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fic: Me and My Family

Title: Me and My Family
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg, random fluff / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Minho
Word Count: 3,211
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: The family day is coming soon, and so does the new member of the family…
Notes: Again, the majority of the plot is pinku_kireru’s, so please don’t blame me for your aching teeth

Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy?, HIMYM, 24/7, Hey, Mommy, Turbulence, Boyfriend, Happy Birthday Mommy, Auntie & Superman and Hummer

Minho stared at the blank paper in his hand. How could this happen? He really couldn't think of anything to write. Which was stupid because he had A LOT to tell. The problem was, he didn't know HOW to tell them.

"In the upcoming family day, you are going to read your writing about you and your family in front of the class. It's gonna be a surprise for your family, so don't tell them about it!" Was what his teacher said yesterday. He had been excited to go home and write, only to find himself with a pile of paper crumples from his earlier failures. The date for the family day was still undecided, but he really, really wanted to write about his Mommy, his Daddy and of course his upcoming younger brother. A while ago, his parents had taken him to the doctor who in turn told him that the shadow moving around on the screen was his baby brother. His father was so happy that he was going to get another son and finished decorating the whole baby room in only one week.

Minho was excited too, he really did, and he really wanted to write the perfect story about his family.

But how?


"Minho! Breakfast is ready!" His father called him from downstairs. The little boy sighed and left the paper on his desk (another failed attempt to write).

His father was humming as he brought the breakfast onto the dining table, right when his mother decided to join them by his own accord. Which was a bit out of the ordinary because usually his father (or Minho) would have to coax him into it. Minho watched as his Daddy beamed and gave Mommy his morning kiss, which was accepted and returned but not without extra mumbling and grumbling. Now that was the usual stuff.

Minho's eyes darted down to the bulge on his mother's stomach. Was it just him or the bulge really got bigger? "No coffee," Mommy grumbled at Daddy, who apologized and quickly poured the rest of his usual morning coffee to the sink. Apparently it was one of those days where his pregnant mother couldn't stand the smell of coffee.

Last week, Minho saw his father getting kicked out of his parents' room after his mother complained that his father stinks. The next day, he swore he saw his mother glued himself onto Daddy's side on the couch and said he smelt good. Minho thought his father smelt the same: like coffee and something called aftershave (Daddy said only grown men had that) and Daddy. A pregnant person, Minho noticed, was really, really, unpredictable.

Minho also remembered his mother complaining about how messy he always looked, but now he didn't seem to care about how messy he was actually right now, eating carelessly and clothes askew, especially when he was sitting next to Daddy who was all suited up and ready to go to work.

When the breakfast was done and his father went to wash the dishes, his mother went to the couch and proceeded to eat more snacks. The little boy giggled a bit, but then he stopped when he saw how pretty his mother looked despite the mess, as he stroked his belly with a soft and gentle smile on his face.

Minho ran to his mother and hugged him from behind before placing a wet kiss on his cheek, "You're so pretty, Mommy!"

"What the—," his mother looked half-stunned and half-annoyed, but the slight blush on his cheeks made Minho giggled again.

"You're the prettiest! I don't care that you're getting fat!" The honest kid said without any bad intention, but the sensitive pregnant man's face was turning dark.


He earned a punishment of a harsh pinch on the cheek and a loud yell of "I'm not fat!!" (but his father told him he was very lucky, because his father had earned much worse punishment for much unreasonable mistakes like sitting on the wrong side of the couch).


"Mommy, when's the baby coming?"

"Is it really gonna be a boy?"

"Can we play soccer together?"

"Mommy, can he hear me now?"

"What does he eat and drink in there, Mommy?"

"SHUT UP!!" Kyuhyun couldn't take it anymore. He glowered at his son, who clamped his hands over his mouth as if restraining another wave of questions ready to burst. "Why are you even at home!? It's Sunday, go play with your boyfriend or something!"

"But Mommy, I wanna know more about my little brother before he's born!"

"Go ask your father!"

"He's out because you told him to buy marshmallows, remember?"

"Of course I remember and why is your father not here yet!?" Kyuhyun also suddenly recalled how badly he wanted those marshmallows. He picked his cell phone up and glared at Minho, telling him off silently.

Minho, on the other hand, knew the limit to where he could push his Mommy. This was it. With slumped shoulders, he walked out of his parents' room and down into the living room. To his surprise, he found his father in the kitchen.

"Da--!" He was about to call him, but his father noticed him and quickly put a finger on his mouth, shushing him. Minho hurriedly went next to his father, noting the plastic bag filled with marshmallows and the smell of chocolate. "You're back already?" Minho whispered.

"Yes," Siwon responded in a low voice. "I'm making a cup of hot chocolate for your Mommy first to go with his marshmallows."

"But he didn't ask for hot chocolate earlier."

"Trust me, your Mommy would want it later when he eat the marshmallows. Might as well make it now before he yells at me later for not paying enough attention to him and we all know that is not true.”

Once again, Minho was stunned by how well his father knew his mother, even to simple things like this. His father also knew exactly how the pregnant Mommy liked his pillows on the bed, how much sugar Mommy wanted in his bubble tea, and many more. Hey, maybe his father can answer his questions earlier too!

“Daddy, you think the baby can hear me if I talk to him?”

“Of course he can. He knows how excited are we so he’s also excited to meet us all.”

Minho giggled. “What does he eat and drink in there? Isn’t he hungry? Can I give him candies?”

“Hmm… notice how much your Mommy has been eating? Part of it goes to your brother. So if you want to give him candies, give it to your mother.”

“Really? A baby can eat that much?” The little boy blinked, remembering how huge Mommy’s appetite was.

Siwon chuckled, “Well, okay, most of it goes to your Mommy. He needs them to stay healthy, because carrying your brother is a really hard job, you know?”

“If you know that already, why didn’t you go straight to me with my marshmallows instead of goofing around in the kitchen?”

Minho hid behind his father, who put on the best smile and offered the cup of hot chocolate to the furious Kyuhyun. “Because I knew you like your marshmallows with this,” Siwon said. Luckily, the hot chocolate bribe worked well, and Kyuhyun’s face already softened a bit.

“You still took too long.”

“I was looking for your favorite brand of marshmallows. You only want this one, right?”

Again, Kyuhyun’s face softened a bit more. He took the cup and sipped it a little. By this time, he no longer looked mad.

“Wow, it really works on Mommy,” Minho said unconsciously. Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes at him and snagged the marshmallows from Siwon's hand, "Next time, take Minho with you when you go out."


“No! You can’t! Let me do it!"

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. "It's faster if we do it together."

"You're pregnant with baby brother, Mommy! Daddy told me to go with you first so I can help you!"

"Fine, fine, do whatever you want. Geez, like father like son..." Kyuhyun grumbled and opened the trunk of the car for Minho. The kid grinned and felt like a big boy as he helped his mother moved the groceries from the trolley into the trunk. He did struggle a bit as some bags were heavier than the others, but he managed to get it done even though it took some time. Kyuhyun rolled his eyes for the second time when Minho cheered, but he stroked his son's head anyway, a small gesture of affection and appreciation.

"Mommy, wait here, okay! Don't go anywhere, okay!" Minho told his mother, who just muttered about how he was already standing next to their car, of course he wouldn't go anywhere. The little boy pushed the trolley a bit too fast while looking to the side as he crossed the road... and successfully rammed the trolley into someone.


Minho widened his eyes at the large man rubbing his hip, "Oh! Sorry!"

"Sorry!? You think sorry is enough!?" The man in front of him looked scary and in no way would let him go easily. He looked even more pissed off when he realized that his pants were torn a bit. With one hand, he pushed the trolley to the side and took a large step toward Minho. "Come here you little— OW!"

"Don't touch my son!" Kyuhyun, holding his belly with one hand and just threw a bottle of cooking oil with the other hand, stood stall a few steps away from them.

"What the hell-- are you this brat's mother? I'll teach you both some lessons!"

"No! Stay away from my Mommy!" Minho was about to run to his mother, but a pair of strong hands held him still and a hushed voice told him to stay on his place. He watched in awe as his father easily pulled the huge man with one hand and threw him to the ground. Shocked for being thrown so easily, the man sat there for a while before getting up to his feet and shouted as he launched an attack at Siwon. It was an easy win— Siwon was a black belt in taekwondo after all, despite the fact that he rarely put it into practice. With two effortless moves, the man was on the ground once again before he ran off without looking back.

Siwon hurriedly checked on his wife, who quickly waved him off before he overreacted about how Kyuhyun was sweating. On the side, Minho was busy reenacting his father's heroic moves when suddenly an idea popped up in his mind and he knew what he was going to write for the family day.


"Are you sure you're feeling alright?"

"Siwon, for the umpteenth time I am fu—," Kyuhyun stopped himself from spatting out a curse word, partly because he didn't want the baby in his belly to hear and partly because they were currently in Minho's class for the family day. "I'm fine. Stop asking."

"But the doctor said you're due in two weeks. You can barely walk. Why did I let you come!?" Siwon asked with gradually increasing panic in his voice.

"Because Minho will throw a tantrum if I don't come."

"He would understand! I'm sure he's a big enough kid and I'm sure he knows that the safety of his mother and his baby brother is more important!"

"Ssh! It's starting! Shut up!" Kyuhyun hissed and Siwon pouted. Nonetheless, the soon-to-be father of two wrapped his arm around the person that had granted him the happiness of being a parent.

After a short introduction and thanking the parents who were present, the teacher explained about the surprise story written by the kids. Just as the teacher finished talking, Minho raised his hand.

"Yes, Minho?"

"Can I read my story first?"

Everyone laughed, while Siwon hugged Kyuhyun tighter and Kyuhyun shook his head. "Well, since you're so excited about it, please go ahead. Come to the front of the class and read it..."


“My Daddy,” Minho began, his excitement to finally being able to read his writing could barely be contained, “is very handsome.”

In the back of the class, Siwon chuckled softly.

“He’s as handsome as my favorite hero, Superman, and also as strong as him. He can fight like him to protect me and Mommy, but he is not Superman. He works as a director in his company, and that is a very important position because he’s always very, very busy. But it’s okay, I’m not lonely because I have my Mommy, the sleeping beauty.”

“Minho—,” Kyuhyun clamped his hand over his mouth, flushing a bit. The other parents turned toward him and smiled in amusement, some even giggled. Minho waved at Kyuhyun, seemingly oblivious to how funny his writing was. To him, it was merely the truth. He giggled and continued reading.

“Mommy never wakes up early. He would sleep and sleep until Daddy or I kiss him awake. Mommy works from home. He paints and draws pretty things and he’s famous too because many people ask for him to draw.

Daddy is also a superchef because Mommy can't cook. When Daddy is not home, Mommy will order food for us because he can’t cook. But it’s okay, because Mommy would let me order the food I want. Lately, mommy eats a lot, and Daddy said it’s because he’s eating for himself and for my baby brother in his belly.

I already have a name for my baby brother, but I will keep it a secret until he comes. I hope my Daddy and Mommy will like it. When he comes, I’m gonna be the best big brother ever and I’m gonna teach him many things. I already have a list but it will be too long if I write it down.

I love Mommy and I love Daddy and even though I haven’t met him, I love my baby brother too. I hope we can live happily forever and ever.” Minho grinned and bowed, earning a round of applause. His father stood up and clapped his hands proudly while his mother covered his face, embarrassed (and also to hide the fond smile).


After the reading session, the whole school went out to the yard for the sports games. Minho and Siwon joined the running competition as a team. Obviously they won, and they made a pretty embarrassing 'dedicated to Mommy' speech with an equally embarrassing pose which Kyuhyun was forced to record. But Siwon knew something was off when Kyuhyun's face went pale all of a sudden while holding his belly, just as the pair of father and son came down from the podium.

He picked Minho up and ran to Kyuhyun, who just said shakily, "I think the baby's coming."

It was chaotic for a moment, with Siwon panicking and muttering 'but it's too early' and 'what to do' and 'I knew I shouldn't have let you come', while on the side Minho just watched his father as he couldn't exactly understand what was happening. But finally the pair managed to work together— Minho gathering their stuffs and Siwon carrying Kyuhyun in his arms —to get them to the car.

It was a tense wait outside the operating room. Siwon paced in circles and Minho trailed just a step behind him while asking him non-stop about when was the baby coming. After what seemed like forever, a nurse walked out... with a smile. She informed them that the baby's a bit weak since it was still two weeks from his due date, but he would be out of the nursery in a few hours. The mother was also fine and would be taken to his room soon.

Unable to contain relief and happiness surging through him, Siwon fell to his knees and hugged Minho while choking on his own tears.


It had been years since he felt this way. Groggy and sleepy but excited and impatient.

"Daddy! Mommy's awake!" Minho called out when he saw Kyuhyun fluttering his eyes open. Siwon soon came into his line of sight with a huge smile and a gentle hand stroking his hair.

"Hey, beautiful."

"Shut up, Siwon..." Kyuhyun knew he must've looked messy and far from pretty, but he smiled nonetheless. "The baby...?"

"Here he is." Siwon pointed with his eyes to the baby in his arms before he moved the baby into Kyuhyun's eager arms as gentle as he could. "Isn't he gorgeous?"

There were no words from Kyuhyun for a while. He just stared at the bundle of miracle, amazed and overwhelmed with joy. Carefully, his finger trailed along one cheek and he felt his eyes watered. "He looks like you."

"Really?" Siwon settled himself comfortably next to Kyuhyun. "I thought he looks like you."

"I think he looks ugly," Minho, who already glued himself to the other side of Kyuhyun, suddenly added. His parents chuckled and Siwon ruffled Minho’s hair. "You looked like that once."

"Eh?" Minho scrunched his nose. "No way!"

"Yeah, all babies do."

The little kid leaned closer and stared at the baby. But still he thought that the baby looked weird, all wrinkled up and red. "I thought babies are cute."

"He is cute." Siwon touched the tip of the baby's nose and the baby wriggled slowly. "See?"

Minho gaped, suddenly awed. "I guess..."

"Minho has a name for him already, don't you, Minho?"

"Suho! Choi Suho! Can we call him Suho? Please?" Minho grinned and followed his father to touch the baby's nose softly. He giggled when the baby wriggled again.

"Well? What do you think?" Siwon nuzzled against his wife's cheek.

Kyuhyun smiled. "I think Minho's gonna be a great brother."

"I will!" The boy threw his hands up in the air and jumped off the bed. "I'm gonna get my soccer ball!" And then he was gone in a flash.

"Does he really think he can play soccer with his brother now?" Siwon shook his head at the antics of his eldest son. "So... Choi Suho?"

"Sounds good to me." Kyuhyun planted a kiss on Suho's forehead. "Nice to finally meet you, Suho."

"Remember when Minho was born?" Siwon asked, suddenly feeling nostalgic. "He also took us by surprise back then. Seems like our kids just don't want to stay true to the due date..." He trailed off and turned his gaze at Kyuhyun, who realized his intense stare and asked, "What?"

"Thank you so much, Kyuhyun," Siwon said wholeheartedly. He kissed his wife, trying to convey how much he loved him. The response showed that the feeling was acknowledged and reciprocated. "I wonder if there will come a time when you stop making me a very happy man."

"I don't know," there were a tint of pink painting Kyuhyun's cheeks, making him looked even more beautiful than before, "you always look unhappy whenever I don't want to have sex."

"Make love," Siwon corrected hastily, "and there would be no Suho if we didn't make love, so you better thank me."

"Yeah," Kyuhyun's eyes were so soft and full of love that Siwon was taken aback. "Thank you."

"Suhoooo!! Look at my soccer ball!"


The end~
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