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Better on the Other Side -Ch. 2-

Title: Better on the Other Side -Ch2-
Rating: Pg (for now)
Genre: AU!Whore House, angst, drama, romance
Characters: U-KISS (9Members), SUJU (15Members)
Pairings: (Only SJ for now) KyuMin, Hanchul, Sibum, ZhouRy, YeWook, lonely!Shindong, EunHae,KangTeuk.
Warnings: Ages in the fic may or may not be their real ages, self harm, violence, rape, mild!swearing, sexual themes. (Most of this content will happen later)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members. The group names "Nobodies" and "Heartless" come from a game called Kingdom hearts, the rest is mine
Summary: They had their normal (lonely) lives, they never knew of what their lives would turn out to be (except for lonely and depressing), they had no idea oof what was to come, until the fateful day where they were taken. The thing that they all had in common was they were lonely, they had no one and that they were all Nobodies. Will being abducted by a bunch of heartless whores help their lives or send them into a deeper state then what they already were in.

Silence was all that filled the room, what did he mean ‘Better on the other side? Sudden laughter broke out of the man, a cackle more like it.

“Don’t be scared” the said man suddenly stopped laughing, “Well, I’m not the one who you should be scared of, follow me”

Everyone gazed at each other in confusion, still wondering where they were, how they got there and why them of all people.

One after the other, the bags that were previously on their heads a few hours ago were suddenly reunited to their previous victims, still a distinct smell of the blood and sweat from before. They were guided out of the dark cage, down a hall that felt claustrophobic and dirty. They all had a feeling of violation as they proceeded to their destination, pain wracking through their bodies as they tried hard to imagine it wasn’t there, but failed as some were limping and others walking at a slow pace from exhaustion.

Things had been done in that hall; Bad things.

Some guards were rough at pushing them around; others just laid hands on the victim’s shoulders guiding them so they wouldn’t stray off and bump into obstructions. They couldn’t do anything, they saw how muscular and confident the guards were, knowing that if they tried to run, they would only be in more pain they were already in.

Everyone’s current thoughts had been haltered as they all came to a stop. The only thing that was heard was the sound of a creaky old door being opened lightly and cautiously.

“Come in,” A voice said, deep and half-heartedly.

The line that was formed started to move again, person after person filing into the monstrous room. The guards aligned all 9 males exactly a metre apart from each other, side by side facing the mysterious voice, bags still draped over their heads. One by one starting left to right the bags were suddenly removed. Everyone flinched and squeezed their eyes shut as the light hit them directly in the face.

The room was huge, red splatted across the black walls and there was a single window with not one drop of light nor a view, why was it there?  The roof seemed to be around 15 metres high, the room in general was a dome, the ceiling covered with deep red wooden slabs aligning the shape of the dome, but the wood was tattered and broken, and as they looked closer, the walls had paint torn off the walls, the place looked broken and uncared for, kind of like the people that resided in it. Only a wooden desk with a black tattered office  chair facing the back of the room was to be seen, along with paperwork scattered over the desk and one lamp that was as bright as a star sitting near the edge of the room the only source of light that seemed to be around. It wasn’t any ordinary lamp. It was a globe on a stick; inside looked as if there was movement. But that was the least of their worries right now.

They had been standing there for 5 minutes, not risking a peak at each other but shyly examining their surroundings. Each guard seemed to have a place in the room as they decorated the outside of the area; they were also one metre apart and standing the exact same as each other; hands in front of their crouches, looking deadly and eyes never leaving the chair that had yet to turn around.

“Welcome,” said the man finally as he turned around on the spinning office chair the sounded like it was about to break any second.

The man had bright red hair, scary bright red hair. It was long and spikey. He was dressed in sharp black attire; much like the rest of the men in the room except it had a slight glisten to it. His clothes sure looked expensive, but his “Office” didn’t.  His neck was accompanied but a spike collar that made him all the more vicious. His smirk was deadly; evil and deadly.

Said man had swung his legs up and rested them on his desk crushing all of his paperwork. The importance of it was clearly irrational.

“You all might be wondering why you’re here am I right?” He asked calmly.

There was no reply.

“Am I right?!” He asked a little louder. They all jumped back in scared shock; the guards looking completely unaffected.

Everyone nodded their heads in a hurry, hoping that would be a reasonable response.

The man’s facial expression softened and he looked at them with sarcasm and disbelief.

“What, you’re scared of me already,? But, I haven’t done anything” He gave that devilish smirk again, and let out a miniature cackle before standing up and walking ever so slowly and devilishly towards the line of men.

“Yet” That laugh, again. He started to walk up and down the row of men hands behind his back and dragging his feet walking slowly making eye contact with each and every one of them, analysing them, and inflicting fear into them. And once he would get to the end of the row, he would turn around and inflict more fear into everyone; over and over again.

They didn’t dare look into his eyes. They all stood with their hands tied together, in pain and fear. He stopped and stared straight at the one on the very end.

“Name” Heechul commanded.

“.. Eli” He said, looking up at Heechul with fear, but, confidence on his face. No one in the row dared to look at the scene before them. They were all too frightened of what might happen to them if they did.

“Eli, huh?” Heechul repeated. Eli hated the sound of his name sliding off that tongue. “Well Eli do you know why you are here?” Eli shook his head.

“Because you are a Nobody” Heechul raised his head and his voice to speak to everyone in the row. “You’re all Nobodies” he continued and started to walk down the line again. “You are people who shouldn’t exist, the shell of somebody who has a perfect life. You are a defect. Someone who wants a shot at life; at love. You want to love and be loved in return. But it’s impossible because to people on the outside you don’t exist, but more so, people don’t exist to you” He reached the other end of the line.

“Name” he commanded once again to the poor soul on the other side.

“Kibum” He said flatly without a pinch of fear showing through him.

“I like this one, he has sass” Heechul said emphasising the word sass.

He moved on. “And you?” he asked the next victim.

“Alexander” He said firmly albeit quietly.

“Hmm, why did I want you here again? Hmm oh well, the more the merrier”. Heechul started to get a little cheeky by this stage. He thought it would lighten up the mood … but clearly not.

“You?” Heechul continued.

“Uh H-hoon” he replied shakily.

“Ahh, you’re the professor one, aren’t you glad to see your little friend again?” Heechul said smirking suggestively. Hoon blushed and looked back to his feet which seemed to be the most interesting thing right now; well, clearly.

“Ahh, I know you, you’re the most noticeable out of all”

Kiseop looked at him slightly confused.

“What’s your name again?” Heechul asked. Maybe he wasn’t actually too bad after all, apart from the kidnapping and the beating, maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as they thought, just maybe.

“I’m Kiseop.” He answered flatly not looking amazingly terrified but there was still a pinch of fright in his expression.

“That’s right. I see potential in this one. I’ll keep my eyes on you. You’ll be of good use to me” Heechul said completely serious as he moved on to the next one.

Heechul gasped “YOUR SO CUTE!” He shouted as he pinched the cheeks of the young boy in front of him and tilted his head up too look him in the face. “You remind me a lot of Wookie and Min, What’s your name?” 

The boy looked up at him remembering one of those names. The men in the back that heard their names didn’t acknowledge it.

“D-dongho,” He replied, fear evident in his voice. Heechul let go of the youngers face sharply and walked to the left to the next victim.

“And you?”

“Aj, S-sir.”

“Ooo, formalities,” Heechul teased.  He sighed, “It’s weird how I know everything about you guys but not your names, huh.”

He looked at the last two people left. “And you two?”

“Soohyun” was the only silent reply he got. The other just continued to stare blankly at the ground a tear streaking down his face. Unfortunate for him, Heechul noticed him, walked over to him and grabbed his chin firmly so he could look him in the eyes. “Answer me when I talk to you.” He started.

“What’s your name!” he yelled, face deadly close to the others.

“K-kevin” Heechul practically through the others face out of his hands. Kevin gripped his chin in pain. Eli flashed him a little unnoticeable look of worry. Heechul didn’t notice, and walked back to sit at his desk.

“As I was saying before, You’re here because you don’t have a purpose. I’m here to give you one. You never thought magic existed? Well it does. And I control all of it. See these people around you? They are Heartless. Not literally, just figuratively. Well, they may as well be heartless, you’ll see why, soon enough. They were like you once. But I helped them. They found love; within each other. I gave them purpose; I helped them gain the confidence they needed. Yes, it hurts, Yes it will be the worst experience of your life, and No, you cannot leave, you never will. I own you know. You are my Nobodies; you pleasure people who need to be pleasured. Didn’t you say you wanted to be loved? Now you will be, but unfortunate for you, it will be fake; but, in time, you’ll find the right one, and then you will thank me.” The people who Heechul had claimed as ‘The Nobodies’ stood silent, still taking in the information that was fed through their ears.

Heechul then clicked his fingers and everyone was snapped out of their thoughts. The 15 “Heartless” that had been standing in the back in their respected spots the whole time started to walk forward in unison and they all aligned a meter away from the “Nobodies”.

“Turn around” Heechul commanded to the 9 men in front of him. They all turned around and were confronted by 15 buff, scary, yet scarred looking men. It frightened them just that little bit more.

“These, are the Heartless,” He started to point to each member. “This is Shindong, Zhou Mi, Henry, Ryeowook, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Leeteuk, Siwon, Kibum and MY Hankyung.” He emphasised the MY when referring to his lover.

“They have gone through everything you will, and that’s exactly why, I will get them to train you. Your training begins, early morning tomorrow!”                      


Really late with this TT_TT sorrryyy, also sorry for the un importance of this chapter, it was more like another introduction i know :S im terrible. I promise next chapter is when things will start to get a move on. Also there are lots of hidden secrects in this fic. Im quite proud of them myself. I you read the Character profiles (1, 2) everything in those will be explained :))


Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: siwon/kibum, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, pairing: zhoumi/henry
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