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Hyukjae's Valentine Confession

Title: Hyukjae's Valentine Confession
Author: littlerose2888
Pairing: EunHae, side KyuMin and YooSu
Rating: PG
Summary: When Hyukjae decided he was going to confess to the most handsome guy in the school on the most romantic day of the year he enlisted the help of his two best friends. Now he wished he didn't...


When Lee Hyukjae decided that he was going to confess to his secret love on the most romantic day of the year he had enlisted the help of his two childhood best friends. After spending the last week with them coming up with an idea on how to confess to said secret love he realized it wasn’t the best idea. As much as he loved his two friends, when it came to things like this, he was probably better off asking his sister Sora for advice. The three friends were currently sitting on the floor at Hyukjae's room throwing ideas at one another and vetoing the ones they didn’t like.

"Flowers?" Kim Junsu, his best friend since middle school, threw out.

"Too cliché." His other best friend, Lee Sungmin, rejected. He had known Sungmin since freshmen year of high school. "What about chocolate?"

"Like that isn't cliché." Junsu snorted as he threw a piece of popcorn at the other.

"Everyone loves chocolate Duck Face." Sungmin argued as he threw the piece back.

"Everybody loves flowers too Pinky." Junsu argued back.

"Guys." Hyukjae tried to intervene before it became another fight. He was ignored though.

"Not unless they are allergic to pollen." The pink wearing boy replied.

"Well he could also be allergic to chocolate." The other said in his high pitch voice.

"Guys!" Hyukjae snapped a second time.

"What?" The two replied as they stared at him.

"Both of your ideas don’t work. This is Lee Donghae we are talking about. He is one of the most popular boys in the whole school. He is already going to get a lot of flowers and chocolate confessions on that day. I want to do something more original than that."

Both boys had to agree with that. When Hyukjae fell in love, it just so happened to be that the person was someone that the whole school already adored. Lee Donghae, the SM Academy school Prince, was well loved by the students and teachers alike. He was smart, talented, handsome there wasn’t anything that the young man didn’t possess already. And the fact that he was super rich and good friends with the school genius Cho Kyuhyun and the star football player Kim Yoochun he was pretty much perfect.

But it wasn’t the looks, or smarts, and certainly not the fact that he was rich that made Hyukjae fall in love with Donghae. It was his kindness and childlike nature that drew Hyukjae in. Of course, it wasn’t common knowledge about childish side. After all such a thing would ruin the Prince like image that surrounded the boy. It was purely by accident that Hyukjae saw the other side. But it was something that really stuck to the other.


Hyukjae was heading home one day after dance club when he decided to take a short cut. The short cut led him past some shops when he noticed someone standing in front of one of them. Looking over he nearly did a double take when he realized it was lee Donghae, number one popular boy in their class. The other had both his hands on the window of the shop and a child like grin was on his face. Making his way over quietly he saw that the other was watching a small white dog running around a container.

It was then that Hyukjae realized it was the pet store that Donghae was so enthralled with. Hyukjae felt a smile appear on his face as he watched Donghae talk to the dog. He was completely different from the cool suave Donghae that walked through the hallways of their school as if he owned it. There was such an innocent look to his face that the student felt his heart beat just a bit faster than normal. To Hyukjae, it was as if he was seeing the real Donghae for the first time. And he liked this cheerful, childlike Donghae more than the charismatic one that walked the halls in the school.


Hyukjae smiled at the memory before turning his attention to his two friends. They were back to arguing what would be the best gift for Donghae would be.

"What about singing to him in the halls between class?"

"Its been done already. Remember that weird turtle-lover kid in the senior class. He did it for that freshmen boy Ryeo-something." Junsu replied.

"Oh yeah, lucky kid." Sungmin said wistfully.

"Besides Hyukkie is a horrid singer." Junsu went on to tease. "He would most likely scare off Donghae, and every body else in range."

"Yah! Su, I can sing!"

"Sorry Hyuk. I have to agree with Dolphin Butt here. You are a great rapper and one hell of a dancer…" Sungmin suddenly trailed off. There was a moment where he stared off into nothingness with a contemplative look on his face.

"Min? Is something wrong?" Hyukjae asked in concern.

"Dance! You should dance!" Sungmin cried as he jumped to his feet. "You're one of the best dancers in the school and I bet we can get you dancing something sexy that will surly get his attention."

Junsu seemed to agree with the idea. He nodded his head with a thoughtful look on his face as he stared at his best friend. Hyukjae squirmed at the look he was getting from someone he has known since childhood.

"He should dance shirtless." He declared.

"What!" Hyukjae cried in surprise. "Why shirtless?"

"Because Sungmin said sexy. So that's what I came up with."

"How do we even know if Hyukjae looks sexy shirtless." Sungmin asked.

"That's a good point." Junsu agreed before turning to his flabbergasted friend. "Hyuk, take your shirt off."

"What the hell Junsu! No!" Hyukjae cried.

"Oh stop being a wuss Hyukjae." Sungmin said with a roll of his eyes.

"I am not a wuss." Hyukjae argued back in annoyance. "I am not taking my shirt off for you two. Don’t I even get a say in this?"

"No." Both replied simultaneously.

"Besides." Junsu added. "You did ask us for our help."

"I'm now regretting it." Hyukjae muttered. He completely missed the shared look between his friends.

"Well it’s a little too late for that." Sungmin said with a growing smirk. "Now be a good little Monkey and take off your shirt!"

When he said the final part, both he and Junsu jumped the unexpecting Hyukjae. Together the pair was able to restrain and pull off the simple white tee that their screaming friend was wearing. They sat back with pleased looks on their faces before their eyes widened in surprise.

"Holy Hyuk!" Junsu cried in shock. "You have abs!"

"A lot of them." Sungmin agreed in equal surprise. "Where did those come from?"

"You know that really religious guy in 2B? His name is Choi Siwon. He goes to my church and we've been working out a lot together lately." Hyukjae explained as he shyly wrapped his arms around his bare torso.

"I didn't know that. Why didn’t you tell me that you've been working out?" Junsu asked, slightly hurt that his best friend kept such a secret from him. The two always shared everything to each other. This was a huge shock to the other.

"Its not like its some big secret or anything." Hyukjae defended himself. "It's just you guys are already really healthy and in great shape and I wanted it too. Siwon found out once when we were in church together and offered to help."

"So you've been spending a lot of your free time with one of the most handsome students in the whole school and yet you have fallen in love with Donghae. You are one interesting kid." Sungmin said with a shake of his head.

"Siwon is really nice but I don’t feel anything for him except brotherly love." Hyukjae explained. "Besides, I think he likes that drama student. The one with the perfect white teeth who used to live in America."

"Kim Kibum?" Sungmin asked. "Yeah, I've seen the two of them together a lot."

"We're getting off topic here." Junsu cut in. "Apparently you have some major chocolate abs going on right now, which is good for our 'Seduce Donghae' plan."

"Oh god. When did we call it that." Sungmin asked. "I thought it was a simple 'Confess to Donghae' plan."

"It was," Junsu agreed with a nod. "But that was before we decided that Hyukjae was going to dance shirtless. With those abs its more a seduction thing."

"Who says I'm going to dance shirtless?" Hyukjae interjected.

"I did! Have you seen your abs? Donghae is going to be throwing people to the side to get to you."

Hyukjae blushed at that. He was beginning to think he needed to get some new best friends after all of this. Maybe he should start hanging out with the senior with the high pitch laugh, or perhaps the plump junior on his dance team. As he was contemplating this his friends were going through his iPod for some appropriate music.

"How about this song?"

"Nah, too girly. He needs something more manly."


"Close, how about this?"

"A rock song? No way, it should be more seductive."

Hyukjae looked over at the two before something caught his eye. It was his new CD of the popular ballad group called KRY. He was never able to see them in person but he loved the way their songs sounded. And one in particular stuck out to him.

"I have the perfect song." Hyukjae declared confidently.

The pair looked over as he took the iPod from their hands. Scrolling down the list, he pulled up the song in mind. As soon as the pair heard it they grinned.

"Perfect." They said simultaneously.

Hyukjae had to agree. All he needed was a couple of his dancers from his team to help out and he would have the perfect dance to seduce Donghae with. Turning to his friends he began to tell them his plan.


It was a week later, on February 14th, Sungmin and Junsu were making their way through the hallways looking for a particular popular fish. They had no clue where the popular male hung out before classes but they just followed the sound of squealing fan girls to find him. Always trust the fan girls to find who ever you are looking for. That was always the way it worked at their school.

Soon it brought them to the locker of Cho Kyuhyun. Sungmin began to blush in nervousness as he approached the genius freshman. Said genius looked over at the approaching pair with a smirk on his face. He nudged Yoochun who was also beginning to smirk as well. Donghae was oblivious to it all as he was playing with his phone. Nearby the group of guys were a handful of girls who were gushing in girlish excitement. Not that anybody paid them any attention.

When the two arrived at the locker it was Junsu who spoke first.

"Hello." He said simply.

"Hello." Yoochun replied with a grin. "And what c an we do for you two today?"

"Actually, we're here to see Donghae." Junsu explained.

Neither noticed the two faces that fell at the mention of their third friend. They shot glares to the distracted man before Kyuhyun nudged him none to gently.

"Yah! Donghae they want to talk to you." He said in an irritated voice.

"Respect your hyung." Donghae replied as he turned to the two arrivals.

"No." The freshman replied in a bratty voice.

Donghae rolled his eyes before smiling at the two. He recognized them right away and was a little disappointed that their third friend wasn’t amongst them. He also knew why his two best friends were so jealous of him at the moment.

"Junsu-ah, Sungmin-ah." He greeted them politely.

"Donghae-ah." Junsu replied with a nod. "We're here to deliver a message to you."


"Someone who has something important to tell you wants you to meet them in the auditorium after school today."

"Oh and do I know this someone?" Donghae asked, even though he had a feeling he did.

"Maybe, but not sure which one you know." Junsu replied cryptically.

Donghae raised an eyebrow at the message before smirking. He told the pair that he would meet their mysterious friend after classes. Junsu nodded before leading Sungmin away from the trio. As soon as they were out of earshot he spoke.

"Yah! You Pink Bunny, why didn’t you say anything?"

"Sorry, I get so tongue tied when I'm around Kyuhyun." Sungmin admitted.

"Wait, you have a crush on the genius brat?"

"Oh hush, like you don’t have one on Yoochun. How are you able to talk to him without getting so flustered?"

"Yoochun is in a couple of my classes. I don’t talk to him ever but it helps. I don’t clam around him like you do when Kyuhyun is around."

"Augh, I hate you sometimes. Come on, lets tell Hyukjae the news."

"And watch him fret all day because of it?"

"Of course!"

The pair had times where they disagreed on everything. But when it came to Hyukjae they happened to agree a lot. Especially when it involved a fretting Hyukjae.

The morning classes went by quickly. The three ended up getting their fair share of chocolates from their classmates but they politely turned them all down. They were more focused on their plan that they even skipped lunch so Hyukjae could practice the dance.

"Yah Hyuk!" Sungmin said after the fifth run. "How many times are you going to do this?"

"It has to be perfect. And its not yet." Hyukjae said as he stood on the stage. There was sweat running down his face and he smelled less than fresh but he wasn’t tired. When it came to dancing he had all the energy in the world.

"Hyukjae, seriously call it a day." Junsu put in. "Its perfect, I promise."

"But what if I mess up?! Donghae will think I'm an idiot!"

"But working yourself to the point of breaking is bad as well. You need to rest your muscles if you want them to work properly after school."

"Fine…" Hyukjae relented as he hopped off the stage. His two best friends crinkled their noses in disgust.

"Seriously Hyukjae, take a shower." Junsu said with a face. "You smell like spoiled milk."

"Yeah Donghae would more likely run from the smell than the dance at this point." Sungmin added.

Hyukjae flipped them off as he grabbed his bag. Luckily his last classes were ones he could easily skip and take his time getting ready in the locker room. His best friends left to make up some excuses on why he was missing but luckily it was their favorite teacher and he was okay with turning a blind eye on the trio.

In the locker room Hyukjae was washing his hair with his favorite strawberry scented shampoo. His friends all gave his grief for it but he didn’t care. Strawberries were his favorite thing in the world and he had a lot of scented items because of it. When he was done washing up he got dressed in a pair of black tight pants. A black studded belt and a white button up shirt with a silver best and black jacket finished up the ensemble. There was a white arm band on one sleeve of his jacket and he wore a black fedora on his head. Once he was dressed he smirked in the mirror.

Hyukjae was never one to think he was handsome. Will his single eye lids and that gummy smile that makes him want to cover his mouth every time he smiles, he was more dorky than sexy. It didn’t help either that his two best friends were both good looking guys in their own way. But when it came to dancing, he felt like a whole different person. There was something about it that brought out the attractiveness in him.

Perhaps that’s why he is nicknamed Eunhyuk by his dance team. The nickname came from the famous rapper that sometimes appeared with KRY and rapped in their more popular songs.

As he was putting on the final touches of his outfit the other members of his dance team that had agreed to help with his plan came in. There were three guys and four girls. They guys all were comfortable with the idea of their dance captain being gay and had no problem helping out in his seduction plan. As long as Hyukjae danced like he always did, it didn’t matter who he wanted to date on the side. And they all liked Donghae as well. The girls on the other hand all squealed in delight at the idea. Hyukjae began to think that some of them were closet yaoi fans or something when he told them about his plan and they all but jumped him to help out. They were some of his best dancers on the team and the best group to use for this particular performance.

After they all exchanged their greetings the girls went into the enclosed area of the locker room to get ready while the guys dressed in a similar style to Hyukjae. Their jackets lacked the white arm band so they could single Hyukjae out better. The girls came back shortly after dressed in black outfits that were revealing and sexy. If it wasn’t for the fact that Hyukjae was in fact gay, he could easily see himself dating one of them, they all were very good looking.

"Okay Eunhyuk," His lead female dancer said as she gestured to a bench. "Sit down so I can put some make up on you."

"But not too much." A second added. "He needs to be sexy but with a natural look."

"He needs eyeliner. He's hot with eyeliner." A third added as she handed over the eyeliner pencil.

"Yeah, like Yesung when he sings."

"Yeah…" The girls all sighed in unison.

The male dancers all rolled their eyes at this. It seemed like every girl in the school was in love with the mysterious baritone singer who went by the stage name Yesung. He was a talented man with a husky voice that made all the girls swoon in delight. Hyukjae was also a fan of his voice, hence using one of his songs for today's even.

He allowed himself to be fretted over by his female dancers while they put make up on his face. While he was not particularly fond of make up, as a dancer he did know the importance of it. And the girls were perfect in completing the transformation of the shy student to the sexy dancer with minimal makeup. Once they were all done, the group made their way to the auditorium. Junsu was waiting outside for the group.

"Oh good, Donghae just went inside and everything is all set for you." The boy told them with a grin. "Sungmin is ready with music and lights so all you need to do is what you do best."

"Thanks Su, for everything." Hyukjae told his childhood friend sincerely.

"No problem. Just remember when I need a favor from you, I'll be sure to bring this up."

Hyukjae chuckled and nodded to his friend. The group quickly made their way to the stage which was dimmed for effect. The stage had a series of chairs back to back in a line. Hyukjae sat in the middle with one of his female dancers behind. He took a deep breath and allowed himself to relax while he waited for the music to start.

The opening chord filled the auditorium and the smooth voice of Yesung followed. The dancers began their routine that Hyukjae himself choreographed and practiced obsessively too. The dance was designed to go with the smooth voices of KRY's R&B song with an essence of the late Michael Jackson, whom the whole team idolized. Their bodies flowed and popped precisely to the music in a way that would make most professional dancers jealous. The entire time they danced Hyukjae had his eyes locked with the only person in his audience. Donghae watched the dance with his mouth slightly opened.

He knew Hyukjae could dance, hell the entire school about the talent the dancer had, but he never knew the other boy was this good. In class and the hallways Hyukjae was a much shyer person. He was kind to everyone but the only people he seemed to always be around and have a comfortable personality were his two best friends. He had a cute gummy smile that made his eyes crinkle in a way that Donghae found adorable.

In fact, Donghae found everything about the other to be adorable. He had a crush on the other since the first time he was smiled at their freshman year. He was working on a way to confess to the older but it seemed he was beaten to it. This version of Hyukjae was very different, very hot actually. It made Donghae's body warm up in a less innocent way and cause him to slightly shift in his seat. But he assured himself that if the dance stayed at this level of sexiness than he should be okay.

There was a sudden shift in the music that caused all the dancers to suddenly start untucking their shirts and unbuttoning them. Donghae's eyes widened to the size of saucers when Hyukjae ripped his own shirt open and exposed his bare chest and abs.

Whatever self control he had flew out the window along with his brain as he took in the body in front of him. With Hyukjae's dark red hair, dark eyes lined with eyeliner, an open white shirt, and tight black pants he was the very essence of sex. In fact, Donghae could feel whatever blood he may have had remaining in his head leave and head straight south.

The dance continued as the dancers all portrayed the sexiness perfectly. Back stage, the two best friends high fived each other when they caught Donghae's rapture expression on their friend's body. The music was getting to the point of the rap when the male dancers suddenly exited the stage and Hyukjae completely removed his shirt. Grabbing a microphone stand that was at the front of the stage he pretended to say the rap lines. The female dancers ran their hands along his naked chest seductively before they too left the stage.

Donghae, in the audience, gripped the arms of his chair tightly. It took all his effort not to jump on stage and ravish the dancer right then and there. His eyes were dark with lust that only darkened when Hyukjae began to roll his hips into the microphone. He slid his body down and back up the stand as if it were a striper pole before walking around the stand and posing in the end with one hand on the microphone and his back to Donghae.

The popular boy drank in the sight of the dancers bare back and nicely shaped ass with a lick of his lips. Oh how much he wanted to jump the boy but he figured that the school would probably not appreciate the two having sex on their stage.

Getting to his feet he made his way to the stage here a suddenly shy Hyukjae was standing. Hyukjae, when the final note passed, felt as it brought his sexy personality with it. All he wanted to do was put his shirt back on and bold off the stage. But he found himself rooted in the spot as he watched Donghae head towards him. There was something dark in his eyes that sent shivers through his body. The popular boy pulled himself up to the stage and stood in front of the dancer.

"Well, well Hyukjae, that was quite the performance." Donghae said huskily.

"Did you like it?" Hyukjae asked timidly.

"Oh yes, I enjoyed it very much." Donghae said as he slid his hands to rest on Hyukjae's waist. "Now mind telling me what that little performance was all about?" he asked in a teasing voice.

"Well…um…it's for you." Hyukjae stuttered out shyly as he blushed. "Because I like you and today is Valentine's Day and I wanted to give you something that wasn't chocolate or flowers."

"I'll take a sexy Hyukkie dancer over that stuff any day."


"Yeah, Hyukkie. It's my nickname for you. I always give my boyfriends nicknames."


"Well yeah, since you dance was a confession and all and I'm accepting it and making you my boyfriend." Donghae's eyes narrowed. "That was a confession dance right?"

"Yeah! I want to be your boyfriend! I just didn’t realize it was going to be that easy." Hyukjae said quickly.

"Well lets just say you're very persuasive." Donghae explained as he pulled the others body to his. "Now as my boyfriend I'm going to kiss you now."

Hyukjae didn’t have any time to react as a pair of warm, eager lips, pressed themselves against his. His knees felt like bucking at the pleasurable feeling and he could have melted into a pile of goo on the stage if it weren't for Donghae's strong arms around his waist. The two slowly parted from the kiss with Hyukjae being completely dazed.

"There's my cute Hyukkie I always see." Donghae chuckled deeply.


"Yeah, you've always been cute to me. Not going lie, sexy dancer Hyukjae was really hot too but it was your shy personality I've always liked best about you."

"You mean you like me too?"

"Of course. I don’t go around and kiss everybody who confesses to me. I thought call you my boyfriend made that pretty obvious."

Hyukjae blushed at that. He actually forgot all about that when Donghae had kissed him. Placing his hands shyly on Donghae's shoulders he pouted slightly.

"Does that mean you'll kiss me again?"

"Again and again for as many times as you like." Donghae promised. He pulled the now smiling Hyukjae into a second kiss that the dancer happily returned.

Back stage the two best friends grinned at their friends obvious success in getting the popular boy Lee Donghae. They quietly left the auditorium to give the new couple some privacy. The dancers who had helped had already left once they also realized it was a success. Now Sungmin and Junsu were left standing in the empty hallway by themselves.

"Well that went well." Sungmin casually said.

"I told you doing it shirtless would work." Junsu added.

"Yeah well dancing was completely my idea. You just added to it."

"Hey my impute was clearly the winning factor here."

"Whatever Dolphin Butt."

"Pink loving weirdo."

The two glared at each other for a moment before sighing.
"Well I'm glad we were able to get Hyukjae together with Donghae it just reminds me how alone we actually are." Sungmin said.

"On Valentine's Day of all days." Junsu added almost depressively.

He was about to suggest the pair should just hang out together when someone nearby cleared their throats. The two turned and were surprised to find a nicely dressed Yoochun and Kyuhyun there each holding a bouquet of roses. The two approached the surprised pair and handed them the flowers.

"Seeing as your best friend and our best friend will be spending today together, we were wondering if you would like to spend it with us." Yoochun explained as he started at Junsu.

The other squeaked like a dolphin before nodding. He blushed the same color as his flowers which made Yoochun grin happily.

Next to him Sungmin was not faring any better. The boy was blushing badly and tried to look anywhere besides at Kyuhyun. The genius had a smirk on his face as he gently caught the other's chin and made him lock eyes.

"Now Minnie. I'm your date today. I don’t want you looking anywhere but at me." He said with a grin.

"O-okay." Sungmin stuttered out.

He smirked again and released Sungmin's face. Grabbing the older hand he led the shy boy away from their friends. Sungmin was able to glance over his shoulder at Junsu who was happily chatting with his new date. The boys each exchanged thumbs up signs before going their separate ways.

Hyukjae may have gotten his happy ending with Donghae, but at least the two also got theirs as well.

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