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The Same Kind

title: The Same Kind - Chapter Two
pairing: Sungmin, OC(you)
rating: pg-15
warning: prostitution (not in detail), boy x boy implied, smut implied
notes: mentions of violence, alcohol/drug abuse, sexual situations and adult themes
summary: 'The Same Kind' features a pair of young adults lost in their past. When history comes to haunt them, they cross paths and fall in love. With their own unique yesterday, how will they learn to accept each other as their true self?
Chapter One, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven


...My back feels like it’s burning... I squint open my eyes to get a glimpse of what’s going on. It was one in the afternoon and the sun is shining through my half-closed curtains from. I swear I’ll get a sun burn lying in bed one of these days.

Peeling myself away from my queen-sized bed to sit up, I find my bunny slippers parked beside my bed. I slip my sweaty feet in them and waddle to the bathroom. It’s nice and clean here. Smells like... flowers <3. I smile lightly, greeting the mirror. Slowly, unwillingly, still dreaming about sleep, I take off my clothes. The mirror is screaming for me to look at the bit-marks on my chest, but I refuse to. It’s not like I’m denying that I live off of prostitution. I just don’t like to remind myself of the sessions. It always feels wrong and dirty. In general, I guess I don’t mind. At least I’m committed to topping......

It’s breakfast time for us here. Actually I’m the only one awake during this hour... and Ryeong-gu too of course. The others usually sleep until 3-4 in the afternoon. I like the somewhat-solitude.

“Hey Wookie!” I whisper to the bartender/cook/friend/dongsaeng. My throat’s still not awake, caught with phlegm and other sorts.

“Good morning to you, hyung. D’you sleep well?” Ryeowook asked caringly. He’s our only ‘clean’ employee here. It’s kinda sad how he jumped in here, not wanting to go to college. But living here with us, isn’t really a good idea. He just graduated from high school, so young. I wish I was still a kid. I miss my mothe--

“Hyung? I asked you a question... You okay? Still asleep?” Ryeowook stretched out his head, searching for a sign of consciousness from me.

“No, I was just thinking about... the past.” I hesitated, surprised by my honesty.

“Stop thinking about it, you’ve already gone this far. There’s no turning back. You’re not living such a bad life. At least you’re enjoying most of it. If you were still stuck in that pit-hole, you’d probably commit suicide.” He stated, a-matter-of-factly as he turned his back towards me to face the tiny oven. Pivoting back, he revealed my breakfast: toast, peanut butter and jelly.

“Why do you think she came here? The girl from yesterday... She seems desperate for money.” Ryeowook hummed while drying dishes once again.

“I dunno. Maybe her parents kicked her out of the house. Or perhaps her dad is a hardcore alcoholic gambler? Or her mom has cancer and she needs money for the treatment?” I gargled out a few possible scenarios.

“But she looks like a well-mannered person. She’s well dressed... I don’t think it’s either of those...” Ryeowook tipped his head back, looking for an answer.

“Eh, who knows?” I wolfed down the rest of my breakfast, fully awake and recharged, then headed back into my room.

This room really needs some cleaning. It’s good that the part of the room I actually live in is blocked off by a folding screen (fence) from my customers, because it’s filthy as heck. I pull out my portable vacuum cleaner and start catching dust bunnies. I put all my dirty clothes in the hamper, make my bed, and dust my mom’s framed portrait on my bedside table.

While fixing the angle of my screen was sitting at, I noticed the ‘office’ part of my room needs a bit of dusting too. I changed the bed sheets, which I do change daily, thank goodness. Clean the cubby, you never know what touched it... I even wiped the handle of my door, for the same reason. : )

Before time felt like it passed, it was 5 in the evening already. Time for a nap!
My eyes sting and blur from the tears threatening to fall. The droplets are soaked up by the clothes packed in the suitcase below, sitting on my bed, barely missing the frame of my mother’s picture.

“You know, if you ever change your mind, I’ll be here to support you.” A strangely familiar figure said, leaning on the door frame of my room, where I grew up.

I didn’t respond to the encouragement. I don’t remember if it was because I didn’t understand what was happening, or that I had simply no strength to speak. However, my lips pried open, “I know. But I doubt I will ever come back. It’s not like he wants me here anyways. I’m useless to him. I was a mistake.”

“No, you weren’t. He loved her and he wanted to have a family with her--

“--I’m not saying that it’s his fault. I’m just not willing to follow his steps. I’m nothing to him compared to Sungjin and Sunghua anyways. I don’t want to put up with his dictatorship anymore.” I interrupted rudely. Weirdly at this moment, I recognize her. She’s my step-mother. There’s this strong feeling building up in my heart. It feels warm and..... I think its love. I loved her. She loves me like a son and vice versa. I miss her....... so much.

Footsteps are coming up the stairs. I better get going. I quickly close my suitcase, and look around to see if I missed something I needed. Nope. I twirled around to say goodbye, but she was nowhere to be found. A piercing spear anchored my heart to her. I can never forget how much she did for me.

I jumped out the window for a new life.

My knees jerked, ready for landing, which never came. A dream. A dream of the past. I hate those annoying little b--

“--WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! IT’S DINNER TIME!!!” Before I can react to that, the voice pounced on me.

“AWK! Kekekekkeek” I half coughed half giggled as Mikyong-noona tries to wake me up. She’s my next-door-neighbor.

Dinner was amazing. As usual, we talked a bit, laughed some, choked on food, spat out some more... Until it was time for work again, I keep reminding myself that I enjoy working here.

Not long, waves of people rush in. Some were here for the booze, some were here for sex, some...... Let’s just say they have too much free time... I chose to sit on the same stool in the bar the first time I saw ‘her’. I rest my chin on my hand. Elbow standing firm on the table, as if trying to support a heavy weight, a load of thoughts. It wasn’t like I was expecting her to come back, but a part of me wanted an adventure, to know more about her. I felt like a schoolgirl waiting for an oppa. I wonder if she really needs money... Maybe I can help her. She seems fragile and lonely.

An arm slipped around the left side of my waist from the right. The smell of cologne filled my nostrils. I knew who it was. My favorite customer, slash talking buddy, Hyukjae. I don’t really like to create friendship with my customers except for him. He’s different. Way different.

“Hey, hyung. I missed you so much~ I hate business trips.” He sighed, head hangs low. I reached up to play with his hair, ruffling it.

“How was Japan? I hear there’s quite a hand full of beauties near where you were staying.” I turned to face him. He’s always like this, kiddish in front of me and too serious when dealing with business. He’s not going to last long in the industry if he doesn’t relax a bit. I guess that’s why he comes here.

“I don’t wanna talk about it. Yo, Ryeowook-ah is there leftovers from dinner? I’m so hungry!” He sat down beside me, and holds my hand. I swing our arms gently back and forth. I really wish I can understand a business man’s heart. I don’t mean to woo him. I just want to help him with his work, but how can I possibly unravel the riddle of the business world? I may have come from a family involved in the economic society. That was a long long long long long time ago. I didn’t really get to know the high-class world before I went.

We just sat like this for half an hour as he ate dinner, danced for a couple more 30 minutes. Perhaps we drank some more... I don’t remember. But now we’re in bed. With my head against his chest, I can feel the stress he’s carrying.

Abruptly, his phone goes off. ‘Ring-Ring, Ring-Ring.’ He fumbles around his clothes on the floor with an arm reaching out the side of the bed.

“Hello? --pause-- Yeah. Right.- -pause-- I understand.- -pause- No. -- pause- - No, no, no. That’s not it. --pause-- No, not that one either. --pause-- WHAT? He’s here already? --pause-- What time is it right now? --pause-- OMGOODNESS! I’ll be right there. --pause-- Try to waste some more time! Tell a few jokes or somthin’ --pause-- Bye.” He sprints out of bed, forgetting my presence. Slips on his clothes and shoes, jerks open the door and heads out.

Men these days, can’t they at least say by--A head peeked in the door way,

“Sorry I have to leave you like this, I’ll pay you next time. Bye hyung~” He waved his hand in a hurry. After another 15 minutes or so, I decided to fish for another customer. Putting my clothes back on, and shoes, I walk out.

They should really play some new songs. They playlist they have here is real old. It’s a wonder people are still motivated to dance to these songs. I sit on the same stool again, waving at Ryeowook.

“He left already? So fast...” Ryeowook pouts. Hyukjae’s his favorite hyung. Even though they don’t see each other often, Ryeowook admires him a lot. I think Ryeowook wanted to be a business man. Things just didn’t turn out right for him.

Very quickly, a customer bit down on the hook. It was about one in the morning when I heard a loud BANG from my window. I rush my sleeping customer out of the single-bed and receive some money from him. Running, I peek out my window, placed not so high above ground and stretched almost to the ceiling.

Two people were outside. A man and... a woman I assume. They are making out, I believe. Psh, I decide to head back out to the bar to find another customer.

“I asked you! How much for one night??” A man huffs.

“I’m not one of thos--Don’t touch me! Let go, it hurts!” The woman exclaims very loudly. I don’t feel right about this. I should.... My legs drag me to the window, hands lifting up to guide the window open. I swing my legs out the window to sit on the frame. It wasn’t very comfortable, but I like to look cool.

“Hey! You better take your hands off of her. She’s not one of us.” I said in a normal tone, letting this back alley echo the phrases. The man, very well drunk, turnes around to look at me. Obviously, he didn’t recognize me. Or else, he would be on his knees by now. Another man, more buff than the first, skids in the scene.

“Ah, Sungmin hyung-nim. I apologize for this. Kibum! Let’s go somewhere else!” Siwon pleads. We knew each other from the past. They know my story. I don’t know why I hadn’t bothered to cut their tongues off yet. I don’t want them telling anybody about me.

After they left, the woman, who was currently leaning against the wall opposite from me, spoke,

“Thanks, for helping me. Please do me another favor, and let me work here.”

It’s her again. Wow, never thought I would meet her again in this situation. She really needs a lecture from me,

“You shouldn’t be here. You don’t belong here. People are beastly here, really not a place for you to linger.”

“I need a job--"
“--Why do you want to work here? This is a club. It’s not a place suitable for a young lady like you who wants to keep her virginity. Just leave.”

“I really need money. I need to work here.”

“There are other places you can work at. You can go to Starbucks, or McDonalds, Burger King, or whatever and ask for an application. It’s dangerous for you here.”

She shook her head, and I’m confused as ever. No one wants to work at a club, especially people pure like her.

“Well, if you hang out here, by all means. But I’m not going to save your sorry ass next time you’re in trouble.” I climb back in the window and shut it close.

Kids these days... Hanging out around a club in the morning at 2, but doesn’t want to fuck. Go home.

I head out to grab another customer.

Hey guys! Thanks for taking your time to read this. I hope all isn't too boring for you. This next chapter should be even better.

My version of the schedule for this club.
8pm ~ club opens
4am ~ club closes
1pm ~ Sungmin wakes up
3-4pm ~ Others wake up
6pm ~ Dinner timeeee
8pm ~ club reopens

Chapter One, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven
Tags: pairing: sungmin/reader

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