bling_chullie (bling_chullie) wrote in miracle______,

(Un)Faithful [TeukChul] [1/2]

Title: (Un)Faithful
Prompt: #053. Puppies
Pairing: TeukChul, side!HanChul and side!Teuk/unknown female OC (at least LeeTeuk/OC is not much at all, no need to worry^^)
Rating: Nc-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: LeeTeuk and HeeChul are together, but can they stay faithful, when LeeTeuk has already a secret lover with whom he has to break up now and HeeChul still tends to go back to HanKyung for sex?
AN: This is for veltana because she wanted more TeukChul. I'm sorry it took me THAT long! I hope you like it even though it probably isn't what you all.

At the noise at the room door, HeeChul spun around. His eyes widened in shock as he realized who was standing there.
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/heechul, pairing: eeteuk/other, pairing: heechul/hangeng
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