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Morning Wake Up Call

Title: The Morning Wake Up Call
Author: Rosetta Stone
Pairing: EunHae, Kangteuk, HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: It's Morning in the SuJu dorms and Donghae wants to wake up his favorite monkey. However he has to wake all the other members before he's allowed to.
AN: I got this idea from a long time ago interview where Sungmin reveals that Donghae likes to cuddle with Eunhyuk in the morning when he is suppose to wake him up.

The morning started with an alarm clock beeping at 5:30AM. A lazy hand fought its way out of the heavy and thick blankets to click it off before returning to the warmth. A moment later a sleepy man with a bad case of bed hair came out from under the blankets. Running a hand through his hair he spared a glance at the sleeping male next to him. Luckily for Hangeng, the alarm clock had not woken up Heechul from his sleep. Smiling at this, he brought a hand slowly through the other's hair, enjoying their small moment of togetherness before the day really got started. Besides its not often that he is able to pet his lover's hair without being pushed away.

"Hannie." Heechul muttered in his sleep.

"Hm?" The other replied softly.

"If you have time to sit there and pet my head than you have time to make me some Beijing Fried Rice."

Hangeng chuckled lowly at this. Placing a small kiss on the other's forehead he pulled out his arm from under Heechul and got out of bed. Finding some boxers he slipped them on and headed to the bathroom. Taking care of his business and forcing his brain to wake up a little bit he washed his hands and splashed some water on his face. With a grin he made his way out of the bathroom to the kitchen to make his Cinderella his favorite breakfast.

What he wasn’t expecting was to find Donghae already up and waiting in the kitchen. Blinking in surprise he paused in the doorway to stare at the other. Donghae was already showered and dressed for the day.

"Donghae?" He asked in a heavy accented voice common from just waking up.

"Good Morning Hyung!" Donghae replied with a bright and cheerful smile on his face.

"Good morning. What are you doing up so early in the morning?"

"Well I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd wake Hyukkie up but he doesn't like it if I do before breakfast is ready. So I guess I'm waiting for you! Or Ryeowook."

Han Geng chuckled at this. Making his way to the stove he began gathering the necessary ingredients ready for his Beijing Fried Rice. Looking over his shoulder he saw that Donghae was off in his own world, probably filled with thoughts about a certain dancer. It made Hangeng smile.

"You would do anything for that Monkey of yours huh." Hangeng asked calmly.

"Yah! Only I can call him that, or Heechul-hyung. But its not like you're any different." Donghae was quick to counter.

"Oh, and how do you figure?" The Chinese man countered calmly.

"Well since you are up at 5:30 in the morning to make breakfast for Heechul-hyung I'd say you are the same as me."

"IT's not just for Heechul." He argued lightly.

"The last time I asked you to make me breakfast you told me to go bother Ryeowook upstairs." Donghae said with a pointed look.
"I was tired!" Hangeng defended himself.

"It was at 8 in the morning. A little different from now hyung."

"Yah! You want me to make this breakfast or not?" Hangeng argued with the spatula in his hand. "The more you tease me the longer this will take. And the longer it takes the longer you are not allowed to wake up Hyukjae."

The comment on Donghae's tongue died at that threat. Crossing his arms, he pouted deeply at the cooking male. Hangeng merely chuckled as he went back to his cooking. Obviously Donghae was spending too much time with Kyuhyun if he was this snarky first thing in the morning. But one threat about his time with the lead dancer and he clams up. The Chinese man decided he needed to remember this for the next time Donghae proves to be difficult while they are away for their M promotions.

The two fell into a relaxing silence. The only sound being made was the frying pan sizzling and coffee brewing. Donghae had a light smile on his face as he tapped his fingers against the table. Hangeng glanced over his shoulder at him and smiled.

"Donghae, I'm almost done. How about you go wake the others."

"Okay hyung. But I'll leave Heechul-hyung to you."

Hangeng chuckled at this and allowed Donghae to take off. It was true that Heechul was not a morning person and the only one to pull him out of bed without getting their face scratched off was Hangeng. Well Hangeng, and a plate of his Beijing Fried Rice.

Donghae left the kitchen and went back to his room where he knew Leeteuk was sleeping. Quietly making his way to the bed he took note of the two lumps under the blankets.  Leaning close he figured out which lump was Leeteuk and patted him on the butt. The leader rolled over and looked up sleepily at the younger.

"Good morning hyung." He whispered as not to wake the other lump.  Hankyung-hyung made us breakfast."

"Thank you Donghae." The eldest croaked before turning to the second lump. "Yah, Kangin. Wake up, breakfast is ready."

The lump shifted and Donghae took it as his cue to leave. Heechul was the worst to wake for sure, but Kangin was a perfect second. Only a select few had the ability to wake up the strong man without attack. That being Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin. Luckily the task was normally left to Leeteuk.

The next room Donghae went into was Shindong's. The heavy man was passed out on his bed a hand resting gently on a picture frame. Curious, Donghae looked at the frame before smiling. A pretty Nari was smiling back at him. Pulling the frame from under the hand, Donghae set in on the night stand. He then shook the sleeping man.

"Hyung, breakfast is ready." He said softly.

Those proved to be the magic words as the man's eyes snapped open at them.

"Food?" He asked quickly.

"Yes hyung." Donghae replied as he stifled his laughter. "Hankyung-hyung made us his Beijing Fried Rice."

"Thanks Donghae." Shindong replied with a smile as he quickly got out of bed to get ready.

Donghae left the room and passed the kitchen on his way out. Calling out to Hangeng that he was going downstairs to wake up the others he got a wave in reply. Leaving his apartment he quickly went down the stairs to the others. Knocking on the door he bounced excitingly from one foot to another. After waiting a moment, but it felt like forever to the impatient fish, the door opened to reveal a sleepy Ryeowook. The eternal maknae blinked in surprise before smiling brightly. IT was a common occurrence for Donghae to show up at their door in the morning to wake up his Hyukkie.

"Good morning Donghae-hyung." Ryeowook greeted as he let the other in.

"Morning Wookie! Hankyung hyung made us breakfast for everyone upstairs. Come join!"

"OH good, I don’t have to cook today." The younger joked with a soft grin. "I'll go wake up Yesungie. You can get the others."

"Okay!" The other agreed happily.

Skipping the door that led to Eunhyuk's Donghae went to the next one. Knocking softly he poked his head in the room. Sungmin looked up from his spot on the floor where he was going over his lines for an upcoming musical. The pink lover smiled at Donghae as he got to his feet.

"Donghae, good morning! What brings you here?"

"Hankyung-hyung made breakfast and sent me to get you all."

"Translation 'I want to wake up Hyukkie but have to do everyone else first.'"

"Got me." Donghae admitted not embarrassed at all.

"Thanks for the message." Sungmin said with a soft laugh. The man went to the bed where Kyuhyun was sleeping and began to shake him.

"Wake up Kyu. Hyung made Beijing Friend Rice for us."

"Don’t wanna. I'm too tired." Kyuhyun muttered back.

"That's what you get staying up late playing StarCraft against Changmin again."


"Don't start with me. I already know Jaejoong-hyung is going through the same conversation with their own Maknae so wake up."

"Ugh, fine."

Donghae stood laughing at the door. Without fail those two amused him to no end. Smiling he stepped out of their room he went to the final room on the list. Knocking softly he called the other by name as he poked his head in.  The room was quiet as Donghae made his way in. Not bothering to turn on any lights, the young man made his way to the bed. Taking a moment to gaze at the other he let a soft smile appear on his lips.

With all the different sides Eunhyuk showed to his fans, Donghae's favorite would be when the dancer was sleeping. When he was asleep there was an innocence about him that cant be replicated. Even now, dressed in his soft bluye monkey print pajamas and holding a Nemo stuff fish to his chest, he looked more like a little kid and not one of Korea's hottest dancers. Reaching down, Donghae ran his fingers through the red hair that gained him so much attention.

"Hyukkie," He whispered softly. "It's time to wake up."

"Five more minutes." The sleeping man replied in mumbles.

"But Hankyung-hyung made us breakfast."

"Five more minutes Hae." The other repeated.

"Okay, five more minutes." Donghae agreed softly.

Hyukjae smiled in his sleep and shifted over on the bed. Smiling, Donghae lifted up the covers and slid in next to the other. Right away Hyukjae abandoned the stuff animal in favor of turning over into Donghae's embrace. Wrapping his arms around the younger's waist he snuggled into Donghae's chest. Donghae smiled as he wrapped his arms around the other's back and rested his head on top of the other.

"Five more minutes." He muttered as he followed the dancer back to sleep.


"Aish, these two." A voice above Donghae spoke.

"When send in Donghae to wake up Hyukjae only to find them sleeping together." Another added in amusement.

"Again you mean." Was a third.

"You'd think we'd learn by now not too."

"As if Donghae would let anyone else have the task." The third added with a snort.

"But don't you think we should wake them up now?" A nervous voice asked. "We'll be late if we let them sleep any longer."

"One second Wook, I need to get a picture of this for blackmail material."

"Translation: Sungmin is an EunHae shipper."

"Am not!"

"All right enough." The first voice chimed in. "Sungmin, wake them up. We have 10 minutes to get ready and then we leave."

Sungmin sighed as he was left with the task of waking up the pair. Grabbing each by the shoulder he began to heavily shake them. Donghae somehow slept through the minor earthquake but Eunhyuk's eyes slowly opened.

"Min, I still have five more minutes." He pouted at the older.

"Hyuk your five minutes ended 45 minutes ago. You two only have 10 minutes to get ready." The replied as calmly as he could.

Eunhyuk blinked innocently at that. Reaching over Donghae he picked up his phone to look at the time. His eyes widened to an incredible size and Sungmin had to bite his lip from laughter.

"DONGHAE!" Hyukjae cried as he pushed his best friend out of the bed.

Donghae landed with a loud thump on the floor. Sending up his best teary eye puppy dog look he pouted.

"Hyukkie, that hurt." He whined to the other.

"Good! It's your fault were so late babo." Hyukjae jumped out of bed and grabbed his clothes before running to the bathroom. A loud bang echoed throughout the room. Donghae pouted while Sungmin chuckled.

"When will you learn?" Sungmin asked the other in amusement.

"I cant help it! The best part of waking up is cuddling up with Hyukkie."

"You're impossible." Sungmin shook his head before pulling him to his feet. "Go eat, I'm sure Hankyung made sure to keep a plate for the two of you.

Donghae smiled as he left the room. Sungmin shook his head again and followed. They went into the kitchen where everyone was waiting for them. Scolding him, Leeteuk pushed him into a chair and passed him his plate. Donghae merely smiled at the leader while he dug in. A few minutes later Hyukjae also entered the room. Sending a look at Donghae he sat down and also ate. Donghae grinned and passed over the other's strawberry milk.

"Are you trying to win me over by using my weakness towards strawberry milk?" Eunhyuk asked as he drank.

"I don’t have to win you over." Donghae replied confidently. "I've won your heart a long time ago."

Hyukjae blushed at this and Heechul hit the fish on the head.


"Save the lovey dovey EunHae crap for the fans later. We're late, lets go."

"Yes, hyung."

Donghae looked over at Hyukjae and saw him smiling. Donghae smiled back as he caught the other's hand. The pair left the apartment with the rest of their band. Even though they were rushed at the end to get ready, Donghae couldn’t be any happier. The best part of his day was right next to him. And as long as he had Hyukjae, everyday would be perfect. He felt a squeeze on his hand and looked over at Hyukjae. The gummy smile that was aimed at him proved that the other agreed with him.

Yep it was a typical EunHae morning in the Super Junior Dorms. And life couldn't get better.

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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