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Fic: Superman and Hummer

Title: Superman and Hummer
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Kid!2min
Word Count: 2,076
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: Siwon broke his promise to Minho, again. Will the boy forgive him?
Notes: One down, pinku_kireru

Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy?, HIMYM, 24/7, Hey, Mommy, Turbulence, Boyfriend, Happy Birthday Mommy & Auntie

“How did that happen??” Siwon raised his voice and Minho in turn raised his eyes from his breakfast. On the other side of the table, Kyuhyun glared at the head of the house and said, “No work on the dining table.”

Siwon mouthed an apology and stood up to walk away. His voice was now faint but still clearly sounded upset. Minho’s eyes followed his father as he got a bad feeling about it. “Minho, finish your food.” His mother’s voice took his attention back to the bowl in his hand, but he still felt the day was going to take a turn for the worse.

His father was back a few minutes later with a sour face. He caught sight of Minho’s curious (and hopeful) eyes and sighed. “Minho,” Siwon reached out to pat his son’s head. “I’m sorry, can we go to Lotte World next week instead?”

Minho’s eyes widened and he shook his head quickly. “No!!”

“Listen, something came up at work and—.”

“No! No! No, Daddy!” Minho shrugged his father’s hand off his head. “We can’t go next week! Superman’s not gonna be there next week!”

Siwon rubbed his forehead and waved his hand. “I’m sure that he’s still—.”


“Minho, you know I want to take you, but I really can’t leave this—.”

“You promised me last week and the week before and this week is really the last day! If we don’t go there today we’re never gonna see him!!”

Sighing, Siwon reached out to his son again, but Minho scooted away too quickly and ended up falling on his butt onto the floor. The boy screamed, throwing a tantrum like never before. “I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go!!” He stomped his heels and slammed his fists on the floor. He was really looking forward to this day. Apart from meeting the Superman at Lotte World, his father had promised to take him on the new Hummer car Minho had been amazed by since the first day it arrived. Busy as his Daddy was, Minho had nodded and hold onto the promise of ‘next week’ for the last two weeks. But now he couldn’t hold it anymore. “You promised me, Daddy!! YOU PROMISED ME!!”

“MINHO!! STOP IT!” Minho went silent, startled. His eyes were already teary from being upset and the harsh yelling directed at him made him began sobbing despite his pride as a big boy. His father had never scolded him like this, his father always said yes to him.

On the other hand, Siwon was still infuriated by Minho’s spoiled act. He continued to glare down at his son and shouted again, “I said I can’t take you! Don’t be selfish and quit whining about your stupid Superman!!”

Silence hung in the air of the family’s dining room. Minho bit his lips so he wouldn’t wail and scurried to stand up. As if snapped out of his anger, Siwon’s eyes softened and he called out in a much gentler voice, “Minho…”

“I HATE YOU, DADDY!!” Minho yelled and ran off upstairs. A moment later there was a sound of a door being slammed closed.

Siwon swallowed, guilt slowly welling inside him. He slumped down on the dining chair and winced as the silent Kyuhyun gathered all the dirty dishes a bit too roughly, causing clattering noises that seemed to tell him off.

“That Superman you called stupid is your seven years old son’s idol,” Kyuhyun began, “and you were the one who introduced the ‘man of steel’ to him.”

“I know, I know,” Siwon rubbed the back of his neck, feeling ashamed. He had acted far from an example of a good father just now.

“No, Siwon, you don’t know,” Kyuhyun continued as he washed the dishes in the sink. “You had been breaking that promise to him for two weeks. You should know better than breaking your son’s heart like that.”

Siwon stood up and approached his wife, touching his arms. “Let me…” He reached for a plate but Kyuhyun stopped him.

“I’m not the one you should be apologizing to,” Kyuhyun said, not looking at Siwon. “And you need to go to the office, remember?”


The younger man sighed and glanced at him, “I’ll take Minho to Lotte World.”

“Eh, but you have an important meeting this afternoon—.”

“I’ll cancel it,” Kyuhyun turned the faucet off and dried his hands before looking at Siwon and patted his cheeks. “Now go to work and think about how to apologize to Minho later.”

He left Siwon there and walked up to their son’s room. They both knew Minho wouldn’t talk to Siwon right now. Kyuhyun hoped at least Minho wouldn’t ignore him so he can make his mood better until Siwon can say sorry properly. Luckily they hadn’t installed a lock on boy’s room door. Kyuhyun knocked twice and slowly opened the door while calling out as softly as he could, “Minho…”

The young boy had buried himself under the cover. Kyuhyun laid down next to him and stroked the slightly shaking bundle for a while before he spoke, “If you want, I can take you to meet Superman.”

There was no response but small, muffled sobs.

“I’m sorry, I can’t take you on that Hummer, but we can take the train and I will buy you ice cream. How does that sound?”

Kyuhyun waited for some more time, but there was still no response. At least the sobs had died down. Finally, he decided to let the boy come to him when he wanted to. If he wanted to. So Kyuhyun stood up and left the room after telling his son to let him know when he’s ready to go.

Siwon was putting on his shoes and looked up expectantly when Kyuhyun came back downstairs. “He still refuses to talk,” Kyuhyun told him.

His husband bit his lip and looked as if he wanted to apologize to Kyuhyun, but then he remembered Kyuhyun’s words about to whom he should’ve said sorry. He decided to save the words for later and waved instead. “I’ll see you later.”

Kyuhyun watched as his husband drove off and went to his and Siwon’s bedroom. He didn’t know whether Minho would still want to go out, but he made a call to cancel his meeting anyway. Which was a good decision, because not a minute later, Minho showed up on his door, rubbing the tears from his eyes and wiping the snot off his face.

“Hey, Minho,” Kyuhyun smiled and patted the space next to him on the bed. Minho ran to him and climbed onto the bed to snuggle against him.

“Want to go meet Superman?”

“Don’t you have something to do, Mommy? I thought you couldn’t join me and… Daddy.”

“Not anymore,” Kyuhyun used the sleeve of his sweater to clean his son’s face. “I decided that I really want to meet Superman after all. I wanna know what kind of superhero that my son loves so much.”

Minho looked up and Kyuhyun noticed with relief that a lively glint had returned to the boy’s eyes. “You’re gonna love him!”

His son’s mood gradually got better and better. He held onto his mother’s hand all the way and pulled him impatiently to join the long queue to shake hands and take a photo with Superman. Minho proudly wore his Superman cape and couldn’t keep the grin off his face after Superman picked him up and played pretend airplane with him. They watched the live action show about Superman fighting off bad guys threatening Seoul and Minho continued talking about it even while he was eating the ice cream Kyuhyun bought him.

“Hey, hey, come on, finish your ice cream properly,” Kyuhyun said as he wiped the ice cream on Minho’s cheeks with a tissue. Minho obliged easily and ate the rest in silence.



“Thank you for taking me here.”

“No problem. Now I know why you like Superman.”

Minho giggled and looked at his mother. “Umm… Mommy?”


“I don’t hate Daddy.”

“I know,” Kyuhyun caressed Minho’s fringe. “Your Daddy also knows that.”

“If only he can join us.”

“Sorry… you have to deal with only me now.”

“No! I didn’t mean that!” Minho threw himself at his mother and hugged him tightly, causing Kyuhyun to chuckle and returned the hug. “I’m just joking, Minho…”

The pair came back home hand in hand, just like how they went out. As if on cue, Siwon’s Hummer arrived when they were about to go inside. Kyuhyun glanced at Minho who suddenly seemed interested in his own feet a bit too much.

The man turned the car engine off and came out to walk towards the pair. He squatted down two steps away from them and smiled, “Hi, son.”

Kyuhyun gently nudged the boy to stand in front of his father before stepping back. Minho slowly met his father’s eyes. “Hi, Daddy.”

“Did you have a good time with Mommy?”

“Yeah,” Minho nodded, then he hurriedly added. “I wish you could join us.”

Siwon widened his eyes at the easy acceptance and forgiveness. Relief washed over him and a real smile bloomed on his face. His son apparently had a big heart and Siwon just couldn’t help but pulled him into a crushing hug. Gone was his plan to tread it slowly. After all, Minho had already forgiven him.

“I’m sorry, okay? I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I was the one at fault.”

“It’s okay,” Minho giggled, all traces of awkwardness gone. “I’m sorry I said I hate you. I don’t hate you, Daddy.”

“Thank you,” Siwon pulled back and ruffled his son’s hair. “Next week, I promise I will take you on the Hummer.”


“Yeah, promise. This time I won’t break it.”

“Can Mommy join us?”

Siwon threw an amused smile towards his wife. “Of course, if he wants.”

Minho turned his head to Kyuhyun, “Pleaaaaase, Mommy?”

“Fine,” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, but the smile betrayed his nonchalant act.

Siwon chuckled as his son cheered happily. “You know what, son? I have a gift for you.”

Minho blinked. “A gift?”

“Your Mommy’s probably gonna scold me for this… but I swear I didn’t mean to bribe you or anything,” Siwon smiled innocently at Kyuhyun, who just rolled his eyes again. “Open the trunk of the car and see for yourself.”

Minho ran excitedly and screamed with joy when he saw the gift. Kyuhyun stepped closer to Siwon and asked curiously, “What did you get him?”


It wasn’t a real car, of course. But instead of scolding Siwon because he definitely intended to bribe his way to Minho’s forgiveness, Kyuhyun laughed, utterly amused when he saw Minho uselessly helped Siwon to lower the ride-on toy car in the form of a mini Hummer. The battery was fully charged and Minho screamed again with overflowing glee as he pressed on the pedal and the car moved. He proceeded to drive to the Lee’s house next door and honked the horn. “Taeminieeeeeeee!!”

He honked once more before his boyfriend finally came out, although not without his annoyed-looking mother trailing behind. “Hyung!” The little boy clapped his hands and giggled. “You have a car!”

“I have a car, Taeminie! It’s a cool Hummer like my Daddy’s! Starting from tomorrow I’ll take you to school with this car!”

Kyuhyun chuckled as Kibum yelled that it wouldn’t be possible. He sighed in content when Siwon embraced him from behind, his strong arms wrapped safely around his waist.

“So? Am I forgiven?”

“I wasn’t mad at you.”

“Yes, you were,” Siwon placed a peck on Kyuhyun’s cheek. “Thank you for being a good mother to Minho while I was busy being an ass.”

Kyuhyun stroked Siwon’s hand on top of his belly. “Well, you should manage your time better then. Make more time for your family.”

“Yes, I promise.”

“Good,” Kyuhyun twisted his neck slightly to look at Siwon. “Because our family is going to welcome a new member soon.”

Siwon hummed as he inhaled his wife’s sweet scent. Then his eyes widened and he searched for Kyuhyun’s eyes. “Eh? What did you say?”

Kyuhyun smiled and pressed the hand on his abdomen just a tad firmer.

It took ten seconds until Siwon’s dumbfounded expression began to turn into one of pure joy. “MINHO! YOU’RE GONNA BE A BIG BROTHER!!”

The end~
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