Pretentious fanfic writer (verocity) wrote in miracle______,
Pretentious fanfic writer

Survivability II: Prologue

Title: Survivability II: Prologue
Author: verocity
Fandom: 2PM | SHINee | Super Junior
Featuring: Junho x Chansung, Henry, Jonghyun
Rating: G
Genre: Action & Adventure, Bleach!AU
Wordcount: 3,018
A/N: Some writers have less control over their stories as they think. What I originally planned to be a one-shot post-battle fic about Survivability turned into the seeds for a sequel. For those new to the series, here's the link to the first arc.

Summary: The drums of war can be heard over the horizon. Henry and Jonghyun have left the city as willing pawns on a mission.

Link: Henry grinned. "I don't know about him but Donghae was satisfied with our last training. I mean, sure, he trashed us to hell and back, but it took him five minutes to do it this time."
Tags: subject: henry, with: 2pm, with: shinee
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