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fic: Uncle

Title: Uncle
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg, random fluff / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Minho, Suho
Word Count: 4,476
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: Mommy’s ex returned. The husband and the son weren’t happy.
Notes: Again, the majority of the plot is pinku_kireru’s.

Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy?, HIMYM, 24/7, Hey, Mommy, Turbulence, Boyfriend, Happy Birthday Mommy, Auntie, Superman and Hummer, & Me and My Family

"Tell me again who are we picking up?" Siwon asked after he parked the car and caught up with his family. He didn't have a chance to ask earlier as Suho kept on crying the whole time and Kyuhyun was busy calming him down. Although Kyuhyun said he could pick this person up by himself, there was no way Siwon would let him and in the end the whole family went to the airport. Kyuhyun also said that this person would stay with them for a few days and Siwon absentmindedly said yes because he was focusing on the road. Anyway, Kyuhyun wouldn't let just some random person to stay at their home, right?

"Ah, let me hold Suho," Siwon said before Kyuhyun could answer.

"There he is!" Kyuhyun exclaimed and waved excitedly, hands free now that Suho was safely tucked in Siwon's arms. "Hyung!"

Siwon followed Kyuhyun's line of sight and true enough a man emerged from the crowd straight towards their direction. A man he recognized very, very well.

Jay. Jay. That Jay. Kim Jay.

Kyuhyun's ex-boyfriend. The one who actually attempted to steal Kyuhyun from him many years ago before they got married, the one who insisted that they never broke up due to lack of love but rather due to unfortunate circumstances. The one who caused many fights between Siwon and Kyuhyun back then. That Jay who finally had to move back to Jeju and gave Siwon a peace of mind.

"You look gorgeous!" Jay exclaimed and spread his arms. Kyuhyun laughed and hugged him, causing Siwon to regret taking Suho from Kyuhyun. "You look fine as well. Jeju seems to do you good."

"Amazing view every day, yeah. But I prefer to see you any day." Jay winked and kissed Kyuhyun's cheek while Siwon felt blood rushed to his head. As if on cue, Jay finally turned his attention to the rest of the family. "Well, well, who do we have here? Cute boy and baby," Jay released Kyuhyun and smiled at Siwon. "And you."

"This is Minho," Kyuhyun patted Minho's head, telling him to greet Jay. Then he gently took Suho from Siwon's arms and showed him to Jay. "This is Suho."

"So cute... the little one looks a lot like you," Jay touched the tip of Suho's nose. Suho just squirmed in his sleep.

"Surely you still remember Siwon, now my husband."

Siwon stepped forward and stood as straight as possible. He put up his blank slash I-have-the-perfect-life-and-you-don't look and lazily raised his hand to shake with Jay's. Jay just smirked, "Of course. The possessive boy."

Oh, he was so looking for a fight.

After that, of course Siwon had to drive with Minho sitting by his side while Kyuhyun was chatting all the way with Jay in the back seats. Siwon wished for Suho to wake up and interrupt them, but noooo, Suho for once was being quiet and only woke up when they arrived at home-- which required all of Kyuhyun's attention, so he told Siwon to show Jay around the house... and into the guest bedroom.

"Why are you being so impolite to our guest?" Kyuhyun hissed, still trying to coo Suho back into sleep in the baby's room. "You already said yes earlier!"

"Because I didn't know who the guest was! I don't see why should he stay with us! Why can't he just stay at a hotel or something? He's on a business trip, right?"

"Imagine this. Me, in an unfamiliar city. I only know Jay in that city. What would you do? You would let me stay with him, no?"

Siwon gaped, as if offended, "I would get you a good hotel room and rent a car plus a driver for you! Besides, it's not like he's unfamiliar Seoul, he lived here before!"

"Oh, you're impossible!" As if on cue, Suho blasted out crying and Kyuhyun shot him one last glare before shutting him off completely. That was obviously the end of discussion.

Outside, Minho heard it all and he shuffled to his room when he heard his father stomping towards the door.


"Why do you hate Uncle?"

Siwon's finger stopped moving on his son's textbook. He knew this question was bound to come. Minho was a smart boy and Siwon was never one who could hide his feelings. But it wouldn't hurt to try avoiding the question. "We're not done with your homework, Minho."

"Answer me first," Minho put his pencil down and crossed his arms.

No use trying then. Siwon knew his son would ask until his question got answered. After putting down his pencil as well, he muttered, "I don't?"

"Are you asking me?" The boy frowned in confusion.

"No, I mean, I don't hate him."

His son rolled his eyes, a habit he picked up from his mother. Siwon sighed and gave up. "Fine. But hate is a strong word. I just... don't like him."

"Why? He seems nice. And he's Mommy's friend."

"Yeah, right." Siwon had the urge to roll his eyes, but he wasn't about to pick up that habit, no.

"What do you mean? It's true."

Maybe Siwon was being a bit childish, but he just wanted someone to be on his side. Didn't matter how old they were or how capable they were in judging others. "He's not exactly your Mommy's friend."

"No? Then who is he?"

"You know, before your Mommy and I met, we have other loved ones, ones we thought would be our beloved for life. Although of course we were wrong since your Mommy and I were meant to be. Anyway, that man used to be Mommy's... boyfriend."

Minho widened his eyes. "Like me and Taeminie?"

Siwon nodded and the little boy gasped, "So Mommy used to love him the way he love you now?"

"No, not like that at all!" Siwon answered quickly with a pout. "Your Mommy loves me way, way more than he liked him then."

"So... why do you hate Uncle?"

Siwon had no choice, see. He had to put it as simple as he could. Minho wouldn't understand the complex explanation because he was too young to understand. So Siwon explained in one, short sentence that summed it all up and was, honestly, completely unbiased, "I think he wants to steal Mommy from us."


"I don't like you," Minho exclaimed bluntly the very next morning when they had breakfast together. Siwon silently cheered on his son, but Jay didn't seem appalled. Instead, he was chuckling, even more when Kyuhyun pulled at Minho's ear while lecturing him about manner. The boy didn't understand why his mother seemed to be on Uncle Jay's side-- did he want to be stolen or something? But Daddy said Mommy loved him more, so...

Really, it was too confusing for Minho's small head. He just knew that he believed what his father said and he would never, ever let that happen. Especially since Uncle Jay seemed to care less about his display of hate. Even when Daddy and him got ready to go and said their goodbyes to Mommy and Suho on the door, Uncle Jay wrapped his arm around Mommy's shoulder and waved like he was the owner of the house.

Yeah, Minho really didn't like him.


The little boy put the phone down. His father just called and said that he had to stay back at the office. Expecting to order a delivery since his mother was busy with a project, the boy pouted when Uncle Jay said he would cook instead.

"I don't want to eat your food! I only eat Daddy's!" Minho said defiantly.

"Oh God, shut it!" Kyuhyun snapped and turned to Jay. "It's okay, hyung. I don't want to bother you. We can just order a delivery--."

"No, no. It's the least I can do. I couldn't freeload my stay here, no?"

"Hyung, don't say that..."

"I was just kidding," Jay chuckled and stroked Kyuhyun's hair. "Don't be too serious."

Minho watched with growing dislike and he burst out. "I don't wanna eat your food!!"

"Don't eat then," Kyuhyun rolled his eyes.

In the end, Minho made himself instant cup noodle and ate in his room, avoiding the scene of his mother and that man eating happily on the dinner table ('like family,' a small, annoying thought popped up in his mind, but Minho ignored it).

His hate towards Jay only piled up the next day when even Taemin, his very own boyfriend, seemed to like him.

"Really, I think your drawings are cute," Jay said as he ruffled the petite boy's hair, while on the side Minho pouted when he saw Taemin blushing adorably. He was supposed to only blush for him!

"Thank you..." Taemin said softly and drew something again quickly. He proudly showed it to Jay who smiled and said, "Oh, is that me?"

Which part of it? Minho wondered. To him, the drawing looked like scribbles, although he knew better than to say it out loud. Taemin would've cried.

"Yes," Taemin nodded shyly, "it's for you."

Minho bulged his eyes.

After he took Taemin back home, he returned with a new set of determination and confronted Jay instantly. "You will never steal Mommy away from us!"

The subject of hatred just had to chuckle. How couldn't he? The son was as amusing as the father. "Oh? Why not?"

"Because my Daddy is better than you! He's more handsome, he's smarter, he cooks better than you!"

"Well, you've never tasted my cooking, so you don't know that..."

"I don't care! I know already! Besides, my Mommy and Daddy are so so so much in love like me and Taeminie!"

"You mean like how I'm in love with my dog back home, and how I really love good food..."

"It's not like that!" Minho screamed in frustration and Jay had to stop himself from laughing out loud. "Mommy couldn't live without Daddy! Although he doesn't say it, he would miss him when he doesn't come home! So just give up because Mommy would never go with you!"

"What's with all the racket!?" Kyuhyun appeared, displeased with Minho's shouting as it was getting hard to focus on his work. "Who is going with who?"

"Mommy!" Minho ran to his mother and hugged his legs. "You're not going with him, right?"

"Who said that?"

Minho kept his lips sealed, but Kyuhyun didn't need him to say that it was Siwon. This was getting out of control and he swore he would talk to his husband later. "Listen, go to your room and think about how impolite you have been to our guest!"

"But Mommy--!"

"No but!" Kyuhyun said sternly. The little boy pouted but he knew better than going against his mother's words. He stuck his tongue out at Jay and ran upstairs to his room. After he was sure that Minho stayed in his room like he told him to, Kyuhyun turned to Jay and sighed. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Don't worry."

"I don't know what has gotten into them-- Minho and Siwon. Mostly Siwon because obviously he said some weird things to Minho..."

"Seems like he's still the jealous man, huh?" Jay just chuckled.


Later that day, Siwon came home to similarly unpleasant scene in the baby room. Jay was holding his baby, his son, and was singing to him. "Give him to me," Siwon said curtly and extended his hand like a kid asking for candies.

Jay merely hushed him and said softly, "He's sleeping."

"Then let his father bring him to bed," Siwon persisted, already taking his son into his arms, but the movements woke Suho up and he began to wail. "Sssh... sshh, Suho, it's Daddy... don't cry..." But he wouldn't stop crying, and soon enough Kyuhyun walked in, tired and annoyed.

"What happened here? I thought Suho was sleeping already. Did you wake him up?"

"I didn't--," Siwon began defensively. "I just wanted to hold him."

"Do you even know that he had been crying nonstop?" Kyuhyun snapped. "I was finally about to get some rest but now he woke up again!"

"A father has the right to hold his son, no?"

"Well, a father should've helped me to stop him from crying, not causing him to cry again!"

"Hey, hey, don't fight in front of the baby," Jay tried to step in. Siwon was about to lash out at him, but Suho wailed again, louder this time. "He's just sleepy, you need to hold him properly."

"What do you know!? I'm his father, I--."

"Siwon, please," Kyuhyun rubbed his forehead. "I'm very tired, okay? "

Reluctantly, unwillingly, Siwon returned Suho to Jay. True enough, moments later Suho was sound asleep and Jay lowered him to the baby crib gently.

"See?" Kyuhyun scolded Siwon again in a low voice. "You're not helping here. He knew what to do."

Siwon couldn't help it. Those words sent jealousy surging through him like fire. Jealousy... and fear. "...Why don't you marry him then?"

Without waiting for Kyuhyun's reaction, he dashed to his and Kyuhyun's room and grabbed a bag. Kyuhyun came after him, asking what he was doing, but Siwon didn't answer. Head pulsing with anger, he stuffed one shirt after another inside the bag. "I'm not coming home for a while," he said almost robotically as he stormed out of the room. Minho was standing there on the hallway, confused, awoken by all the commotion. Jay was there too, and one look at his unreadable expression was enough for Siwon to shut off all of Kyuhyun's pleading.


"Do you want more water, Mommy?"

Kyuhyun shook his head and said weakly with a raspy voice. "You should go to bed, Minho. It's late."

"Don't worry about me, Mommy! Wait here, okay, I'll cook you something!" Minho kissed his mother's cheek and ran downstairs before Kyuhyun could stop him. He frowned when he recalled how his mother's skin felt like burning under his kiss earlier. The boy stopped by the phone and tried calling his father again, but it went straight to voicemail like usual. It had been two days since his father left, and the morning after, his mother fell sick and could barely left the bed since this evening.

"Is your mother feeling better?" A voice startled him, causing him to nearly dropped the pan he was holding. When he saw it was Uncle Jay, he didn't answer.

"Sorry I couldn't come back earlier... I'll cook you and your mother something."

"I can do it myself," Minho huffed and turned away.

"Can you?" Jay tilted his head. "Do you even know how to turn on the stove?"

"I don't need your help! Because of you, Daddy left! Because of you, Mommy's sick!"

Jay stayed silent, watching Minho rummaging the kitchen for instant porridge and found none. In the end, he called out, "Hey, Minho..."


"Just let me help you, okay? Your Mommy needs to eat so he can get better. I can make porridge quickly. After that, I'll make something for both of us to eat. What do you say?"

"I said I don't need--."

"I know you're a good boy. Don't you wanna be a good son to your Mommy? And your brother, he needs your Mommy too. Don't you want to be a good brother to him?"

Minho bit his lip, eyes watering. He was just a kid, he knew, and he couldn't help his mother. But Uncle Jay patted his head and didn't say anything anymore as he began to prepare the porridge. After it was done, he gave it to Minho along with a glass of water and medicine for Kyuhyun. For Minho, the least he could do was making sure that his mother finished it all, although his mother said he didn't need him spoon feeding him. His mother looked a bit better already after eating, and fell asleep right away.

When Minho went back down, Uncle Jay had already prepared food for them both, delicious looking food that made his mouth water. Hunger overcame his pride and they ate together on the dining table.

"Thank you," Minho whispered and Jay responded with a smile.


"There's someone here to see you, Sir. He said he-- hey! Wait! Don't--."

Jay burst in, followed by his panicked secretary. "I'm sorry, Sir, he--."

"It's fine," Siwon cut her off and gestured for her to leave them alone. She bowed down and hurried outside while closing the door. "What do you want?"

"Kyuhyun's sick."

Enormous worry shot through him, but he was still angry at Jay. At Kyuhyun too for always taking his side. "Oh? I see..."

"You see? You see? Is that all you can say? Are you not going home to take care of your wife?"

"Aren't... aren't you taking care of him already?"

"Why are you acting like this, huh?" Jay asked again and stepped forward, as if challenging Siwon. "Because I'm Kyuhyun's ex-boyfriend? Are you afraid, Siwon? Do you have no confidence? Do you think Kyuhyun would leave you, after all this time, and come running back to me?"

"Shut up!!" Siwon snapped, ready to throw a punch at the man's face, but Jay grabbed his hand.

"I see you prefer wasting your energy over your jealousy rather than holding onto what you have," Jay tightened his grip. "I'm disappointed in you. Even Minho is a much better man compared to you. At least he tries his best to look after his family with his tiny hands."

With that, Jay left him alone.


It was dark outside and the house looked quiet. With the spare key he had, he opened the door slowly, careful not to alert people in the house. But he was ambushed the moment he entered. "Daddy! Daddy, you're back!" Minho practically jumped onto his legs and hugged him tightly, as if afraid he would disappear again.

"Hey Minho..." He missed his son terribly, he realized. Squatting down to Minho's level, he hugged the boy and kissed the crown of his head.

"Where have you been, Daddy?? Why didn't you come home? Mommy was sick and I didn't know what to do--," his voice turned to whine and he seemed to be trying hard not to cry. Siwon patted his back, guilt swallowing him.

"I'm sorry... Can you forgive me, Minho?"

Minho rubbed his eyes and smiled at his father. "It's okay. Uncle told me you'd definitely come back today and here you are."

"Yeah," Siwon forced a smile. He had been a bad head of the family, hadn't he? "Thank you for looking after Mommy, big boy. You can rest now. Go to sleep and let me stay with Mommy. I promise I won't leave again, okay?"

Minho nodded again, with a big, relieved grin this time. He remembered something and said, "Oh, Daddy. I think you should apologize to Uncle. He doesn't want to steal Mommy."

"...I know, I know."

"Oh, but his food is better than you. You should learn from him, Daddy."

Siwon narrowed his eyes in reflex, but he knew better than throwing another fit. "Is Mommy in the bedroom?"

"Yes, he's feeling much better now but Uncle stayed with him to make sure. But don't worry, Daddy. Mommy still loves you sooo much. He kept on calling your name when he was sleeping." And that was when Siwon pledged to himself that he would always protect his family with all his might.

After Siwon tucked Minho in his bed, he came out just as Jay did the same from his and Kyuhyun's bedroom. "Hey," Siwon began awkwardly. "Uh... thank you."

"You're welcome. Let's just say I'm repaying the favor of you guys letting me stay here these past few days."

"I guess... I should say sorry--."

Jay raised his hand to cut him off. "I'm gonna be honest with you. Kyuhyun does, and will always hold an important place in me."

"You..." Siwon mind went blank, "what?"

"I just got divorced," Jay continued. "I married someone I didn't love and I was unhappy. I came here on a business trip, but really, I just wanted... to see how Kyuhyun is doing. He was the one whom I thought I would spend my life with. If only I didn't have to return to take care of my father's business..." The man smiled ruefully. "But even if I stayed at Kyuhyun's side, somehow, now I know you two will get together in the end."

Siwon could see it. The longing, the regret... the sincerity.

"You two belong together. He--," the man fell silent as he recalled their conversation a few days ago.

"Seems like he's still the jealous man, huh?" Jay just chuckled.

Kyuhyun sighed again, but there was an affectionate smile on his face. "He never changed. But I've learned to accept him the way he is. After all, that's just one way for him to show his..." He didn't finish his words. Instead, he turned away to hide his blush.

"You seem happy," Jay said softly.

"...I am."

"He's happy with you, with the family. If Minho isn't enough proof, Suho is."

Siwon didn't know what to say, but he didn't need to. The other man patted his back, "You can relax. I'll go and find my own love. There's no reason for me to prolong my stay now that you're here, so tomorrow I'll return to Jeju. Now go and see your wife."

"Jay," Siwon said before Jay could leave. "I'm sorry, okay? You're not a bad man."

Jay chuckled and waved, "Just don't stop making him happy."


"Ng..." Kyuhyun stirred awake when he felt a pair of lips kissing his forehead.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

He shot his eyes open at hearing the familiar voice. The voice he missed so much. "Siwon?" The face he missed so much. The person he missed so, so much. "Siwon, is that really you?"

"Yes... hey, hey, don't get up, you're still--."

"I'm fine." Kyuhyun persisted and sat up. He stared at Siwon and reached up to place a palm over his cheek. "Where... where have you been?"

"I've been sleeping at the office," Siwon chuckled, embarrassed. "Silly, huh?"

Kyuhyun just continued to stare at him and didn't say anything. Siwon's smile faded as he began to worry. "Err... you're mad at me."

"No," Kyuhyun stroked his cheek with one hand and pulled him closer with the other. "I'm not dreaming, right? You're really here?"

"Yeah, it's me," Siwon hesitated, but he placed another kiss on Kyuhyun's forehead. He couldn't have prepared himself what was going to happen: Kyuhyun had suddenly burst into tears. "Kyuhyun?? Hey, hey, don't cry... I'm here now... back with you..." He was loved, wasn't he? Really loved. Even after he ran out like that, behaved like an irresponsible child, none of his family were mad at him. Instead, they always thought of him, worried over him. How could he had overlooked that?

"I'm sorry, Siwon... Don't go..."

"No, no..."

"I'm gonna tell him to go tomorrow, I promise. So please don't leave again..."

"Hey, no, I'm sorry. I was the one overreacting. You're too precious to me and I was afraid--." Kyuhyun looked like he was about to protest, so Siwon continued while wiping his tears away, "I know, I know. I should've believed in you, but I couldn't helped it. I mean, look at you." The man smiled, his eyes spoke of never ending adoration towards the younger man. "You're so beautiful. Don't deny it because it's the truth. I would die without you because I love you too much. But still, I was acting stupid, I know." Siwon kissed Kyuhyun all over his face and placed a kiss on his lips last. "Forgive me?"

Kyuhyun answered with a deep kiss. Even without words, Siwon could feel his relief, his longing, and most importantly, his love. His body responded way too quickly and he broke the kiss, but Kyuhyun pulled him again desperately, hands already roaming all over Siwon's back.

"Kyuhyun... mmhh... hey, we can't..." Siwon said in between Kyuhyun's intoxicating kisses, yet his hands were pulling Kyuhyun close instead of pushing him away. "You're still sick..."

"I said I'm fine already..." Kyuhyun whimpered and tugged at Siwon's tie. "I want--."

Right then, Suho's wail could be heard from the baby monitor placed right on the side table. The pair froze in their position-- Siwon already looming over Kyuhyun who was spread on the bed. The older man blinked and he began to chuckle, "Looks like I forgot to apologize to one more member of the family."

"I'll get him..." Kyuhyun stood up, but he wobbled dangerously and Siwon caught him before he could fall.

"Whoa, Kyuhyun, you are still sick!" Siwon forced Kyuhyun to lay on top of the bed once more and tucked him under the blanket. "To think that you nearly seduced me in this state..."

"Oh, shut up..." Kyuhyun's face was red and the adorable pout nearly melted Siwon. His love, his spouse, his soulmate.

"But even if I stayed at Kyuhyun's side, somehow, now I know you two will get together in the end."

Siwon believed so too. He should've never doubted Kyuhyun.

"Go to sleep, okay? I'll go to Suho..."


Just like how they picked him up on the first day, the whole family also sent him off together at the airport. Kyuhyun insisted he was feeling better, and after a lot of persuading, Siwon finally gave up.

"Will you come again, Uncle?" Minho asked hopefully.

"Maybe," Jay chuckled and shrugged, "if your father allow me to."

"Daddy!" The little boy whined at his father.

"Of course you can come again," Siwon said, but not without instinctively wrapping an arm possessively around Kyuhyun. It didn't go unnoticed by Jay.

"Well, that's my flight, so I'm going in. Take care, all of you." He took one last look at the Choi family. A bit silly but loving father, tempered but kind mother, reckless but dependable older child, and last but not least crybaby but cute younger child. They weren't picture perfect, really. They had flaws, but those flaws were charming and made people envious. They certainly made him envious. He pictured them with a dog who loved to play but had a bad habit of chewing things and he had to laugh. Maybe he should send them a dog later. But Kyuhyun seemed like he was more of a cat person...

He smiled at Kyuhyun, the beautiful Kyuhyun, who returned the smile. "Thank you... and goodbye."

"You mean see you again. It's not goodbye if you're coming back later!" Minho corrected innocently and Jay laughed.

"Well, okay. See you again! And Kyuhyun..." He grinned mischievously. "If you ever get divorced, you know my number!"

"YOU--!!!" Siwon yelled and Jay laughed as he disappeared behind the departure door.



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  • Somewhere in the Jungle

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