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The Moon Represents My Heart [PROLOGUE]

Title: The Moon Represents My Heart [PROLOGUE]
Author: miinacho
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: KangTeuk (main)
Genre: AU, Yaoi, School-life
Warning: curses, BoyXBoy relationship
Word Count: 1,449
Summary: Friends from kindergarten to university. Kangin and Leeteuk always had each other’s back. But their hearts, like the moon, keep on changing. Will a relationship truly be the answer?

A/N: So I decided to revive my first fanfiction series from my old account. I never ended it, so it's better if I start it again. Maybe, it's because he's back. To all who had read this before, some parts will be edited. Take note, it's my first favorite OTP. Enjoy ^^

The angel without wings....
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin

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