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The Final Touch II: Undoubtfully

Title:Undoubtfully [ Sequels to The Final Touch ]
Pairing:Kisung, Yebum, Yewon?
Genre:romance, little dark + fluff + angst, drama
Rating: PG- 13
Summary:Kibum comes back from his acting career and the person who is the most excited about this is Yesung. Kibum had never knew that his hyung is gay and he is going out with KyuHyun. But what will happen when he does realized it and that he also loves his hyung a while back ago??? The weird feeling that causes him to go into his acting career, letting himself to settle down his feelings.
KyuHyun was pissed off of how many times his beloved and Kibum spended together and Kibum seemed to taken a like to his baby??? Their closeness just makes KyuHyun doubt that their is something going on there. Even though he know he need to trust his lover, but he can't ignore the doubting feeling that he had inside of him. But this ticker turned the table around around. But by the time he regret it, it's too late.......
A/N: Hope u like it. ^^

[Prologue] [Chapter 1]

Title:The Final touch
Pairing: yesung X kyuhyun(Main) side yesung X Siwon
Genre: romance, little angst, dark and fluff?
Rating:PG- 13
Summary:Siwon came back and he want to get back together with Yesung?! Who would Yesung choose? The man that breaks his heart, or the one night stand who are next to him when he is in a desperate situation?
A/N: Un- betad combination of Give Me A Light, Please, God, and Just For One Night but it can stand alone.

[1/3] [2/3] [3a/3] [3b/3 Final]
Tags: pairing: yesung/kibum, pairing: yesung/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/siwon
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