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Autumn Spring

I started coughing harder and harder. I grabbed a tissue from the box and coughed into it. After a while, I stopped. I looked into the tissue and saw something…

~Slowly and slowly, he is disappearing from me…~
Where’s Sungmin? Where’s hyung? Why aren’t they in class? Suddenly I saw Heechul come in and drop a slip on the teacher’s desk. Then he just left. I got up and ran after him.
“Hyung!” I shouted.
Heechul turned around and saw me running after him. “Kibum.”
“Where are you going?”
“To the hospital.”
“Hospital? Is everything okay?”
“My little brother’s sick.” Heechul left before I could respond.
Little brother? He’s an only child…
After that, I rarely saw Heechul or Sungmin….

~Love of mine someday you will die, but I’ll be close behind, I’ll follow you into the dark…~
“Sungmin, are yo0u doing okay?” Heechul asked as he came in.
“Yeah, where did you go?”
“Oh, I left a note to all the teacher’s saying that you and I are not going to be at school for a while.”
“I’m sorry for troubling you.”
“Not at all.”
“I still feel bad.”
“Don’t worry about it…you look so pale and fragile. Have you eaten anything yet?”
“No.” He was right. I look so thin…thin enough to break if I fall…
“I’ll go ask the nurse to ger you something to eat.”
Heechul left and came back with some food. He fed me, but after a while, I felt sick. I leaned over my bed and started throwing up.
“Sungmin! There’s blood! Nurse!” Heechul frantically called out.
The nurse and doctor checked my pulse and heart rate. Heechul sat down, still shaking from seeing all that blood.
“Sungmin…you’re at the final stage…” the doctor whispered.
I said nothing and allowed the tears to fall. Everything became distant even the soft sobs of Heechul disappeared. Then came darkness.

~How can you say you don’t love me, even though you see the way I love you~
“Kibum! Are you excited about the wedding?” Ae-cha squealed with delight.
“Uh…yeah…” Where have Sungmin and Heechul been…it’s been weeks…
“Are you nervous?”
“About what?”
“The wedding.”
“Oh, no.”
“I am! Oh yeah! I sent out the wedding invitations.”
“To who?”
Ae-cha started naming all the people, the last twoo caought my ear. “Oh also to Kim Heechul and Lee Sungmin…” she said.
“Why did you send one to them?!”
“Sorry, I thought it would be best to show her that you are now mine.” She smiled.
“I have to go.” I ran off and took out my cell.
“Hello?” a voice answered.
“Hyung! This is KIbum, don’t let Sungmin look at the mail!”
“There’s a wedding invitation for her – Ae-cha and my wedding!”
“Crap! Too late! He saw it!” The dial tone sounded and I collaspsed to the floor. Torn and broken.

~Wedding of Despair~
I looked at the wedding invitation. On the purple envelope was my name. I opened it carefully.
“To Lee Sungmin. You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of…”
The wedding invitation fell to the floor.
“…Kim Kibum and Lee Ae-cha.” I whispered the last phrase.
The door swung open and Heechul looked at my blank face.
“Crap! Too late! He saw it!” He shouted into the phone and hung up.
“Sungmin.” He said softly.
I didn’t respond. I didn’t know what to say. Soon enough the tears fell and I was sobbing uncontrollably. Heechul wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back to calm me down. After a while, I fell asleep in his arms…after drowning myself in despair.
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