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Artificial Intelligence {Part 6}

Title: Artificial Intelligence Pt. 6
Genre: AU, angst, romace, cyberpunk-ish?
Pairing: Heechul / Jaejoong, KangTeuk, others...
Rating: NC-17 for language over all.
Warning: Still not beta-ed.
Summary: In a world where technology rules, and prosthetic bodies wlak the earth. There's someone who wants control, and the people who oppose him. And plus the man who may be the key to it all. All he had to do was go in, hack into the bureau's database and send the data back to HQ, it should have been a piece of cake. And he should have succeeded. He would have if he wasn't for the bosses damn pretty boy.

A/N: Yeah, I'm sorry this update is a little boring. I had a plan and then totally lost it! But I promise the next one will be filled with car chases, bullet wounds, broken necks... all that good stuff! XD And maybe some hot smecks! Well anyways comments always make me so very much happy and silent readers make me so very sad. I wouldn't want to have to F-lock the last chapter, cause that would be unfair to some people! So... please comment! ^-^

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----------Part Six-----------

"Go ahead Heechul, shoot me. Shoot me if you think it'll save them."
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