shiro_yuuki (shiro_yuuki) wrote in miracle______,

From Peasant to Perfection [Chapter 2]

Title : From Peasant to Perfection
Pairing : Donghae/Dara
Characters : Super Junior, 2NE1, SHINee
Rating : PG
Genre : Angst, Romance
Summary : Who would expect that the handsome, wealthy, high-class Lee Donghae would spend time with a low class peasant girl? No one. That is why Dara strove to change herself and become his equal. But even then, would Donghae pay any attention to her?

"Oh the principal is so unfair, making the great Donghae to take care of a stupid mute little girl," the boy continued as if Dara wasn't there.
Tags: pairing: donghae/other, with: 2ne1, with: shinee

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