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Technological Wonderland - Chapter 6 -- The Other Program

Title: Technological Wonderland (6/?)
Author: kiki_c
Bands: Super Junior, DBSK, BoA, Tablo, Lee Junki
Pairings: Yoosu, HanChul, others possibly as story develops.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU futuristic
Summary: In a world over run by dictatorship where computer programs have physical body and humans fear their faceless ruler known only as the King of Hearts, the King has harnessed control of a master big brother program known as the Queen of Hearts version 2.0 to stamp out any rebellion before it happens. Hackers are at the head of the rebellion and one apprentice hacker stumbles across a long forgotten program that could be the true key to victory. A world where hares and rabbits are deep net hackers, cheshires are Untraceables, and a jabberwocky is an assassin program that could physically kill you, is there any hope of freedom?
Comments: Sorry this chapter took so long.


(Chapter 6 -- The Other Program)

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