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Fic: Indirect Kisses and More+ Merely Brothers

Title: Indirect Kisses and More
Author: reirei
Pairing: Kyuhyun/ Sungmin, side Donghae/Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Type: One shot
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Kyuhyun wonders how it is like to kiss Sungmin.

“Fuck that’s cheesily disgusting”

Title: Merely Brothers (8)
Author: reirei
Characters: Older! Kyuhyun/ Younger! Sungmin
Rating: PG
Genre: incest, romance
Type: series
Words: 1,289
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior.
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin, two brothers who love each other, everyone knows, except for the two of them.

“No, I’m sorry that was rude of me, I just thought…you look more like lovers than brothers to me"
Tags: pairing: donghae/ryeowook, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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