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Stress Cravings

Title: Stress Cravings

Pairing: Zhou Mi/Heechul

Rating: NC-17

Words: 1,600

Even though Zhou Mi wasn’t preparing to comeback he joined the other members in their crazy diets because he really had nothing better to do. It was the day before Super Junior’s MV filming and everyone was starving, tired, and on edge.

Dieting made Heechul grumpiest of all, he had just arrived home from the hairdresser, his head was covered in a beanie, he looked livid.

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Mi asked, “Bad haircut?”

Heechul grumbled but allowed Zhou Mi to pull him onto the couch on top of him where Zhou Mi had been dozing. Heechul went willingly, resting his chin on Zhou Mi’s sternum.

“Come on it can’t be that bad.” Zhou Mi pried reaching for the hat. Heechul swatted his had away, but not before Zhou Mi caught a glimpse of sandy blonde hair.

“Blondie, how cute!” Zhou Mi squealed, ripping the beanie off completely. Heechul cursed and tried to get it back but Zhou Mi had already thrown it across the room, he struggled for a moment trying to get off Zhou Mi but he was immediately soothed by delicate fingers massaging his temples.

Zhou Mi laughed quietly through his nose.

“You’re so rude sometimes.” Heechul mumbled, eyes drooping shut. “But I can never stay mad because you’re just so cute.” He crawled further up Zhou Mi and rested his head in the crook of his neck, humming appreciatively. Zhou Mi ran his hands through Heechul’s freshly bleached hair, massaging his irritated scalp.

One secret Zhou Mi had discovered about Heechul (that one time when he dragged all the members out clubbing in Beijing at 3am and no one could remember how they got home, or where the stripper sleeping on the counter had come from, or where Sungmin’s favorite pair of underwear went) was that Heechul didn’t hate it when people played with his hair, it was quite the opposite, it sent him into a sexual frenzy.

“Do you have any idea what’s you’re getting yourself into.” Heechul muttered prying open one of his eyes to stare at Zhou Mi in a way that said either stop now, or be prepared to go all the way. Zhou Mi responded by tugging Heechul’s hair slightly and flicking his tongue out to lick his cheekbone. Heechul felt heat shoot straight through him, he growled and grabbed Zhou Mi’s face and crushed his lips against his.

Fuck since when did Zhou Mi want to get in my pants? Heechul thought dizzyingly as Zhou Mi mapped the inside of his mouth with his tongue. Then again who doesn’t secretly want to, and Zhou Mi does have a thing for blondes, maybe the combination was just too much for him to resist. Heechul smirked to himself and kissed Zhou Mi back with purpose.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Heechul asked, testing him by poking his thumb under Zhou Mi’s shirt to massage his hipbone.

“Not enough,” Zhou Mi purred, wiggling under him, he shifted, opening his legs so Heechul could settle between them. Heechul kissed him again and ran his hands under the front of Zhou Mi’s shirt, rubbing and clawing. Zhou Mi made a small noise and sat up just enough to pull his shirt off over his head. He tangled his hands back in Heechul’s hair and smashed their lips together again. Heechul moved, slowly rubbing his body against his. They kissed and kissed until Heechul nearly forgot what he was doing. Breathless, he put himself back together and moved his mouth, lips swollen and red he began to leave open mouthed kisses down Zhou Mi’s neck. “You’re skin is so soft.” He hummed. Zhou Mi writhed.

Heechul snaked further downward splaying his hands on his chest, “Been working out have we?” Heechul leaned back, admiring Zhou Mi’s lean yet toned frame. He traced the outline of his pec muscle with the tip of his finger and giggled in satisfaction when a nearby nipple grew hard. He brought his mouth down to it while tweaking the other between his fingers.

“Fuck hyung,” Zhou Mi breathed, hand still knotted in they other’s hair.

Heechul loved it when Zhou Mi called him hyung.

He continued downward kissing and biting as he went, every vertebrae of Zhou Mi’s spine rolled upward to meet his lips. He nibbled his stomach and it grumbled in response. “When was the last time you ate?” Heechul asked, ”You’re skin and bones as it is, you need to eat stupid.”

“I’m going to eat something soon, if you’ll let me.” Zhou Mi responded in velvety low voice.

Lust curled through Heechul’s quick and sharp but he acted like he hadn’t heard and continued to tongue the hem of Zhou Mi’s jeans, running his hands along the inside of his thighs.

“Hyung please,” Zhou Mi begged, pulling his hair harder.

Heechul sat up and scooted down so that he sat on the other’s knees. “Please what?” He asked running his finger down the hard line of Zhou Mi cock.

“I…I don’t remember how to say it.” Zhou Mi said, indignant.

“lies” Heechul chided, digging his nails into the other’s thigh. He’d heard him through the walls before.

Zhou Mi whimpered. “Touch me, please just touch me.”

“Touch you where?”

“…Stroke me hyung, please, down there.” Zhou Mi whispered in the most lust filled voice he could manage. He was being careful because didn’t know was he was allowed to ask for.

Heechul decided that was good enough. He unbuttoned and shoved Zhou Mi’s jeans down enough to pull his straining length out. He nibbled and licked and pressed kisses to the delicate skin of Zhou Mi’s hip as he stroked him slowly. Zhou Mi mewled and bucked into Heechul’s fist.

“f-faster” He pleaded. But instead of Heechul speeding up, he felt wet heat enclose his head. Zhou Mi bit back a scream. Heechul teased his slit, keeping his head still, sucking ever so lightly, his hand still stroking him. Heechul felt Zhou Mi’s grip in his hair tighten.

“Oh no you don’t, I have to sing tomorrow.” Heechul said, knowing exactly what Zhou Mi was trying to do. He released him, and ran his tongue along the length of his cock teasingly.

“You have like two lines.” Zhou Mi whined trying to thrust into Heechul’s mouth again. The only time Zhou Mi ever talked back to anyone was when he’s like this, blown out and needy. 

Heechul ignored him, “Hold onto the couch.” he ordered. Zhou Mi whined and released his hair, gripping the cushions instead. Heechul resumed to stroking him at an agonizing pace.

Zhou Mi’s small wimpers and noises, the way his face scrunched up with every jerk of Heechul’s fist was getting to him, he wanted to make them last as long as he could. Fuck how could someone be so adorable and sexy at the same time?

After what seemed like hours of begging and delirious teasing, Zhou Mi began to tremble. Finally Heechul shifted to the side, removing his weight from Zhou Mi’s knees. Zhou Mi immediately dug his feet into the cushions and bowed his back upward, lifting his hips. He made a high pitched airy whine and Heechul knew he was close. Heechul sped up, moving to kiss Zhou Mi’s neck.

Heechul captured Zhou Mi’s lips and swallowed his series of moans as he came into his fist, shuddering and twitching. Heechul swirled his fingers through the mess on Zhou Mi’s stomach and then brought his hand up to clean the come off it with his tongue. Zhou Mi muttered something in Chinese Heechul didn’t understand, but it must have been good because Zhou Mi grabbed him and kissed him, fingers and all.


Heechul stood up and stretched, but before he could do anything Zhou Mi grabbed him by the wrist and suddenly his pants were gone and Zhou Mi was forcing as much of Heechul’s cock down his throat as he could.

“Fuck… Zhou Mi… you don’t have t-“

“I told you i was going to eat something.” Zhou Mi released him long enough to say. He was determined to make it good for Heechul. He was musky and sharp on his tongue but he quickly grew to love it. He relaxed and opened his throat to take Heechul all the way. Heechul sighed and wrapped his hand around Zhou Mi’s head, fucking his throat gently. Zhou Mi fought back a gag and then released him, needing air. He stroked him quickly flicking him tongue over the head. He was genuinely curious as to how long Heechul had gone without getting off, everyone was so busy getting ready that Zhou Mi was waiting for one of them to explode and when Heechul came home from the hairdresser he looked about ready to burst, Zhou Mi knew he had to do something.

He dropped his head down again, sucking greedily. Heechul swore loudly, fists tightening; it must have been a long time because Heechul was never this close this fast. Heechul panted steadily, throwing his head back.

“Fuck Mi… we need to do this more often.” Heechul stammered. Zhou Mi responded by digging his hand into Heechul’s ass, spreading him and slipping his middle finger into him, dry. He twisted it and pressed forward. Heechul stiffened and cried out, (“Where did you learn how to do that you fuck.”) letting Zhou Mi know he had him just where he wanted him. He worked him loose as hummed low in his throat. Heechul keened forward, cock swelling. He gripped Zhou Mi’s scalp for support and shouted out his name and came hard, and Zhou Mi swallowed everything Heechul gave him.

Heechul crumpled to the floor, skin flush with pleasure and Zhou Mi wiped his mouth, satisfied.

“All full.”
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