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The Motorcycle

Title: The Motorcycle
Author: Rosetta Stone
Pairing: EunHae
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Donghae bought a motorcycle and wants to give Hyukjae a ride. Fluff with over protective Leeteuk.


"So Hyukkie, what do you think?" Donghae asked in excitement.

Hyukjae blinked at the sight before him. When Donghae came bouncing into his room early that Sunday morning saying he had a surprise for the dancer, this isn't what he expected.

"Um…" Hyukjae muttered, his mind blank of any good thoughts.

"Isn't it awesome?" Donghae went on to say as if nothing was wrong. "I got a really good deal on it and everything."

"Donghae," Hyukjae began but the younger interrupted him.

"And I even got a leather jacket too. Since its both safe and cool looking. As well as everything else we would need for a ride."

"Hae, you got a motorcycle." Hyukjae finally was able to say as he stared at the gleaming black bike in front of him.

"Yep! Amazing isnt it?" The other replied with bright eyes.

"Not sure that’s the word I would have gone with." Hyukjae muttered.

"Want to go for a ride?" The singer asked suddenly.


Donghae pointed towards the bottom of the motorcycle. Following his gaze, Hyukjae saw next to the front tire a pair of gleaming black helmets. They each had the word 'EunHae' on the front with one having a orange clownfish on the side while the other had a yellow monkey. Hyukjae smiled at the helmets and their matching nature.

"So want to?"Donghae repeated.

The smile that was on Hyukjae's face quickly fell. A motorcycle plus one hyperactive Donghae just had to equal disaster. Glancing at the other he tried to think of the kindest way to reject the offer without actually hurting the other's feelings. He bit his lip before speaking.

"I don’t know Hae…" He began slowly.

"Wae!!!" The other quickly whined with a pout.

"Do you even know how to ride one?" The dancer asked.

"Yes Of course I do! Remember that PV I did with BoA-Noona. I rode one then."

Hyukjae thought back to that particular video. It wasn't really helping the others argument. He raised an eyebrow at the other.

"Hae, you crashed the bike into a car and was turned into an android in that video." He argued back.

"Oh shut up! It was scripted babo."

"Again back to the initial question. Do you even know how to ride a motorcycle without crashing it." Hyukjae teased the other with a smirk. "Or being turned into an android."

"Ugh! Fine, if you don’t want to go I'll ask someone else. Maybe Yoona will like to go for a ride." The other whined.

Hyukjae's eyes widened at the mention of the girl. While he had nothing personal against the pretty member from Girls Generation, one would have to be blind to not notice her obvious crush on Donghae. Before he could think he had grabbed the other by the arm.

"No! Wait!" He cried out frantically.

"What?" The other asked, clearly annoyed. All the work he went through for this idea and stupid Monkey didn’t want to go.

"I'll go, please don’t ask Yoona. You know it bugs me when people always pair you two up."

"Like they do with you and Hyeoun?"  The other countered.

"But I straightened things about between us. She knows there is nothing but a sisterly affection from me. But Yoona doesn’t! She still has an obvious crush on you."

Donghae felt a twitch on his lips at the sight of the jealous man. He knew that Yoona was a touchy subject for the other but it was his trump card to get the other what he wanted to do without complaint. And it helps that he HAD actually talked with the girl about where they stood. She had no problem playing the school girl crush towards Donghae whenever he wanted to get Hyukjae all riled up. But he didn’t have to tell the Monkey that yet…

And people said Kyuhyun was the evil one in Super Junior.

"So you'll go with me?" Donghae asked with a pout.

"Yes, I'll go with you on that death trap. But if I die I swear I'm so haunting you!" Hyukjae warned.

"Deal!" Donghae grabbed the other by the hand and brought him to the bike.

Hyukjae sighed as he stood in front of the labeled death trap. Taking the helmet from the excited Donghae hands he put it on. Getting on the bike he wrapped his arms around the other's waist. Taking a deep breath he tensed up when the younger kicked started the bike.

"Ready Hyukkie?" Donghae called over his shoulder.

No. Hyukjae thought in his head but he nodded instead to the other. With a loud roar the bike sped to life as it flew out of the parking lot of their dorms and onto the streets of Seoul. Hyukjae yelped as he gripped Donghae tighter and shut his eyes fearfully. Up front Donghae smiled as he felt the wind on his face and Hyukjae's arms around his waist. Yep, this whole thing was a great idea.

The pair stayed silent for the first part of the trip. Donghae concentrated on the road while Hyukjae was too afraid to even open his eyes. After awhile though Donghae slowed down the bike and rolled his shoulder to get the other's attention.

"Hyukkie!" He called out cheerfully over the roar of the bike. "Look!"

"No!" The other cried.

"Come on! It's amazing!"

"I'm good!"


"Ugh…" Hyukjae muttered as he slowly opened his eyes. They suddenly widened at the sight.


"I know!"

"It’s the ocean…" Hyukjae gasped more to himself.

In fact the pair were outside the busy city an on a lone freeway that ran alongside the ocean. The road was pretty bare except for a couple of trucks and themselves. Hyukjae pulled back from Donghae's back as he took in the sight of the sparkling blue water. He has seen the ocean plenty of times before but never on a bike. He could smell the ocean air and feel the breeze run along face and filled all of his senses. It brought upon his typical gummy smile. He squeezed the other as a form of affection and rested his head again on Donghae's back, a lot more relaxed than before.

Donghae drove the bike from the freeway to a lone road. The road turned into gravel as it brought them closer to the ocean. Stopping the bike before they hit the sandy beach he cut the engine.

"Hae?" Hyukjae asked curiously as the other turned on the bike so they were facing.

"Hyukkie, let's have a date." The other declared cheerfully.

Hyukjae blinked and then started to laugh. Catching the other around the back of the neck he pulled him in for a long sweet kiss.

"Lee Donghae, you never fail to surprise me." He replied when they pulled away.

"Is that a yes?" Donghae asked cheeky.

"Babo. Yes, lets have a date. What did you plan?"

Donghae gestured for the other to get off the bike. When the dancer did so he pulled the seat up to reveal a hidden compartment. He then pulled out a blanket and a bag filled with food and drinks. Smiling a sweet smile he held them up for the other to see.

"Picnic?" He asked brightly.

Hyukjae laughed again. Obviously the other had planned this whole trip for awhile. Nodding his head he offered his hand for the other to take. Together the couple headed down the beach to sit close to the ocean. Donghae opened the blanket with a flourish that had Hyukjae laughing again. Placing the bag down he gestured towards the other to take a seat with a gesture that was as if he was a host in a fancy restaurant.

"Lunch is served." He said as he sat down.

Hyukjae sat with him and curiously opened the bag.

"What did you make?" He wondered.

"Well Ryeowookie helped make me a couple of box lunches. I wasn't allowed in the kitchen unsupervised." Donghae admitted sheepishly.

"Well he probably still doesn't forgive you for the microwave incident."

"I'm sorry, but I really didn't know that there was a fork inside the container. It was purly accident."

Hyukjae chuckled as he pulled out the lunches. He smiled brightly as he caught sight of the two cartons of strawberry milk at the bottom of the bag. He kissed Donghae on the cheek as he passed over the lunch.

"Thank you for doing this. It's wonderful."

"Anything for you Hyukkie." Donghae replied with a smile.

"Cheesy." The dancer teased but the lightly red cheeks showed that he liked it all the same.

Donghae smiled again but let the matter go. The pair ate their lunches as they playfully teased each other and joked around. It was the most relaxing fun they both had in a long time. No cameras, fans, or other band members to get in the way. It was just the two of them being themselves.

When they finished the food they laid next to each other on the blanket. The waves lulled them into an relaxing state of mind as they talked about what ever they wanted to. Dreams, goals, hopes for the future as if they were back in their trainee days in the of the practice rooms after a dance rehearsal. Instead these goals and dreams were their future together after their time as Super Junior.

"But don’t you think Super Junior will last forever?" Donghae asked innocently.

"Nothing last forever." Hyukjae replied calmly.

"We'll last forever." Donghae countered as he caught the other's hand.

Hyukjae looked at him and then their joined hands. He allowed a smile to appear on his lips as their fingers intertwined.

"Most things don’t last forever." He corrected himself.

"But we will."

"Yeah," He whispered. "We'll be together forever."


The two of them laid on the blanket comfortably as they watched the sun began to drop away from them. As the sun began to descend into the ocean they realized how late it was and should probably start heading back, otherwise a mother hen panic Leeteuk would be on their case. Reluctantly they started to clean up their mess. Throwing the trash in a nearby bin they folded up the sand covered blanket and headed back towards the bike. Donghae placed the blanket back in the secret compartment before he grabbed the two helmets. Passing one to Hyukjae he put on his own and climbed on the bike. The dancer followed suite and clung to Donghae tightly around the waist. The younger kick started the bike  and with a roar, sped from the beach back to the highway.

The ride back towards the dorms was silent as Donghae focused on driving and Hyukjae watching the passing scenery. The lead dancer was far more comfortable with his lover's driving ability than before. He rested his head gently on the back of the other and smiled.

When the pair pulled up to the dorms it was already dark outside. The pair pulled off their helmets and placed them on the bike. Grabbing Hyukjae hand, Donghae smiled as he led them towards the elevator.

"Hae, I had a lot of fun today." Hyukjae said with a gummy smile. "Thanks for doing all of this."

"As long as you had fun, I'm happy." Donghae replied happily.

Hyukjae grinned and kissed Donghae on the cheek. They came to the door to Hyukjae's dorm. Opening it the pair stepped in, only to stop dead in their tracks.

"Oh, look who finally decided to come home." Leeteuk said with his arms crossed and a deep frown on his usual dimple smile face.

The rest of the members were there also waiting for them. Hyukjae gulped and Donghae tightened his grip on their hands.

"Hyung…" Hyukjae began.

"No messages telling us where you where, no answering the phone, gone for hours! I was worried sick about you two!"


"Sorry doesn't cut it Hyukjae!" Leeteuk snapped. "Where were you two!"

"I bought a motorcycle and took Hyukkie to the beach." Donghae explained calmly.

The dorm fell into a silence. Leeteuk blinked and stared at the young man blankly.

"You bought a what?" He asked in a deadpanned voice.

"A motorcycle."

"And took Hyukjae to the beach?"

"And you're still alive?" Kyuhyun asked from the couch.

"And what does that mean? I was very careful!?" Donghae pouted to the maknae.

"You have the attention span of a two year old, of course we are surprised that you didn’t get in an accident." Kyuhyun teased.

"Kyu be nice." Sungmin said as he tapped the younger on the leg.


"Still." Leeteuk cut in frowning while the others blinked at the youngest obedience to Sungmin. "You two are still in a lot of trouble. I thought something terrible may have happened."
"We were taking bets. Either you were kidnapped by crazy fan girls, or you ran away to secretly get married." Heechul explained as he examined his nails. "I placed my money on the eloping."

"Heechul, not helping." Leeteuk snapped. "You two know better than this. I am very disappointed."

"He's disappointed because he said crazy fangirls." Heechul added.


"Yes hyung." The two replied shamefully as they bowed their heads.

Leeteuk sighed and dropped his arms to his side.

"Well I'm just glad that you guys are all right. I'm still very angry but that's all that counts." Clapping his hands he turned to the rest of the band. "All right, its been a long night. Everyone off to bed, we have early schedules tomorrow."

The band obediently went off towards their rooms leaving Leeteuk with the two men. Moving closer he saw they were close to tears.

"I'm sorry hyung." Hyukjae muttered as he rubbed his eyes like a little kid. "I didn’t mean to make you worry."

"Next time you two decide to disappear for a couple of hours please at least call and tell me. You two were lucky we didn't have Sukira or anything."

Hyukjae nodded and Leeteuk smiled softly.  Patting the man on the shoulder he sent them off to bed. Despite Donghae's room being with Leeteuk the leader knew it would take a crowbar to separate them at this point. With a nod the older man left the dorms to head to his own room downstairs. The couple made their way to Hyukjae's room where they fell onto the bed as soon as they entered. Shifting around until they were both comfortable they sighed quietly.

"We got off easy." Hyukjae whispered.

"I know." Donghae whispered back.

"I do feel bad making them worry."

"Me too."

There was a pause before Hyukjae rolled to his side. Donghae followed suite so they were facing each other with his arms around the others body. The dancer smiled.

"Want to go to the beach again next weekend?"

"Of course."

Smiling he cuddled into Donghae's embrace. Thoughts of ocean air, blue waters, sandy beaches, and Donghae's smile filled his mind as he drifted off to sleep.

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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