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Spellbound (2/15) (Super Junior, Siwon/Kyuhyun, 02)

Title: Spellbound (2/15)
Author/Artist: bl4ckm4lice
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Fandom/Genre: Super Junior / AU Magical Schoolboys
Theme: 02. healing for 15_spells
Warning: Slash
Disclaimer: Yep, fiction
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun has no idea what has he done wrong in his past life to deserve such unwanted attention from his seatmate, a Shifter.
Notes: References from wikipedia

Chapters: 1

"You know what, even for you, it's still a record."

Siwon raised his eyebrows at his closest friend, Hyukjae who was practically devouring his lunch, unlike himself who was apparently too lovestruck to do anything to his food but play with it. It had been exactly a week, 3 hours and 52 minutes since he first saw Cho Kyuhyun. A week, 3 hours and 34 minutes since Kyuhyun pretended he didn't exist (made easy by the fact that they hadn't got into the couple projects yet), and the boy's face was still on his mind 24/7. "What do you mean?"

"It's not a secret that you always fall in love quickly," Hyukjae rolled his eyes. "But to confess a few minutes after you meet?"

"Hey, everytime I fall in love, I'm always serious. This is no different, I swear."

"But usually you wait a bit, right? Like, at least a few days..."

"He's just special," Siwon sighed but with a silly-looking grin on his face. "I don't know... he's just... I couldn't wait."

Hyukjae rolled his eyes again. He had heard this too many times. Siwon was always quick to fall in love... and he was always quick to fall out of it too. Most of the time the relationship never even got a chance to begin, not because the other party wasn't interested (come on, with a face like Siwon's?), but because Siwon lost his interest. Other times, the other party would make a scene when Siwon dumped them, albeit in the most gentlemanly way possible. The boy was really a nice person. Hyukjae knew Siwon didn't mean to play them; he just had a slight trouble on keeping his attention to one particular person.

Still, usually Siwon wouldn't just confess out of the blue like that... And what, a week without Siwon actively and persistently following the other person everywhere? But it would take more than that for Hyukjae to even think that Siwon might have changed for the better.

Or was it for the worse?

"But at least you're patient. I mean, as far as I know, you didn't seek him outside the classes. To be honest I'm surprised that "

"He rejected me from the very beginning, Hyukjae. I have to give him a bit of space. It's all about the timing."

Right. Hyukjae would never take relationship advice from Siwon. But maybe that was the reason why Siwon looked different with this person. No one else had rejected Siwon due to his good looks and well, material status, despite his love reputation. Perhaps Siwon viewed him as a challenge without realizing it himself.

"Come on, if you're done eating, we gotta go," Siwon said as he put down his fork, barely cared about the remaining food on his plate. He stood up and walked ahead, letting Hyukjae caught up to him.

"Go? Go where?"

"To visit my dearest Donghae."

"Donghae? Your cousin the Reader? Why?"

Siwon stared at him as if he was the dumbest person on earth. "To have him read Kyuhyun and I together, of course."

Now this was new. Siwon never involved Donghae, or any other Reader before. "The future... but we already know the future. You will always get the girl-- I mean, boy, in this case. Or you would get bored."

Now the stare changed into disapproving look. "Love is a mystery, Hyukjae. You never know. Unless you get a Reader to look into it."

"Yeah... but must it Donghae? I know he's your cousin, but he's not exactly the Reader with the highest clarity. Remember when we asked about where was that enchanted pendant your mom gave you, he spent half an hour reciting a poem by some nameless writer."

"But which words in some ways described the bottom of my trunk, as we found out later."

"He could've just said so from the beginning!"

"Hush... It has to be Donghae, okay? Because he is the only Reader I'm particularly close with," Siwon stopped in his tracks for a bit and cleared his throat. Hyukjae raised his eyebrows at his friends' rare decency to blush. "I wouldn't want to announce to the world or anything that I'm in love with this Chanter. My love life is supposed to be private."

"Oh, that's a bit too late, don't you think? You did make quite a show before and after every Fuser class, escorting him to his seat and complimenting his every move."

Siwon narrowed his eyes at his supposedly best friend. "Why are you so persistently annoying? Some support would be nice for a friend in need, don't you think?"

Hyukjae was about to retort mockingly, but from the corner of his eyes, he caught a familiar figure walking out of a class. "Oh, there's your current love."

Siwon whipped his head so quickly Hyukjae had to cringe. A stupid, lovestruck smile bloomed on his face. "Fate," he whispered dramatically to Hyukjae. "I didn't look for him and he appeared by himself--."

That last bit was a bit wrong, because soon someone else walked next to Kyuhyun and wrapped his arm around the Chanter's shoulder. This someone was tall and appeared skinny, but still muscular. He had a pet fish swimming around the fishbowl which hovered over him, which told Siwon that he was at least a Tamer, and probably also a Chanter, unless Kyuhyun chanted that spell of hovering fishbowl for him. That thought made Siwon think this someone looked utterly ridiculous and he barely heard Hyukjae warning him that if looks could kill, Siwon would've been a mass murderer.

A few steps away, Kyuhyun noticed Siwon and looked as if he was about to turn around, but then remembered his destination was not on that direction. In the end, he dragged the other man by holding his hand (!) and stormed past. "Kyuhyun? What's wrong?"

"Shut up, Changmin. Let's go."

Changmin. His name was Changmin. This Changmin realized Kyuhyun seemed to ignore the pair who was staring at them. Realization dawned in him and he stopped walking despite Kyuhyun's effort to drag him. "Is this the person?" He pointed unceremoniously at Siwon.

"Changmin! Let's go!"

Changmin looked at Siwon from top to bottom. Then he chuckled before following Kyuhyun.

Wasn't sure of what to say, yet pretty sure this encounter affected Siwon in a probably not very favorable way, Hyukjae poked his best friend's arm with his forefinger.

"Ok," Siwon turned to him with a newfound determination, "now we really, really have to go to Donghae. Because I have to know who is that Changmin guy and what is his relationship with Kyuhyun."

Without saying anything else, Siwon's eyes turned green and he transformed into a bird, a crow instead of the usual eagle he preferred. Either he was in a bad mood or he just wanted to have better maneuver along the narrow hallway. Probably both. There was no other choice but Hyukjae but to follow his friend so he changed into the same form and caught up to him.

They had just landed in front of Donghae's room when the boy opened the door with a bright smile. "Siwon! Hyukjae! Come on in!"

The two boys blinked at each other. "You were expecting us?" Siwon asked as they stepped inside and took a seat on the floor next to Donghae's bed..

"Yep! I read you were coming so I told my roommate to go outside. You're here to ask about Aoide, right?"

Siwon blinked. "Huh?"

"Aoide. That's what I read."

"...I've never heard of that name."

Hyukjae shot him a look of 'I told you so' and Siwon glared at him to mind his manners.

"Hmm... weird... how could that name showed up..." Donghae folded his knees and laid his chin on top of them. "What's that person's name then?"

"His name is Cho Kyuhyun and he takes the same secondary license classes with me, Fuser. But his main license is a Chanter."

"AAAH!" Donghae shouted out of a sudden, startling the rest. "A Chanter! I'm right then. You see, lately I've been reading these interesting Greek mythologies and tales and you know how the things you read affect your subconsciousness and all. It's pretty clear, don't you think?"

Silence stretched for a while before Siwon realized Donghae really thought everyone understood. "No, no. Not everyone read Greek mythology books, Donghae."

"Oh! Yeah, right. Umm... Aoide is the name of three original Muses, particularly the muse of the song. We all know Chanters have--."

"Beautiful voices," Siwon finished the sentence with a wide smile. "You have no idea. I mean, I haven't even got the chance to hear him chanting a spell but... yeah."

Donghae grinned proudly. But then his smile faltered as his eyes turned purple, taking in Siwon's feelings. "Hmm... you... Hera?"


"I... I don't know, but I can read that you're not feeling too happy. Hera."

"What? What Hera? Are we still talking in Greek mythology? Is Hera a god or a goddess?"

"You mean Hera, Zeus' wife?" Hyukjae offered. The sooner they get it over with, the better.

"Yeah!" Donghae tilted his head, eyes still purple. "Sorry, only Hera came up. I don't know. I can't read anything else now."

"Oh come on, where are those books? We can start there..."

It took them fifteen minutes to gather all the books, thick and thin. Another fifteen to find the book which had a whole chapter about Hera (at this point, Hyukjae gave up trying to get it over with as soon as possible; just as long as they could get it over with). Then another fifteen to connect Hera with Siwon's feeling which should've been obvious to Hyukjae from the beginning.

Hera was known for her jealous nature, and jealousy was definitely budding inside Siwon since he knew the existence of someone-who-seemed-a-bit-too-close-with-Kyuhyun. "That's not good, Siwon," Donghae shook his head. "You shouldn't nurture that feeling. It would do you no good."


"Yeah, it would only make you forget the most important thing, Aoide."

"You mean Kyuhyun."

"Sorry, I mean Kyuhyun. It's still a bit jumbled. I should stop reading too many books..."

"So what do you suggest?"

"Wait, I see... Psy... Psyche. And Eros... the tale of Psyche and Eros."

Hyukjae groaned, "Again??"

It felt like deja vu, minus the first fifteen minutes spent to gather the books earlier, but the rest was the same. "Psyche and Eros, appeared in Lucius Apuleius' novel written in the second century AD..." Siwon quickly read it until Donghae told him to repeat his last sentence.

"...and then Eros fled while yelling at Psyche that love cannot live where there is no trust."

"That's it! Love cannot live where there is no trust. That doesn't only apply to your Hera feeling, but also to Kyuhyun. He doesn't believe you, Siwon. He doesn't take you seriously."

"What?? But I'm very serious about him!"

Hyukjae silently wondered if Kyuhyun had heard of Siwon's short-term romantic relationship tendency. Should he find out later? Maybe if Siwon would bribe him with food...

"Kyuhyun doesn't know that," Donghae continued. "He thinks you're only playing a weird joke or even a bet. What you need to do is show him, convince him about your feelings. Only then you can move forward." The boy closed his eyes. When he opened them again, the purple color was gone, replaced by his natural dark brown. "It's dark. I really can't see anything more. It all depends on you, Siwon."

Siwon took a deep breath and smiled. "Thank you so much, Hae. I'll treat you anything you want later." He hugged his cousin tightly and stormed outside, dragging the helpless Hyukjae behind him. Probably couldn't wait to plan his next step.

"Eh, he forgot to ask again about the other Aoide... the relationship between the two Chanters," Donghae scratched his head. "Oh well, he will find out soon anyway..."



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