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Going To Private School With The Crown Prince

Title: Going To Private School With The Crown Prince
Pairing: Eunhyuk + You
Category: Drama, fluff, romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Welcome to Leauburgh Hall Prep; an elitist, exclusive boarding school in England where renowned dignitaries from around the country contend for open spots to ensure a world-class education for their children whom of which will be groomed and polished into refined ladies and gentlemen of intellect and class upon graduation. As a first-year scholarship student, you didn't know what to expect when you stepped through the gates of the private school overflowing with decades of prestige, tradition, and pride. All the people around you seemed too sophisticated, too wealthy, too elevated in society to associate with a poor scholarship student, but you were perfectly satisfied with laying low on the radar throughout your academic career, just so long as you could receive the Diploma that would guarantee a future life of success and financial stability. However, things never go quite according to plan. Kwon Jiyong, the notoriously smooth, sweet talker and campus badboy starts taking a fancy towards you.
Lee Hyukjae, the enigmatic blonde with the soulful, melancholic eyes starts stalking you. What you did know was that you were suddenly exalted as the most powerful girl in school. What you didn't know was that the two boys who helped catalyze your ascension on the microcosmic social hierarchy had regal blood flowing within their veins. Royal blood.


Chapter 1: Breaking news ladies and gentlemen, our resident prince charming has set his eyes on jailbait," Kai taunted. "I'm only one year older. Geez, you make me sound like a huge pedo."
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/reader

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