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Chronicles part 1 and oneshot

Title: The Troll Chronicles Of Cho Kyuhyun - The Intro To Trolling (01)
Pairing(s)/Characters: Kyuhyun, HeeTeuk
Rating: R
Genre: crack, implied!smut
Summary: The chronicles wherein Cho Kyuhyun trolls around, disturbing the peace. Okay, not peace. He's just going around the dorms disturbing the other members' sexy times. He's a troll that way.

“You’ll be looking at something else if you keep facing me, all right. Especially if you keep opening your mouth like that,” Kyuhyun says.

Title: Accidental Aegyo
Pairing(s)/Characters: HenMin, SJ+M
Rating: PG-13
Genre: crack, fluff, romance, bromance
Summary: Sungmin's annoyed because of Henry's sudden popularity among the netizens and how the mochi is catching up to him on the aegyo scale. On a vacation way over at Jeju Island and during a volleyball game some of the members participated in, Sungmin realizes why the fans love Henry so much. And-- what's this?! Sungmin is also being drawn to Henry's aegyo?! Now, what happened?

“Quick!” Donghae cried. “CPR!”

Notes: Of The Troll Chronicles Of Cho Kyuhyun, pairing included may vary according to parts. Of Accidental Aegyo, the italicized parts are Sungmin's thoughts. OTL I don't know if anyone likes HenMin but I once secretly ship this pairing (once because now it's out in the open~) and you know. I hope y'all like it. :D
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/heechul, pairing: sungmin/henry, subject: kyuhyun

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