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Fic: Spellbound (3/15) (Super Junior, Siwon/Kyuhyun, 03)

Title: Spellbound (3/15)
Author/Artist: bl4ckm4lice
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Fandom/Genre: Super Junior / AU Magical Schoolboys
Theme: 03. dizzy 15_spells
Warning: Slash.
Disclaimer: Yep, fiction
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun has no idea what has he done wrong in his past life to deserve such unwanted attention from his seatmate, a Shifter.

Chapters: 1 2

"What is that?"

Kyuhyun didn't even throw him a glance. He was too busy, both hands working quickly and efficiently to mix the ingredients as his mouth continued to chant spells to boil the hovering pot without fire in their shared room.

"Are you making potions? Is that for your class?" Changmin took a peek at the potion book laid open on Kyuhyun's lap. "Headache Remedy?"

"Thankfully one of the easiest and quickest potions to make," Kyuhyun muttered after he chanted another spell to cool the pot and put it down on the desk. "Apparently you haven't noticed that I've been stocking up."

"For what--," Changmin suddenly burst out laughing, earning him a glare from his best friend. Kyuhyun decided to ignore him, though, and took out a set of vials with the size of half a thumb. The last spell was chanted to fill them with the pink-orange liquid from the pot.

"Seriously! Seriously, Kyuhyun! He couldn't be that bad!"

"Couldn't be that bad!? You have no idea what I've been through--! Gosh, now I need one already," Kyuhyun cursed and snatched one vial to gulp the content in one go. He lightly massaged his temple and sighed in relief.

"Then change your secondary license. You know, being a Tamer isn't so bad. Look, my goldfish can flip three times on the air if I tell her to." Changmin knocked the side of the fishbowl on the desk three times and the goldfish did exactly what Changmin said it-- her would.

"Impressive," Kyuhyun said in a tone that indicated anything but. "Very useful, I bet. But I'm actually passionate about my Fuser classes."

Changmin shrugged. "Then don't whine about your Shifter lover."

"...Get out before I finish chanting a very painful spell at you."

Nothing had been working in Kyuhyun's favor and Siwon couldn't be more annoying. He used every chance to court him, getting even bolder since one point some time ago, just before Mr. Jungsoo told the class to start working in pairs (which also meant Kyuhyun can no longer not talk to him). Kyuhyun didn't know what changed, but one day Siwon started asking if they can spend time together outside the class, to get to know each other better and all that. Of course Kyuhyun rejected him, but that didn't mean Siwon would stop asking. Today was no difference.

"Come on, why not?" Siwon asked again after Mr. Jungsoo left them to work on the Flourishing Soil potion. In pairs. Again.

"Because I have no reason to," Kyuhyun picked a handful of wriggling worms casually and flung it inside the boiling pot.

"But you keep on saying that I don't know you," Siwon grinned while he crushed the clump of green-looking soil on their desk with his bare hands. "How am I supposed to know everything about you if you won't let me?"

"Exactly. I won't let you. Get the hint?"

"If it's a hint to keep asking, then yes."

Kyuhyun groaned and stopped stirring just as Siwon poured the crushed soil inside. "Listen," he pointed the stirring spoon at Siwon. "I don't know why are you doing this but this needs to stop now. If this is a stupid bet, tell me what your friends told you to do and I'll see if we can return to both of our respective lives."

Siwon stared at him, smile fading and eyes turning serious. Kyuhyun was actually a bit surprised because this was the first time he saw Siwon with that kind of expression. He was definitely not used to anything but cheeky Siwon.

"You know what, I'm just gonna be honest with you," Siwon took Kyuhyun's hand which gripped the spoon and directed it back into the pot. He moved their hands to stir the potion together, knowing that the stirring couldn't stop or the potion would fail, and continued, "Not that I have been lying or anything, because everything I said had been the truth. I just want to say one more truth." Siwon took a deep breath. "My cousin is a Reader and according to him, you don't believe in my feelings."

Kyuhyun was at loss for words. And naturally, he was also freaked out. This boy he barely knew, this boy who confessed to him without any sound reason, had just admitted that he went to a Reader, a fricking Reader, to read Kyuhyun-- your normal, everyday Chanter who really, really didn't know how the hell did he attract the attention of the weird Shifter.

"He also said that you might think I'm doing this for a bet, which was correct-- I mean, the bet was incorrect but your thought was confirmed. Well, you can throw that thought far away. Because I'm very serious about you." "If you ask me why, I don't know. I just know. I believe in love at first sight--." To this, Kyuhyun scoffed and Siwon waited for a while before he began again. "And I believe that I've fallen in love at--."

"Come on!!" Kyuhyun yelled in frustration, unaware that he had attracted the attention of everyone in the class. "You can't be serious!"

"Well, if only you had been listening, I've told you that I'm very serious!"

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!"

"Is there any problem here?" Mr. Jungsoo was suddenly in front of their desk and Kyuhyun yelped. Added to that, he just realized that Siwon's hand was on top of his and they were actually stirring the potion together. He jerked his hand away, a bit too quickly, and the surprised Siwon couldn't stop the stirring spoon from flying from their hands and fell onto the ground, spilling some of the potion.

Unfortunately, they did a good job with the potion and the wooden floor began to flourish back to life. After a few seconds, there was a tiny patch of sprouts growing on the spot that the potion seeped into.

"Cho Kyuhyun and Choi Siwon, nice to see you are good friends," Mr. Jungsoo shook his head as he checked the pair's desk. "I see you did a good job. But then you took the initiative to make a scene in my class and even spilled your Flourishing Soil potion on the floor even though that wasn't in the assignment."

Kyuhyun gritted his teeth and glared at the person next to him, who just smiled like usual. "Sorry, Mr. Jungsoo." At least Siwon had the goodwill to apologize.

"I guess that means you enjoy working with each other very much, hmm?" Mr. Jungsoo continued, now with a smile that could only mean no good. "How about you redo that Flourishing Soil potion and add ten Flu Reversal potions? Might as well contribute your spirit to the school's infirmary."

The words were final, of course, and Kyuhyun knew he didn't have anything to say in that matter. He could only put up a resigned expression and tried not to think about the temptation of punching Siwon on the face because he could see from corner of his eyes that the Shifter was grinning.

"More time for us to spend together," Siwon whispered quickly after Mr. Jungsoo left them to check on the works of other students-- confirming Kyuhyun's suspicion that Siwon was enjoying this.

"I hope this doesn't turn into a habit," Kyuhyun hissed.

"Only if you agree to spend time with me outside the classroom."

The Chanter was so ready to hurl a fireball down towards Siwon, but he was still a very civilized person, thank you (but then again, he didn't do it mainly because Mr. Jungsoo was watching them at that moment). Kyuhyun counted to ten, felt a pulsing headache and remembered he had that Headache Remedy vials in stock. He quickly gulped one and started to work on the Flourishing Soil potion. If Siwon decided to continue being an ass and flirted with him instead of helping him, then so be it. For now.

Yet Siwon was being unexpectedly helpful. He still stared at Kyuhyun a bit too long now and then (of course Kyuhyun noticed), and he also spouted out some nonsense here and there ("Be careful, don't dirty your hands with that. Let me."), but most of the time he was actually productive.

At the end of the class, they've finished a Flourishing Soil potion that was approved by Mr. Jungsoo and six Flu Reversal potions. Things were going well, in Siwon's opinion, Kyuhyun didn't frown and/or glare at him anymore and they can talk normally albeit only necessarily from Kyuhyun's side... until of course the only existing obstacle (so far) showed up on the classroom door.

"Kyuhyun!" Changmin waved "Are you done?"

"No, sorry. The teacher told us to make an extra batch of potions for the infirmary."

Changmin raised his eyebrows and looked around. The other students were leaving the class, so obviously the assignment was more of a punishment. He walked closer to his friend and pointed at the two. "By 'us' you mean you and him? Only you two?" He grinned and pinched his friend's cheek, unaware of the murderous glare from the Shifter. "Did you two do something naughty?"

"Changmin!" Kyuhyun felt the urge to break that fishbowl to pour the cold water onto Changmin's head. But no, the fish didn't do anything wrong. "Shut up now!"

"Okay, okay. Will you take long then?"

"No, it'll be quick, as long as we focus on that instead of anything else." He said it without looking at Siwon, but he made sure he said it loud enough and emphasized the last two words so the message was clear. "Go ahead and get us some seats at the canteen."

"Us, you and me, or also including your Fuser partner?"


The boy just laughed and stormed off before Kyuhyun could do something to him. The slightly older Chanter was known for his quick spell casting, especially when he was angry.

"So, Changmin," Siwon cleared his throat a bit awkwardly. "Is he your friend?"

"None of your business," Kyuhyun hissed.

He didn't think he would get any reaction from that. Previous snappy remarks were met with even wider smile anyway, as if Siwon knew Kyuhyun didn't really mean it, which was absolutely so not true because he did mean it.

But this time, instead of a smile, Kyuhyun was granted with a clearly upset expression. Siwon frowned and his lips twisted down on one side. The Chanter blinked, confused with the sudden change, but then as if someone switched on the bulb in his head, Kyuhyun realized that Siwon was actually jealous. He tried not to think of the absurdity of the notion (because for him the whole Siwon-fell-in-love-at-the-first-sight-with-him was already absurd), because a brilliant idea popped up and he really liked it.

A very overused idea, but still brilliant.

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