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Title: The Blessing of Meetings
Previous Parts: Angel and Devil, Of Hobbies and Games, Satisfied
Pairing: Yesung/Kibum
Rating: PG-16
Summary: Kibum has to pay Yesung back for his tricks during the movie

Kibum was more than willing to play the game that he'd started with Yesung. The addition of playing in front of the others just made it that much more fun. They were sitting in a meeting and going over everyone's schedules. Why these were group and not individual meetings, Kibum had yet to figure out, but the fact that Yesung was sitting next to him made it okay. Currently management was going over the Sukira schedule because they were all practically expected to be on in the next two weeks. Why, Kibum wasn't sure, but no one really cared because it was a chance to goof off.

Yesung wasn't exactly paying attention, scratching lyrics down on the back of his schedule. Kibum slid his hand over Yesung's thigh, planning on going a little further than Yesung had done during Titanic. He trailed his fingers up and down the inside of Yesung's thigh, feeling the tension running through his hyung's body. Kibum doubted that it was because Yesung had suddenly developed a tendency to react to Kibum, but more because of the threat of Ryeowook on his other side finding out what was going on. Kibum kept his eyes on management as his hand shifted to run gently over the bulge growing in Yesung's pants. He wasn't going to take this to completion, wasn't that nice after he'd been left high and dry, but he was going to make sure that Yesung wasn't going to be able to stand up immediately. He kept his hand gliding over his hyung for a few minutes until he heard his breath hitch and then withdrew his hand.

Kibum folded his hands neatly on the table, trying to keep his mischievous smile off his face so that the others wouldn't question him. His schedule came up last because it tended to be the most complicated. He'd given up on trying to figure out what the piece of paper in front of him actually said shortly after getting it. He was wrapping up one drama, in the middle of a second and scheduled to start a third at the end of the week. Kibum dropped his hand back onto Yesung's thigh as he pretended to listen to the man talking to him. He got a more detailed schedule that actually made sense the day before he was supposed to do anything. It would be easier to deal with those schedules than the cramped one he was currently using.

"When is he going to sleep?" Leeteuk asked. He looked horrified at the detailed account of Kibum's schedule they were hearing. More so than Kibum did.

"It'll be fine, hyung. I'll sleep on set like I usually do," Kibum reassured. He stroked the inside of Yesung's leg, enjoying the amount of shifting that his hyung was starting to do.

Leeteuk didn't look convinced, but nodded and gave Kibum that look that said they would be talking later. Kibum just smiled passively and kept his hand moving lightly on Yesung's thigh. The meeting was soon dismissed, but Yesung didn't get up, head bent over his schedule, scribbling.

"Yesung," Leeteuk started.

"I'll catch up. I want to finish this before I forget what I'd wanted to write," Yesung said. Kibum fought back his smirk as he followed some of the others out and Yesung was left alone to deal with the problem Kibum had so kindly created for him.
Tags: pairing: yesung/kibum
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