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Leeteuk's Last Night In The Dorms

Title: Leeteuk's Last Night In The Dorms
Author: Littlerose2888
Pairings: Leeteuk/everyone, hints of other pairings
Rating: PG
Summary: Leeteuk's final night in the dorms before his enlistment. He is in for a big surprise.
A/N: This should have been done in October...


Park Jungsu, or better known as Leeteuk, sighed as he glanced around his almost bare room. He was leaving for his mandatory military duty tomorrow and he was making sure he had everything that he needed. Near the bed were a couple of suitcases filled with his clothes and other necessities. It took a couple of times to go through all of that to only put in what he actually needed. The fan-art of him as an angel that one of his fans made, not so much. The rare picture of all 15 members group shot right after the release of Sorry, of course!

The rest of his things were divided up to the members to hold onto while the remaining items were sent to his parents home. His room was going to go to Yesung, whom based off of age was temporary leader until he enlisted next year. The room was bare of anything related to Leeteuk and for once the leader despised the white walls and sheets. He felt as if he were being kicked out of the group.

Sighing, Leeteuk ran a tired hand through his hair short buzz cut hair. Outside of the room he could hear his dongsengs bustling around the dorm as they prepared his going away party. He decided that he wanted a small event with just his members, away from the fans and media. To spend his final evening with his brothers whom he loved like no other. It made him proud when he saw how each of them has grown since their debut, and it saddened him that he was leaving when they probably needed him the most.

A knock at his door broke his thoughts. Turning towards the sound he schooled his face back into the cheerful leader that everyone knew.

"Come in." He called calmly.

"Hyung?" Kangin greeted in concern as he stepped in.

"Kangin-ah, how can I help you?"

"I came to ask you that." The burly man admitted. "I can imagine what you are feeling right now and I wanted to check on you."

Of course, Leeteuk thought as his face soften. Kangin had just recently exited his military duty and was the most up to date on what to expect. While Heechul didn’t have to do active duty due to the metal rod in his leg, Leeteuk was cleared to serve full service. The military reasoned that if the 30 year old singer had the ability to run up and down and jump around on stage he was able to do what was required from them. Leeteuk didn’t dare complain, the military was already pretty lenient on letting him wait as long as he did from entering.

"Thank you Youngwoon." Leeteuk said quietly. He sat on the edge of his bed. "I am a little worried about tomorrow."

The big man grabbed the rolling chair and brought it over. Sitting down he patted the elder on the knee.

"You're going to be fine hyung. The first few days are the hardest in adjusting but once you get through that the rest is pretty easy."

"I'm not as young as you Youngwoon." The leader replied with a grin. Kangin grinned back teasingly.

"I'm sure you'll be fine, old man."

Leeteuk chuckled breathlessly at that. Kangin was one of the few people who could get away with calling the leader old. The others were Heechul, who was close in age; and Kyuhyun since the evil maknae knew he could get away with it. His smile slipped slightly. He was going to miss them.

"I am really going to miss all of them." He voiced out loud.

"I did too, terribly at times. But a simple call or, when allowed, an hour online watching videos of you and I was okay."

"What if everyone forgets about me?" He voiced out his fear. "Or what if Super Junior will be okay without someone like me?"

"That's ridiculous Teukie! No one will forget you. You're our leader, without you Super Junior would have probably slipped into its one year project group as wanted. We need you still. We will keep things afloat but you are never going to be replaced. Never forget that."

"How can you say that so confidently?"
"Because you never forgot about me." The other replied with compassionate eyes. "The band, the fans, it was their continuous love that kept me going. The ELF's love you even more than me. They will count the days you are back with us."

There were tears in Leeteuk eyes at this. He forgot how much Kangin was a believer and had such faith. Faith in himself, the band, and the love of everyone around him. Even at their darkest hour, Kangin knew the fans were behind him and loved him with all their hearts. Leeteuk needed that belief too. That his girls, his angels, will be there when he walks out in two years. He will become a better person for them.

"Now dry your tears. The others have everything all set up and are ready for you to join them."

Leeteuk brushed the tears out of his eyes and took a breath to calm himself down. When he was ready he smiled his trademark dimple smile.

"Don’t worry about me Kangin. I'm okay. In two years we'll be together again. I just wish it was 15 again."

"I wouldn’t fret about that Teukie. Soon we'll be one again." Kangin replied as he stood up. Offering a hand he pulled the other to his feet as well. "Now I need to blindfold you."


"Because that's what I was told." Kangin replied to him with a shrug.

He pulled out a Sapphire Blue cloth out of his pocket. Placing it over Leeteuk's eyes he made sure the leader was indeed blind before carefully leading him out of the room.

"Are you ready hyung?" Kangin asked when they were, presumably, in the living room.

"I think so."

"Okay, just promise me you wont faint."

"Wait, you guys didn’t do anything embarrassing did you? Like blow up my baby pictures or something?"

"No, but that’s actually not a bad idea." Kyuhyun said with a smirk. "You think we could get it done in time for tomorrow?"

"Yah! Respect your hyung!" Leeteuk yelled from behind the blindfold.

"He never respects any of the hyungs. Some things will never change, I see." A new voices says.

The voice is heavily accented and low. The familiarity of it causes Leeteuk's heart to both race and stop at the same time. Without waiting for Kangin he grabbed the blue cloth and ripped it from his face. There in front of him was a face he never thought he would see again, well in person anyways. The was taller now and his bleached blond hair seemed to work well with his slightly tanned complexion.

"Ha-Hankyung!" Leeteuk cried breathlessly.

Han Geng smiled gently at the leader. But he wasn't the only surprise in front of the man. There were a few more faces that Leeteuk had not seen in some time.

"Kibum! And Henry, Zhou Mi, and Heechul too!"

"Hello hyung." Kibum said in his deep soft voice.

"Do you like your surprise?" Henry asked with a grin.

"It's the best surprise ever." Leeteuk whispered as he pulled the tall Chinese man into a tight hug. The other returned it just as tightly.

"I've missed you hyung." Han Geng whispered. "It was hell getting here with all these people trying to stop me but I knew I had to see you again. I knew I was needed tonight."

"I've missed you too. But probably not as much as Heechul does."

Hang Geng chuckled at that. He released the leader with a smile. He knew the diva missed him. When he saw Heechul he received a slap across the face and a teary hug. His face still stung but he wouldn't admit that to anyone.

Leeteuk released him and turned to hug Kibum. The actor returned it as tears filled his eyes. As much as he loved acting, he missed being with other members. Leeteuk was always so supportive of his acting and encouraged him to follow his dream. So he knew that he needed to come that night to see the leader one last time.

"I missed you hyung." He said softly.

"Hyung missed you too." Leeteuk whispered.

He then turned and hugged the two M members before he went to the current members. Some, like Eunhyuk and Donghae, were already crying while Ryeowook looked really close to it. Sungmin put on a brave face but Leeteuk knew he was really sad. Yesung and Siwon had smiles on their faces while Shindong gave him a heavy clap on the shoulder. Kyuhyun looked like a lost child, reminding him how young the maknae really was.

When he turned to Heechul, he was greeted with the other's cat like smirk. The current military active man patted his back.

"Old man Jungsu cant run away from his duty any longer I see." He said with a smirk.

"Lasted longer than you."

"Which only means I'll get out sooner and have a good year to cause mayhem before you return."

"Not unless Kyuhyun does it first."

The two looked over at the maknae who was teasing the EunHae pair for crying earlier. Heechul sighed as he realized the leader had a good point. Leeteuk chuckled at that.

"You'll keep an eye on them for me?"

"For now. But you may want to talk with Yesung. Turtle-Lover has been fretting lately about not doing well."

"I haven't heard of that!"

"That's because he knows you are worried about getting for the military. He didn’t want to add to your stress."

Leeteuk looked over at the lead vocal. He was sitting on the couch with Ryeowook talking in a low voice. His hands were wrung together and he had a pensive look on his face. Leeteuk nodded to Heechul before he went to the pair. Patting them on the shoulder he sat on the other side of Yesung.

"Jongwoon-ah, I think I have been a bad hyung." He said.

"You never been a bad hyung." Yesung quickly defended him.

"But hyung didn’t even realize you were so stressed from watching over everyone for me."

Yesung looked embarrassed for being caught. The hands began to fidget more before they were stopped by Ryeowook. The lead singer shot the other a grateful smile before turning towards the leader.

"I'm sorry hyung. I just don’t want you to worry."

"Of course I'm going to worry. You are all my brothers. I'll spend the next two years worrying about you."

"Don’t worry hyung, I'll take care of everyone." Yesung reassured him.

"And I’ll take care of Yesungie." Ryeowook added which caused Leeteuk to chuckle.

"I know you will." Leeteuk agreed as he patted the eternal maknae on the head. "And Jongwoon, before you know it, you'll be coming to enlist and we'll have to let Heechul be in charge. That will be scary."

Ryeowook and Yesung snickered at this while Heechul shot them a glare across the room.

"Yah! I hear that Jungsu!" He yelled at them.

"Oh go back to flirting with Hankyung." Leeteuk shot back without looking at the man.

Yesung snickered again before smiling at Leeteuk. His face was far more relaxed and back to the normal Yesung that Leeteuk remembered. Said lead singer reached over to touch him above his lip. Leeteuk has long gotten use to it and smiled.

"I'll miss you Jongwoon." He told the singer sincerely.

"I'll miss you too hyung. But before long we'll be together again."

Leeteuk felt his eyes watered up as he hugged the singer. Soon the hug between the two turned into three as Ryeowook nudged his way between them.

"I'm going to miss hyung too!" He said with tears in his eyes.

"Oh Wookie. I'm going to miss you too. And your cooking. Kangin says army cooking is horrible compared to yours."

Ryeowook laughed at this. Leeteuk released the two and watched in amusement as they continued to cuddle with each other. He knew Yesung would be fine as long as the petite boy was with him. Standing up, he made his way over to the kitchen table where Shindong was eating. The radio host looked up and smiled cheerfully.

"Hung! Do you like your surprise?"

"Yes, it was a great surprise. Whose idea was it?"

"The brat, surprisingly enough." Shindong replied with a smirk.

Leeteuk looked over in surprise as the maknae was chatting in mandarin with Zhou Mi. He was shocked. Kyuhyun seemed more like the type who would go along with an idea but not initially suggest it.

"Well what do you know." He muttered under his breath.

"I know, I guess Kyuhyun is really going to miss you. He only ever listened to you anyways."

"I'll miss the snarky brat as well." Leeteuk admitted with a grin. He turned to his fellow gag artist and patted him on the shoulder. "I'll miss you too. You still have time to enlist with me you know."

"No, I promised to go in with Jongwoon. The singer needs a friendly face with everything that he will see."

"More like we need someone with him to make sure he doesn’t go around touching everyone's pallithan and getting into trouble."

Shindong chuckled at this.

"How's Nari taking the idea of you enlisting soon?"

A thoughtful look crossed the others face.

"Well she is getting worried. With your pending enlistment I've been talking a lot about my own. I think she's sad that I'll be gone for two years."

"And you?"

"I'll miss her of course. But I decided that I'll use your advice. If she is waiting for me after two years, than I'll marry her."

Leeteuk grinned at that. He was looking forward to the idea of some of the members marrying. Once they all finished their military duty than he expects a long line of Super Junior grooms. He said a few more friendly words with Shindong before moving onto the next member.

"Siwon-ah!" He called as he patted the religious man on the arm.

"Hyung, are you ready to go in tomorrow?" The other asked with a dimple smile.

"Of course not! I want to stay with all of you forever."

Siwon chuckled at this.

"Don’t worry. Two years will fly by so fast and you will be with us again."

"You wont forget about me?" He asked in a half teasing voice.

"We will never forget about you hyung. Just like the fans will never forget about you."

"Oh the girls. I will miss my angels."

"I'm sure there will be quite the crowd for you tomorrow. They will send you away with style."

Leeteuk thought of the ELF's and had to agree. There was going to be a lot of blue balloons tomorrow. It made him smile.

"Don’t be a stranger to everyone. Make sure to visit the dorms a lot and keep in contact with the members."

"Hyung, you make it sound like I'm the one going away."

"I'm just covering my bases. You are getting really popular with your acting. I don’t want you disappearing into it."

"Like Kibum?"

"That's different. Kibum was always an actor first. We knew it, the company did, and so did the fans. But you have been growing into a great actor and I don’t want you drifting away from the band. Understand."

"Yes hyung."

"And don’t worry. I'll be talking to Kibum too."

"Talk to me about what?" Kibum asked he walked up to the two.

Siwon politely excused himself at this. Giving a hug to Leeteuk he headed over to Yesung and Ryeowook and began talking to the singers. Leeteuk gave his full attention to the original maknae of the band. Despite being more mature that most of his hyungs, one can forget how young Kibum actually was.

"Kibum-ah, how are you?" Leeteuk asked the actor.

"Tired." Kibum admitted.

"You've been working hard haven't you?" Leeteuk asked as he ran a hand through the other's hair.

"I try to hyung. But its exhausting. I don’t know how you have to the energy to do everything that you do. I don’t have any where near as busy of a schedule as you but I'm always so tired. What is your secret?"

"That's simple. I have all of you."


"Whenever I'm tired I just have to come home to all of you and I feel energized again. You need to spend more time with us again. That will give you the energy you need again. You have become a stranger to us Bummie."

"I'm sorry hyung. I always think of all of you."

"We do too but we would love to see you too."

Kibum looked guilty at this. Leeteuk knew he wasn’t completely to blame. They were controlled based off their schedules. And if that meant he couldn’t stop by than that happened. But Leeteuk also felt Kibum should put his foot down and demand his managers to be able to see his band members more often.

"Promise something for hyung?" Leeteuk asked.

"Yes, hyung."

"While I'm in the army do make a point in visiting more often. I know that if you try, the managers would try to work it out for you. Everyone misses you so much, especially Donghae."

"Donghae-hyung has Hyukjae-hyung to keep him happy." Kibum pointed out.

"True but you are also important to him.  He needs you to keep him grounded. Hyukjae may be his lover but you are the best friend. Friendship is so important in this band. How else are we able to keep all 15 of us from killing each other?"

Kibum laughed at this. Leeteuk had a point. The leader smiled as well.

"I promise hyung. I'll make a better effort to stop by more often."

"Once a week." Leeteuk added.

"Once a week." Kibum echoed.

"Good boy. Hyung is happy."

"Hyung, I'm not a dog." Kibum whined, a rare sight for the mature boy.

"I know, I'm just teasing you. Now I need to find Sungmin, where is the pink lover?"

"Talking with Kangin-hyung." Kibum supplied helpfully.

"Thanks Kibum-ah."

Kibum nodded before he made his way over to where Donghae was. The fishy smiled bright at his friend and hugged him tightly. He began talking rapidly about something that Leeteuk couldn’t hear. Next to him Hyukjae shook his head in amusement. The leader went over to where Sungmin who was indeed talking to Kangin. When the man saw him he smiled sweetly.


"Min-ah!" Leeteuk said. "How are you."

"Sad that you're going, but happy that this all worked out." The other replied honestly.

"I love the surprise. How were you able to get everyone here?"

"Well it wasn't easy. We had to sneak Hankyung through a back door since he is technically not suppose to be in the dorms."
"I hope you don’t get in trouble for all of your efforts." Leeteuk said in concern.

"Nonsense, why do you think manager-hyung is not here? We made sure no one but the fifteen of us knew of this endeavor."

Leeteuk realized that yes, his manager was not present for their nights festivities.

"Where is manager hyung?" He inquired curiously.

"We gave the task of distracting him to EXO. The boys were falling over themselves in order to help us, even without knowing why."

"Ah yes, our baby EXO boys…"

The two grinned. The new group absolutely idolized Super Junior and would do anything for them. Leeteuk almost was concerned to see what the mischievous boys may have done to detain their manager.

"You know, you are leaving us in a real difficult situation." Sungmin said calmly. "I am going to have so much work when you are gone."

"What do you mean?" Leeteuk asked bewildered. "Eunhyuk and Shindong are taking over my variety shows, and Yesung is temporary leader."

"But he is not temporary Umma of the band." Sungmin argued. "Someone has to make sure the band doesn’t kill each other."

"You don’t know that he wouldn’t do that." Leeteuk defended the turtle lover.

"Jongwoon-hyung already is stressing about being a public leader for the band. I'm just going to be in the background keeping any inner band drama under control. And lets face it. Jongwoon may have good variety skills and the best voice in the band but he has never been a nurturing member. Well to anyone but Wookie, but that is obviously a different manner. And besides, the band will actually listen to me more than him."

"Only because you tend to use your martial arts on anyone who doesn’t." Leeteuk muttered.

Sungmin smiled innocently at that. Leeteuk rolled his eyes good naturally at that. The eldest gently patted the other on the head.

"You'll take care of them, right?"

"Of course hyung. This is our family after all."

Leeteuk smiled as he gazed around the room. It was his family and he was going to miss them so much. He only worried that if Sungmin was busy taking care of the band, who was going to take care of him. Looking back at the other, he excused himself to look for his next member. Sungmin have him a second hug before wandering off himself.

Leeteuk came across Zhou Mi next. The lanky Chinese man was sitting on a chair watching everything going on. He had a content smile on his face. When he noticed Leeteuk he quickly jumped to his feet to greet the leader.

"Leeteuk-gege." He greeted brightly.

"Zhou Mi, how are you?"

"I'm good Gege. We have been kept busy with the M promotions as well as my new schedule."

"They keep you busy over there." Leeteuk praised him.

Zhou Mi nodded and his bright smile dimmed for a moment. Leeteuk noticed this right away and took a seat next to the other.

"What's wrong?"

"It's silly really. I'm just a little jealous of you at the moment."

"Me? But Why?" I'm going to be in the military for the next two years." Leeteuk asked bewildered.

"Because you are all here. I love all the work I've been getting lately but being all alone is difficult. Everyone is here in Korea. All that stays out in China is Henry and Han Geng-gege. And I have to do some major sneaking around to see him. My apartment is always silent when I come home. There is so much excitement here."

Leeteuk patted the younger on the shoulder. He forgot that the two M members  were always so far from the main group. The leader took for granted the fact that he had everyone around him all the time. He made a mental note to tell the others to keep more in touch with their Chinese members.

"We may be apart but hyung always has you in his heart." Leeteuk told him.

The smile on Zhou Mi's face was all sunshine from that. It made Leeteuk smile as well. Pulling the other in for a hug he whispered some words of encouragement to the lanky man. When he pulled back Zhou Mi smile was soft.

"I will wait for your return, gege." He told him sincerely.

"I look forward to it. And I'll keep a good eye on you while I'm away."

Zhou Mi gave Leeteuk one more hug before he took off. Leeteuk was about to set off for the next member when a soft tap on his shoulder stopped him. He turned around and smiled at the timid Henry.

"Henli! I was about to go looking for you."

"I wanted to see you too gege."

"How have you been?"

"Well enough." Henry said with a nod of his head. "I'll be coming with everyone tomorrow for your enlistment. Zhou Mi wanted to come as well but he has an early flight back to China."

"Well I'm glad you will be there."

"I am worried though."

"What if 'Only 13' fans show up?"

Leeteuk sighed at this. Despite everyone's effort there were still ignorant fans who still did not accept their young Canadian member. And no matter how much the boy smiled, he knew it still bothered him.

"Don’t worry Henli. Just remember that hyung love you and you are a member in our hearts."

"I know, but its still disheartening."

Leeteuk took in the pouting sad face and decided he needed to cheer up the boy. He knew exactly the thing to do."

"So…How's Amber?" He asked casually.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" The boy sputtered as suddenly blushed.

"It was a simple question and yet you are so flustered." He teased him.

"Gege!" Henry whined.

Leeteuk laughed loudly at this. The rest of the band paused in their own conversations to look over at them. This made Henry blush even brighter in embarrassment. Leeteuk loved how shy the violin player got when the f(x) rapper was brought up in conversation. It was obvious he liked the girl.

"Hyung hopes by the time he's out you will have asked the girl out already."


"Oh Henli, I will miss teasing you while I'm gone. Stay strong so hyung can tease you when I'm out."

Henry smiled at this. The affection in Leeteuk's face was obvious. He loved teasing his Canadian maknae a lot. Pinching the other on the cheek he sent him off. Looking around he saw Kyuhyun was staring back at him. The maknae made a small gesture with his head before heading out on the balcony. Leeteuk followed after and slid the door closed.

"Kyuhyun-ah?" He called in a soft voice.

"Sorry to pull you away hyung. But I wanted you to myself for a minute."

Leeteuk grinned at this. Kyuhyun was always selfish when it came to the hyungs. He wanted them all to himself and hated sharing. Leeteuk ruffled the other's hair gently.

"I suppose I should thank you for all of this. I was told it was your idea."

"It was. Hyung does so much for us that I knew it was best if we were all together. It wasn't that hard to pull off once we got the right distraction on board."

"For my evil maknae, you can actually be a real softy at times."

"Don’t let the others know. I will lose my control over them."

Leeteuk chuckled at this. The snarky brat has appeared finally. But all to quickly the young child Kyuhyun was back.

"I'm going to miss you Jungsu. You were always there for me and its hard knowing you'll not be there for a couple of years."

"Oh Kyuhyun. I'm going to miss you too." He pulled the younger into a tight hug. "I'll let you in on a secret. The day of the accident when I saw you laying on the ground not moving I prayed. I prayed that you would wake up and be okay. And I promised myself that when you did I would never let you feel that type of pain again. I would make you smile and laugh and always be happy. Granted now you are a snarky little shit but I'm so happy that you are with us. You are so important to Super Junior. I hope you never forget it."

Kyuhyun didn’t answer to that, but based on the shaking body and the slightly damp feel on Leeteuk's shirt, he knew the boy was touched by the comment.

"Will you promise me something?"

Kyuhyun nodded.

"Always keep you head up. And never let this family of ours go. We will always love each other if we do. And also keep an eye on Sungmin for me."


"I worry that he'll be so focused on caring for everyone else that he will forget to care for himself. Make sure he eats and rests and stays healthy."

"I promise hyung."

"Good, now I need to go find my EunHae boys. I don’t want them to think I forgot about them."

"A few more minutes? Please?" Kyuhyun asked timidly.

So Leeteuk stood there holding Kyuhyun tightly. He ran a hand through the others hair as he whispered comforting words in his ear. Kyuhyun was more relaxed when he pulled away.

"Come back to us soon, old man." He teased with a grin.

"Yah, respect your hyung." Leeteuk threw back with a smile.

He patted the younger on the head again as he headed back inside. The maknae opted to stay outside for a few more minutes until his red puffy eyes dies down a bit. As soon as Leeteuk entered the dorm again he was hugged on both sides of his body. Knowing right away who they were he chuckled.

"Hyukjae, Donghae, I was just about to find you."

"Hyung! Don’t leave me! I need you!" Donghae cried loudly.

"Oh Donghae." Leeteuk whispered softly.

He led the two towards the couch where he sat them down.  They sat on both sides of him and curled their bodies against his.  It was often that they did so. Leeteuk put a hand on both their heads. They relied so heavily on the leader that he knew they were taking his departure the hardest.

"Hyukjae, you have grown into such an amazing variety and radio star. Add that with your rapping and dance skills and you are very talented. I am so proud at how far you've come. You will be amazing in the next few years and I look forward in seeing your progress while I'm away."

"But what if I mess up?"

"You probably will, that's what being human is all about. But I know that you will be fine. Because you have all of us here to help you out and support you. So keep doing what you're doing."

Hyukjae nodded at that.

"Donghae, I am so proud of you too. You have become an amazing young man with a kind heart. I am amazed at how absolutely wonderful and sweet you are. Your singing is really good and you are progressing so well on your acting career. Your father is probably so proud of you."

Donghae cried at the mention of his late father.

"Hyung what will I do without you though? You've been here for me so long that I'll be lost."

Leeteuk took one of Donghae's hand and locked it with Hyukjae's. The two pulled their heads away enough to stare curiously at him.

"You two will be fine because you have each other. I will miss you two the most because I love you so much but I don’t worry. Your love for each other is so strong now that it will get you through anything. Even our ELF's know that."

The two chuckled at the mention of their fan club. Even someone blind could tell what they had was special. Leeteuk pecked each of them on the head like a father would their children.

"Now smile for hyung. I need to own in tomorrow seeing you smiling for me."

"Yes, hyung."

"Good, now tell me. Where is Hankyung?"

In unison the pair pointed across the room where the China man was still talking with Heechul. Leeteuk pulled away from the pair and made his way over. On the couch the two curled up together and began whispering softly. Leeteuk tapped the Chinese man on the shoulder and smiled.

"Hankyung, I still have talked to you yet. Think I can pull you away from Heechul for a moment?"

Heechul looked like he was going to argue about it but Han Geng nodded. He whispered something in the Diva's ear before leading Leeteuk away. The two found a quiet spot to talk.

"Leeteuk-hyung." Han Geng began. "You ever think I was selfish to leave?"

"I knew it was for the best. It took awhile but we all learned to accept it. The company was hurting you. You needed to be free. We knew that."

"I don’t regret leaving the company. I regret leaving all of you. I miss everyone. Being solo is lonely."

"We know but we all support you. We buy your CD's and listen to them all the time. And Henry and Zhou Mi sneak your stuff in for us all the time. We have been following you very carefully."

"I follow you as well. Its not that hard for me but I do try to keep updated with the groups work."

Leeteuk smiled.

"You do realize Heechul wont let you go tomorrow?"

"I know. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Right now, I'm thinking about you."

Leeteuk grinned at this. He took Han Geng's hand.

"You will always be a member of Super Junior no matter what the company says. This is a family no one will break up."

Han Geng smiled at this. He was about to say something when Sungmin interrupted.

"Leeteuk hyung, lets take a picture of all of us!"

The two turned and saw that the others had set up a camera aimed at the couch and all the members were already sitting. Smiling, Leeteuk dragged Han Geng over to the group. The leader took a seat in between Donghae and Eunhyuk while Han Geng wrapped an arm around Heechul. Yesung stood with his arms around Ryeowook's waist and his chin on his shoulder. Kibum, Henry, Zhou Mi, and Siwon were clustered around behind the leader. Shindong sat next to Eunhyuk while Kyuhyun was next to Donghae. Kangin stood next to Heechul's other side. Sungmin set the timer before he took his spot next to Kyuhyun. Leeteuk knew exactly what he wanted to say.

"We are Super Junior!" He called out.

"Or-o!" They all replied as one as they held out their hands. The flash went off at that moment and Leeteuk knew the picture was one he was going to take with him. One perfect family picture of all his brothers to have for the next two years.

After all, tomorrow was not the end, it was the and.

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/everyone, pairing: various, subject: eeteuk, subject: super junior

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