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Spellbound (4/15) (Super Junior, Siwon/Kyuhyun, 04)

Title: Spellbound (4/15)
Author/Artist: bl4ckm4lice
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Fandom/Genre: Super Junior / AU Magical Schoolboys
Theme: 04. revenge for 15_spells
Warning: Slash
Disclaimer: Yep, fiction
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun has no idea what has he done wrong in his past life to deserve such unwanted attention from his seatmate, a Shifter.
Notes: Dedicated for cicquerettefor updating her fic back then and would soon update again because she's a darling, yes?

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"That has got to be the most cliche plan I've ever heard."

Kyuhyun glared at his supposedly best friend. He was about to open his mouth, but Changmin wasn't finished talking. "Wait, not only cliche, but also thoroughly unethical."

"How so??"

"You're asking me, me, to pretend to be your boyfriend!"

"I can't ask just anyone! Come on, Changmin, help me with this!"

"Fuck, no!"

"But why not!?"

"Seriously, Kyuhyun, seriously?" The taller Chanter stared at Kyuhyun in disbelief. "I know that you're insensitive inside out and your skull is as thick as a mountain, but this is just going too far. Also, why does it have to be me!?"

"He was jealous of you already, you know, and since you're always with me, it wouldn't be surprising if I say that you are actually my boyfriend!"

Changmin was just at loss for words. Kyuhyun looked very serious and showed not even a hint of remorse, only confusion on why Changmin resisted the idea so strongly. After all, Changmin currently had no lover and/or love interest, so there would be no risk of collateral damage like someone unnecessarily misunderstood or something. Also, Changmin was his best friend, so it was only a given that he must help him, no matter what. Well, in Shim Changmin's opinion, Cho Kyuhyun can go to hell for all Changmin cared.

"Is it so... unnerving to be seen as my lover just for a while?" Kyuhyun pouted.

Oh, how Changmin wanted to kick his best friend's ass.


"Fine!" the taller Chanter snapped, but before Kyuhyun could cheer, he asked, "What do I get in return?"

Kyuhyun looked scandalized. "You're asking me to pay you?"

"The correct term is barter, Kyuhyun. You get me as your pretend-boyfriend in front of Siwon, I get myself free lunch for a whole month."

"You're a disgusting, stinky leech-- two weeks."


"Go to hell," Kyuhyun spat out ruefully.

"Nice doing business with you," Changmin shook their hands with a wide grin.

Their plans started slow, with Changmin's increasing visits to Kyuhyun's Fuser class, their increasing body contacts and his small triumphant smiles directed at the poor suitor of Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun should be glad that Changmin was a really good actor, because Kyuhyun was the exact opposite. But Siwon had fallen really hard, Changmin could see that easily, that the Shifter got so blinded by jealousy and only grew furious despite Kyuhyun's lack of attempt to show that he was supposed to be romantically involved with Changmin. It went on for a couple of weeks until Changmin decided to step up the game.

"I'm not gonna kiss you!" Kyuhyun hissed and Changmin rolled his eyes.

"I know you've never been in a relationship, but couples usually kiss each other."

"No way!"

"You know, your acting sucks. Every time I called you with nicknames, you cringed. When I pecked your cheek, you casted a fricking whirlwind at me. As my 'boyfriend', you should've reacted with a blush instead."

"What am I, a blushing virgin now?"

"You are a virgin."

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes, "Well, yeah I am, but that's not supposed to be the point."

"Don't blame me if Siwon starts getting suspicious," Changmin lied through his teeth because of course Siwon wasn't getting suspicious. Not in the least. Siwon's friend, though, was another matter. Changmin had caught Hyukjae frowning at them several times, as if knowing something was wrong but couldn't be sure. Nonetheless, he just wanted to stir Kyuhyun up a bit, just because, and judging by the lip-bite from Kyuhyun, he did it alright.

"What other options we have?"

"I can always go to him and say 'hey, stay away from my boyfriend', but that would be even more suspicious--."

"That would do."

The other Chanter groaned, "Didn't you hear me? I just said that it would be even more suspicious!"

"Oh, shut up! Just follow what I say, will you? I'm the one who's gonna pay for your lunch for the next three weeks, as soon as he gets off my back!"

"...Fine, you're the boss," Changmin shrugged, but right after Kyuhyun turned around, he smirked. It went exactly according to his plan. Apparently, he knew his best friend that well.

On the other side of the school, particularly in the Shifter's tower, Hyukjae was trying to calm his best friend down. A halfhearted attempt at best, though, because no matter what he said, Siwon just wouldn't listen to him. "But I saw them with my very own eyes! I saw that guy acting like he was more that Kyuhyun's friend!"

Siwon seemed to forget that Hyukjae saw them with his very own eyes too. He was, after all, almost always hanging around him. And what he saw didn't convince him much. At first, maybe, but then he noticed how Kyuhyun played his part poorly and he knew it wasn't what it seemed. Of course he had told Siwon about his observation, but would he listen? No. "Remember what Donghae said about your Hera feeling, Siwon. It would do you no good."

"Donghae!" Siwon wailed instead, expectedly ignoring the rest of Hyukjae's words. "Why does he have to go back to his hometown at a time like this!? You know his hometown is such a freak on security they don't allow communication from outside unless you have an urgent matter. Secret reader village my ass. How could they not read that this matter is extremely urgent!?"

Hyukjae would've laughed if he hadn't heard the same thing for three consecutive days now. He stood up instead, pulling Siwon with him. "Come on."

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to ask your crush and that man if they really are in a romantic relationship."

"What!? No!" Siwon halted in his tracks and Hyukjae was forced to pull him with all his might. But Siwon was stronger by default and he didn't budge.

"Why not? You wanted to know and all we have to do is ask Kyuhyun and Changmin--!"

"Don't say his name!" Siwon looked horrified.

"...Fine, whatever. Kyuhyun and that man."

"But what if it's true??"

Hyukjae groaned, "Seriously? Seriously? You prefer not knowing and whining all day instead of finding out for real? But you wanted to ask Donghae about it!"

"Donghae answers in riddles and at least I can hope if I don't know the answer to it!"

"Your logic is absurd!"

"No, it makes perfect sense, you see..." Then Siwon went on for five minutes until Hyukjae realized he was trying to distract him. In the end, they caused a scene as Siwon turned into a peregrine falcon due to its reputation as the fastest bird in the world (it is no secret that Siwon loved his birds). But Siwon made a mistake of forgetting that Hyukjae was a also bit of a bird-freak himself. So he changed into one of the few predators to peregrine falcon, golden eagle.

...A trivia that didn't matter because as Hyukjae chased his troublesome friend all the way outside, Siwon stopped abruptly and caused Hyukjae to crash onto him. They rolled down the courtyard and gradually morphed back into a pair of writhing, ridiculously injured boys.

"K-Kyuhyun..." Siwon muttered as he stood up a bit too quickly, wincing weakly but obviously put up a facade of I-am-not-in-pain-and-I-look-perfectly-proper, which was a bit of a challenge since his clothes and hair were covered in grass.

'Well, right on time,' Hyukjae thought when he finally saw why Siwon stopped earlier. Kyuhyun and Changmin were there, right at the gate to the Shifter tower. The way they looked at the Shifters told them that they were coincidentally looking for them. Hyukjae stood up as well, spewing the grass off his mouth and didn't bother to clean himself up. "Hi," he said casually. "We're actually on our way to see you."

"Oh really?" Changmin grinned. "Then we're on the same page."

"Y-you were looking for me?" Siwon raised his eyebrows in surprise, eyes never leaving Kyuhyun who looked strangely nervous.

"We have something to ask you," Hyukjae continued.

"And we have something to tell you," the taller Chanter responded while wrapping an arm around Kyuhyun's waist. "But we'll give you the honor of asking us first."

At this, Hyukjae hesitated. He glanced at Siwon who certainly wouldn't say or ask anything, judging by the pale face and the cold sweat. He wondered if his deduction was correct, if there really were nothing between the two, because why would Changmin and Kyuhyun came all the way here (and that gesture of wrapping a possessive arm around Kyuhyun...). But Siwon needed to know, and Hyukjae would give his friend what he needed, not what he wanted (which was not knowing), so he asked, "Are you his boyfriend?"

Siwon looked like he was about to throw up. Changmin grinned wider and pulled Kyuhyun closer to him, inwardly applauding himself for pulling off the perfect revenge right under his best friend's nose (but then again, said best friend was known for his insensitivity). Oh, he knew he would pay for this, but it would be worth it. So he said that one word that would change everything.



Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun
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