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hapter: 1

airingwhen you read you will find out right?? Isn't that the whole point

ating: Really don't know take it as it comes, hmm? that sound good?

enreRomance/Drama/Thriller/Horror (not really in that order)

ummary: What do you do? When your stranded in the country, no cell phones, your mode of transportation is broken down, and you only have two options. A. You take the help of a not so friendly looking stranger or B. You stay stranded and know. So its either a trust or death situation...and neither at the moment seem reliable.

Hey! guys! whats been up! This was acutally written about...20 min ago...think of it as a pilot. If you like tell me! if you think it needs gentle. If you dont like it then...........whatever you just dont! Back from my hiatus. So I hope that you like. Its really something that I kind of feel proud of. As you already know I don't own them! They belong to Jack Sparrow, geeze.

They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
Your little spies
They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
Your little spies

~Paramore, Crushcrushcrush

“Damn it!”


“The damn car isn’t starting…”

“It's what?!”

“Fuck! didn’t you hear me the first time, I said its not starting!”

The other let of a puff of frustration and closed his eyes, his newly shaped eyebrows knitted together and fear began to set in as tears began to grace his long eyelashes.

“How the hell are we going to get out of here. This is all your fault, you wanted to go all survival guide Bill, and didnt want to ask for directions and look now were lost.”

A hand banged against the hood of the truck, and then a soft thud of a body hitting the ground was soon heard.

“How was I supposed to know? Huh? How was I supposed to know that something was wrong with Hankyung's truck? I am only fucking human.” The other placed a hand over his face trying to stay calm, he looked around at the dirt road surround them.

“SHIT!” The other shouted in grief, as Kang-in almost screamed in annoyance.

“What now, what now?” Kang-in turned to look at the other, then suddenly wished that he hadn’t. He could see the tears beginning to form in the others eyes.

“There’s no reception, so our phones won't work.” Henry then looked at the sky, that was slowly darkening, which caused him even more panic. They didn’t have any clue where in the hell they were. How were they able to going to be able to survive?

“Look, since this is my fault I’m going to walk up the road and see if there are any pla-”

“No” the other intercepted. “No you are not leaving me here by myself. You are not!”

Kang-in looked at the other in annoyance. Out of all the members he was stuck with Henry, the crazy Canadian that didn’t even know good Korean, and the only member he didn't particularly like.

“Look you can either stay or walk with me, take your pick.” Henry glared at the other in distain, then rolled his eyes and went to open the door of the truck.

“Fine suit yourself, I probably wont be back before nightfall.Also just so you know you will have to fend for yourself.” Henry shrugged and thought nothing of it as he watched the other walk off,and as if he were a mirage he suddenly disappeared in the dust particles blowing within the more than forceful breeze. Still being upset with Kang-in he thought nothing of as he sat in the passenger seat, waiting for the other to return.

“Gosh, why the hell is it so dark? Who in their right mind makes a road without street lights.” It had been about an hour or so and he was still waiting for the other to return, no matter how much he strained his eyes to see, he couldn’t even find the faintest outline of a man.

“Shit, why did he leave me here…is he ok?UGH! WHY should I care about him?…and the god damn phones aren't receiving reception…”Henry turned his gaze to the window…he heard a creak…and it seemed like it was getting closer…the tawny hair on his neck began to stand on end.

“Kang-in where are you…?” Henry paled as the creaks became more auditable.

Henry shot from his seat as he heard a gentle tap on the window. He screamed loudly as the taping seemed to only get progressively louder and louder.

Heart pounding.

Short breaths.

He felt a dripping from his nose. Only to find it bleeding. His body almost going in to a catatonic state.

“Henry! Open the door its me.”

“Me who? I don’t know who the hell you are.”

“It’s Kang-in you idiot, now unlock the door so I can get in.” Hands still shaking he managed to reach over the consol and pop the lock.

“Who else did you think it was?” The elder looked at the other as he could see the other shaking visibly in his seat. “Why were you even scared, I told you that you could have went with me.”

“Well it was dark! And I didn’t know where the fuck you had gone.” He looked out of his window to focus on the thick, tall weeds along the makeshift road. He felt a tear cascade down his face, but he angrily wiped it away before the other could see it.

“Look, I’m sorry, but luckily I found a house about a 1 mile up the road and the guy that lives there has jump cables so we will be able to get out of here soon. He said that he knew exactly where we were and he would be more than happy to help us, so be fucking thankful for once.” Kang-in focused his eyes forward as he placed his hands on the steering wheel.

“Why were you so scared in the first place?” Kang-in twisted to peer at the other in curiosity.

“None of your damn business, ok?” Henry yelled as his face turned purple.

“Was little Henli afraid to be in the truck by himself.?” Kang-in taunted at the other just to see his mood turned almost murderous.

“I WASN’T SCARED TO BE BY MYSELF, I WAS JUST WORRIED ABOUT WHERE YOU WERE, BECAUSE IF YOU DIDN’T COME BACK, THEN I WOULD HAVE BEEN STRANDED!” The violinist bellowed as he rage was still escalating the more that he had to be in the presence of the other.

“So you were worried about me? That’s so sweet…so unlike you. You only care about yourself in most situations…nope that’s all the time now, isn’t it?” Just as Henry was to reply they heard the revving of an engine, and flourescent light blind their vision.

The truck that came into view, was a tarnished cobalt 1951 Chevrolet Pick-up, which was highly uncommon because this was South Korea, and that wasn't even an Korean brand. 

‘Who was this man?’

‘What were they getting themselves into?’

‘What had Kang-in done?’ Were the only thoughts running through Henry’s mind.

The man slid out from the drivers seat, and limped his way slowly to Henry’s side of the truck. Now that the man was up close he could see that at the corner of his eyes there were wrinkles, his skin was slightly weathered from the environment, his overalls filthy with what looked like car grease in the muted darkness, and the trucker hat that sat on his head blocked the violinist from seeing into the man’s eyes.

Hesitantly, Henry opened the car door since wasn’t able to let down the automatic windows. He spared a glance at Kang-in through his peripheral vision and the turned his attention back to the man.

“I heard that ya’ll needed some help so here I am, could you pop the hood?” The man’s gravely voice uttered in a country drawl.

“Yeah sure, thank you for coming all the way out here to help us.” Kang-in replied as he set himself to the task.

“Just that country hospitality…” The man faded off as he focused his eyes on Henry then limped to the front of the truck. Henry couldn’t help but have his stomach fill with fear, at the man.

“Who the hell is that Kang-in? Do you even know him?”

“No, but this is the only real chance that we have for making it back home, before the big joint concert. I knew that we should have took Heechul’s car. You know Hankyung…made in China…it falls apart.” Kang-in tried to lighten up the others mood in vain.

“I don’t trust him and I’m scared, I just don’t want anything to happen.” The younger spoke as he pulled his sweater tighter around his shaking formed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Just relax, I got this under control, alright. Nothing is going to happen to you or me, I promise ok? You always have me.” his voice softened as he looked at the other in the eye. While Henry stared back, as they subconsciously moved closer to each other.


The sudden noise broke the two apart. Then they heard the man’s deep voice growl from the hood.

“I think that I’m going to have to take this in for a better look, I’m going to chain your truck to mine, to tow it.”

Henry’s eyes darted to Kang-in as the other tried to relax the other.

“We are going to be alright, I promise.” He whispered to the other…but he, himself wondered deep down what he had gotten himself into.


Tags: pairing: kangin/henry

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