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Sixteen Seconds - Chapter Nine

Title: Sixteen Seconds
Author: Sisowath
Length: Chaptered [9/17]
Rating: R, NC-17
Genre: Suspense, Action, Drama, Romance, Angst, Tragedy
Warning: Death, Torture, Sex Abuse, Language, Violence
Majors: JaeHo, JaeChun, MinSu, MinWook, HaeChul, SiChul, HanChul
Minors: implied SiHan, SiHae, squint!KiHae, TeukChul, Suju x Dbsk (more characters and pairings are yet to reveal)

Summary: Jung Yunho, a small shot prowler and an orphan that no one took notice of had suddenly become the one person everyone is afraid of including the two business at war owned by Dongwook and a man who refused to show his face. After the accident that left him scarred, he vowed to take revenge on the man he claimed to be responsible and will stop at nothing in order to succeed even if it meant confining the one person Dongwook had come to love, Kim Jaejoong. Jung Yunho will find himself battling a war between love and hate. Kim Jaejoong, an innocent victim suffering from a heart disease will find himself battling for his life and choosing between a love he knew of- his bodyguard, Park Yoochun or the love he has gradually growing for Jung Yunho. Kim Junsu and Shim Changmin had trapped themselves in a spider web of mess between loyalty and promises. How did working for Dongwook made them pushed aside their plans and so much as to forgotten about their friendship for Yunho in the first place. Kim Heechul, a pet slave to the man who owns the underground world had sold himself into a path of sacrifices and to a life with only one obligation, to please without questions. How is he, a pet slave to one of the most dangerous man get entangled with both officers at law, Choi Siwon and his partner, Donghae. How will the lives of these people be affected when the secrets are out in the open? And who will suffer the most in the end?

Chapter Nine

Tags: pairing: heechul/donghae, pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: heechul/siwon, pairing: ryeowook/other, with: dbsg
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