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The Same Kind

title: The Same Kind - Chapter One
pairing: Sungmin, OC(you)
rating: pg-15
warning: prostitution (not in detail), boy x boy implied, smut implied
notes: mentions of violence, alcohol/drug abuse, sexual situations and adult themes
summary: 'The Same Kind' features a pair of young adults lost in their past. When history comes to haunt them, they cross paths and fall in love. With their own unique yesterday, how will they learn to accept each other as their true self?
Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven

I'm standing in front of a place where music blares continuously over 12 hours. Drunkards swooping around for more alcohol. Drugs dealt in and out. Make up. Perfume. Cologne. Sweat. Saliva. Anything you can think of when relating to a club... Wait. That kid. That kid in the corner there doesn't belong here.

She was dressed casually. Just a graphic T-shirt and jean-shorts. Usually, a person like that would have a confident aura in a club, waiting for a date or something. But she was standing in a corner, awkwardly. I don't know if she was trying to look at people's feet, or if she was just spacing out. It didn't look like she was waiting for some guy... It seems like this is her first time in a club, not knowing what to do. It's weird how she's alone. Normally, people would grab a friend or two on their first run. I wonder what she's doing here.
I was too curious, my feet's dragging me towards her. Passing by a town of beer-reaking-men, a group of seductive dancers, I am only 3 feet away from her. She looks... young... No, scratch that. She looks like she's just barely an adult, youthful and attractive. It's a miracle men aren't oozing around her yet. I like her hai--OH CRAP! I looked away as she caught me staring. A heat of embarrassment washed over my face. I acted cool and created a conversation with the bartender, over the counter, to my right.

"Hey, Ryeong-gu! Gimme the usual." I forced out, sitting down on a stool. It took him forever to pour out some red wine.

"Here, Min Hyung~" He greeted. I looked at his face, trying to think of something else to say. It was a moment of silence, if you will as we're in a club. He spoke first.

"Hyung... Shouldn't you be busy in your room with the customers? You're never this free during these hours." Ryeowook questions, wriggling his eyebrows when he mentioned 'busy'. Before I could answer Ryeowook butted in.

"Manager-hyung will be pissed if he sees you slacking like this. Plus your customers will be angry. And you know what happens if you don't start working now!" He tsked.

"Whatever, it's not like this is my first time. All those filthy sluts can go to Hell for all I care. If they kick down my door again, I'm gonna whip their asses!" Frustrated, I spitted out.

"OH PU-LEEZ! That's just an excuse for them to tip you more." Ryeowook picked up a cup, and dried it with a towel. I really don't feel like working tonight. Didn't really sleep well yesterday. Aish~

"I...I...'m sorry. Do you... do you work... here? I mean, can I talk to your manager?" I looked over to see who was speaking to me. I had forgotten entirely about 'her'.

"Uh, yah, I work here. But manager-hyung isn't in town right now. In fact, he won't be back for... another two weeks. Why do you ask?" She was still very much in awkward mode. And I have no idea why she wants to see manager-hyung. Was she listening to me and Ryeong-gu's conversation?

"I... uh.. I want to work here!" She was so nervous, she exclaimed a bit too loudly just to get the words out. So she wants to work here... As what? She looks too innocent to be one of us... I decided to play harsh.

"Okay. Where you from? Are you over 18? So do you prefer sleeping with men or woman? Or do you have no preference at all? Oh, and I need you to take some tests to ensure you don't have AIDS or--

"--Sorry to interrupt, but is there a job opening here where I don't have to... prostitute myself?" She was nearly shaking when she said this, fingernails gripping the hems of her shorts.

"So you wanna be a bartender? I'm sorry, there isn't an opening in that area right now." I huffed. If she doesn't want to be a hooker then why is she here for a job? This doesn't make sense at all.

"I can clean the club when it closes. Like do the vacuuming, mopping, laundry.... dish washing..." She was counting her fingers like a child. Where are her parents?

"Miss, why don't you come back after a week or two. And if our manager's back, you can discuss with him about this. I'm sure we'll have a suitable opening for you!" Ryeowook smiled, presented his gentle voice to calm her down.

I decided to get back to work. It's about time to forget about life and think about money.

"Well, I guess I'll start working now Wook. See ya later." I lifted myself off the rock-hard stool, suspiciously cushioned. After speed-walking through a crowd of people, I arrived in front of the door to my room. Office. Lab. Whatever.

I turned the 'Not Available' sign backwards to 'Come In For Some Fun~' before gliding into my room. I try to make working enjoyable. Despite all the troubles to pleasure my customers, I try to pleasure myself also.

The cubby beside the single-bed holds all the instruments for sex. The first drawer opens to lub and condoms. I took them out. 'knock-knock' came through the door.

"Sungminnie-hyung~ Open the doorrrr. I need you right now! HYUNG~" My first customer tonight yelped.


SO.... This is my first fanfiction. It's been lingering around my mind for a while. Hope all the grammatical errors and awkward phrases don't bother you too much. I've never been to a club before, so i don't know how this will go. I wish that everyone wouldn't be too frustrated with the differences. Comment if you feel like it!

Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven
Tags: pairing: sungmin/reader

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