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MOD POST - How to tag

Tagging is now open and we mods would very much appreciate it if all members would tag their own posts. The tagging is pretty straight forward, fics will mainly be tagged by pairing, but here are the tags explained.

bandcest - fics where everyone gets in on the fun
fanart - pictures
fanvid - videos
ot3 - trios
♦ot3: other - for those times where it's suju/suju/nonsuju
♦generally, tags will be created for anything suju/smtown member
pairing - used for two members in close quarters (friendship, romance, pwp, etc)
♦4+ - any fic that has four or more members in close quarters (friendship, romance, pwp, etc)
subject - single member centric (can also be used for fic examining band dynamics)
♦pairing: various - to be used with 5+ pairings in one fic
with - fic contains another band in a prominent role
♦please include this tag for fics with suju/nonsuju

Tagging is set up so that only the author of a post (and the mods and maintainers) can add tags. If you need a new tag created, ask one of the mods and we will make it for you, but bare in mind that tag space is limited and new pairing tags will only be made for pairings with more than one fic. Otherwise use the Suju member/other tag. If you add the wrong tags you will not be able to fix it, for whatever strange reason LJ won't let you. So if you make a mistake just grab a mod and we will remove any wrong tags.

If you are new to LJ or are unfamiliar with the actual process of tagging, under the cut is an illustrated how to guide.

If you are posting using a LJ client such as semagic, then the best thing to do is to edit the tags after you have posted. Don't type the tags in before you post since if you make a typo or anything then that tag will not work


Go look at the post after you have posted and click on the edit tags icon.


Then select the tags you want and hit the save changes button.

If you are posting straight to the comm using the old style posting format, this is what it should look like:




And if you are using the new style posting format, it looks like this:




If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to ask one of the mods. Pick a mod and PM them, or comment in a mod post of the suggestion post.
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