about her seemed fishy or too questionable.

The research let Ryeowook feel comfortable as he walked down to the black car. A slim, serious driver got out to open the door for him, and Ryeowook nervously bowed to him before he got in.

MinJung was already seated in the car. Just like the day before, she was dressed exquisitely and expensively. She looked like someone out of a movie or drama and it made Ryeowook all the more nervous.

"We're driving to my work right now, when we get there, you'll get the coffee orders from the few that work in my area of the office. The coffee shop isn't too far from the building, so you'll be able to walk. After that, my driver will take you to do the shopping I need done. You'll have more work when you return to my office."

Ryeowook nodded,  and had never been more glad that his father had bought him a smartphone for his most recent birthday, so he would have something to keep track of everything on.

The day was a bit more hectic than he had expected, his work hours were now quite a bit longer, and he had hardly anytime to get to his earliest classes. Despite the hard work he had to put in and the long hours, Ryeowook was much happier with this job. It made him feel accomplished and meaningful. He was, once again, using himself to make others happy, and his strong habit  obedience began showing its great perks once again. Even Kyuhyun, who hardly noticed anything that didn't directly relate to himself, could tell that Ryeowook was obviously much more at ease with this job.

By the end of the week, Ryeowook had the coffee orders memorized and could find his way around MinJung's most frequent stores blindfolded. He knew the names of all three of her yorkshires and could pick them up as if they were his own. MinJung seemed quite pleased with herself for finding such an amazing new assistant and even began to brag about him to others.

When it came to the time that it was less than a month before her old assistant would return, Ryeowook already had more job offers than he could count. Minjung was sad to see him go, but she had missed her old assistant whom she had been quite close to.

Ryeowook was quickly hired into another temporary job, this one paying even more. He had to drop a few classes as his jobs got more and more strenuous, and Kyuhyun would often hint at the fact he was working too hard, despite his full support of Ryeowook’s work.

As he had expected, the pay was loads better than his old job in retail. What he would have made in a year previously, he made in less than half with his new job as an assistant.

By MinJung’s request, he still stayed in touch with her, and she helped him advertise himself, so he could find jobs at anytime. He worked for idols, singers, dancers, businessman, writers, directors, any type of big shot you could imagine. Though most people would have thought they were being treated like a dog, Ryeowook enjoyed the demanding work. After a year, he had dropped out of school and spent more time working than he did at his and Kyuhyun's house. Most jobs only lasted for a few weeks to a month, it wasn't till a year later that he got his "permanent" job.


Siwon was, for the most part, completely independent. Sure, he couldn't cook too well, and he would often call a maid service when he had no time to clean, but he took care of himself perfectly fine. He had been acting since he was young, and despite growing up in the world of the rich and famous, Siwon was pretty kept to himself.

He had a small group of friends, and those were just about the only people he talked to outside of work.

As much as he wanted to say this was because he was a reserved, calm guy who didn't want to deal with celebrity drama, he couldn't. The reason he had such a small group of friends was because of the secrets he was holding. In his line of work, details of his personal life could crush him in less than a week, and Siwon was hiding some major "details".

The very last thing he needed was a personal assistant, but that's just what his parents demanded him to have. The pair claimed he should have someone to take care of him, and Siwon strictly told them he wouldn't be getting married anytime soon, so they both agreed having a PA would be his best option, however; Siwon couldn’t care less if he had someone go buy things for him, cook for him, clean for him, and do other various tedious activities at his expense, but his parents refused to accept this.

Over and over they told him how much easier his life would be with someone to take care of him. The idea still had absolutely no appeal to Siwon.

Knowing that he would never agree with them, they found him one behind his back. After interviewing quite a few possible candidates, they were about to give up. Most of those who were advertising as personal assistants were young girls who cared more about their phone and clothes than the actual work or were older, retired women who were bored of the quiet life.

They heard of Ryeowook just when they were about to lose hope. Mrs. Choi's hairdresser was the one who first mentioned him. It started with her talking about the cute, small boy who came in almost every day for a full month to get various hair products for the lady he was working for. It took a bit for the woman to stop gushing over how adorable he was, but she then began to talk about how hard of a worker he was.

"He always had a list of the things he needed to get and do, and never got distracted. Though, mind you, I wish he would have sometimes. I could deal with having him in here for a bit longer," the hairdresser told her.

Mrs. Choi had listened carefully as she went on about the type of work he did, and she quickly texted her husband about him once he hair appointment was over. They both agreed an interview with this boy was a must.

Ryeowook woke up to his phone ringing early in the morning. This wasn't the most unusual event to the man; his phone oftenly rang the most at hours most were sleeping. Trying to hide his groggy atmosphere, Ryeowook answered his phone with a chipper voice.

His greeting was as short and sweet as he could manage after being awake for only a few minutes, and the voice of an older man replied on the other line.

"Hello," he greeted before confirming that, yes, the man he was talking to was Kim Ryeowook.

When introductions were settled, the man began to describe what Ryeowook could already guess was a job description, "My wife heard about you from a close friend--"

'You mean co-worker or employee,' Ryeowook thought to himself, clients always lied about these things to make them seem more personal.

"And her description of you seemed to be just what he needed," he flattered, "Our son is in desperate need of someone of your profession,"

As he continued, Ryeowook couldn't help but think of all the sarcastic and witty remarks Kyuhyun would have to what this man was saying, and he had to try his best not to burst out laughing.

'Stop acting like this,' he told himself, 'You're always much too rowdy in the morning, and you need to calm down.'

"You've probably heard of him, Choi Siwon. Very famous actor. Unfortunately, he isn't able to take care of himself very well on his own and has no plans of getting married," he continued, "A housekeeper or butler would help only slightly, and so we think someone such as yourself would be much more suitable. From what we heard, you’re a pretty rare kind of personal assitant.”

Ryeowook nodded  as he listened on the phone, "Yes," he answered the man, "I specialize in having a more intimate relationship with my clients. Sometimes I am acting as a housekeeper, other times a pet sitter, sometimes even a nanny,  and I do many other things as well," he explained, "If you need someone like that then I am definetly your guy."

The small man couldn't help but grin at the confidence dripping from his voice. He wasn't used to speaking like that, especially not to someone much more important and older than him.

"Good," the older man responded, "Then we should meet to discuss what the job will hold in store for you. Like I said, he's never had an assistant before, so I'm not sure how long this will last, however; it could possibly become very long. You can meet me at my office at 6 tonight; be on time."

Ryeowook’s confidence was lost when the man finally hung up. 'Possibly become very long,’ he had said. Ryeowook had never worked with the same person for more than two months. He supposed this would make the job easier as he started to personally get to know his client, but it still made him anxious. Worries started to flash into his mind. What if the actor Choi Siwon was the biggest ass he had ever met? What if they expected too much of him?

Maybe he shouldn't have been so confident in his talk on the phone.

He wasn't able to go back to sleep, and when Kyuhyun came into check on him before going to work, all Ryeowook could think about was the meeting later that day.

Ryeowook's nerves were taking control of himself, but he had told the man he would make the meeting. Ryeowook would never, ever go back on his word, especially for something as silly as this.

When it came time for the meeting, Ryeowook had quite literally washed away his nerves. The petite man had spent 3 hours in a steaming shower, and even though the heating and water bills probably doubled from it, Ryeowook found it to all extents, completely worth it.

The rest of the time was spent getting ready. He tried on about 6 different outfits before he finally settled on a simple one that he thought of as professional.

He made sure his hair was perfectly in place and impressive before he left for the bus that would take him to Mr. Choi's office.

The bus ride took a bit less time than he expected, so, not wanting to be too early, Ryeowook wandered about for a bit before finally making his way to the tall building and stepping into the elevator.

Mr. Choi's office was just below the top floor and the elevator ride seemed to be taking forever. He smoothed down the front of the shirt when the elevator finally dinged, signally him to get off.
The hallway to the only room on that level seemed a bit excessively long and narrow, but Ryeowook tried to ignore that as he walked down it, and then he reached the end, he nervously, knocked on the grand, oak doors.

He was impressed to see that Mr. Choi open them himself, no secretary or receptionist present, and Ryeowook was quick to bow to the older man before they sat down.

Ryeowook felt even smaller in the office that was extravagantly decorated in very western-style furniture. He tried not to sink too far into the large leather arm chair he was seated in, opposite from Mr. Choi.

"So you've never had a very permanent job, I see?" he asked first thing.

Ryeowook nodded, folding his hands in his lap, "For the most part I've filled in for others, but I'm willing to work hard as a full time assistant and take care of my client well."

Mr. Choi nodded, "Well, he definitely needs someone to take care of him. Can you cook?"'

This time, Ryeowook smiled widely, "I love to cook," he answered, "You can ask anyone I've worked for, they all say my cooking is phenomenal."

Mr. Choi smiled back at him and made a note in a small notebook, but what could be being written was beyond Ryeowook.

After a few moments of silence, Ryeowook thought it'd be best if maybe he tried to speak, "I know my way around the city well, so shopping is not an issue at all. I've always been in charge of cleaning even when I was young, and so I'm also quite good at that."

Ryeowook sunk back in his chair a bit when he was done talking, thinking he embarrassed himself, but Mr. Choi just chuckled.

"The way you describe your work makes you seem a bit more like a butler," he pointed out.

Ryeowook laughed a bit as well, "I don't think that title fits me very well," he replied with a sweet smile.

Mr. Choi couldn't help but agree with the small man, the term didn't fit him at all.

The two spoke for a bit longer, and, in the end, Ryeowook was confident he made a fairly good impression.

Ryeowook was grinning ear-to-ear as he returned home that night. He felt like the interview went well and that he almost definitely had the job. Kyuhyun gave him a weird look when he came into the flat and dropped his bag on the small couch, but Ryeowook was used to his roommate judging him and ignored him.

"I'm guessing your interview went well then? Did the guy fuck you on the desk or something? You seem way too happy," he commented.

Ryeowook rolled his eyes, "The dude was like in his 60s, don't be disgusting," he told him as he looked for something to eat in their practically empty fridge. The two of them were hardly ever home all day so stocking the fridge wasn't something they did often.

"The interview just went really well," the small man continued as he took out leftovers from the fridge, "I'm almost certain I got the job."

"So you were all worried for nothing then," Kyuhyun pointed out.

"I'm still not sure how well I'll do, Kyuhyun," he replied, "I've never had a job like this before."

Kyuhyun nodded and went back to his computer. Ryeowook sat next to him with his food and was surprised he was actually doing something for work instead of gaming. He leaned on the younger as he ate and watched sleepily as he typed away at emails and various other texts.

"He's an actor," he finally announced, "the guy I'll be working for. He sounds like a pretty big one, too. Though, I don't pay enough attention to dramas and movies to know who he is. Choi Siwon? Ever heard of him?" he asked his roommate.

"Yeah, the temp that works in sales is constantly talking about him," he told him, "According to her, he's super good looking."

Ryeowook nodded, "Well if he's an actor then of course he would be ridiculously good looking," he pointed out, smiling when Kyuhyun agreed.

The small man finished his food short after their conversation ended and he quickly went down the hall to shower and get to bed, turning his phone's ringer up just in case someone called.

The next night, Mr. Choi called. He had gotten the job. Ryeowook couldn't believe his own ears when the news was reported to him. Even though he had been expecting to get the job, he was still super excited.

The morning before he would finally meet the actor he would be working for, Ryeowook spent a good two hours getting ready; he wanted to make the perfect first impression.

His hair had been retouched only a few weeks before, and it still had the lighter brown colour he was extremely fond of for himself. He had chosen a, button-down plaid shirt to wear and a pair of khaki skinnies.

It was the 6th outfit he had tried on and now the rest of the clothes were thrown about on the floor of his once clean room. He grabbed his bag and put on a pair of sunglasses as he walked out of the door of their building. He glanced down at the small slip of paper with Siwon's address on it and then at the notes he put in his phone of the best route to get there and set out on it.

This was the first job that he wouldn't be picked up and taken to his destination by his client. Ryeowook wasn't sure why it had to be this way, but Mr. Choi had told him that Siwon couldn't drive him -- Ryeowook was suspecting it was more of a wouldn’t.

Siwon's house was on the outskirts of the city, and the short man wasn't surprised to see that it was quite a big house that Siwon lived in. The house was modern in style with white panels and a light wood, two-story deck on the side; a fancy silver, foreign car was parked in the roofed driveway.

The short man walked up the stone path to the front door, the nerves coming back slightly but held his calm exterior quite well as he rang the doorbell.

It was around five minutes before the door was answered, but, to Ryeowook, it semed like forever. The tall, handsome man who Ryeowook assumed must be Choi Siwon looked confused for a while, and when Ryeowook introduced himself, his demeanor turned to angry.

"I told him not to do this," he muttered to himself before instructing Ryeowook to come in, "Stay there," he commanded as he took out his phone and left the room.

He came back shortly after.

"So," he began, "Personal assistant then?"

Ryeowook nodded, trying not to be frightened by the cold stare Siwon was giving him.

The tall man sighed loudly, "Just so you know, I had nothing to do with this. This was all my father's idea. I really don't want some over-glorified slave following me around all day."

Ryeowook swallowed nervously, so it seemed he wouldn't have this job afterall.

"But my dad insists that I need one. So I guess just sit down on the couch, don't make a noise, and if I think of something I need; I'll get you," he explained to him.

Ryeowook quickly nodded and did exactly as he was told.

Siwon looked over at him, rolled his eyes, and retreated to his bedroom.

A/N: The formatting in this might be a bit weird, but livejournal is confusing me so much right now... Anyways, I'm really glad to have this out and edited. I've been working on it since november, and I still have a lot more to write, but I have most of it written and all of it planned out. I'm really excited for everyone to read this. So, I hope you all enjoy and look forward to the next updates. My plans are to update every friday and tuesday, so be waiting!
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