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unfinished fic dump

I have a lot of unfinished stories (read: barely started) laying around my computer that I don't feel like hording anymore. Um... if you read something you like and would like to finish writing yourself, go right ahead! I do not care. 

Title: In That Day (How Far Can it Travel?) or WFT Nabokov
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: G but I don't remember what it was supposed to be.
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Kyuhyun thinks he's lost something but can't remember what.
A/N: This is supposed to be like a writing exercise in the style of Vladimir Nabokov a la Invitation to a Beheading. Sungmin isn't in the dorm and Kyuhyun thinks he's "lost" him when really Sungmin is just out. That's where this was going.

In thick strokes the sun flung itself through the window, glinting off some surfaces and being absorbed by others. The deep shadows took refuge behind the bed, desk, and in the drawers of that bedroom. Kyuhyun’s bed ridden hair popped out from under the covers followed by forehead and eyes and nose and ears, only one of which blinked away sleep and blinked out light. He pushed the covers aside and rolled off of the bed and onto his feet. He thinks its ten o’clock in the morning but doesn’t bother with his alarm clock or cell phone, preferring to just amble out of his room and down the hallway.

There’s something-

Kyuhyun shakes his head and opens the door to Jungsu’s room. The sun is mute in here and beats against the curtains for entrance. The room is still, awash in tones of gray, and only disturbed by the young man’s entrance.

“Hyung. Have you seen it? You need to be up.” Kyuhyun sticks in the doorway, waiting for the lump of his leader under the blanket to answer him. When two seconds pass he tries again: “Hyung. You need to be up.” There’s a stir but no reply. When two seconds pass he tries again: “Hyung. You need to be up.” This time there’s a muffled response and a hand pops out from under the blanket. Kyuhyun takes this as his cue to continue and walks over to the bed, looking down at the lump and the hand. As gently as he can he rips the blanket off of his hyung. “Hyung. You need to get up. You’re going to be late again. Have you seen my thing?”

Leeteuk makes some indistinct noise in the back of his throat before clearing it and speaking properly; all the while grasping out blindly to get the blanket back. “I’m never late. Why are you here?”

Kyuhyun tosses the covering to the end of the bed. “So that you can be up and you won’t be late.”

The other man yawns and diverts his hands to the opposite direction, above his head, while the rest of him stretches down, trying their best to get as far away as they can. Kyuhyun hears too many bones and joints pop but turns away, satisfied with himself in his leader-waking abilities.

With one mission accomplished he heads back to his bedroom. His bed is there, but he’s awake now so there’s no point in going back to it. His laptop on his desk. His phone and headphones sitting on his nightstand. His dirty clothes in their hamper. His clean cloths heaped on the floor next to it. The shoes he had walked out of the studio still wearing by accident. The hyung said it was ok as long as he didn’t scuff them too bad. Kyuhyun couldn’t put his finger on it. What was missing.

With an about-face and half a dozen steps Kyuhyun is back out in the hallway and on his way to the kitchen. In passing Jungsu’s room he can hear the distinct sounds of preening: dresser drawers banging and bottles clattering together. The kitchen opens up ahead of him as he keeps walking. There’s a hunched figure sitting at their round dinner table, face masked by dark hair and fingers reminiscent of spider’s legs skittering over papers in front of him. A filled bowl is set beside him by Ryeowook causing the spider’s legs to jump a little and land in their web. A muttered thanks is heard from Heechul when he pushes the hair out of his face.

Kyuhyun takes a seat beside Heechul and digs into his own breakfast courtesy of the would-be magnae.

“I think I lost something. Have you seen any of my things? Maybe in the living room?” A heap of something is pushed into his mouth and

yeah... that's where that ends. >.>

Title: Stress Relief
Pairing: Leeteuk/Ryeowook/Kyuhyun
Rating: supposed to be NC-17. I wrote to about PG-13...
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Ryeowook and Kyuhyun have been elected to help their leader relieve some... stress.
A/N: Yeah... I just wanted an excuse to write Kyuhyun on his knees and letting Leeteuk do terrible things to him. But I didn't get around to that part...

“Shindong said you were feeling stressed, hyung.” Kyuhyun stood in the open doorway to Leeteuk’s room, taking in the leader where he sat at his desk staring off into space. He felt Ryeowook press up right behind him, one hand coming to his waist and his chin settling on Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

Leeteuk looked up. He hadn’t heard them come in but he had heard what Kyuhyun said. Yes, he was stressed and tired and running on empty, but he expected nothing less with their comeback and monitoring everyone’s schedules. He looked between Kyuhyun and Ryeowook right behind him. Leeteuk knew why they were there, they had been sent. If it weren’t for the other members—Heechul’s perceptive gaze and Sungmin’s concern—Kyuhyun would be at his laptop, and Ryeowook, more likely than not, in the kitchen, not standing in his doorway.

“How do you want us, Teuki hyung?” Leeteuk heard Ryeowook’s almost whisper. He saw the other arm wrap around Kyuhyun’s torso.

He let out a deep, concern heavy sigh. “You two can go. I’ll be fine.”

Ryeowook shifted from foot to foot, suddenly a little embarrassed for being so presumptuous. “But hyung-” He was cut off when he felt Kyuhyun grab his wrist and pull him to stand facing him. Automatically, Ryeowook’s hands braced themselves against the other’s chest.

Kyuhyun brought his own arms around Ryeowook, pulling him until they were flush together before grabbing at Ryeowook’s ass with both hands.

Just watching this, hearing the surprised noise Ryeowook made, and knowing what their intentions were, Leeteuk could feel the blood rushing in his veins. When Kyuhyun opened his mouth again it only made matters worse.

“You sure you don’t want this?” Kyuhyun spoke with his lips hovering over Ryeowook’s neck, dark gaze almost taunting. “Yesung says it’s the best for relieving stress.”

Leeteuk barely hears the Kyu-ah when the magnae squeezes a little harder on the flesh in his hands. He swallows. It’s not like this is the first time. He knows his dongsaeng are worried about him or else they wouldn’t offer. He just always feels a little bit of guilt when the offers do arise.

“Don’t worry. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think it would help.” Kyuhyun’s thumbs rub over Ryeowook’s jeans and Leeteuk’s eyes are glued for a minute, his cock twitching as he imagines that ass laid out for him to take.

“Close the door and get on the bed.”

With a smirk, Kyuhyun releases Ryeowook and swivels around, using his foot to shut the door. Ryeowook makes it to the bed in steps, sliding onto it and grabbing the pillow. Leeteuk is still seated at his desk watching his dongsaeng lay on his stomach, cuddling into his pillow. The way Ryeowook has one leg pulled under him has his hips raised slightly. The sight is too enticing for the eldest. Kyuhyun’s joined Ryeowook on the bed but sitting with his back against the wall. The taunting gaze is still there, but this time half hidden under hooded lids.

Kyuhyun pulls at the other’s arm, rolling Ryeowook until he’s on his back, and leans down over him. His other hand pushing up Ryeowook’s shirt to reveal smooth skin on a shallow stomach.

Title: Untitled (but sequel thing to Put It Down On Me)
Pairing: QMi
Rating: Supposed to be R or NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Kyuhyun gives (or tries to give) Zhou Mi a lapdance.

Kyuhyun would later blame it on the alcohol (just like the song says). It was the two bottles of soju, two shots of José, glass of rum and coke, the secure and inviting atmosphere, catchy dance music, and very inviting body, that had Kyuhyun trying to coordinate himself enough to give Zhou Mi an enthusiastic lap dance.

Normally this wouldn’t happen.

Well… at least not in a semi-public space.

Well… not with this little amount of alcohol.

But it was a celebration of sorts and he had already denied Zhou Mi the pleasure of dancing with him on the dance floor with the other guys.

There wasn’t really any logic behind his thinking that he wouldn’t want to dance with Zhou Mi on the dance floor because of his slightly uncoordinated nature and the fact that everyone else would see him make a fool of himself (even though they’d seen it a thousand times before), but then feel the urge to circle his hips over Zhou Mi in a sad attempt at a lap dance in the same public area he would have been actually dancing in.

But who can think logically with the amount of alcohol running through them like Kyuhyun had?

Hey! Maybe it would end well enough that it would be worth the slight shame he’d feel tomorrow morning!

Kyuhyun took another sip of his drink before bending over a little more than necessary to make sure the glass landed safely on the table in front of him. He could feel his shirt ride up and then warm fingers were under it and pressing gently into his skin.

“Hey hey hey!” Kyuhyun twisted around to see the man whose lap he was currently occupying. “No touchy until I say so!”

Kyuhyun could see Zhou Mi press his lips together to keep from laughing but felt the fingers pull off his back. “You’re so cute when you’re drunk, Kui Xian.”

“Hey! I’m not drunk.” Kyuhyun’s eyebrows shot up his forehead, going for a meaningful look, while he swiveled around to face the other man. He had to use a hand to pull one leg over the thighs he was sitting on. “I’m tipsy. And there’s a difference.”

“I know, bao bei.”

And Kyuhyun couldn’t tell if Zhou Mi was being reassuring or condescending. Not that it mattered at the moment because he was going to finish this stupid lap dance and it was going to be good!

God damnit!

Kyuhyun took a second to listen to the song that was being pounded throughout the VIP room and tried to catch the beat enough to move his hips to it. He wrapped both hands around the back of Zhou Mi’s neck and rolled himself forward, effectively sliding his groin over the other man’s.

(I'm sorry I stop writing at the worst parts ;A;)

I hope something in there inspired some writing.
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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