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fic: Baby Tales

Title: Baby Tales
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg, random fluff / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Minho, Suho
Word Count: 3,809
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: How the Choi family deals with their new member.
Notes: You like little Minho and baby Suho? Enjoy him while you can :)

Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy?, HIMYM, 24/7, Hey, Mommy, Turbulence, Boyfriend, Happy Birthday Mommy, Auntie, Superman and Hummer, Me and My Family, & Uncle

Part: Mommy

He woke up with a start. A baby's wail could be heard from the baby monitor and that explained why his sleep was disturbed once again. A glance at the clock on the bedside table told him it was 3:45 am. Right on schedule actually, he thought wryly. Lately the baby had been choosing to wake up around 2 to 5 am. He reached out to his husband who slept soundly next to him. "Siwon... Siwon, Suho is crying again."

"Hmm..." A sleepy mumble responded, but there was no sign of him waking up.

"Siwon, please, I had just slept for two hours."

No reply this time except for a snore.

Kyuhyun sighed and got off the bed to tend to Suho. He had a headache due to lack of sleep, and all the crying only made it worse. "Come here, baby..." he said as he picked Suho up. "Why are you awake, huh? Oh, your diaper's dirty..."

It began to take its toll on him. Kyuhyun tried to remember why it didn't feel this hard when they had Minho even thought that was their first time. Then he realized they had everyone helping them, from his sister to Zhoumi. Siwon also wasn't as busy with work. Now his sister was busy with her own family, Zhoumi was in America, and Siwon... Well, Siwon hadn't been present.

Now that Kyuhyun recalled, Siwon seemed to be working a lot more. Early meetings, overtimes, out of town trips. Siwon said their company was handling a big project right now, but Kyuhyun couldn't care less. That might be true or Siwon might simply be avoiding his responsibility to take care of Suho. The point was, Kyuhyun felt overwhelmed with Suho and Siwon wasn't helping. Not even at night or early morning when Siwon just continued sleeping while he had to stay up until Suho decided to go to bed.

Could he be blamed for feeling so averse to his husband? He wouldn't respond to his kisses and hugs, saying that he felt tired. That wasn't a lie, although not the whole truth. He also preferred to go to bed early so he wouldn't see him. Which made sense anyway because some time past midnight Suho would wake up and he would be the one tending him, so he needed all the sleep he could get.

If his older son wasn't playing or working on his homework, he would be annoying him and asking for his attention. Which made him even angrier at Siwon because he was the one who supposed to take care of Minho, not him. What happened to the division of labor? Now not only he got his hands full, more and more burden was forced onto him.

"Mommy," Minho tugged his sleeve. "Mommy, Suho is crying again."

Kyuhyun rubbed his forehead, the headache wouldn't go away even after he drank some pills. He knew he should get off the couch, he should look after Suho, but his body felt weirdly heavy. He wasn't sick, no, just unwilling to move. Why? He should move now, Suho was his responsibility--.

"Mommy? Mommy, why are you crying?"

"Shut up..."


"Shut up and go to your room!" Kyuhyun snapped harshly, which caused Minho to wince and ran up to his room

Suho continued to cry in his room, but Kyuhyun just covered his ears with his hands. He hated it, he hated the crying and whining and he didn't want to see the baby. Who cared if Suho just cry like that? Siwon didn't care, why should he? Siwon was the one who made him pregnant, Siwon was the one who looked happy when Suho was born. That was a month ago. Could it be that his feelings had changed?

"Kyuhyun? What happened?" Another voice he hated emerged. Siwon had arrived home at just the right time. "Why is Suho crying? Why don't you go to him?"

Kyuhyun stood up and stomped upstairs followed by Siwon. But he didn't go to the baby's room and went inside the bedroom instead. He slammed the door closed and plopped himself face down on the bed. Faintly, he could hear Siwon calming Suho down and talking to Minho. Before long, the door to the bedroom was opened and Kyuhyun didn't need to turn around to know it was Siwon.

"Hey--." A hand reached out and touched his shoulder, but he slapped it away. Siwon seemed to be taken aback and silence fell between them before he spoke up again. "Minho said you yelled at him just now... What happened, Kyu?"

"Like you care."

Siwon was obviously surprised at the venom in Kyuhyun's voice. "Kyu... Did I do something wrong?" When there was no answer, he continued, "I think... I think you're just tired..."

"Of course I'm tired!" Kyuhyun snapped and turned to face Siwon. The older man was at loss for words when he saw how tired Kyuhyun actually looked. Not the kind of tired when he played games for too long or woke up too early. He looked utterly exhausted, angry, fed up and helpless. And hateful.

"T-then you should get some rest--."

"You think I don't want that? You think I like not getting enough sleep? Staying up because Suho was always crying at night and you were always sleeping?"


"What am I, huh? Some-- some babysitting machine who wouldn't get tired? Of course I'm tired! I have headaches and I can barely work and I've been told off by my clients. But did you know? Of course you didn't! Because you were too busy not being here."

"Hey, hey, baby... I'm sorry, okay? I didn't--."

"Don't 'baby' me!" Kyuhyun sat up and shouted almost hysterically. "You didn't what? You didn't mean to be that way? Well, prove it! You take care of the baby! I'm not doing it anymore!!" He shoved past Siwon who was stunned enough to not hold him back.

"Huh? K-Kyu?" Siwon stuttered when Kyuhyun was well on his way downstairs. "Where are you going?"

"Away from the baby! Away from you!"

All the screaming finally woke Suho up again and he began to cry. Siwon was torn for a second, but Suho's voice got louder and louder, so he could only call out Kyuhyun's name while deciding to tend Suho.

Paying no attention to the panicking Siwon, Kyuhyun strode without hesitation and grabbed the key of Siwon's Hummer. He brought nothing else, no money, no cell phone. He just wanted to get away. The car got out of the garage right when Siwon showed up on the front door with Suho in his arms and Minho behind him, but he just drove off.

His mind was blank the whole way, and before he knew it, he had arrived in front of his sister's house. He didn't even realize he was crying until his sister asked him worriedly when she opened the door. There was no one else in the house-- her husband was visiting his father with their son. Despite all the questions, Kyuhyun was too tired to answer, and he fell asleep the moment he touched the bed.

That was his first deep, undisturbed sleep in two weeks, and he didn't wake up until 11 am the next morning.

Ahra forced him to eat until he was full before she asked again about what happened. He told her everything and strange enough he felt calmer and more relaxed until he excused himself to go back to sleep. As he dozed off on the bed, he could hear her sister outside the room, softly talking to someone on the phone. "...Yes, Siwon, he's not just tired. He's suffering from baby blues syndrome... I'm pretty sure..."

Different from the previously dreamless sleep, he dreamt about his family now. He couldn't remember what happened in the dream, but it didn't matter, because when he woke up, his husband was laying down next to him.

"Hey, Kyu..." Siwon whispered while stroking his hair hesitantly. Kyuhyun stared at him and tried to recall why he was so full of hate towards him, but everything was a blur. All that he knew was he missed him already, so he leaned his head towards Siwon's big hand, causing Siwon to smile in relief.

"The kids?" Kyuhyun asked softly.

"With your sister."

Kyuhyun closed his eyes, enjoying his husband's touch.

"Sorry, Kyuhyun... I know we should've given you some time and space, but we all miss you." Kyuhyun could feel a kiss being pressed onto his forehead. "If you still want to stay here..."

"No," Kyuhyun muttered. "I'm going back with you."

"Are you sure? Because you don't have to worry about Suho and Minho. I've taken a leave from the office for a while."

The younger man smiled and opened his eyes again. "That means we can take care of them together."

Siwon continued to stroke his hair, a loving gesture that hadn't been shared for what felt like forever. They had truly grown apart for a while. Siwon vowed to put an end to it. "I wish you had told me earlier-- no, I should've realized." He shook his head. "I'm sorry."

Kyuhyun turned his head a bit and placed a kiss on Siwon's palm. He moved closer to Siwon and let himself be wrapped inside the strong pair of arms. "Can we go back home after dinner?"

"Of course, of course..." There was no stopping Siwon from placing kisses all over Kyuhyun's face. "I love you."

Kyuhyun hummed, content.

Part: Minho

Despite his promise that he would be the best brother, he really, really didn't feel like it lately. He kept on reminding himself that he was a big boy, that he could take care of himself, but he couldn't get rid of the thought that his Mommy loved his baby brother more than him.

"Of course not," his Daddy said and ruffled his hair. "How could you say that?"

"I don't know," Minho felt a bit embarrassed now that his father had said so, but the jealousy refused to lessen. "Mommy plays with Suho a lot."

"That's not just playing, Minho. Suho still needs a lot of attention, he's just a baby, remember? He's only 9 months old. Your mother and me have agreed that I should play with you while he takes care of Suho. And then when I play with Suho, you get Mommy. There should be no one left alone, but you can blame your Daddy here because sometimes he's busy working and couldn't play with you as much."

Minho should understand, as he wasn't only a big boy, he was also a smart boy.

Then again, how could he when everything Suho did just took all the attention? All the cheers, all the amused laughter whenever Suho did something 'funny', just didn't make sense to Minho, including what happened a few days ago.

The boy had come home in a high spirit, sure that his Mommy would praise him. Despite his weakness in math, his study paid off and he got the mark 90 in the last test, and he couldn't wait to show the test result to his mother. Who knows? He would probably get a kiss he could brag about to his father. "Mommy! Mommy!" He called out as he ran up the stairs. "Mommy, where are you? I want to show you something! Mommy!!"

He found his mother in his brother's room (as usual) and quickly showed the paper, "Look, Mommy, I got 90--."

"Did you hear that, Minho?" Kyuhyun didn't even look at Minho. His eyes were fixed at the baby in his arms. "Did you hear what Suho just said?"

"Mommy, look at my test result--."

"Suho just called me Mommy!" Kyuhyun smiled widely and kissed Suho's forehead (he wanted that kiss too, the older boy thought from the side). "Come on, Suho. Say it again. Call me! Say it again, smart boy!"

The baby cackled and beamed at Kyuhyun, "Mee!"

"That's right! Who's your Mommy? I'm your Mommy!" Kyuhyun smothered the baby's face with kisses. "Wait until your father hears about this! Your first word and it's me--."

Meanwhile, Minho sneaked out and into his own room. He flopped down the bed and crumpled the paper in his hand into a ball before throwing it somewhere between his pile of toys.

But the one incident that made him explode was when his mother didn't come to the Parents Day, even after Minho made him promise over and over again until his mother snapped and flicked his forehead. His face fell when he saw that only Daddy came with an apologetic face. "Suho's sick, so your Mommy has to take him to the doctor," his father explained. "I'm taking you home after this, then I have to go back to work, okay?"

When he didn't receive a response, Siwon nudged his son, "Minho? Did you hear me?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"...Mommy said sorry."

Minho didn't say anything, already determined on carrying out the plan he just thought of. There was no one at the house, so after his father went back to work, he rushed to his room and pulled out his big backpack. He took one t-shirt and a pair of pants, two of his favorite toys, a Superman figure and a toy car, along with his piggy bank which he would've broke right then if not for the fact that it was a gift from Taemin. Of course he needed to eat, so he went to the kitchen to grab some chocolates and instant noodles before filling up his water bottle. Now he was all set.

"Hyung, where are you going?" Taemin, who happened to be sitting on the front porch of his house, asked curiously as he saw his boyfriend walking sneakily with a huge backpack.

"I'm running away from home," Minho put his forefinger to his lips. "Don't worry, Taeminie, I'll come to play with you sometimes!"

"Okay!" Taemin giggled and waved.

The little boy continued to walk, unsure of where to go. In the end, his feet took him to the park where he usually played with Taemin. He decided he could take a rest for a moment while thinking of where to go next, so he put down his backpack and got on the swing.

He must've spent quite some time there, because the sun was setting when he snapped out of his daydream... and saw his father walking towards him, looking out of breath but relieved.

"He's here, at the park," his father talked into his phone. Most likely his mother was on the other side. Siwon sat down on the swing next to him and stroked his hair gently. Minho waited for his father to say something. Scolding him, maybe. But his father just asked, "Enjoying your adventure so far?"

Minho shrugged and Siwon continued, "Taeminie told us you were running away from home."


"Care to tell me why?"

"Because Mommy doesn't need me."

Siwon huffed and thought for a moment. "...You know, Minho, when you were still a baby, your mother never let you out of his sight."

Minho stole a glance at his father, his attention piqued.

"He didn't take any work for a while because he wanted to focus on taking care of you. Every little thing you did made him happy. He would send me photos of you or both of you, and then I would rush to get off work and see my family. Once, you got a really high fever and he called me, crying and begging me to come home because he was so scared of losing you. I was scared of losing you too." Siwon smiled at his son who couldn't take his eyes off him now. "But you made it. You grew up. Look at you now, a big boy. A big brother. Your Mommy feels safe now because... well, you can take care of yourself."

"But Suho can't," Minho muttered in understanding. "Suho can't take care of himself."

"You're such a smart boy, you know that? Don't think I don't know about that 90 mark you got on that math test. Your Mommy showed it to me."

Minho widened his eyes. "But I..."

"You threw it away? Well, Mommy found it and told me to give you a present. Me, being the bad father I am, haven't got the time to buy you one."

"You're not a bad Daddy!" Minho shook his head.

"You're not a bad brother yourself," Siwon brought his pinkie forward. "Promise me you would help Mommy to take care of Suho? Because Mommy needs your help too."

Minho linked their pinkies together and shook them. "Promise!"


The boy flinched, knowing very well who the voice belonged to. His father patted his back and he turned around to face his mother who was carrying Suho. Kyuhyun looked angry and Minho inwardly prepared himself to get scolded as he wondered what punishment he would get. But soon he found out how wrong he was when Mommy suddenly burst into tears while hugging him with one hand, his other hand protectively clutched Suho.

"I was so worried, Minho!" Kyuhyun cried and Minho felt so guilty that he cried as well. It was left to Siwon to calm them both down.

It was already dark when they finally walked back home together, each of Minho's hand held by his parents. The boy stared at his younger brother, who happened to stared back at him, and said softly. "I'm sorry, Suho. I'm going to be a better brother, okay? You can trust your Minho hyung."

Suho blinked and opened his mouth, "Mi'o."

"Eh?" The two adults said at the same time and exchanged glances.


Minho looked at his parents with a big grin, "Did he just say my name?"

Part: Daddy

The door creaked open softly. A tall figure sneaked in, none other than the father of the owner of the room. As if knowing that he would come, the baby wasn't sleeping but he wasn't crying either. Instead, he was extending his hands towards the hanging toys above him while making small, amused baby sounds.

"Hey, Suho," Siwon called out and his son turned his eyes to him. "Come here, Suho, come to Daddy." After gathering his son in his arms as gentle as he could, Siwon sat down on the armchair next to the baby crib and looked down at Suho.

"Do you love Daddy, Suho? Do you love me as much as you love Mommy and Minho?" He asked and was responded by wide, blinking baby eyes along with a toothless smile save for two small teeth poking out from his bottom gum. "You do, don't you? You do love Daddy very much."

Suho cackled as Siwon rubbed their noses together. "Then why haven't you called Daddy, hmm? You've called Mommy and Minho, but why not me?"

Oh, yeah, he was jealous. He remembered Minho calling his name first when he was Suho's age, and Kyuhyun didn't show any kind of jealousy back then, so of course he couldn't show it now. He had almost forgotten how much joy one would feel when your baby called out to you until Suho started calling Kyuhyun not too long ago. So he had been doing this lately, sneaking into his baby's room at night and taught him the word 'Daddy' if he wasn't sleeping. So far his efforts were in vain.

"Daddy. Daaaddy. Da~~ddy," Siwon tried all kinds of tone, but Suho just patted Siwon's lips and giggled again every time Siwon spoke. "Come on, Suho, it's not much different from 'Mommy'. Daaaaddyyyy."

Suho blinked and Siwon sighed. "...Is it because I'm always working, Suho? Are you mad at me? But I've tried my best to come home early every night, you know... Well, of course one reason is because your Mommy would be angry at me otherwise, but I also want to see you, play with you, and... and hear you call me. So, Daddy."


"No, not Mommy. Daddy."


"Not Minho too! Daaaddy."

The baby suddenly yawned, making Siwon realized that he had kept him awake for too long. He sighed again and patted his son. "Okay, okay, sorry. Go to sleep, Suho. We'll try again tomorrow..."

He didn't know when he had fallen asleep, but he remembered seeing his baby sleeping on his lap while sucking his thumb before he went into slumber himself right there on the armchair. He was awoken by the loss of the comfortable weight in his hold and opened his sleepy eyes to the sight of Kyuhyun holding their baby.

"Mee! Mee!" Suho exclaimed excitedly.

"Yes, it's Mommy, Suho. It's Mommy~." Kyuhyun kissed him all over his face and noticed his husband's stare. "Oh, look, Daddy's awake, baby."

Siwon pouted, crossed his arms, and finally muttered. "He wouldn't call me."


"He wouldn't call me. He wouldn't say 'Daddy'."

Kyuhyun blinked once, twice, then began to laugh. "I know. You've been trying to teach him."

"You knew?"

"Oh, for real? You didn't think I knew? I could hear you talking from the baby monitor, remember? I could not not woke up."

Siwon flushed in embarrassment and pouted even deeper. So much for sneaking his way around.

"Your Daddy is so silly, huh, Suho?" Kyuhyun laughed again. "So silly, sulking like that by himself, hmm? Look at him, Suho."

"That's not fair," Siwon stood up and huffed, couldn't care less that he was sulking like a little kid. "He had called you, he had called Minho, but not me. Suho doesn't love me."

"Oh hush," Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, but he looked more amused than not. He turned Suho around and hold him facing Siwon. "Suho, who is that, baby? Who is that sulking?"

"Stop that, Kyu--."


Siwon gaped, couldn't believe his ears. In fact, he really couldn't believe it to the point that he dismissed it as random baby talk.

"Dee! Dee!" Suho pointed with his tiny fingers.

"Yes, baby, that's your Daddy."

Siwon looked back and forth between Kyuhyun and Suho. "Did... did he just..."


"You're not the only one who've been teaching him to say 'Daddy'," the corner of Kyuhyun's mouth curled up into a smile and Siwon beamed in overflowing love towards his spouse and his baby. "Am I not the best ever?"

"The best, the very, very best," Siwon moved closer to them and wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun before pressing their foreheads together. "You know what, you even deserve a trophy. I'll order it for you tomorrow."

Kyuhyun would laugh again, but Siwon sealed his lips with a kiss while Suho blinked and clapped his hands happily.


The end~
Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun, with: exo, with: shinee
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