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[fic]Super Junior-TeukMin-

Chapter 01 – First Day in Hostel

‘Oh God…help me!’

This was my first day entering the university hostel for my continue study. I quite nervous when step inside the hostel gate. I look up at the hostel for all boys students which is 4 floors high. I hope for getting a good and nice roommate. In addition, I know that I would share a room with my senior.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Lee Sungmin and being called Sungmin. This year I’ll turn 19 years and for the first time I being selected for continue study at this University Sojung, all boys. And I will enter a hostel because my house is so far from this university. And today is the day.


I open number 215 room door which will be my room as soon as I enter. My first step inside the room, I saw someone lying down on the bed. Maybe this guy is my senior and also my roommates. I wanted to ask but then him the one who ask me first.

“So, are you the junior who will share this room with me?” He asks me after turn around to look at me.

“Y-yes.” I nod hesitated.

“Well Sungmin, you have to obey my order first before being my roommates. Is it clear?”

“Y-yes, b-but how you know my name?” I just stood at the door without any move.

He smile and walk towards me and close the door, lock it. I gulp when he being so close to me. Then he whispered at my ears.

“It’s easy to know the new here.”Again I gulp.

“So…take off your pants right now.” I widen my eyes.

“Take off…WHAT?” I quite shock with his words. I guess he said something wrong but then…

“You said you will obey my order, so…JUST DO IT!” He orders me madly.

As what I said before, I followed his order. He is my senior, so I quite scared to reject his order. In fact, it maybe makes me worst to study in here if not followed his order. I take off my jeans. Then he laughs when noticed that I wear a boxer.

“Yah, you such a kids wearing a boxer? Mm…take off that too!” Oh my, what he gonna do?

Want or not, I just do what he want. But this situation kinda…embarrassing. Well, showing someone my cock…what did you expect from me? He looks at my crotch and the specific word is at my penis. He then pushes me and asks me to sit on top of his study table.

“Could you please…wide apart your legs?” He asks me as he can see that I try to cover my penis.

“Like that!” He said when I followed his order without a word.

It really EMBARRASSING! It’s my first time showing my cock to others. Then he close to me and suddenly his hand hold my penis. It makes me hitch.

“H-hyung…” I called him as I know him older than me. “W-what are you gonna do?”

“Could you shut your mouth? Just stay…or you gonna really pain!”

I quickly shut my mouth and let he do what he want. I close my eyes as I can feel his hand touch my crotch. I open a little bit my eyes and I saw he gonna put my penis on his mouth. He slowly make mine entering his mouth which I could feel his tongue around my penis. I moan and make sounds which he doesn’t care at all. He tries his hard to let all of my length in his mouth. After he could make my all length inside his mouth, I letting out a strangled scream and nearly tearing when he pushed his finger inside mine.

I felt really PAIN for the first time he entering his finger in mine, but then…I felt it was so GOOD! I’ve never experience once before. He was touching me…had a finger inside mine…Felt so great! Why I never ask someone to blow me before? ‘Oh…God…hyung…Yeah, that’s it!

Suddenly, he stops and let his finger out of mine and his mouth too. I sigh. Why he do that? Why don’t he just continue blow me? I open my eyes and look at him. He then take out his phone and ask me…

“Yah, open your shirt now!” Now why with my shirt?

I slowly down from his study table and stand to make me easier to open my just shirt. Okay, now I’m really…NAKED! It kinda cold here. Then he orders me…

“Lie down on my bed there!” He said while showing his finger to his bed.

I walk slowly towards his bed and lie down on it. He looks like a photographer when he looks at his camera phone. Okay…What he gonna do? Taking my naked picture here? For what?

“Don’t you get?! Posing like a model. Arg~ okay, I ask you to do one by one posing…okay?!”

Model? Yes, a naked boy model! One by one posing which he as me to do…I just do. But every single posing is more like to show my penis and crotch. I think it’s about 20 pictures he had take of mine until he stop and showing me my picture in his phone. Then giving me a warning…

“If you gonna tell about what am I doing to you now, I’m not hesitated to show this picture of you to all students here! Got it?!”

NO! Please don’t show it to others!

“I-I’m not gonna tell it to anybody…I promise.”

“Good boy!” He cherished my cheek and kisses me.

Then he take all my cloth which on the floor and throw it to me. He asks me to wear it back as he enters the bathroom. I slowly wear my cloth. After a few minutes he finish taking a bath and ready like he was gonna have a class. After he takes his bag then he got close to me. I just stiff when he takes off a little bit my pants and again watching my penis. Did he wanna blow me again? Suddenly he kisses my penis and said…

“Goodbye Minnie! I have a class right now and…see you tonight!” Again he kisses it.

He then exits the room, left me so many question mark.


He got a nickname for my cock? What he thinks my thing is? Suddenly before I gotta move, he then opens the door.

“Oh, forgot to tell you. I’m Eeteuk, Park Eeteuk. Bye!”

Now I know his name. Mm…Eeteuk hyung. Aw~ I guess this is what I got from my prayer before. A good and nice blowing hyung ever I had. My wish is come true…Yeah right, true? Come on! Oh yeah, did he mention a word to mine… ‘See you tonight’…? What that’s mean? Another blowing schedule? Oh God…I waiting for it! Opss…now I’m turn to ‘gay’ and ‘bad’ boy! What am I gonna do? It…it really FUN!
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